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Okay, once & for all, if you see this page as a place of negativity, I suggest you take note of the words of this piece.

If that’s how you see me, then, go on wid your …. POSITIVE self …..

Fucks !!!!!


Recorded by The Dark Doktahz, London

The Critics …. ahhhh …. The Critics !!!! written by Big Virge 28/2/2012

Listen people … !!!!

Let me make this clear to those of you who have visited this webpage & feel as though you’ve walked into a realm of negativity !!!!!

Leave your comment & let the world know how you view things yeah, as the site motto suggests, be respectful, but, speak your mind yeah ….. Feel Free …. !!!!!!!

The reason I say this is because, having just linked up with an individual who has just become aware of my creative expression, whilst being involved in the media herself, i’ve received criticism for some of my methods of expression !

Ofcourse, she’s come to the page at a time where i’m giving gyal a hard time due to my recent experiences ….

All of a sudden, I apparently need counselling, am clearly, very angry & see myself as a screw up !!!

Amazing isn’t it, how someone who only saw you during your days at school, all of a sudden, knows so much about you, because they happen to have read SOME of your written expression, some, 20 years later !!!!!

I guess that’s what working in TV & the theatre does for you, gives you ultimate knowledge on how one should express oneself !!!

Cut out the expletives … !!! … as if the message is gonna become any nicer due to me not F’ing & blinding !?!

Really … ??? … Is that what this society has taught you, well, hear what, being polite is a nice way of not saying anything, don’t get me wrong, there are different ways of saying things, but, there is one way to say what you really think or feel, and that’s from the Heart !!!

My mother was a very vociferous woman, to the point where, some of her friends had to run from the verbals she used to put on them, a quality that I admired greatly, even if it got her into problems with my father sometimes, because he couldn’t express vocally, in the manner she could.

I am proud to have taken more from her way of expressing than him, yes, it can come across as aggressive or negative, but, only to those who find it hard to truly express themselves in a manner that is, TRUE TO THEMSELVES.

I wonder, when you work in TV, is that part of the job description, or, are you actually catering, or better still, tailoring your creativity to gain viewers/ratings eh ???

Merely a question …. ???

I ask this because i’m regularly being advised to tailor my words for my audience, so that they may connect better, which may garner me entrance into the media circus that is supposed to define success, whatever that is in this F’ked up bizness.

On the track, “Once Again”, by Oddisee, feat. Kev Brown & Bumpy Knuckles, Bumpy spits about white people using black people in the business & he says,

“Now I know why the white folk invest in y’all niggas ….
…… Y’all STUPID ….. !!!!!!
They gone get … the best of y’all niggas ….”

Hmmm, worth considering, there is a sect of black people who’ve compromised themselves to work in these white run, and often, racist institutions, who do nothing but enable these institutions to manipulate and edit the original compositions of our creative works.

Why … ??? … because ….

“Ooooohhh, you’re gonna alienate your audience, or you come across as negative in your expression.”

Yawn F’ing yawn, just go on with your manufactured product, my vision of artistic or creative expression, in fact, expression in general, is that, it is supposed to be, ……..

Totally Free !!!!!

This is not something that I can even claim, because I haven’t been dragged up, I was raised to express myself, clearly & articulately, however, having found my creative flow, as well articulated as it can be, it can also be just as coarse & rough as the ruggedest of artists, problem with that … ???

Well, you know what, don’t forward it, don’t retweet it, in fact, dismiss it if you like, that’ll work perfectly fine for me.

I get the whole, you’ve got to be in it to win it, but some things are just not meant to be categorised & boxed !!!!!

If I suggested to you to visit this page and check out my work and you get offended, ask yourself, did I warn you about the nature of some of my expression or not ???

It’s likely that I have, especially you females, because, I know how sensitive all you can be,

“Oh, he’s hating on us girls because he can’t get none …. !!!!!”, FUCK YEAH, in ya mudda ass … !!!!! … in exactly the same way I hear all you do, when you’re there cackling wid your f’ing eedyat friends, about the poor choices you’ve made, that, in many cases, not only leave you f’kd, but then fuck up children, who are born out of these idiotic ideals you hold, that confirm your inability to walk from a clearly, bad situation, rather than, try to fix something that is clearly beyond repair !!!!!!!!!!

The idea of working for women in the industry is a scary one right now, don’t get it confused, I believe there to be women who would be perfectly cool to work for, however, they are few and far between, those believing the dream & those who see the dream for what it is, a F’ing dream !!!

I’m actually thinking that, as much as we have male prostitutes up in the bizness, let’s get this clear, if women would rather sell their bodies, than better their minds, one has to wonder whether, when an offer of mullah is made to them within the creative field, how quickly will they jump on board to get through …. ?????

Again …. merely a question, so stop your fukry, think about it …. answer it & let me see it, so we can see the other side of the argument !!!

I am not a woman & now, can safely say, am thankful to the father or mother …. for not leaving me in that melting pot of, feminine denial, vanity, insecurity & attention seeking.

The truth is that, yeah, my views are unsettling & clearly, upsetting for some, but, hear what … !!!

I hate nobody, especially women, but, as Chris Rock says, some women REALLY DO, need the F’ing shit shaken out of them, because a great many, are so full of it, it’s frightening !!!!!

As for my art, as I said in the, “What does yours mean to you ???”, post ….

So … What does yours mean to you … ??? written by Big Virge 16/02/2012

…… One thing that, to this point, i’m greatly thankful for, is the fact that, yeah, no fucker has yet to, really show, that they want to try to commercialise my work, probably because, as a friend said to me recently, money is the thing that taints art, as soon as an offer is made, conditions & compromises are generally, the norm. A norm that I, “DON’T FIND”, particularly enticing.

