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A Night at Ronnie’s …. A Quick review …. written by Big Virge 12/12/2011

Okay peeps, well, back to something a little less contrived, some straightforward art, musicianship & poetry.

I’d love to say that it was all of the highest order, but, hey, why lie, to get a gig, fuck that !!!!!

I went to Jumoke Fashola’s Jazz Verse Jukebox at Ronnie Scott’s last night, what a F’ing awesome venue for live performers, incredible acoustics, even a mini VIP area for the artists to get the best view of the performers and as you’d expect of a jazz venue like Ronnie Scott’s, the vibe, ambience & images surrounding you on the walls, provide inspiration from some of the all time greats of the creative arts.

Jumoke is a bubbly and warm person who amazingly, upon arrival, takes the time to meet and greet everyone, a very nice touch.

She broadcasts with the BBC ….. well, nobody’s perfect, but, one thing I will give her credit for is building a night over some 2-3 years which clearly has a good following now.

Having met a couple of artists, being a certain Ash Dickinson, Jazzman John & Helen Martin-Rolls, we sat, exchanged detes and then awaited the show.

Ash & I got into the whole debate about where and how to make mullah from this thing. He explained that he was one of the lucky ones who is doing so and having performed as far afield as Canada, expressed a sense of surprise at the fact that, even at JVJukebox, the open mic slots are just 3 minutes.

I then explained that, in my opinion, this is one of the biggest problems for fresh talent on the slam/spoken word scene, to get heard, 3 minutes ain’t enough time to introduce yourself, let alone grab an audience with a piece of work !!!

Yeah, these little ditty’s, sonnets & Haikus may work for the limited attention span dummies, but, in my view, great artists are the ones who can engage you for longer periods and that’s how i’d judge a person’s quality, by whether or not the audience is still paying attention to ya after those opening 3/5 minutes.

Anyway, Jumoke got the night off to a singing beginning, interesting voice and the house band is rather good, so, the accompaniment, as much as her vocals, are definitely a pleasurable experience.

The first poet was Paradox, who amazingly, is, as he said, deformed, having lost a leg relatively recently. He did a good piece about the reactions of people to his disability, however, the second piece was just over-performed in my view.

He also made the cardinal sin of rabbiting TOO MUCH in his intro for me, so, there is much to be said for not abusing the time you have on stage either, especially when you’re on first, because, you are taking time away from those behind you.

Tomas Ciucelis did an instrumental guitar set that was hypnotic as well as rhythmic, to the point where I hope to get his music behind some of my words,

Hit me up Tomas …..

Y’all should check him out here :

Further poetic pieces from Tshaka Campbell & Jacob Sam-La Rose ……

Hmmm, well, Tshaka, having got that US twang, did some stuff that sounded very much like other US poets i’ve heard, one interesting piece & one very sexual piece, which got the crowd onside with it’s somewhat overtly sexual content, not my thing really, but, he used the band to great effect.

Jacob, well, book published and fairly well established, I’m guessing, left me neither here nor there to be honest, but, the South London massive have their following. I guess that, having performed, as he said, at this event, 3 or 4 times, he just feels very comfortable there now

Mr. Dickinson was pulled out of the hat for the poet open mic and did himself suitable justice in this ridiculous 3 minute thing, well done mate …. (I’d of struggled !!!)

Anyway, here’s his website ….

Think it’ll be worth a look folks, dude’s got jokes ……

Other bits & bobs were running … including me proving myself to be one of those black guys wid no rhythm when trying to play a clapping game, set by the band drummer ….. !!!!

Talk about shame, however, a calendar of naked poets is not top of my list of wants for now or ever …. in my future, cos they’d need to be a lot hotter than the ones i’ve seen on London’s circuit, females wise yeah !!!!!

Anyway, finally, I have to give a quick mention to, “Abimaro & The Free”, a jazz group fronted by Abimaro Suit, who has a fantastic voice … !!!! … as I sit here listening to the CD I purchased from them, this is a case where, LIVE WAS BETTER than what i’m hearing, not that what i’m hearing is bad, but, last night this young lady and her band were absolutely incredible and to me were, the highlight of the evening.

