Make it easy on yourself … written by Big Virge … 26/6/2012

As I sit here chillin’ …… to some Cy Young & Kev Brown … (If you don’t know … get to know !)

You gotta keep … keeping’ on people !!!

I am one of those Hypocrites … !!! … Who says much, that sounds easy, but, invariably isn’t, for those who are suffering, because of issues that are things, that I, like many others, have not felt, or, if we’re lucky, may never see or feel !!!

“Hustlin'” ….. has become a word of the modern era, that is more readily used, than certain expletives now.

Why … ???

Well, clearly, many have happily, chosen the road of anti-establishment, anti-shistemic controls & babylonian ways, for want of a better phrase !

Things are not easy out there, for, growing numbers of people !!!

Many, who have constantly been in the struggle for survival, from day … !!! … So, they are fighting harder, in many cases now, as they know little of the idea of giving up …. !!!

However, that, “Harder Fight”, can result in complications for those who are … let’s say, on the lower middle & middle tiers of society, who previously, would of looked down their noses at people, whose actions appeared to be, irrational, disrespectful & basically, disobedient.

Those who would of said to men like me, that, “We should chill, stop moaning, and be thankful for what you have !!!”.

Are you hearing those words now, an DON’T WANNA HEAR THEM !?!

Well, as true as many of those words sound, living in this modern world, has people interacting much more. Interactions that now traverse monetary status, creed & sexual orientation. Things, which in many cases, expose ignorance, hatred & weakness in peoples’ psyches, behavioural tendencies & attitudes ……..

Be careful there folks … !!! …

You may be meeting & dealing with people who have been living, your newfound pains, that society has, in more recent times, set pitfalls, that many have fallen into …

Greed & wants, ahead of NEEDS, vanity, secrecy, dependence & basic loss of moral values in your life.

Note ….. when I say, “Fallen into”, it is a “double entendre”, fallen yes, being the operative word, however, the suggestion is much more disturbing for the denial herds ….

“CHOICE … !!!!!!!!!”

What choices have you made in your life, especially, in more recent times, that you now regret, rather than accept … ??? … How many choices have you made, that, YOU KNEW, you shouldn’t have made, but, hey, fuk it … !!! … you made anyway !?!

D’angelo’s just hit my eardrums in the background …. Now, look at what certain choices he made, did to him !!!!!

Thankfully, he’s worked hard & has had good people around him, who wanted to see him, get back to something like the man he was when he took the music world by storm. I saw him just before leaving London, and it made me proud to see a brother who had returned from a seemingly, incredibly dark place, to return to not only, the light, but, to shine bright !!!!!

I am mentioning him, because I want to use his scenario, as a form of inspiration, for those who now see drugs as their ideal escape. It is a short term fix which needs to managed people, don’t let the hype fool ya, they can really take you down … !!! … If you are not in control of your wish to indulge.

I am also using D’angelo’s scenario to be a SERIOUS warning to those who are feeling as if they are trapped & don’t know which way to turn … !!!!!

Take your time ……


Think about those times when you were less stressed, more in control, and definitely … HAPPY !!!

What were you doing ?
What was your job ?
Who were you with intimately ?
Were you single ?

Recall those things that were running smoothly, when things were better, and compare, remove the new fukry & forward yourself !!!

Dwelling on the past is something we ALL do, I don’t care how great your life has been, stop Mo’ Funkin’ frontin’ !!!!!

Recognise … !!! … and … Re-energise !!!

It has taken a while for me to find a semblance of that place for my psyche to meditate & look for higher sources of living !!!

Those things, that, warrant less focus on wants, and more time to focus on what I NEED !!!

I am by no means, complete, or, able to always find, a sense of happiness, in the face of things that annoy me. However, as they say, each to his own, and my methods are clearly, not for everyone !!!

This should not diminish the rationale I present, which in essence, can work for people, if they would only let go of those pride issues & inferiority/superiority … complexes !!!!!

So what, your girl earns more than you !!!!!

I had it at 22 & for quite a few years ….. Don’t focus on what you can’t give her, focus on that, which you ARE … giving her, that has her wanting to be around you !!!

Alternatively, don’t deny the things that you see in your opposite half, that makes you feel uncomfortable & uneasy, within your relationship !!!

Act upon it, and as callous as this sounds, if you’ve got to the point where these issues have you expressing them to OTHER people, you’re probably better off … OUT OF IT !!!

Don’t let the fear of loneliness, dictate your being with someone !!!

Trust me, that one ain’t easy, I have seen girls whose boyfriends, have them locked in on some, “I’ll kill myself if you leave me !!!”, pish !!!!!

You see it & read about these things in films & books right … ???

Yet, when you’re actually living it, it’s as if you’re so caught up in it, that it resembles some fantasy, rather than the REALITY you’re living in, that is damaging !!!!!

Hey …. Let me tell you something ……


Stop that apathetic, cowardly attitude, that is perpetuating your existence !!!

Stop existing, start to live … but, I really mean …. LIVE !!!!!

Get your mind right foremostly …. !!!! …. Learn to take time for yourself, even those with children, HAVE TO DO THIS ….. !!!!

Oh …. You don’t have time …. !!!!

Well, you had time to run after your partner to breed or breed for them !!!!!

So hear what …. Make time for yourself too … !!! … because your children deserve, THE BEST OF YOU … !!! … otherwise, what was the point of bringing them hear huh …. to let the Shistem make them into something you cannot control, or bear to be around …. !???!

Think about that folks, because I know enough of you are now, confused as to how to communicate with, let alone, keep your children, disciplined & respectful !!!

The age of “Aquarius”, has also become, a regularly used phrase to affirm the changing tide in peoples’ being …. currently …..

Indeed, there are changes afoot, some good, some …. not so …. !!!

So, be mindful of what you now choose to embrace, remember what makes you happy & what you are accustomed to ….

I have upped sticks & made, what could be construed as being, a very difficult move, in many ways, however, I have PLANNED & RESTRICTED myself from becoming embroiled in things that I couldn’t escape from, it hash’t been easy & I am no secret millionaire !!!!!


I have never been a believer that you need millions, even in todays’ crazy world of, gotta have this & that, right fooping now !!!!!

Nah … !!!!!

As said, when others have had, I have not, from money to cars to gyal, it’s all been, much of a muchness to me …..