I’ve never been a fan of compromise or condition, in my personal relationships or otherwise, and thus far, am still here, living my life without feeling the need to change my conduct & behaviour to have the respect of people.

People are proving to be more like sheep, than sheep, these days, a worrying trend. There are a few artists, like Peter Tosh who garnered respect for not softening his message or art for pussyclaat consumers, or, those who are responsible for ensuring you gain public attention.

Let me, once again, make this clear … !!!!!

I haven’t always felt this way. My initial hopes were, somewhat delusional, in hindsight, but, as you meet and see the way people, behind, and in front of cameras/mics, behave, and respond to art that essentially, challenges them, you realise quickly that you need to humble yourself.

Shockingly, it may seem unbelievable, but, I am a very shy & humble being, as you can see from my grey hairs, i’m not a young person who always wanted fame & fortune, actually, far from it, my creative talents have come to me late, which again, i’m thankful for, because there is a level of maturity & wisdom in my 41 years, that has ensured that, certain gatekeepers, have been told to hold onto their keys, because I don’t like the way they operate.

They’ve been made quickly aware, that, I am not a F’ing puppet with strings for them to pull !!!!!

I have been regularly told/advised, about the way my messages are presented, well, thanks for your advice, but, I guess that, if you didn’t know, now you F’ing do.

Fuck you !!!!!

My art & expression have not been created for me to appeal to people.

My art & expression have been created because it has been one of the things in my life, that has availed a sense of, “Totally Free Expression !!!”, a precious thing to me !!!!!

So precious, that, much like, The Lord’s Ring, it may destroy me, but, I’d rather be destroyed for being who I am, than for being something created to appease others …..

I’m out …..

One love people.


Okay & the other side of the fence … written by Big Virge 27/02/2012

Yeah Yeah ….

I can here the cries now,

“Aahhh, some bitch don’t give you none & look how you get on !!!”,

However, let me tell all you smart-mouthed fuckers yeah, i’m being expressive about a situation, because that’s how it went down, it’s not a fairytale, it’s REAL F’ing life …. So, deal with it ….

You don’t like my phrasing or language, then, you know what, check the subject headings & when you see me label something as a … “Rant” … recognise or go check in the dictionary what the word f’ing means !!!

It means, no punches are gonna be pulled & below the belt blows may be coming yeah …. !!!!!

Talking of …. “Below the belt blows”, what is it with certain white man and this whole, overfamiliarity thing. Yeah, you may have met a man a few times for a drink, may have been in mans’ house to do some work & become an acquaintance, for a number of reasons, but, when it comes to speaking on certain subject areas, speak carefully, especially when you haven’t ever taken time out of your day, to go and chill properly, on more than one occasion, in the mans’ domain, and spoke at length, about certain issues.

Mind your fucking mouth before you end up in a situation, that, benefits neither of you !!!!!

Yes, it’s a f’ing warning …. !!!!!

I know the Beatnuts have a skit on, “Take it or Squeeze it”, where, the scenario paints a very clear picture of how a person getting, overfamiliar, can end up getting their ass shot !!!!!

The subject of this rant is an individual who, clearly, after having had a couple of drinks, likes to think that he’s smart & can then run talk on man he don’t call, speak to, or even, come correct with, when it comes to doing certain favours. I guess i’m, probably not white enough, or, “Celtic enough”, to get those extras, that, are readily availed to his, “REAL FRIENDS”.

The subject was basically driven towards being a faggot, yeah, I said that too … !!! … cos i’m getting sick of all this pussyfooting around them.

Listen yeah, closet door them open … !!!

So, RECOGNISE, anything might walk in and if you want to be treated EQUALLY, then, just like, fat people, spotty people, ginger people, disabled people & ofcourse, us black folks, get it clear, abuse is part of life, ain’t nobody gonna escape it because there’s always gonna be some skunthole who doesn’t like your appearance, or, choice of lifestyle, so, why must we not use such terms, if they are the same as every other fucker walking the planet !!!?!!!

It is merely …… a word, like any other, right …… ?????

Anyway, I digress, the accusation was made in jest, he’d suggest, that I must be gay because I have no woman, wife or partner who is female & I made it known to him that this last chickeroo who I was getting to know, had to me, quite mannish type features …..

Okay, I opened myself up a bit, for the abuse, however, I could see that this was the usual attempt of a man with a long term partner to stress, how much of a f’ing man he is because of his set up ….

Hmmm … well, I hope in his case, he’s as happy as he claims to be, however, “The Set Up”, a couple of children, not married, got their yard & have rented to keep everything nice, at least, from the outside looking in … ???

However, i’ve seen & heard it all before, and then witnessed the break up, and the chit that then comes out in the open, about the REALITY of the, “Set Up”.

Come on now, how many times have you heard that story, “Oh I run my house, my wife/partner/girl … can’t tell me chit !!!”, then, you get to see, “The Reality”, when he’s at home with wifey ….

“Don’t smoke inside, take your shoes off before you come in, what f’ing time do you call this …. etc etc ….. !!!!!!!!!!

Now, i’m not suggesting that this fuck is in that scenario, but, who knows eh … ???

I feel that this individual, “Protesteth too much !?!”, on Saturday …. especially, when i’m in a gay mans’ pub, cussing down their battyhole bizness, and he’s the one saying, shhhh shhhh …….

I have no personal issue with gay people, as long as they keep it on their side of the street, don’t bring it to me & we’re fine, I know gay people who know me to be decent to them as long as they don’t get, overtly, touchy feely with me.