They also seemed like lovely people upon speaking with them after the show briefly.

So, here you go folks, check them out as they say that they have a free downloadable CD coming out shortly, called Ginger Tea, I think … ???

Thus, there is my review of this event, definitely worth going down to, monthly, upstairs at Ronnie Scott’s.

Hopefully, Madame Jumoke will now be made aware of who I am via my new, rather impressive, very stylish business cards …..

Oooooohhhhhhhhhh …….

Enough of that Pish ….. !!!!!


Peace & Blessings for this time of apparent …. “Goodwill”

Remember that before you start getting on wid some fukry !!!!!



Amir’s fall from grace ….. For Nothing ??? … written by Big Virge 12/12/2011

Yes Yes peeps,

Well, i’ve been winding down for the Pagan Madness that is the festive season ….. oooh, not politically correct, well, if you follow this site at all, you know that I really don’t give a fuck about them tings now !!!!!

Anyhow, I really wanted to post some comment on this Khan/Peterson Fukry that occurred on Saturday night in Washington.

I am no Khan fan, let me make that CRYSTAL clear, however, this was one hell of a set up !!!

In all honesty, as champ, Khan should of known better than to go fight in Lamont’s backyard and expect a favourable decision, if it was close. However, this does not excuse the fact that the referee was on some bullchit, as were a couple of the judges !!!!

As a fan of boxing, I can see why Khan’s pushing off got him in trouble, but, really, a points deduction without any clear warnings for it ???

Then we have the whole, attacking fighter against the hit and run merchant, now, Floyd Mayweather seems to have built a legacy on that …. !?! …..

Khan is no Floyd by an means, but, after getting entangled with a far from spent, Lamont Peterson, in early exchanges, got on his bike and then hit and ran for much of the last 7/8 rounds, a tactic that as champ, you’d expect would win as Lamont clearly, was having considerable difficulty in hitting Khan with any worthwhile punches, in the later rounds.

There is no doubt in my mind that Lamont fought a brave and good fight, but, split decision win, nope, somebody’s got their fingers in some filthy pies !!!!!

Corruption in boxing … ??? …

Yeah well, with Don King & the like involved, it is a widely suspected practice in the fight game to manipulate and fix fight results, well, in this case, i’m not quite sure how big a pull Amir is stateside, but, a rematch isn’t the most appealing prospect for me particularly.

Khan has been talking himself up a bit too much for me and i’m figuring someone in the US wanted to let him know that knocking people out is the way to get the props he seems to want from the US boxing fraternity.

Amir always looks very sharp now, good hand speed and ring craft, which he’s
clearly gained from being with Freddie Roach & being around Manny Pacquiao.

However, regardless of the punches he took on Saturday, which were a fair few, he’s been seen to be out on his feet when he meets concussive punchers which Peterson clearly wasn’t, in the past.

It was a very difficult fight to score due to the defensive work of both fighters.

My general problem with Amir is that I don’t feel that he always punches that cleanly, in terms of hitting the target, Saturday proved that for me, Peterson, hands up and chasing didn’t appear to be that fazed by Khans’ punching power, in the same way that Khan seemed quite happy to take Peterson’s shots.

A tactic that, as said, changed, when he realised that they were pretty evenly matched, however, the referee seemed to be on a bonus for point deductions in the fight and the second one cost Khan dearly !!!

As said, it’s no skin off my nose, but, the corrupt nature of much that is represented in modern life does piss me the fuck off !!!

Sport is one of the last bastions of fairness and equality, at least, one would hope so, but, seeing the delayed scorecards and the nature of the split decision doesn’t sit well with me, I feel for ya on this one Amir, a draw wouldn’t of even been a reasonable result in my view.

Peterson is a very good and gutsy fighter, but on this occasion, something stinks about those belts he now possesses.