The problem I see in people now, is that the REALISATION of societies’ wish to hold ultimate control over peoples’ souls, is finally kicking’ in, however, for many, they have become so tied to society, that, the idea of peaceful, simple living, has become a want, not a need.

Now that most people need to work, need to feel love & most importantly, need to be healthy, physically & mentally, they seemingly, are becoming harder & harder things to find, establish & maintain ……

It’s all relative though right …. Really, is it …. ???

Or is it all …. Deceptive ….

The ideals society has placed in front of minds who have willingly accepted a path to their own demise …..

It’s time to be WISE … !!!

Recognise & Realise …. the lies you’ve contrived, and give them a quick, high five …. and say, they were good times, but right now, i’ve got to live RIGHT !!!!!

This though, is the reason for this post …..

BE REALISTIC ….. !!!!!!!!!!

Forget the pipe dreams … !!!

… either, accept your lot, stop complaining, and get on with it, bite your lip, keep you job, keep your girl, and try to keep a … “Tight Grip” … on your world !!!!!

The alternative road is to … COME CORRECT … Accept that the world isn’t yours, girls are girls, all over the world, as men are men, and, accept jobs you WANT to do … !!! … or don’t f’ing do it !!!!!

….. annnndddddd …… as I now listen to some of that Gangsta …. ish …… by Capone ‘n’ Noreaga, I think of the words of Erick Sermon ….. which say something to the effect of …..

“I ain’t knocking those out there … keepin’ it real with the steel … y’all know the deal … but if you ain’t shot nobody ….don’t claim to be a John Gotti !!!!!”

So, if you’re hustling’… robbin’, or, whatever you’re doing to live, keep that chit away from me … !!! … “FIRSTLY” …..

….. and Secondly, a sentiment I send to all who read this, be you … the bottom, the middle, or, you top mans’ too …. !!!!!

In the next few …. Mind Yo’selves ….

………. annnnndddd ……….

Make It Eaaaaaaaassssssssyyyyyy …. on yourself ………. !!!!!!!!!

Construction written by Big Virge …. 7/3/2007

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Hurting Headz ….. written by Big Virge 23/6/2012

Yes Yes …. everything blessed …. or is it …. ???

I keep hearing this expression, ‘Man Bajan girl does hurt ya head !!!”, from man of all types here in Bim, older heads, younger heads, bad man, and those, not so bad …. so, why is that !???!

As relevant as I like to keep my artistic endeavours, I am actually, somewhat of an old skool head when it comes to the ways …. to get lays …. sorry, couldn’t resist that ….

Y’all know what I mean, to get some Pucccceeeee …. !!!!

However, over the last few, my wishes to engage with ladies have been diminishing, because of this issue of new style romancing, which is SOOOOoooooooooo …. NOT the right word, but, you get the idea right.

Old man in the club, well, I def don’t look as old as I am, which has helped in more recent club excursions, but, girls see alpha males from a mile off, but, it seems that the more Alpha you are, the more stress you’re liable to get …. to get next to them, meanwhile, the foolish, “Manbitch”, dem ah give out everything to ???

Hurt ya Head … !!! …

Well, if you’re not a manbitch, they sure will !!!!

This is not a new subject for me, but, being on this idyllic, island in the sun, with all those, “PHAT ass bums !!!!!”, has a man feeling them urges, you know girls !!!!!

Them urges that will have certain man promising anything & everything to get some ….

Ladies …. are y’all really dat fool, or desperate to feel love, even when it’s fake …. ???

Are ya …. !???!

The young trying to play smart, while the old fart, trying REAL HARD, to convince the world via their Facebook status, that they’re full of LOVE …. !!!!!

Hmmmm …. watch yo’selves with that ladies, and fellas, come on man, ACTIONS yeah, NOT, pussyclaat words, apply to girls, jus like the rest of us !!!!!

A friend of mine said to me yesterday, that, Bajan Girls seem to have this thing now, where they see the prize between their thighs, as being worthy of Platinum Card status !!!!!

Errrrrrr ….. nooooooooo girls, especially if wunnah don’t even keep that punny clean !!!!!

I have heard incredible things from black men over the years about black women, one of the worst quotes I ever heard was from one Bajan man who I knew, who felt that, Black women are simply, “Dirty”, and that’s why he would never deal with one !!!!!

Don’t shoot the messenger girls … !!!!! … but, I think some of y’all need to recognise, much like, one of the queens of comedy, dun tell all you … !!!!!

When wunna get pon’ you high horse with you nose in the scuntin’ sky, white girls getting pon some black cock … !!!!! … annnnndddd … paying for it too !!!!!

I discussed this with a man, who, stated that he used to be like me, but, as the rules of the game have pretty much been, torn up & burned, over the last few, it has become, somewhat like, a war of attrition with women for him, but, it’s a game that he ain’t playin’, without he dicky getting’ payin’ … !!!!!

He is the type of guy, who, for whatever reason, can get the type of pucceeeeeee, we mere mortal man, can only look pon & say ….. HOW !!?!!

My word though would be ….

“However” ….. what has he given up to be this cold-hearted, heartbreaker !?!

He’s doin’ the same as the bitches do … !!! … getting calls when in company, that he simply, refuses to pick up, which, can be quite annoying when you’re the company !!!

However, fuel for the pen, or keyboard, and, I do like my freedom, don’t get it confused, but, when I see that the game is really as simple as chatting fukry to gyal and selling the cock, in a lot of cases, I have to wonder where my moral stance is coming from ???

Well, I can say that it’s because I choose not to grab hold of girl to drag them to my bed, I choose not to lie to girls just to make them feel good, because, that is a true recipe for disaster … !!!!! … because those lies can result in offspring who become the bane of both parents lives, rather than the shining light of a loving connection between man & woman !!!

As Nas said, “The prettiest girls tend to be the nastiest !!!”

My buddy confirmed to me yesterday, when he stated that, “He doesn’t care how pretty dem is …. They are just fair game, like the rest !!!!!”.

As per usual. a tune has hit me in the background, Busta’s … “Anarchy” … track, which prominently states, in the hook, “What this world is comin’ to, can you seeeeee …. what’s in store for you ???”

These songs & forms of artistry, should not, but, clearly have been, ignored ….

Sadly now, not just by men, because we all know man can be chupid as rasshole !!!!!

However, girls ….. ???

Well, the modern generations of umfufufu’s who’ve learned the ways of the, “Wicked Witches of the West”, seem to have taken to that path, where, the part of their brain which could be used for self-development & constructive use of their higher planes of thought, is simply used, to play man for whatever they can !!!!!