However, when some fuck decides that, his way of running joke, is to shout out in a boozer, you must be into men, because of another story I told him, where, another guy I know and I met this chick in Covent Garden, went down to the platform whilst checking her, thus, when my friend went to the other platform as the girl & I, before he left, he was like, “Step to her & let me know how it goes type chit !!!”.

Cool, so I stepped & got asked to step off the train, to take her digits, I did, only to be told before she went, “Oh, by the way, I used to be a man !!!!!!”.

Now, I was ofcourse, blown away & never called this being, because, that just ain’t me ….. Bring your sister, daughter, even ex-wife, as long as she’s been female from birth …. !!!!! …. and i’ll prove to ya, if she’s half decent, what kind of man I am, believe me !!!!!

However, this fuck decided to take it as proof of my preference for men …. !?!

Now, in the past, i’d of let it slide, but, hear what, in a time where this stuff is more acceptable than it’s ever been, I ain’t about to have that talk run on me, and laugh about it, especially from someone, who don’t F’ing know me like that !!!!!

Thus, I made it very clear to him that I didn’t like his comments & that, for future reference, he should mind that talk when putting my name in it !!!

The usual, “Come sit with us fukry !!!”, then came, as did ignorance of a very provocative kind, me, well, me nah fall for dem kind of fukry, right about now, because there is no part of his psyche that could ever get the better of mine, so, I just engaged with his bullchit until an Irish Guy who was with us, got up & walked away, due to what I figure, he thought, was gonna be a confrontational situation.

Well, until i’m touched, i’ll always use my mouth because that’s what it’s for right … !!!

Yup, it sure is, it’s there to help, avoid the need for physical confrontation, by exhibiting, high level mentals. The type of psychological warfare that is more brutal than, any physical beatdown, because it, stays with you …. and, may well manifest itself to be true in the very life you lead !!!

As said, he’s one, whose adamant that, his life is pretty much how he wants it …….

Hmmmmm …. time will tell …….

However, the moral of this rant is simple, don’t make the mistake many white guys do, of thinking that, because you’ve had a drink or two with a brother & have even been in his home & had some level of discussion with him, that, “You KNOW HIM”, in that manner, where, actually, overfamiliarity …. breeds contempt !!!!!!

…….. because ……….

Contempt means what … ???

Loathing, Hatred, Scorn & Abhorrence

None of which are good … !!!

Think about the things you say, and, most importantly, who and where, you say it to them ……

Peace y’all

Big V out of here …..


Thank, “The Father”, for that …. !!!! …. written by Big Virge 25/02/2012

Okay, so, what’s good people …. !?!

Well, clearly between gun threats & after fight brawls, not much for Derek Chis & David (Shut Your Face) Haye … !!!!!

What is it with these British Boxers man … ???

Headbutting ring posts after running up their mouths, (Ricky Hatton), still brings a smile to my face today, or DeGale running up his mouth before having that suitably shutdown, Junior Witter, nuff style, but no title !!!, Amir Khan, “Oh I run Washington !!!”, when what he meant was, I can run round a ring in Washingto … !!!

I mean, seriously fellas … !!! … cut the bullchit & try showing some class & toughness in the ring, where it counts yeah ….. !!!!!

Anyway, my reason for starting this rant in this fashion, is because, i’m not feeling the love from the ladies …..

“Aaaaahhhhhhh” ….. Yeah, FUCK all that … !!!

As a woman said to me recently, having seen some of my work, what she sees is that, i’m not be saying what I really think, well, hold on to your knickers love, cos i’m about to get rough ….

F’ing whores, how many are truly keeping their mouth shut when you ask them shit, because their f’ing breath stinks eh … ? … are you one of them there bitches, are ya …. ??? …. are ya …. !??!??!

Well, if you are, then cool, you’ll accept this cos you know it to be true, but, if you’re one who thinks your slick & thinks that using men to help you get chit done, that you can’t do, makes you smooth, hear what bitch, what goes around …. yeah …………………

The men they fraternise with, whilst claiming to be strong & smart & all the other bullchit from their claat, just goes to show how F’ing stupid most gyal generally are. It is f’ing unbelievable, the levels of basic stupidity that belies their actions !!!!!

Wives, girlfriends, or the local bike who acts like she don’t know how to ride, make me f’ing sick !!!!!

Their breath must stink because of the lack of fresh air that gets in their mouths after, ass bathed cocks, go straight in those disgusting holes of theirs ….. eeeewwwwwwwwww ……. Yes, it’s true & FUCK YOU, if you think i’m being sexist, or, “bitter”, cos I didn’t get none, well, in this instance, yes, much of that is true, but, better out than in, and, more importantly, in this case, i’ve clearly dodged a bullet … !!!!!!

Why keep back talk, when, they ain’t giving it up anyway, in fact, why hold back talk at all … !?!

The likkle pussyhole husbands, chatting bout, what they learn about manipulating people from their wives ….

Maaaaaaaaaaan, cut that F’ing chit out bro …. !!!!!

Just be a F’ing MAN, and deal with people honourably & honestly. All these tactics & ploys come like some government coup, which, unfortunately, is the way I see, a higher & higher percentage of these stupid cunts, yeah, I said it, behaving these days !!!!!

I’ve written it in poems i’ve done over the years, and will be hitting you up with more of that GOOD stuff, as time goes on.

The confusion and deceit of women really shouldn’t be underestimated, “Oh, i’ll pay for my share of dinner !!!”, with what, you lying cunt, you ain’t got no cash & you done sit down before even thinking bout hitting a cashpoint, so, who you trying to kid eh ???