The fact that the Boxing commission and those involved, immediately after the fight, refused to comment, makes me believe that this is one of those instances where the fix was properly in, to the point where, much like the …..

“poli-ticks” …… (Poly = MANY ……. Ticks = BLOOD-SUCKING INSECTS) …..

invariably disappear ….. without a trace ….. before having to explain themselves for their corrupt dealings.

It might seem like a strange thing to compare the fight to, but, i’m saying this because the corruptive nature of much within our modern society should not be overlooked.

These things need to be stopped before they become a plague which cannot be stopped.

That’s my advice to you Amir, if you do get the rematch, STOP him onetime and deny the corrupters the opportunity of teefing from you son.

As I watch the news and see the police being proven to be abusing their powers, as per usual, the evidence for the prosecution continues to grow ……

The Po Po have had to pay compensation, for basically, trying to stop a youth filming their backside at a rally, when they, yet again, were seemingly trying to ensure that their fukry could not become available for the public to see …..

Stand for something people or, as was the case for Mr. Khan on Saturday, you may find yourself …. Falling for anything, or worse still, as per the fight ….

Falling for nothing !!!!!

L8r’s …….


Don’t You Just Hate It When that Happens….. written by Big Virge 5/12/2011

Yes Yes peeps …. !!! ….

As the winter chill begins to set in here in London, it’s a peaceful Monday night for me in my flat, female company that was on the cards hasn’t materialised, but, that’s cool, as my movie would say, i’m just, “Not that into her !!!”.

It is what it is ….

Anyway, here’s to meeting more of the type of women I met, briefly on Saturday night, when, having been refused entry to Bar Music Hall for the Sampled event, due to some, Eastern European bouncer, who, clearly feeling uncomfortable with my presence & questions, immediately gave out the classic, “Oh you’ll need ladies to get in”, fukry.

Don’t you hate it when that happens ….. !!!!!!!!!!!

Could of stayed at home & smoked a phat one right, if you’re into that kind of thing, or jus got the local slosher to come do what comes natural …. !!!!!

One of my younger compadres was ready to get into it with him as three white guys went in whilst we were looking at the volume of people smoking & or coming out of the club. However, having seen enough of these f’ing jobs-worth bouncing pricks over the years, it became apparent to me that he was clearly feeling himself more than his stupid girlfriend obviously is, funnily enough, she may well have been standing next to me whilst we were outside as I saw this chick kiss him up after briefly chatting to her, stuck up anus !!!!!

Bouncers over the years, seem to be increasingly adopting the behaviour of pretty girls, as if one day, the people, especially the young people they give attitude to, won’t one day decide to give them the relevant wake-up call that they clearly, in a great many cases, need … !!!!!

Gunman for bouncers, bastard boyfriends for them pretty fools who think they are far more important to the world than they actually are !!!

Having done some security work, briefly, in my past, it does make me wonder where their ego’s come from, standing outside a club, in the cold, while girls flirt with them to get what they want, which, inevitably, doesn’t include their dumb asses … !!! … then, basically for the rest of the time, being told by the club owner who to let in or not, which in this case, would of seemed to be, any big black dudes with attitude.

Well, the big and black bit, I admit to, but the attitude bit was all the bouncer’s & you know what, having dropped the couples bomb, proof of my point was then the, “Well, even you do get girls, I won’t let you in now”, lyric, which was the point at which I turned my back on that fool to go home, but, you know what, Shoreditch was F’ing busy on Saturday night, but, bwooooyyyyy, that whole branding that goes with being a …. “Shoreditch Partygoer”, is a worthy one i’m afraid, moreso now, than I ever used to see when we were going to listen to Norman Jay drop funk gems on Monday nights at the, “Bass Clef”, who remembers those nights eh … ???

“Pretentious Free” ….. funk-filled nights of good grooves, and, in many cases, even better groovers, including my boys and I, getting on down till the early hours of Tuesday morning, before getting home for, maybe, 2 hours sleep, before going to work, in my case anyway !!!!!