Many seem to now take pride in doing more than, “Hurting Mens’ Heads”, they seem to want to see them, in many cases, literally, on all fours begging for that holiest of holes, whilst having day head up dem rasshole …. Stuuupseee !!!!

Cha …. WTF …. !!!?!!!

Fellas, I cannot re-iterate this enough, beyond the vanity that rules the minds of most of us, what you see & feel you want, is rarely, what you need !!!!!

Young women, in my case, are a very dangerous breed, easily distracted, as one openly told me today, others with torments of a personal nature that they are dealing with !!!

I mean, these are warning signs that need to be inscribed inside the minds of men, whose minds are controlled by their cock !!!

It’s recession time … so hold back the cock & watch the whores expose their cleats … because they WILL … believe in that …. !!!!

Ofcourse, the whole, “Plain Jane Vibe”, tends to work well, but, the unfortunate reality is that, if you ain’t getting stiff, you gon’ see the bitch in the woman come out real fast !!!!!

There is much speak of the … “Vicious circle of life”, well, I think women & relationships, deserve, a circle of pain, all of their own, because as time runs forward ….

“Headz getting’ Brek !!!!!”

Fellas, your heads, you need to check … !!!

….. because, as much as I am now seeing the levels of apparent love & uplifting ideals, being promoted, especially, by black women, via, “FACE-CROOK” … !!!!! … Man need to check the history & backgrounds of these girls who speak of … and keep posting these, oh, we need to do this & do that rasshole …. !!!!!

How many of them are actually, dizzy, lil’ fool, who just talk the big talk, but don’t walk the big walk … huh … ?????

How many are now, single mothers who’ve now realised that the way to retain some sense of attention, is to convince the whole internet community, that she’s worthy of your love & attention huh … ???

Think about it ………

As for dee … “Young & Fool Brigade”, well, who can criticise young people for that, we were all young once & did stupidness right ???

Yeeeesssss Youu did …. !!!!!

We all did …. !!!! …. however, thankfully, in my case, I learnt very quickly, that, softness with women, is a gift to be given to WOMEN, not Puccccceeeeee !!!!!

Pucccceeeeee does not & has never, appreciated a man who doesn’t know when to just throw some wood in dat rasshole ….. !!!!!

Hard as cunt too ….. unless you want that …. public ….. “Weak Dicky Talk … !!!!!”

I’ve been there & in all honesty, am confused to this day, as to how man know, which girl to run da rough talk pon’ … ??? … and those who warrant a lil’ more of that, part of yourself, that many men view as being, the weaker part of themselves.

is it weak to tell a girl you love them ….. ???

…. Oh …. annnd let me just confirm that dem’ …. “WEAK PUSSY GIRL”, out there fellas … !!! … can’t take a rasshole … !!!

So, don’t make them fool ya, not every gyal can foop right anyway, HEAR …. !!!!

Nuff of dem’ getting wet, round dem girl yard, when them hear bout’ the things, they cannot, and, would not ever …. or more importantly, BE ABLE …. to do !!!!!

….. annnndddddd ….. as if it were meant, now, my partner has walked through my gates as i’m writing this, and has passed me the phone to one of these girls, a white girl who was quick to point out what an asshole man is, the same man, who, she’s calling from the UK to harass about chit, he don’t wan’t to talk bout !!!!

….. annnnndddd ….. there is the indignation when I call her out for being, one of dem gyal ….. !!!!!

“What do you mean, one of dem gyal …. !!!!!

A f’ing confused, hypocrite … The type who hates the fact that they love an asshole, but, leave him alone …. Hell no …. !!?!! ….

Why, because you embrace the hypocrisy you live by, rather than remove it from your life …..

Therein lies the problem, too many of us, both males & females, are livin f’ing lies !!!!!

I’ve never been a fan of the whole, “three special words”, bullchit, for all these reasons !

Love needs no contract, or, regular, verbal affirmation, actions define … !!! … ones’ level of affection for someone, do they not ???

Now, we have girls runnin’ men offa blocks, running men for they jewels & money, why … ??? … because … Dem’ let the pucccceeeee …. hurt them head !!!!!

Don’t be misled fellas, from the time you see women getting all the … fake this & that pon’ themselves, and then talking this Scrub & Independence fukry !!!!!

Y’all should of realised then, that, the time was coming when, women were about to convince themselves, in a similar vein to the whole, “ADAM & STEVE”, rather than EVE phenomena, that, heads weren’t just about to turn …..

….. Headz were …. as the title of this post … suggests ….

About to get …. HURT ….. !!!!!

Watch yo’selves with these girls fellas …. before you get burned … !!!!!

It’s not a sentiment I agree with, but my bredren explained it simply, and, in my view, unfortunately, realistically …..

Burn them …. before they burn you …. and …. make you tun FOOL !!!!!

Don’t mek them legs, booty & breasts …..

Hurt Ya Head !!!!!!!


Hurt da Puccceeeee ….. Instead ….. !!!!!!!!!!!

An Art thing …. written by Big Virge 20/6/2012

What’s good people …. !?!

Well, my love for my art is a good thing, but, it isn’t always as easy a load to carry for the serious artists, as the rest of you may think !!!

I have met up with & had a really cool convo today with a fellow artist, who, i’ve found out today, is, as I had previously suspected, as SERIOUS as they come.

As much of what we said was private, I shall keep it so, but, the subject matter of our convo, is of much more importance for those who claim to respect what we do, and, why we do it.

There is much to say here, that is … “Old Ground”, but, it’s necessary, as history has become for many people, to be reminded of things, just to re-enforce in peoples’ minds, what they are dealing with, when dealing with artists who are the ….

“KNOWN … UNKNOWNS …. !!!!!”

The artists you all claim to love, but, turn your backs on for some …. “Back Up Your Pussy & Ride Me…. Pish !!!!!!

We are constantly struggling with inner demons, things not becoming of us, like, “Expectation” …..

“Why don’t these people realise what we’re saying ….?
Why don’t they feel the way we feel ….?
Why do they fear that …. which is all …. LOVE …..?
…. Huh …. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyy !!!!?!!!!”

Yeah, it might be, “Tough Love”, for a lot of you, but, this fallacy of Love being easy, y’all need to cut that shit out fa real …. !!!!!

As for Love being made into an uphill mountain climb …. Cut That Shit Out Toooooooooo !!!!!!

