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It is what it is ….. I guess ….. ??? ….. written by Big Virge 25/09/2011

What’s good peeps …. ??? …..

Anything …. ??? ….

Well ofcourse, some things are, but, dang y’all, them th’are things are getting harder and harder to find ….. Reliable, trustworthy people ???

Let’s not go there … !!!

Good women, good men, good children … ??? …

Children are ALL good, until some dick or bitch of a parent corrupts the positivity that resides within them.

How about the beauty of strong relationships that do not revolve around text messaging & e-mail, well, they clearly are diminishing as I type this post !!!

Yup, “It is what it is”, as the saying goes, but, really, is it … ??? … or are we becoming so lost in our own dens of iniquity, that, we are becoming, ” Lost “, in our, self-created, fictitious landscapes, no longer can this term, “Den of Iniquity”, only apply to ones’ sexual deviance, it now applies to much of our, very being.

The mind is indeed, a super computer that requires positive information to enable it to bypass the growing negative energies of the outside world, a world filled with imbalances that are becoming more and more apparent in this age of MIS-information, yes that’s right, MIS-information !!!

Apparently now, every sucker & their ego has an opinion that needs to be shared …. hmmm …. well, in my view, that’s not quite true, there really are some that need to be kept to themselves.

However, that applies to me in many peoples eyes, i’m sure. Indeed, even in my own sometimes, but, as I believe myself to be expressing my thoughts through a place of observational enlightenment and some form of righteousness, (whateva that is these days ???). I feel no need to overload people with my views of this crazy world, as much as I once did, anyway.

There are too many negative things in this world for me to want to air my views on all of them, just to garner some sense of support from, self-proclaimed, “Do-gooders”.

I am not about doing good as much as I am about doing what works for my peace of mind and internal balance.

As I sit here listening to some pre-2000 music by Mathematik off his Ecology album, called, “Learn to Earn”, it strikes me just how willing we are to forsake learning for earning, earning what … ???

Well, money being the obvious answer …. but …. earning a sense of what is positive seems to be the last thing that is on most peoples’ minds.

As I assess my future, now that I enter into what is likely to be the last third of my life, for me, it seems that i’m entering a period of deep reflection about much that surrounds, rather than who I am or what I have become, “It is what it is”, and I find myself becoming less bothered about my well-being and more concerned with the actions of others and the effects that they have on me.

A trait that i’m far from proud of, yet, one that I have no intention of rescinding, because the ideology of controlling what you do, much that it makes sense, holds very little weight in a world where so many people can affect, how you move, unless you’re in a cave somewhere, hiding from the world.

So-called friends of mine seem to be the people who have the most hurtful things to say and the most dismissive attitudes to what I may be going through, on the basis of my reluctance to embark upon their lives of denial & fake positivity.

The reason I say this is because of an article I read by a woman who claims to have a boyfriend who loves her unconditionally, yet, she seems to prefer the company of her dog, which, she seems more comfortable bestowing her love upon, than said boyfriend ???

Now, each to their own ofcourse, but, those of you who know me well, know how I feel about white folks and their pets, is it any wonder their relationships seem to be failing more these days than ever before, as they enter their latter years ?

Place more importance on a dog than me, then, trust me, by the time your little good looks fade, I’m gon’ find somewhere else to be !!!

As people search for a sense of connection that transcends the ageing process, it seems more and more apparent that the ideals of the modern world are actually creating more difficulties in finding that, “Special Connection” with that, “Special person”.

It is what it is …. right ???

Well, as per much that involves basic interaction these days, I beg to differ, we are literally becoming so indifferent to everything from faith to relationships, that, my saying now is becoming …. ” It is … what it ISN’T”

Virtually everything people present ….. has some kind of alter ego or parallel universe to the one we’re in, hence it really … ISN’T … what it seems to be.

The same young woman who wrote this piece then referred to herself, elsewhere, as one who speaks what people think, well, some people, as well as stating that you should write what you think and not give a fuck !