Those were the days, nowadays, with these attitude-filled bouncers, no wonder everything from the music, to the crowds going out these days, leaves many older headz chilling at home come weekend time.

Anyway, fuck all that, the vibes all changed later on, one of my compadres girlfriend was out with her friend who basically was hungry for some cocky apparently. So, on a promise for some action later, which all went wrong cos this inebriated gal was soon to be hanging over railings, puking her guts out by the time I got to see her, I ended up briefly stopping off at an old neighbours eating establishment, the, “Essential Caribbean Cafe & Deli”, in West Ealing, only to walk into a small crew of folks who were chilling with the chef, David, who used to be my neighbour.

Ofcourse, being a man who knows a little bit about my work, he immediately embarks on this big spiel about my talent and my probable refusal to show it off in front of his friends, who had amongst them, a very attractive, if, different looking lady, who, then explains that she goes to poetry events, one being the monthly event at Ronnies’ bar, “Jazz Verse jukebox”, upstairs at Ronnie Scotts, which I hope to be at this Sunday, as i’ve yet to go.

Anyway, the pressure being applied, I eventually caved and gave one of those impromptu performances at 3.15 in the morning for a very attentive and seemingly interested collective of about 8 people !!!!!

Ahhhhhhh……… the dues a struggling artist has to endure, as the young lady pointed out to me, it is very hard for poets, in fact, let me qualify this, poets who, in my view, stay true to their art, by which I mean, those of us who prefer to be true to ourselves, in terms of our art, to have a large populous of fans, which in turn means, earning a good wage from doing what we love, rather than, what pays !!!!!

Indeed, she’s right, however, let me show you what this young lady does …..

Check this link out ……

A Burlesque performer no less, I hope she won’t be upset with me mentioning Marilyn Manson’s ex, a certain Ms. Dita Von Tease, who, when adorning herself in her Burlesque outfits, is one hot chickeroo.

Well, when you see Ms. Rosa, i’m sure that most of you fellas will will want to see more !!!!!

Anyway, she dances & performs and has done so in various countries, so, I guess that’s why she, along with the rest of the crew, enjoyed my little impromptu cameo in the early hours of Sunday morning !!!!!

I’m becoming happier doing these types of performances, rather than involving myself with all these contrived, restricted performances that have certain controls imposed upon them by event organisers, TV & more importantly, by artists themselves … !?!

Don’t you just hate it when that happens ……. !?!!!?!…………

Thinking of those days …. written by Big Virge 4/12/2011

Well folks, how is it ???

GOOD, if you’re alive and kicking, so give thanks yeah …. !!!!!

As you’ve seen, the last few posts are all paying respects to those who have recently passed.

Alongside Gary Speed’s suicide, which has certainly rocked UK football, it hasn’t been the best of months, however, recent events have reminded me of those, “Good ol’ days”, when chit was real and not as fake as everything is becoming now.

Thus, on that basis, I thought i’d give you all a quick catch-up of what i’ve been on for the last few.

Firstly, I have to give props to Gusto for giving us oldun’s a reason to get our old asses out & movin’ at his new weekly event, “JUST BUGGIN'”, at the, “PURPLE TURTLE”, in Camden Town, on the corner of Crowndale Road, opposite Koko.

The club is actually located at 65, Crowndale Road and is a really nice club, not too big or too small, a big stage area and plenty of room to get your groove on, don’t think drinks are too bad either, on the price front.

More detes here :

We went to the opener with Matt White running tings for the most part on the wheelz of steel, now, those of you who’ve read any reviews of my nights out over the past 12 know that Mr. W is now a firm fav of mine, my boys however, were not so impressed with his cutting and chopping up of classic tracks …… as they are true groovers, which I can agree with to some extent on this occasion, because he did seem a bit like he’d not had any the night before … !?! … but hey, if you want to run the wheels then get your skills up to par, make sure you got DEM tune that people love and put your skillz to the test !!!

Otherwise, it was a really good night, people were grinning up there teet, running their Cameo, line dance moves, and there were a few women worth a second look here & there, but, don’t be expecting twenty year old hotties cos it is a mature headz night, musically.