As artists of honesty, I guess, it’s upon us to stand firm with that intrinsic part of us, but, listen people, this is …. “DIFFICULT” …. !!!!!

Separating yourself from your supposed friends to devote time to something, that, most probably, will NOT FEED you or take you round the world with loads & loads of girls !!!!!

Devoting time to something, that, your own supposed partner decries, to the point of ….. separation …..

It’s can be soul breaking, when doing it for the love, as i’ve said before, becomes, doing it for ….. stufffffff …..

Stuffffff …. that, you aren’t so comfortable with, people & venues that you aren’t comfortable with, even when, you have been comfortable there before.

The darker side to our artistic journeys, as much as we try to convey them to you, can never be felt by you, and, in many cases, are things you wouldn’t want to feel !!!!!

What do we get for it, a few occasions, where, it all seems worth it, but, mostly, the …. “Paying Dues Vibe”, of …. small audiences, with, mini-ripples of applause !!!!!

For what cause …… ???

A cause that is, “Our Art !!!”, and our wish to share it & feel respected for it, as well as, yes, getting paid for it, in this time & space !!!!!

I hope that when the artist I was with today, reads this, he will think about many of the things we discussed, his positive achievements thus far, and the rewards that are those …. forthcoming …… from the … Most high … !!!!!

I am saying this stuff to remind people of our work ethic, when attempting to produce performances that are of the …. “Highest Order !”.

A definition, which, clearly, varies ….. from mind to mind …..

But, form is temporary, Class is F’ing permanent !!!!!

Arrogant … ???

Moi …… Oh No …. Nooooooo …. !!!!! ….

….. Just letting all you know that …..

WE REAL ONES, know what the fuck is good … !!!!!

Artistic foundations & their representative bodies are on the filtration cycle right about now people … !!! …

Filtering out the strong, to prop up the weak, so, this is a call to my Bajan art family ……..

What are you prepared to do to help Spoken Word become that piff !!!!!

Bring that top notch, well drilled …. ISH !!!!!

annnndddd …… Through your QUALITY …. !!!!!

Draaaaawwwwww man …. to come & support shows that they wouldn’t normally …. huh …. ????? ……

Well … are you … ARE YOU … !!!???!!!

“Go on man … try something different, you might like it …. Go onnnn … Ya girl might love ya a bit more once her mind as well as her ….. behind …. gets suitably, refined …. !!!!!”

“Ahhhhhhh, but, Thinking & making an Effort to spend my likkle sheckles, da I did saving fa a rasshole drink ….. “Cha wha wrong did you !!??!!” ….

May I ask, my brother ….

“WHA WRONG WID YOU !!!!?!!!!!”

You da type a’fool, who wanna …

CUT …. COU COU …. !!!!!

“Open your mind”, and, try supporting those, who have taken the time to do it, and then share that, which it bares !!!!!

This is not an easy thing to do …. and cannot be monetarily quantified !!!!!

We are inspirational to people, GET IT CLEAR !!!!!

MAYBE … even you … FOOL !!!!!

Not in some bullchit-driven …. X Crapper way …. Neida !!!!!

We are trying to inspire, in certain cases, YOU … to be … YOU !!!!!

These are things that …. “Liming pon dee street corner” …. does not bring !!!

I’m hearing the ol’, but,

“Why rock the boat that we there, hanging off the edges of ….”

Well, me nah hang pon’ no rasshole … !!!!!

I have lived my life, by mostly, driving my own destiny, my own way, apart from when sickness & things beyond my control, took hold.

That is life …. never sure, never unforgiving …. but, pure to it’s core !!!!!

A …. TRUE ARTISTS’ …. efforts, don’t end up ignored …. They REALLY DON’T …. !!!!!!

It’s just that some of us have to die before you actually notice us …..

Just travelling from one adopted home, to Barbados, has shown me how, the ol’ adage is true, it’s when something/someone’s …. gone …. that you start to appreciate it/them …..

I know this from a personal relationship perspective, but, my art …. uh uh ….

Today is that day where I give myself props, because … Too Many Fuckers … DO NOT !!!!!

When they DAMN WELL know …. They Should …. !!!! …. but ….

“Humility” ….. still drives such words, it is from a humble place, that I speak these words …..

Not one of super stardom, or, luxurious, palatial living, nah …….

It’s from a place of …. people filming you because they like, and respect, what you do, (Thanks XXX), appreciate you taking the time,

It’s from a place of having photos taken, not by some hotshot cameraperson, naaahhhhhhhh …..

… it’s from a place where a young lady appreciates your art, to the point where, she wants to have that memory, not only for herself, but, to share with as many people as she can …..

These are the things that …. Humble …. True Artists …. !!!!!

Not sell-out stadiums & filmed tours …… nahhhhhh …..

Our humility comes from the acceptance that we are art, we had little choice in the matter, many of us just want to, “fit in”, and be like the ignorant hoards, yeah, sometimes we do … !!! …

But …. be a sheep in the crowd … ??? …

… or … be the man who stands proud and shouts out loud !!!!!

I am a creative being … who has taken the time to take this creativity & make it into something bigger …. something meaningful …. something ….. worth preparing to present to audiences, for their minds & souls to connect with …..

Well, I guess as Dr. Dre has said …..

… “and this is the Mo’Fuckin thanks I get …. !!!!!

Well, I ain’t no Dre, and do not wish or pretend to be …..

But this attitude I bring ….

I guess, when all’s said & done …..

………… is just …………

An Art Thing ….. !!!!!!!

Shout outs to all who attended Pablo Donte’s last night down in the gap …..

Keep them fires burning ……

Nice to meet ya Mark ….. we’ll ketch up …. !!!!!


Okay, so, respect & all that … written by Big Virge 18/6/2012

Ya know, these days & times …. affect my mind sometimes …. as if I were primed …. to feed off cokelines …. !!!!!

Thankfully, I don’t …. !!!!!

Dunno …. where that came from, but, it is reflective of the things I see people of all ages, not just our youth, doing, nowadays …. !!!!!

The reason for starting this post in this manner, is because of a certain Denesh Ramdin, putting up rasshole ignorant notes, in an apparent attempt, to diminish the view of a cricketing legend, being, the one and only, original masta blasta, Sir Isaac Vivian Alexander Richards !!!

I am constantly trying to show a level of comprehension for the behavioural antics of many of our youth.