A view that I subscribe to, however, this, from a person who, flippant as the comment maybe, loves men but thinks she loves her dog more.

Truth in Jest and all that ….. but …. come on now …..

She and her dog must have some interesting conversations eh … ???

Indeed, “It is what it is”, let’s hope that her love for her pooch doesn’t extend to lonely nights of letting her dog lick her nether regions ….. ewwwww ….. or worse still, letting her man lick them after the dog …… !!!!!!!!

Sorry folks, I know, but, hey, blogging is supposed to be free expression right … !!!

My point is that when people profess to be things and then profess to be telling it, “As it is”, especially on this technological marvel that is, “The Net”, one would be wise to question the integrity of what they present.

I know too many men who would profess to be …..

“Honest to the core”, but then, tell lies galore to bed a whore …….

I guess the point of what I’m saying is simply …..

It …. VERY RARELY …. “Is what it is …. ”

But quite frequently …… ISN’T …. anything like …. what it’s cracked up to be !!!!!

Be Prudent annnnnd Vigilant ……… b4 dealing with the ignorant !!!!!

Blessings & guidance y’all …..

Big V

Fresh ISH … from Phonte … REAL … Hip Hop fo’ 2K11 !!!!!

From the brand new … “Charity Starts At Home” … album

As REAL as it gets.

Fighting …. ” The Good Fight” …. ain’t all it’s crack’d up to be ….

REAL Words & a PHAT 9th Wonder beat !!!!

Enjoy & Support b’cos, like the man says,

“How you gon’ sell-out when nobody selling !!!!?!!!!”

What is it with people in the service industry right now … ???

Well folks, my previous post is the reason for this one, as said, in fairness to West London Audi, their used car sales manager and I have now spoken and arranged to meet this week, his apologetic response has, as per his letter, been duly noted, but, it’s funny to me, how, having had someone make a serious complaint, that, a company would still profess to be,

“The best Company to do business with”.

Well maybe … ??? …
but, only after you have to cuss down their claat !!!

Ooops, there’s that, “Feral Underclass”, in me coming out, what I meant to say was, when one appropriately expresses ones’ disgust about poor customer care, or as I felt on this occasion, a level of racial profiling, tantamount to racism, all be it on a somewhat, insignificant level.

The reason for this comment is the tone and articulation of the manager I spoke to seems to indicate a background that could well be … of the Oxbridge/Cambridge ilk.

His immediate acknowledgement of my apparent intelligence and his wish to completely distance himself or the Audi staff from being racist in any way, leaves me thinking about the disturbing levels of dismissiveness shown by tradespeople, of their wrongdoings in regard to customer care & treatment.

It’s funny how, like they say, bad things come in three’s.

As I was having this discussion about the Audi incident with their used car sales manager, I was in Perivale, at another garage, this time, less prestigious than Audi, DCM Motors, partly run by Prince Moore, now this rather elderly chap has had his business for a number of years.

Now, call me stupid if you wish, but, damn man, you try to trust your own people to do right by you, but, what the F**K man !!!!!

My old vix died due to the timing chain snapping, thus, needing to get rid of the car, I offered it to Mr. Moore for a price.

Now, Mr. Moore apparently prides himself on doing things straight up, however, doesn’t have a cheque book and prefers to deal with things via the cash route, yeah, I know, read the signs ….

Well, he has done work for me over the past 5 years that has been satisfactory, but, when a man sells you a car and then has to ask for it back because the original owner, after not having the car for a few months, figures they should of got more money for it, you have to wonder what kind of businessman you’re dealing with !???!

Anyway, as luck would have it, I met an old colleague as it happens, who worked for the same magazine I worked for when starting to explore my writing talents, right outside this garage.

Now, having waited a while, Mr. Moore showed up running around like some kind of confused rabbit, even having the cheek to ask my bwoy, (Michael), hold it up bro ….. if he needed help ???