It’s all a veritable game of ingenuous behaviour …. that, i’m not ashamed to say, in this instance, came from me, gullible, to the extreme, so, get it clear people …. !!!!1

“YES !!!”, this rant is to remind me not to make the same mistakes again, however, as I always like to say, there are benefits to every scenario and there will always be moves that can help you, up your game !!!!

Thus, once establishing that I was barking up a tree with no leaves, I quickly let her know that I’d willingly piss on one of her fellow trees … !!! … which, according to the man around me, would guarantee me, everything but her friends number or sex, from the respective tree without leaves !!!

Well, yup, they were right … !!! …

but, as I said, a valuable lesson has been learned, plus, unlike Steve McQueens’, Virgil, I availed a “Great Escape”, without any scars or bruises, diseases or children …. Pheeewwww …. !!!!!! …..

just a loss of a little change & maybe, some face, but hey, cool, I’ve done that before & will surely, do it again, so, par for the course really.

However, there were certain signs that I should of observed, which, could of saved me money & time, the first & most important, being, when the local dogs tell you a woman’s a lovely girl, then, you should take note, does that mean, they’ve all had her, want to have her, or won’t have her, because she’s a shitload of hassle ????

All of the above, I’d suggest, in this case, and the fact that none of them are truly, with her, betrays a lie within a lie, how lovely can she be cos, even dawg want a …. “lovely bitch” to come home to surely ???

Hmmmmm, evidently not, but, hey, as me nah cock up my foot to piss, I can’t speak about what I am not, however, as a friend said to me recently, “YOU HAVE TO LIE IN BED WITH FLEAS TO GET …. BITTEN !”, indeed indeed, but, as me nah accustomed to lie down wid dirty gyal, well, at least for a while now …. !!!! … I am thankfully, nice and clean, and don’t have them kind of bite marks on me.

The interesting part about it all, is actually listening to these men who know these girls intimately, talk about woman, and then watch how they operate, and then laugh at the stupid gyal when they come a cropper, because they always buy into the hype, criticize it, then, jump back into it …. !!!! …. It’s f’ing incredible !!!!!

Bitches who get burned, much like men who do, deserve to, you have a mouth, ears & eyes to ask, listen & see. If you choose to act dumb, deaf & blind, then you’re due some fukry, because you are living by it !!!!!

The sexiest girls, Nas said, “are always the nastiest !!!”, but, it’s clear that they are mostly some of the dumbest beings on two foot, that can speak as well !!!

Thankfully, as a scunt I know said to me, “I have a good face for radio !!!!!”

Well, as his ex, committed suicide, one has to wonder what was wrong with his face, that she couldn’t deal with facing it anymore, huh ???

Fuckers …. !!!! …. he’s another one, always got something hot on his arm, whilst carrying something for her nose, in the other …….

These boys & girls are exactly that & the problem is, that, by the time they wake up and grow into men & women, in the ladies case, they, have become “Cougars”, which basically means, wrinkled pussied, face-shifted, desperado’s, who, finally realised when they got divorced, or, their husband’s left them, that they were, never loved, and in fact, were being cheated on, in some cases, with other men … !!! … because of the fukry they go on with, when their heels & make-up aren’t on, or, in the mens case, they become doormats for whatever bitch they can find, who’ll put up with their insecurities, which inevitably come out, as time catches up with them.

I always think of a really cool friend of my mum’s who, never married, held her own, had her own place, could cook a mean Roti & who was just a lovely woman, and never got why no man was permanently with her, well, she was always straight with me, which I loved her for, she once said to me, “Why jeopardise your happiness for some scunthole, who you don’t know !!!!!

Wise words as I look back over the last couple weeks of my life, in particular, as i’ve said before and will say again, it’s one thing to be miserable on your own, it’s another thing totally, to be miserable with someone else !!!!!

I am actually thankful to the young lady, who is the subject of this piece, for showing me the error of my ways, and, for giving me the escape route, that, has me cussing down women of her ilk & the men who love them today ….. !!!!!

Thank you baby …. !!!!!!!!!!!

Oh & I’ve got your piece of written art for you to dance to, so, when your ready yeah, it’s a cracker … !!!!! …..

Which, as you’re so into your art & creativity …. !!!!! …. you should appreciate, regardless of it’s content, (cos it is good !!!!!) and our inability to get beyond, as I saw Wolowitz say, on The BIg Bang Theory, yesterday, “8th base” ………. !!!!!!????????!!!!!!!!!!

Whatever the fook that is ……. !!!!!!!!

Apols for the language folks, nah, jus kidding, it’s a rant …..

FUCK THAT !!!!!!!

Once again, as I know you skim readers miss chit ……. Fellas ………


Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ……………… Think about it ………….

An Interview with …. A Dragon Slayer !!!!!

An interesting interview hosted by Michelle Brooks, (who I went to school with) …

with none other than, “Dragon Slayer” …..

Levi “Reggae Reggae Sauce” Roots

So … What does yours mean to you … ??? written by Big Virge 16/02/2012

Yes folks, what’s good … ???

Well, the weather seems to be trying to give us a break here in London, finally, thankfully … Still cold, but …. cha !!!

The transitory phases of the seasons eh, the wonders of nature amaze continually, very much like the way some artists amaze, when you see how they, really feel, about their artistry.

Having met a few artists of differing types in recent weeks, it is one of the most difficult things to quantify !!!

What does your art mean to you eh ???

Does it define you, is it your altar ego, or, is it your way of saying, Fuck the World !?!