As said in my previous post, there are the exceptional ones, who present a level of respect for their elders, and that which they have passed on, in terms of their knowledge.

So, let me just get this straight, a Rasshole Trini bwoy, who, prior to this series, was rated …. 88th in the world of international cricket, has got the cheek to run talk on one of the, “Hardest”, West Indian cricketers to ever don, in his case, the … “Infamous”, West Indies Cap … !!!!!

Un-fooping-believable !!!!!

I know unno Trini’s bad as skunt, but, hear this & get this f’ing clear, running your gums …. or GUNS …. don’t make you bad !!!!!

However, dealing with adversity, especially on the battlefield that avails, an opportunity to wreak havoc, upon the descendants of your colonial slavemasters, is where, “your Badness”, if you like, proves your worth !

A hundred in a dead series, in a dead test, against a second string England team, does not warrant, disrespecting a legend of the pussycat game, “Ya F’ing eedyat !!!!”

Cha …. with the state of West Indies Cricket, being, as it has been for …. well, at least what, 15 years … !!!!!

A lil’ f’cking humility would be a more suitable approach, than acting like ….

…. You …. One of the now, renowned, gun toting teens, running bout Trinidad !!!!!

I mean seriously …. Win Sumting … !!!!!! … against the best in the business, then run some pussycat talk okay !!!!!

I really do not like to see anyone representing a black group, behaving like this, Viv, ignorant as he reputedly could be, was all about business on the field of play, especially when it came to the … “Ol’ enemy”, to the point where, we as viewers, grew very big chests, upon seeing his arrival at the crease !!!!!

I wonder whether Mr. Ramdin has even got a chest that his girl could rest pon … cha … stuuupsseee REAL F’ing hard !!!!!

Let me leave he rasshole there, be-car, me nah want him send he rasshole, gun toting friend dem fi shoot me !!!!

I am also intrigued to here the news that Matthew Maynards’ son, was suddenly, hit by a District Line Train, to the point where he has, sadly, been killed …. ?????

Well, as far as i’m aware, District Line Trains don’t exactly move quickly … !!! … and def don’t just jump off the tracks to kill young, international cricketers ….

However, there does appear to be, quite a bit more to this story …. ???

Exhibit A :

One has to wonder how the media can make a white bwoys death, seem like a total tragedy, when, clearly, there are a few …. um …. mitigating circumstances …..

Erratic car driving early in the morning, running from pursuit by police … and then, all of a sudden … DEATH …

At least we know that the Po PO have this effect on young white men, in the same way that they do to young & to be fair, older, black males.

Why would he & his pal have run eh ???

Apart from being early in the morning, it would seem reasonable to suggest that someone had a reason for not wanting to be caught behind the wheel of a car at that time …..

Hmmmmm … drugs, drink, or what, I hate to stamp on a mans’ grave, but, come on now, the train didn’t kill him, it would seem as though young Tom had a few things he didn’t want publicised, about such an incident, which could have clearly proved very damaging to him & those close to him, sad indeed, but, “Respect for the law & all that”, in this instance, may have saved his life …..

As suggested, my condolences to the family, but, these are times where, whenever I see, “IPCC enquiry”, I immediately think of corrupted, and, “fractured”, accounts of the truth.

It is what it is, people die every day, but, the circumstances around their deaths need to be … appropriately assessed, when police have had any involvement.

Thus, our youth do seem to have respect issues that aren’t always excusable, or, defendable …..

I see that there is concern regarding the summer activities of young Bajan’s, from local radio. A worrying thing, when you assess the levels of poverty that many suffer on this island currently !!!

The issue of respect amongst young people, does appear to be, like many other things, currently, a global phenomena, on the rise, as times & tings, get tougher & tougher !!!

There seems to be less room for patience, less room for, connection, between parents & children, and, in my humble opinion, less time for developing the qualities in our young people, that, the generations before them, placed, so much value on.

Principally ….

RESPECT and all that …. !!!!!!

I’m out.

Give Jack He Jacketttt Yes … !!!!! … written by 17/6/2012

So, what’s the word people …..

Well I have two for ya …..


And one more for ya …..

RaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAA …… !!!!!

If that is an actual word ….. !!!!!

I’m basically paying homage to DJ Simmons of the, “Iron Mic”, collective …. I managed to get my ol’ rusty bones back up to this event, which, above all else, is truly about, positivity, enlightenment, free expression & inspiration … !!!!!

More power to you fellas … !!! … Oh and ofcourse, to all the lovely ladies involving themselves & supporting the men who are attempting to uplift the minds of the people of Bim, those, who are wise enough to take a step away from Liming, Liming & more Liming … !!! … to perhaps deal with something a lil’ more … Edifying … !!!!!

Apparently, DJ Simmons was 29.9. years old on Friday … ??? …

Don’t ask me, this …… point 9 business, must be a Bajan thing … !?! LOL !!!

So, suffice to say, on a relatively small turnout, which I understand, was due to a lil’ surprise party for the man of the evening !!!!!, there was much edutainment on show, and, much to get your ears tingling !!!!!

I have entitled this post as I have, because I finally saw a young man with the kind of lyrical content that I wish was more becoming of todays’ teen generation !!!

I am hopeful that I shall have a name for y’all shortly, but, those who were there, know who I am talking ’bout !!!!!

Name has just been delivered ….

Lamarr Coward …. (but, there was very little, that was cowardly about him !!!)

At 17, this young man was not only, incite filled, he was politically critical, overtly lyrical, in a GOOD way, and also, above everything else, having fun with his art, something, that he later told me, he’s only been doing for let’s say, 8 months or so !!!!!

Now, this level of brilliance, is what I hoped to see from young people in Bim … !!! … as much as this may have been a pipe dream, in looking at the majority of Bajan youth, it was something that I always remember being told when I was young, about the intellectual capability of Bajans who’ve been thru the education system here.

The reason for this, being, that the standards of education have been & always were, superior to those of the ol’ mother scunt of Blighty, or, England for you dummies !!!!!

This may have changed, according to the lil’ bits of info i’m receiving, however, it is quite possible that, as standards drop here, they have dropped, throughout the western world, in a similar fashion.

Anyhow, having arrived around 9pm, I was quickly summoned to the stage, after hearing another wonderfully talented young lady, who again, (Old Age Peeps !!!), I cannot now remember the name of, who I thought was, incredibly stylish & eloquent in her poetic delivery !!!