I understand that there is a mixture of music played week to week, depending on the crowd, so, the Tiny T & Dizzee crews may get lucky according to what Saturday they reach, however, I am reliably informed that us oldun’s are to be catered for neatly on both the 17th of this month & on Boxing Day, so, I shall be urging my older compadres to get of the sofa and shake they foot for a few, on both those nights !!!!!

Yeah that’s you two, Huggs & my old, Boo Boo mate Mass !!!!! Ha Ha !!!!!!

Talking of them, I have to quickly give a MASSIVE thank you to them both for hooking me up with some visuals of my recent performance at OPEN in Ealing …. !!!!! ….

A …. Once again, “BIG THANK YOU”, for doing the best that could be done with the Iphone footage that was taken by Mr. Adams, who, has graciously given me permission to publicise it, which I hope, will be done shortly ….. !!!!! ….. Mr. Meskalicious !!!!!!!

I will forewarn peeps that you may have to use headphones or hook the vid up to your system, as the sound, due to it being filmed on an Iphone, is a bit low due to where it was filmed from, otherwise, it’s def worth a look.

Right, back to those old skool vibes, well, finally, I got to see, at least, one member of one of my favourite groups, Phife Diggy, doing his thing at Koko, after seeing what I believe was the first public screening of, “Beats, Rhymes & Life – The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest”, in London anyway, at Koko, what a good night that turned out to be, the film, which I had seen already, clearly had the pretty much, packed out club, fully transfixed.

It also, surprisingly to me, had some people in hysterics, due to some of the comments from the group members & others, in the film. The movie was clearly, well received, but, not as much as the now publicised, “Funky Diabetic”, who, considering his health difficulties of the last few years in particular, was on fine form, full of jokes and wit, as well as energy to entertain the crowd of hungry & clearly, devoted Tribe Fans.

Okay, it wasn’t the group as it should be, in many peoples’ eyes, but damn, hearing those beats on a heavy duty set was a blessing in itself and as said, the sound of those bass lines tumping through the club, was more than enough to get people smiling, moving & reciting lyrics, as if they were their own !!!

Just a fantastic night, all thing considered, a film and concert afterwards, which as Phife said was quite something to get, all in one evening, especially as a great many people had to stand during the film.

However, most people seemed happy to just be in the building with a member of one of the most influential groups of not only Hip Hop, but, contemporary music in general, don’t get it confused people, if you like, the Tribe were, “The Beatles of Hip Hop”, without the props them scousers got, although, in fairness, the props they received & still receive has a level of love that is very hard to quantify in my view.

Anyway, thanks to Tribe for all the memories and please fellas … !!!!!!!!!

Do that last Jive album for us all because the fans definitely want it and Hip Hop could do with it … !!!!! … then do all the solo stuff you guys want to, that’s my word & it’s on the Virge yo.

Put your chit to the side, get it together & do y’all thing fellas !!!!!!

As I sit here playing some 9th Wonder & Pete Rock, it reminds me of the influence, longevity & quality of what The Tribe put out for the world to absorb ….. I for one, definitely want MORE y’all MORE !!!!!

That’s about it for now, but as said, vids are coming, so, pass by when you get time people …..

Stay good and enjoy the likkle break from the madness that is the, “Season of good will” …… Apparently ….. ???

Hmmmmm …. not so sure how that’s gonna work this year, but, remember folks …..

“Good Will Time People”

So put a smile on your face, have a drink a sp…. well …. you know, and be Merry Mo Fockers …. !!!!!!

Peace & Love to you all ……

The Virge out of here.


Damnnnn this man’s sadly passed now as well …… “Socrates” …..

Need I say more …..

Enjoy …… and remember the late great …. Socrates ….

Condolences to his fam and friends …..

Another sad loss, but, at least he left us with this …… RIP Heavy D

…. amongst other great tracks that bring back fond memories of clubbing with My Boys back in the day ….

Another gr8 one gone !!!!!