Well, for some, it really is everything to them & i’m not talking Beyonce here folks …. Oh No !?!?!

I’m talking about these people who ply their trade, not for applause, or appreciation. I’m talking about those who do this art thing because they love what they do !!!

Denying themselves those things that are actually quite basic, in the grand scheme of things, for their art to flourish …. or not …. as is the case, more often than not !!!

I really see what I create as art, but, as the years move on, I am fast learning that, to call oneself a TRUE artist, one has to dedicate more than your time, in many cases, it is your very soul that demands, that you keep giving more of yourself, to have your art be the thing that sustains you.

It is, as a friend said to me when I first started writing, “Deal with the Devil time’, if you want to be the next Beyonce or Bieber.

I have always felt, and still feel as though, my art is worthy of payment, however, the challenges, be they personal or external, can be so testing, that, many fall by the wayside, in terms of their mental state of being, because their desire to be seen, heard, adored, respected & in this day and age, paid, can be the very things that stunt your artistic progression, rather than fuel them.

A friend asked me recently, what is it that I expect from people when they hear or read my artistic works … ??? …

A very good question, because, essentially, like every other artist on the face of the planet, I like having my ego stroked, but, what he was asking was much more than that, it was a question of my personal expectation of what others may feel about what I do.

Well, having met the ex-band leader of Dexy’s Midnight Runners, Pete Saunders, (Yeah, Remember them !!!!!), he looks VERY Different now ……. and hearing his response to what I do artistically, it became more apparent than ever before, how difficult it is to become well known, if what you deal with is honest expression, in terms of your creativity.

This honesty of expression, be it visual or verbal, clearly disturbs the gatekeepers who determine what is supposed to get mainstream attention.

The paying of dues is not something any of us enjoy doing, especially if those dues never get re-paid !!!!!

Everything from, payment issues from promoters & venues, to travelling alone to do a gig that you’re keen to do, even though you have issues, that, actually are much more pressing, in terms of just keeping a roof over your head.

There’s also this thing with your friends and family respecting what you do, now, art has many forms, some of which, can, in effect, cause family rifts of gargantuan proportions !!!

The type of proportions that correlate directly to pandering to, “The Mans'”, preferences, in terms of artistic freedom.

Is there really such a thing … ???

Well, whilst I remain in that place of artistic anonymity, it is more and more apparent to me how lucky you are if your art is not the sole way of you being able to survive in this, ever stressful, financially driven, modern existence.

If you have enough P, or earn your wage from a different source, the creative freedom that bestows, is indeed, a precious gift.

How many artists are really being true to themselves with what they offer to the world ???

I’d hazard a guess, that, in this particular generation, they are a minute few.

I went to the Jedi Mind Tricks gig at, The Garage, in Highbury, on Valentines’ night, yeah, no love, but hey, this too, can be a bit of a problem with regard to artistic endeavours, maintaining a positive & fruitful relationship, anyway …. I digress ….

Now, Vinnie Paz & the crew, in my view, are the type of men who, probably haven’t compromised too much to be where they are now, which is, being able to pretty much fill a venue in London, on Valentines night, with some rugged ass shit.

Political, aggressive & as sonically powerful, as their material is vocally, but, as he said, without fans, where would they be some 20 years after these young men from Philadelphia started their artistic journey ???

The question of appreciation is the one which answers itself, fans make artists, so, ofcourse, hearing people bay for your name, is the level most artists aspire to get to right ???

Well, this is dependent on who your art questions and aims at though, what if your art aims at the very audience who is coming to see you, huh, what if you really don’t care if some of your fans get offended by the creative outbursts that have poured out of you through the years when, you were on your own, trying to rid yourself of your frustrations & anger at the world & it’s people … ?!?!? …

We now know that art cannot always be the stuff that strokes the ego of the listener, sometimes, it needs to challenge the listener because that’s just how it came out.

How many of you agree …. huh …. !????! …. very few I bet, because, as a drummer I met last night expressed to me, “Stick it to the man, but you have to be mindful of creating barriers between you and your audience, as they essentially need to feel some form of connection to you”.

Hmm, well, you know what, having met some of the people who claim to be avid followers of what you do, artistically, it is very evident to me that what Em’ said is true, the last thing i’m wanting is some bod thinking that i’m their property because I happen to have said something that they have been feeling and couldn’t say.

I’d much rather have that connection with an artist who is willing to express that view publicly, rather than, from behind their closet door.

Fans are as fickle as their appreciation for your art can be, so, it is a very fine line that artists tread, in attempting to please themselves as well as their fans, family and pockets.

The subject of applause always interests me, it is clear that the diva in many of us, loves to have audiences appreciate us in a very vociferous & raucous fashion, however, do people not just applaud because others do … ???

We live in a world of human sheep, in many cases, so, you may actually only be receiving genuine applause from the first 20 people out of a room of 200 people, who all end up applauding you.

(Is the fact that 200 people are there to see you not enough ???)

It’s merely a suggestion that’s all … ??? …

I’m hopeful that people actually try to pay attention to artists these days, especially those who aren’t the stereotypical, fit into the box in the corner pussyholes, because, the issue of originality & talent in todays’ new age of X-Crapper manufactured rappers & slappers is a growing problem.

Now it seems that, any old fool with the ability to string a few notes, moves or words together can become the next big thing, while performers who do it because they love what they do, rather than, because of what their art can do for them, suffer for their art, in clubs that they don’t like performing in, or, for promoters, who, just see them as a piece of meat to put on show, to fill up their club.

The sensitivity of discussing these things with some artists proves how much their creativity means to them, so, I figure this is as good a place to end as any …..