I have just received word that, her name is …..

Typhanie Albert …… oh yes, she’s GOOD, trust me !!!

Right, thus, her delivery, is a neat link to my performance of an old piece, but, a rarely performed piece, called, “Delivery’, due to the whole B’day vibe, I wanted to give a … Big Virge b’day delivery … for DJ Simmons, which I believe, he appreciated, thankfully !!!

Then, the procession of plaudits & tributes continued, as ladies & gents alike, paid homage to this young man, who has clearly been, a huge inspiration to many of these artists, creatively & otherwise !!!!!

Artists, who in some cases, used to be incredibly nervous about performing on stage, and one, who was quick to state, that he has known DJ for about four years, the first year was the usual getting to know man vibe & then DJ introduced him to poetry, which he confessed that he hated !!!!!

However, he was now proud to say that, for the last 3 years he has found that he LOVES poetry, more than, he could ever of imagined, 4 years ago !!!!!

There is the proof of what DJ Simmons has achieved with his passion, and, “POSITIVE ENERGY’, regarding an artform that has been, and is still, seemingly, overlooked by the majority of Bajans, Bajan media & mainstream TV … ???

One has to wonder why …. ????

Not enough …. “Tits & Ass”, for them to broadcast, well, I hate to drop it on them like this, but, there is plenty of fine, “tits & ass”, down at Iron Mic, pon’ a Saturday night, and i’m sure that, with a few TV lights, you might get to see quite a bit more, as the ladies will, i’m sure, much like, Russell Simmons’, (NO RELATION, at least, I don’t think so anyway ???) Def Poetry Jam show, come out in force, dressed to impress.

I was disturbingly told that CBC did have something relating to spoken word, in recent times over here, but, after one season, swiftly dropped it ….. ???

Hmmmmm ….. well, if I have my senses intact, I would have to suggest that the vibrantly intellectual nature, of that ….. which, was hopefully featured, frightened the big wigs at CBC, as their levels of fukry were being exposed by wordsmiths who don’t have to use cuss words to edutain & edify the brains of people who tune in to this sort of stuff.

Suffice to say, “TINGS TIGHT”, fa real … !!! … As one of my fellow performers expresses, with venom, in a vernacular, that, is as voracious, as it is vivid !!!!!

The idea that spoken word is still in need of introduction to Bajans, isn’t that much of a surprise, but, what does surprise me, is that Rihanna, who mixes with the ilk of Jay-Z, isn’t perhaps, more supportive of an art form that she is around, albeit, in a slightly different guise, pretty much, all the time.

Alright people, put the illuminati talk to the side now ……. !!!!!

If she were to ask for it to become a mainstream form of entertainment, would the powers that be & CBC, be so dismissive of it ….. ???

I had a really cool time at Iron Mic last night, but, I think that it’s about time, that this event, along with it’s star cast of stellar performers, get the shine that they deserve … !!! … with so little, seemingly, going on in this island, that warrants promotion, worthy of the Rihanna type media circus …..

Let …. “Iron Mic” …. get some spotlight …..

annnnnnnddddddd ……..

Give DJ Simmons, Adrian Green & crew …..

Oh …. and of course …..

“Jack … he Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaasshole Jacket Nuh !!!!!”


Unity & Evolving ….. written by Big Virge 13/6/2012

Yes Yes People … !!!

As I sit here chillin’ to some, very funny goodness by the … Athletic Mic League, called, “Trouble”, it has brought a smile to my face in thinking about the scenarios & situations life presents, and how we all go about dealing with them.

Having now been asked to do an interview for a documentary, about, unity being a requirement for people to evolve ….. it has provoked some thought in me …..

Hmmmm ….. I tend to agree with that point of view, but, the problem is that, the filmmaker met me last year in London, and has only now, got around to e-mailing me, to ask for an interview …. ???

Life, huh … ??? …

No disrespect to Drei, but, this is how life & our ability to unify, can cause a level in your mind, where you’re now like …..

Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy …… !?!?!?!?!

It is what it is, and this is, as much a thing of beauty, as it is, one of frustration.

Everything for a reason & Nothing before it’s time right ……

Errrrrrr …… well right now, i’mma say ….. WRONG ….. !!!!!

However, my spirit knows better, I am a being of spirituality, thus, I know that this scenario is meant to inspire, rather than to frustrate.

The continued interaction with people here in Bim, is always, eye-opening, to say the least !!!!!

From young women to older varieties, from black to white, from haves’ to have nots, it’s all a mish mash of ….. Everything but unity to me ….. !!!!!

I have been woken up today, by the sound of chainsaws chopping down trees & such in my next door neighbours garden, three black men in the heat, working for what i’d imagine, isn’t very much, then, as I look out of the window on the other side of me, I see another black man, cleaning the windows of this huge property on the other side of me ……

I have to ask, where can unity reside, when there is so much that clearly, divides, and more importantly, separates us from each other ???

I say this because i’m in a nice area, however, this is an area where black people could not be seen in the times of enslavement, due to much of this land being owned by Plantation Slave Masters.

Yup ….

The V is in …. ” Di Belly of Di Beast “…. if you will …..

….. but, having spoke to a mature white man, who has a food business round the corner, it became apparent to me, that, apathy, which seems to be more & more prevalent in people these days, hinders the change that B.O. speaks of, which is …….

Soooooooo Faaaaarrrrrrrr ……. from coming to fruition !!!

This businessman spoke of …..

“A need for a change of mindset in people”, but, then in the same breadth said that, what he can’t change, he doesn’t bother with, which, i’m sure, Millions, if not, Billions of people would now subscribe to.

Hmmmmmmm, I definitely have my moments, where, this seems to be the easiest way to live, but, as I said to this gentlemen, when the thing that you chose to dismiss, then affects you, what are you gonna do, jump up and complain ….. !!?!!

You better check yo’self !!!!!

This, he agreed with, and then went on to explain, that, the young woman sitting outside, who I had noticed when entering, was his daughter, and that her boyfriend was black, and, she was preggers …. yes …. pregnant for you Bajans !!!!!

As I turned, boyfriend had arrived, a clean cut looking black man, who looked, I guess, respectable, by the general standards of people here.

Once again, this brought our conversation back to the basic things that rule many Bajans thinking, stereotyping & pre-judgement, which he suggested to be a very REAL …. REALITY …. in Bajan people !!!