On the basis of what it means to them …..

If you are an artist ……

What does yours mean to you ???

Peace people.


Now, don’t you hate it when certain plans show the weakness of mans’ … written by Big Virge 12/02/2012

Okay, so, let’s just start this little rant with this …..

Just a quick reminder of what this little fuck, Suarez, has re-ignited.

The issue of racism in football, in this country, particularly, needs no lengthy discussions or rhetoric, it has always existed, since the likes of Clyde Best (West Ham) & The Three Degrees, Regis, Cunningham & Batson (West Brom), attempted to exhibit their skills for the minority of, TRUE football fans in this country, to appreciate !!!

Furthermore, it will always exist, because prejudice & racism are inherently connected to the English psyche.

Who doesn’t have prejudice in them though huh ???

What is really concerning though, is the manner in which it is used or exhibited, something which the English have mastered, in terms of creating this myth that is totally unacceptable to them, to see their own people partake in it.

However, due to the very nature of how this country has been built, a level of insecurity regarding black peoples’ value, instantly became an issue, when our physical prowess started to overshadow that, which we were told, has been, and always will be, superior, the likes of Suarez & clearly, Liverpool FC, in this case.

It is astonishing to think, that, he & Liverpool could previously have claimed, that, cultural ignorance was the cause for his words & actions !?!

As a footballer of the modern age. He clearly hasn’t checked the recent history of the club he signed for, he must have basically, seen enough zeros on the contract & said yeah, i’ll take that !!!

The saddest part is the Kenny Dalglish role in this crock of fukry, that has basically told the world, yeah, Liverpool supports these kinds of Suarez type fucks, remember, it wasn’t that long ago that, Lee, “pussyclaat”, Bowyer, was being touted as becoming a wearer of the, “Oh Sooooo Precious !!!”, Liverpool shirt.

I do agree with Ferguson about getting rid of Mister Suarez, however, as is always the case when this subject raises it’s ugly head, every fuck who ain’t trying to talk about racism at any other time, suddenly finds a voice, as long as it cannot be re-traced back to them, their friends, countrymen, affiliations and general attitudes to this still, very relevant issue.

If we go back historically, i’d like to know which football club can claim to have, never had any incidents of racism on their terraces, & more importantly, racist taunting from their own fans.

So, all these fans of other clubs need to check their own closet before jumping onto the current bandwagon of Liverpool bashing.

“Oh, it’s a disgrace, Liverpool should be ashamed !!!”

Yeah, well, I hate to break it down to all you smart-mouthed hypocrites, especially you season ticket holders, yes, your club is part of a collection of clubs who belong to an organisation, being the motha funkin’ FA, who have done what exactly, to eradicate racism on the terraces, let alone on the field of play, well, according to the Suarez & Terry cases, “F*ck all”, basically, apart from line their pockets with your money. Money which clearly could be used to properly enforce hard punishments for any act of ignorance, be it, on, or, off the field of play right !!!!!

It would seem fair to suggest that incidents that happened way back when, that weren’t so easy to uncover, like Sepp done tell us, drew handshakes, rather than, pistols at dawn, right !?!

Now, if every time a racist remark was made & recorded, and pistols were then drawn, I figure …. there might be a few less Suarez types right about now !?!

Dalglish, having, like Ron Atkinson before him, exhibited a level of respect for black man, by signing Barnes back in 87′, then took him to Celtic in 99′ on the management tip.

Now, as bad a decision as that proved to be back then, these were landmark moves & huge risks that Mr. Dalglish took for a man, who, he clearly valued, one would of hoped, beyond his footballing prowess.

Well, according to his commitment to standing in Suarez’s corner, well, he & Ron Atkinson are clearly of the same school.

The …. “Let’s use these N*gs & make our name off them” …. school.

Well, okay, that’s cool, thats pretty standard for the way Western Societies have used & abused black folks, (however, let’s not forget the handshakes these negro’s have been party to !!!), but, it’s only cool, until these fucking fake apologies come out, because of, guess who … !???! … Yup, their f’ing FA bosses, as well as the media make a fuss about, what is basically a blatant, “Fuck them Nig**rs !!!”, type attitude.

Not cool Kenny … !!!!! … and as for Suarez’s apology, is there any point in him saying anything now that doesn’t have a racist connotation to it, I mean, who wrote that apology for him huh, some UN diplomat !?!

What a f’ing joke …. !!!!!

The beginning of the game was unsightly & could clearly have been avoided by not having the teams shake hands at all, also, to be fair to Luis, if I was Evra, I wouldn’t wanna be shaking his f’ing hand anyway. The only shake he’d be getting, would be the shaking of his very being, the first time he and I clashed physically on the ball, so, to be honest, as much as I see the professional angle of being a pro sportsmen, this is f’ing English football man, fuck the pleasantries, just do a QPR, cancel the handshakes & let the booing and ignorant chanting begin.

It is as much, in fact, it’s pretty much, down to the so-called fans to stop this kind of behaviour … !!! … At least on the terraces & hope that it translates to the likes of John Terry & little pricks, like Luis Suarez.

One thing is clear regarding football in this country, the racists are not just in the stands, they are in the FA, and much like Ken Liv’s comment about chi chi bwoy in the Conservatives, would seem to be riddled with them !!!!!

One further thing for the black ballers on this subject, as it would seem that a few zeros can buy a lot of you, much like Suarez, once you’ve shook hands with the devil to be in the spotlight, overstand that it gets hot under the lights !!!