The issue I have with all this talk of unity, is when, as I explained to this man, my very hairstyle is enough to make people distance themselves …. ???

Unity ….. Really ….. in this day and age …… !???!

On the surface yeah …. but then, my white friend stated, that, amongst his daughters generation and those that follow, racism really doesn’t seem to be an issue, naive comment maybe … ??? … but, in the world he sees, it probably does appear to be that way !

Well, upon listening to this man speak about things in general, it became evident, that such discussions were more than stimulating for him, they indeed, do matter to him, but, as per his original statement, what can he alone do ???

It is upon us all to delve a little deeper into ourselves, and to make a better place for us all to reside in !!!

Yes, there are, as he explained, a whole heap of, “ignorant bitches”, out there, but, ignorance for them, is bliss !!!

However, conversations like the one we had last night, breeds an ability, through individuals like me, to pass on those thoughts, not only on this webpage, but also, in my interactions with some of the individuals who, a man of his ilk, may never get to speak with, due to the whole well, “He’s a white devil, so me nah talk to im !!!”, mentality.

However, let’s say, I pointed out a white politician to these same ignoramuses ….

Hold on now ……… and wait for the sound of the patter of their feet, as you hear them, running for the hills …… !!!!!

I no longer doubt it, I guarantee it !!!!!

My Rasta interactions produce a social commentary of a very similar type, as if they are living in the darkened mirror of their white counterparts.

A wish for more respect, especially from women, young & old, and, in actual fact, a wish for more women to show, respect for themselves, is a concurrent theme.

My white friend spoke of his wife having to throw out his daughter, on, at least two occasions, now, this may not have been on some, “clean your pussy”, type ish, but, in terms of having respect for her moms’, who born & raised her, it is tantamount to self-loathing, as disrespecting your mother, is in fact, disrespecting yourself, in the same way that a ghetto gyal will choose to sell she pussy, to feed herself.

Th whole vibe of, “setting up a man”, is also, a very worrying trait, that, DEFIES unity … !!!!!

In fact, it spits in the face of it ….. !!!!!

A man who may, genuinely like this girl, may well find himself becoming the victim of the type of plots that, Keyser Sose himself, would be proud of …. !!!!!

Come on people, “The Usual Suspects”, remember !!!!!

These things are not rare occurrences people … !!!

There are a number of men who are finding themselves in these situations, fooping round wid the wrong girl … !!! … who may well be connected to, THAT MAN, who she shouldn’t be … !!!

She’s trapped herself, in so far as, she knows that she wants out, but, has got in so deep, that the man may well do something crazy, like ….

…. which, yes, I was told this week …..

Shoot her in she pussy …. !!!!!!!!

That’s not a joke, that’s REAL TALK people …. !!!!!!

That’s like the whole Michael Madsen, ear cutting scene in Reservoir Dogs right … !?!

Even without seeing it graphically, it def made quite a few people squirm a bit right !!!!!

I finally started to watch Dexter last night, which, ofcourse, has been the subject of many rave reviews over the last few years, due to it’s stark depictions of serial killing & the dual personality that can be the driving factor for such behaviour.

It struck me immediately, how many men actually have a bigger fear of sex than violence !!!!!

The acting in that scene, where the girl, who basically represents the girl who escaped the badman, but has huge scars as a result, decides she wants Dex, proves to be as disturbing a scene as you could wish to see !!!

You are lying to the woman you are with, for whatever reasons, you are playing the patient, sensitive guy, barely recognising her growing desire to have you, and then she puts it on you to the point where the action & thought of doing it …. repulses you …. !!!!!

I think it is clear that, Unity, for many people, has that impact …..

“Ahhhh, poor people aren’t so bad !!!” ….. but, go and sit down in there home & chill ……

Eeeeeeeeeeuuuuuuuwwwww ….. !!!!!!!!!!

I can see & hear the rich folks having convulsions over it …. !!!!! …. even though, many of their youth are now keen to try & connect with impoverished living …. !!!!!

Look at Jay Electronica & Madame Rotchschild … ???

Thus, unity & the positive evolvement of people ……

Well, right about now, we seem to have enough complexities that are hidden in some very dark closets !!!

These days, i’m kinda thinking that some of …. them thaaaarrrrr …. closets, need to stay shut … !!! … at least until i’m in a place where I survey from ….. far far away ….. sitting down, listening to Yoda explain the basis of positive living …..

Living …. which, to me, revolves around, love of the self, living without fear, and definitely, living without pre-judgement !!!!!!

Judgement is not a thing that anyone, essentially, has the right to do, but, you know what, when I see & hear the things I see, I think i’m entitled to my judgement, which is this …..

Life is a beautiful thing, the world is a beautiful place & the people could be beautiful too, if they would only be … true to themselves !!!!!

Don’t look in the mirror & act as if everything is okay … IF IT ISN’T.
Don’t look in the mirror & hate everything that surrounds if it’s … YOURSELF … you have the problem with.

Look in the mirror & accept who you are, which will hopefully enable you to accept, the rest of us !!!!!

If you haven’t seen it, then there is a scene in the 25th Hour, a Spike Lee joint, you need to see !!!!

Talking of films, as per Drei’s film, which, if I don’t get to be in, I wish him success with …..

Unity people …..



From REAL to …. REALLY !???! …. written by Big Virge 10/6/2012

Okay straight to it today peeps, Bradley/Pacquaio ……

Bradley wins on a split decision after Manny delays the fight starting, due to, wanting to watch game seven, between the Boston Celtics & Miami Heat, on top of the fact, that, the fight before finished, apparently, ahead of schedule … ??? … which meant that his calf stretching exercises needed to be done when Bradley was gloved up & ready to go !!!!!

I mean ….. REALLY !???!

Now, as for the decision, well, either Manny was being punished for his, pre-fight delay, or, as someone else suggested, it’s punishment for not accepting some sort of deal with Mr. Mayweather this year.

Either way, the decision was totally unjust & clearly a FIX, one that Jim would have had problems fixing ….

(Yeah, that’s the ol’ foolish Saville for those who don’t know what & who, i’m referring to !!!)

The Miami result is no surprise to me, however, even with the best of wills, 7 games to beat an ageing Boston with Ray Allen firing on about 1/2 a cylinder …..

REALLY … ???

Money’s the only thing that seemingly drives peoples’ actions & motivations nowadays …..


Yes, REALLY, so, I wouldn’t be surprised if the fix was in on that NBA series too, as everyone who has studied the shorter season, seems to have wanted to see OKC vs Miami ….