Black players need to stop complaining about that, which, they are being paid to take, otherwise, stop with the handshakes & start shaking the very foundations of this fukry by standing firm & speaking out publicly about the things which get swept under the carpet because of apologies that clearly mean, FUCK ALL !!!

Oh & unlike a black Liverpool fan, whom I spoke with recently about this , I ain’t gonna stop supporting Liverpool, I, like he, damn well knew, that racism was part of their very make-up, and their lack of success in the new, Premiership world of high priced foreign stars, many of whom are black, confirms their lack of foresight & their unwillingness to relinquish, what would seem to be, their clearly, Arian attitude to success.

John Barnes showed them clearly that, when you’ve got black players who are truly talented, the sky is the limit !!!!!

Unfortunately, the plans & efforts of Liverpool since his leaving, have proven them to be the plans of narrow-minded, bigoted men, who are indeed …. weak !!!!!

Well, leadership that is weak, tends to lead to performances, that are, as da Pool have proven, since the Premierships’ inception ….. WEAK ….. !!!!!

Inconsistency has been the buzz word for Liverpool over the last few years, well, now, those inconsistencies are becoming more and more visible, it’s time for the board & those who run the club to show us all, once and for all, what they stand for, be it, the Millwall way, or, the newfound Chelsea way ….

(wid nuff foreign man & a couple of Englishman, like Terry, to keep their racist fans happy) …..

exhibit that on the field, start winning titles & then they might start getting respect for what they are supposed to be good at, playing the game the way they used to when Kenny “The Apologiser” Dalglish, was King of the Kop.

Pussyhole ….. !!!!!

Cha ….. !!!!!

One of my fav tunes of the late Whitney ….

Well, it would seem that her heart finally was broken in a hotel …….

Sad but, hey, crack heads die every day …..

Yeah Yeah … stop the fukry now ….. she was wasn’t she …. ???

Anyway, with all due respect …. RIP Ms. H ……

Don’t you love it when a plan comes together !!! …Yes Yes to that ….. !!!! ….. written by Big Virge 11/02/2012

Fuck me folks … !!!

Finally, one of those nights that will stand in the memory for nuff reasons …..

Okay, so, as per usual, I had to drag my man Mass, out, but, I think, even he’d agree, when all was said and done, we had a f’ing good night.

The vibe was for a sneaky old skool 90’s music vibe at the Jazz Cafe to see what Big Ted was coming with.

Now, maybe it’s been my recent vibe with clubs in London, but, you know when you leave your yard late, because of thinking, ohh it’s probably not gonna be that busy, so, no biggie, should get in no problem.

Well, clearly, not the case with this, “Supa Dupa Fly night”, at the Jazz Cafe, and it is clear that Big Ted can draw a crowd !!!

While my bwoy went to grab some wong, I ventured towards the rather lengthy queue for a club night at the cafe, to find a bouncer giving off the usual, Fukry vibes to peeps who didn’t have tickets, so, I quickly asked what the deal was, “One in One out”, I was curtly told by, yet another, fukwit on a door.

It is f’ing ridonkulous how some of these bouncers get on … !!!

… but cha, I saw one guy who he’d already man handled & told, he wasn’t coming in, getting uppity & returning for more & more abuse, which, looked like it was gonna inevitably end up in someone losing their cool.

Anyway, when my bwoy finally approached, I advised him of the sitch, he immediately said, “Come we go, it’s too cold to be standing outside when you’re not even guaranteed entry”.

Logic I couldn’t argue wid cos it was pretty cold …. so, off to the ride & a quick discussion was had cos his old ass was sounding like he was ready to go home to his wife & well, you know …..

However, I had a Plan B which was to venture a bit further into town to see what The Nextmen Set at East Village was gonna be saying, to my surprise, my compadre for the night said he was easy, so, sat nav on & Great Eastern Street logged in, off we went.

Okay, now, i’m a sneaky fan of The Nextmen, one of the best production/DJ crews in the UK, in my view, so i’d already told my bwoy that this night should be good.

Well, truth being my vibe, how right was I …!?!

F’ing hell, nice little venue, drinks were reasonable & this time the entry was smooth & easy, as well as welcoming, so, nice start !!!

Once drinks were in hand, downstairs we went, immediately walking into the B-Boy corner of a very busy & bubbling vibe, we’d walked into what I presume was the beginnings of The Nextmen set, which was, as I expected, funky, soulful & varied in ways that would keep most people happy, from Stevie Wonder to Busta.

Thus, whilst watching these B’Boys strut their stuff in quite a small space, which was impressively entertaining, it was noticeable how they were, drawing one or two older headz into the fray, as if they were saying, “Hey, back in my day u likkle blood…. !!!”, well anyway, you catch my drift.

It was all in good spirits, as it should be, but, once we’d seen the downstairs begin to hot up, I said to Mass, come we go upstairs, which is basically a bar with nice seating & the DJ elevated in one of the corners.

Now, by the time we’d come back up, I wish I could tell you who was playing, but, the tunes were so good that we just started grooving & moving like many of the obvious, Hip Hop fans, so, by 2.00, it was old skool classics that you don’t get to hear too much these days ….. (Shame ….), however, we couldn’t of been more at home, our era of tunes, a young populous who were appreciative & enough room to shuk out & get down !!!!!

Finally, I could see my old buddy was loosening up & thus the party really got started !!!

Girls were actually pleasantly, in plentiful supply & had mostly left their attitude at home, which again, is sadly, so rare these days.

We had the, “Shoreditch Posse”, in the house, so, some suits & some 2 left foot white folks, watching in awe as the headnodders and groovers were getting the Fuck down to Tribe, Pharcyde, B.I.G., Gangstarr & too many old skool, classic, hip hop groups/tracks to mention !!!

However, in amongst the suits, i’ve gotta give a mention to one guy who really didn’t give a fuck & who clearly saw himself as being way above the rest of the monkeys acting as though they were down with the sounds.

My bwoy & I watched, as he threw his overcoat to the floor & started to give us a cross between Freddie Mercury & Vanilla Ice, high as fuck, dancing to Hip Hop !!!!

Funny as fuck, but, only because, he actually had a few moves, for a white bwoy !!!!!

Then suddenly, not that it stopped the party, but, a speaker blew, as did a few very well-dressed black ladies, as if it were some kind of fashion show, the amount of pics & stupid poses they were making … ???

Anyway, the younger mans started to recognise & nuff love was being shown by all & sundry upstairs, including certain man who were working, although, at one point, one of the eager beaver drinks collectors, walked off wid my Havana Club Rum (Cheeky Fok) !!!!!

However, before the stupid bouncer who saw me get into it wid him, could say anything, he’d already offered to replace it, now, you see, that’s what i’m talking about !!!

Recognition of needing doing the right thing, before the impetuous, idiocracy of wannabee, hardmen bouncers, whose job is to basically, do fuck all & look for trouble !!!

Anyway, back to the vibe, which was getting, nicer & nicer around us, more prettiness & hotness, showing off their hot bods & moves.

One girl in particular, who was incredibly exotic looking, with a tight body, who I later found out was, half Saudi, half Lebanese, I mean, uh huh to that, especially the way she moved & her Lebanese cousin, Mariam, Hey there baby girl …. !!!!

A young lady who was as I like them, sexy, friendly & who wasn’t shy to say hello. She’s currently studying something connected to surgery, somewhere in Kent, so, intelligent, as well as loving to party. So, as we all got acquainted, my boy was busy in convo with a next set of girls who apparently, had approached him in a very similar fashion.

He was well-behaved Mrs. A, don’t worry, but hey, being married shouldn’t preclude a man from engaging in conversation with other women, after all, it is just conversation right ?????

Anyway, as time was now running & upstairs was getting locked off, back down we went, to find The Nextmen thumping out more varieties, however, as i’d snuck down earlier to hear the little Junglist phase of their 4 Hour set, I was expecting the soul & reggae session that came at the end.

Well …. Bomboclaat !!!!!

Dem’ mash down the place at the end, wid some classic reggae tunes that had the gyal wining & the true roots & culture man happily singing along and skanking, till they were forced to drop a couple extra tune for the appreciative hardcore ravers.

All in all, a f’ing quality night, but much like good Ol’, “A Team” (George Peppard) Hannibal, would say ……..

“I Love it when a F’ing Plan, comes together !!!!!”

Props to Doctor’s Orders & The Nextmen for providing one of those classic nights !!!!!

Hmmm, think I might have to return on Monday for the Fatlip …. from (Pharcyde) …. free DJ set ….. !!!!!

Enjoy your valentines’ week folks …….


Big V

On the basis of recent events … “Girls, just say No or better still … YES !!!” … A poem written by Big Virge 23/10/2005







THAT’S RIGHT ….. !!!!!! ……



WAYS FOR …… ” THEM ” …… !

“LESS HASSLED ” ….. NIGHTS ….. !!!!!

SO TO …. “GAY CLUBS” …. !?!
AND …. “GAY MEN’S HUGS” …. ?!?!?
AND …. FAR AWAY ……. FROM …….

…… ” DRUNKEN THUGS ” ……. !!!!!!




JUST SAY …. ” NO ” …. !!!?!!!


COS’ …. THAT’S NOT ME …. !!!!!

TRUST ME …. I’M COOL …. !!!
SO …. DON’T PRETEND …. !!!
AND …. ACT THE FOOL …. !!!

WITH …. MORE PROOF …. !!!!!


“But … careful dude …
with words you choose …
don’t lose the mood !!!!!!!”

Question her ……
you know how it goes ……


“Did you like my prose ???”


“Yeah man … I liked your flow,
You performed the best
on … tonight’s show …..”

I SAID …. “Really ???” ….

AND PLAYED IT down …..

“Do you have a boyfriend ???”


…… ” No !!! ” ……


“What’s wrong with you !?!
No man about town … ???
you’re a Sexy girl … !!!
i’m a bit confused … ???”




SHE’S INTO …. “YES” ….
AND … YES … DANCING … !!!!!

FEED MY …. “HUNGER” …. !!!!!

“Darling, can I have …
your number …. ???”


“There’s a …

“But how about this …
i’ll take yours though … !!!”

SEE WHAT I MEAN … !!!!!!!

GIRLS …. JUST SAY …. ” NO ” …. !!!!!


SO … TAKE THAT IN … !!!!!


BUT …………
IS A …………………

…. “KIND OF BLOKE” …. !????!????!

WHAT IS THAT …… !!!!!!!!????!!!!!!!!!

A …. ” Virtual ” …. CHAP …. ???????


“GIRLS” …. “THAT’S BAD !!!!!” ….

OR …. ” YOURSELVES ” …. !!!!!

“Men do it to us ….. !!!
So, we’ll do it to them !!!”


BE CAUTIOUS ….. “YES” ….. !!!

….. ” IN YOUR BED ” ….. !!!!!!!

IF YOU GET …… ” WET ” ……

GIRLS ….. just say ” NO ”
or ….. better still …..
……. ” YES ” …… !!!!!!!

F’ing woman …. stuuuuupppsseeee !!!!!