Hey Presto …. !!!!!

Wish granted folks !

Now, unfortunately, it has been suitably proven to me, that, the policing here in Barbados, has developed into the same style of policing that got justice for Stephen Lawrence’s family !!!

REALLY ….. ??? ….. HELL YEAH (Sarcasm) !!!!!

One of my peoples’ was riding his bike into town on Friday, we were due to meet up to do some island movements ….

I called once …
I called twice … No reply … ???

Somewhat concerned, as my man is not the type to let a a brother down, unlike numerous Bajans, male & female alike, I decided to make my way to do some Island investigation of my own.

Thus, from the South where i’m residing, round to the east coast, St. Andrew, St. Peter, and then, not necessarily through my own choice, I ended up at the very top of the island in St. Lucy at River Bay …. By the Way …. IT’s BEAUTIFUL up there !!!!!

Anyway, having found my way back to some roads that weren’t dead ends, (Thnx to the suitably labelled, “To Town”, Bus stops”), I called my man again, now approaching 7.30, some 6 hours after last trying him !!!!!

Now, this story continues into Saturday, as I hear nothin’ from my man !!!!!

So, again, I try him having spent two hours getting a suitably relaxing & soothing sea bath. Finally, an answer, “Yes V, wha goin on ?”.

Well, I obviously arranged the meet, only to be told of the harassment my man received from an officer who clearly, had, fuck all else to do !!!!!

Thus, a bike officer stopped my motor bike riding friend, to establish the usual fukry, license, insurance etc ….. which, my friend had, so, under any normal circumstances, that’s a … “Have a good day sir ….”, right …..

Errrrr ….. wrong !!!!!

I then was told how the officer ended up, making my man go to his yard, to show him, said papers, amongst other things, which ended up taking the whole day, as if, my man was hiding the next Gaddafi up on his block !!!!!

One of the comments to come out of this pigs mouth, was,

“The Bike seems straight, but, you’re not !!!!!”

How about a lawsuit for, wrongful defamation of character !!!!!

Cheeky fuck !!!!!

Now, think what you will …. is my friend a shady type of guy … ???

Well, what defines shady to you eh, look in the mirror before casting aspersions yeah !!!?!!!

Now, those who know me well, know that, I do not have idiot people stay around me long !!!!!

And much like Kan Kick, “I associate wealthy folks with global evil & greed”.

So, associate with them on the regular, Uh Uh ….. !!!!!

So, what i’m actually saying is, I generally deal with people of strong, moral fibre, even if they do things that I wouldn’t necessarily do. Thus, my view is this …. when there are so many crimes that are going on in boardrooms & obviously in ghettos, here in Barbados, it does seem strange that …. Mr. Cop …. had all day to mess with one Rastaman, whose vehicular mode of transportation was & is …. “Totally Legal”

I mean ….. REALLY …. !!!?!!!

The incredible part about this is that, when people talk about black on black crime, they rarely ever talk about these sorts of things as being part of the, quote / unquote …. Black on Black problem.

REALLY … ???

YES … REALLY … !!!!!!!!!!!

Carrying out the duties of one of the Empires’, most corrupt & racist driven agencies, will never sit well with me as a black man.

I have relatives in the force back in England, who, obviously shall remain nameless, but, they know my views about this issue. I have heard one of them say that, upon seeing a black person in uniform in their area, it bred a sense of comfort, as they felt a little less suspicious of the whole, “being stopped”, scenario.

However, I tend to see the issues of policing as, institutional, so, the fact that so many people of colour are now willing members of this institution, does not fill my mind with comfort.

In fact, stories like the aforementioned one, only affirm my deep-rooted concern that, there are a few too many, “House Negros”, doing massa’s work without any conscience, or recognition, that, they are treating members of their own family, as if, they should not have any sense of freedom.

Maybe this is because they are constantly reminded & know of their own constraints, whenever they look at & put on, their uniform.

REALLY … ???

Oncea again … Yes REALLY … !!!!!!

Talkin’ of … “House Negro”, mentalities, well, my conversation with my Rasta friend continued into the realms of Bajans, in contrast to other islands, and then of … “Bussa”, the man who has a statue erected in his memory, due to his starting the slave revolt here in Bim on the 14/4/1816.

Indeed, he was in charge of much for his white slave masters, as he was an entrusted, “Ranger”.

Now, without getting into the whole history thing, as, we all now know that history is tainted, more often than not, to reflect a certain point of view in most cases.

However, our discussion brought me to thinking about the subservient nature of black people from the Caribbean.

Those islands that had to be fought over, as opposed to islands like this, where submittal was almost, instantaneous !!!

I spoke with disdain of the, “BEST SLAVES”, moniker, that some Bajans seem to have imprinted in their psyche.

Well, it will never rest easily with me, but, one thing that is evident, is that we have & I hope, are still learning about the moves that our white counterparts have used, and in many cases, still use, to keep the majority, subservient & submissive.

Currency is indeed, as good a marker of our strength of connection to the, “Mother Skuntry”, of England.

Have you ever asked yourself why the EC Dollar isn’t worth something comparable to the Bajan dollar ???

Well, have you … ???

What about the nature of people from different islands of the Caribbean to white folks huh ???

I have yet to venture fully through the isles, but, through the father’s graces & with the queens face in tow, i’ll get to go and find out more about the differing levels of subservience, and their correlation to how they were enslaved or not, as the case may be ….

It’s all interesting stuff ….

Bussa, who was, allegedly, originally Jamaican, defines a part of the Bajan psyche, that, we seem to be holding deep within …..

I wonder, is that African, Bajan, or English ….. Hmmmm …… ???

As the people of the world move forward, it would seem that there is much of our backward past, that remains, in the very psyche of those in positions that they should be using to make a difference !!!!!

REALLY …. ???

YES … REALLY … Mo’ Fo’s …..

REALLY …. !!!!!!

Cha ………..

Time for my evening beach stroll with some tunes & lyricism that inspires higher levels of consciousness & being !!!

The types that their institutions clearly aren’t teaching !



Annnnnd …. whilst i’m on that … “REAL Hip Hop” …. tip ….

The Mighty Immortal Tech …..

Straight truth …. love yourself & stop trying to change who you are …. !!!!!

A History of Hip Hop from one of it’s greatest exponents …. KRS One

I’m done.

Krs will explain the rest !!!!!