Times them tough for sure, it would seem ….. now, the point of me being there was that, having had my vehicle taken by Mr Moore over some 4 weeks ago, I’m still waiting for money to have left his pocket to pay for my vehicle, which, according to DVLA, is no longer under my name as he managed to sort that bit out !!!

I guess what they say is true huh, don’t trust Jamaican man, cos dem will really teef you fa true if you give them a millimetre 2 rass !!!!!

Well, maybe that’s true, but, in this instance, it’s clear that they don’t like to be told how F’kd up they are and like to play Mr. Big Stuff about their pussyclaat friends and their movements, but can’t do the basic things of dealing with people correctly when it comes to money, unless you’re famous or are doing something for them.

Hell yeah, scratch my back etc, but come on man, especially in times like these, don’t play the F’ing fool with peoples’ money because anything is possible, and we are all a little bit on edge due to the gradual decline of basic morals like paying what you owe and doing what you say you’re gonna do when you say you’re gonna do it.

However in the case of these so-called businessmen & women of today, as per the stock market crash, they’re never wrong, so, much like Audi, Mr. Moores’ form of, letter of apology, was a bottle of El Dorado rum, ahh gee thanks but, that ain’t my money !!!!!

As per, the usual pile of excuses were thrown out as well, as if his problems, as he said to me, barely two weeks before, are anything to do with me.

Deal with man correctly, then you don’t have to explain nothing to nobody !!!

It’s that simple.

Ahhh but, here’s the thing, Mr. Moore’s brother is a magistrate no less, to what level, I don’t know, but, a man who, through his contacts, knows high brow media types and people who are in the field I’d like to break into.

I met him briefly, told him about this site and he said he’d look and get back to me, guess what, yup …. still waiting, guess my material is a bit TOO REAL for him and his people to deal with, but wait, even more info on this Prince Moore, his family bloodline includes a certain, Diane Abbott MP, no less, a bit of info that I had not been privy to from Prince, even though we’ve spoken about a number of things in the short timespans we’ve had to sit and reason …. !!!?!!!

Hmmmm, embarassed maybe … ??? …. or just hiding that fact, that, much like his cousin, he’s full of shit !!!!!

He’s an elderly man with a lot of talk, who seems to be well liked and popular, but, that sounds like that could be Diane Abbott now doesn’t it !?!

Now, in wishing to avoid any libellous action, I merely state what could be the case for Diane Abbott, but, now know to be true of Mr. Moore, who continues to act as though his shit don’t stink when it clearly does, but that’s cool, eventually, one way or t’other, as with everything in life, a resolution will present itself, hopefully, a peaceful one, but, these days, can you blame a person for flipping out over ignorance and a complete lack of respect for their needs and requirements ???

These days, I would say not, as my dentist also had to be made aware of recently, because, as written about previously, my dentist, a certain Greg Gossayn, in Russell Square, who left a needle in my mouth whilst doing implant surgery, explained that his reason (excuse) for not giving me the needle, is that clinical waste cannot leave the practice due to government guidelines.

True or not, no apology or acceptance of blame, just rhetoric and promises of better results in the future ….. yeah okay …. but his Polish dental nurse showed signs of guilt in one of those moments you see in films. I’m in discussion with the dentist about what had been said prior to the previous debacle, by he and the same nurse, I was talking about a comment she made, while she sat at her desk apparently doing something, when in fact she was clearly earwigging, due to the serious nature of my tone with, said dentist.

All of a sudden, the dentist and I hear an INDIGNANT, “I didn’t say that !!!”, only for her to retract her indignation when I clarified what I was talking about ….. ???

It would seem that guilt is a very dangerous drug, kind of like cocaine ….. Ha Ha

Rick James confirmed that before his passing in 2004 …… (RIP)

Jokes aside though, because the governments of the west are cutting everything in sight, this does not mean that, EVERYONE, in the case of Audi, or, an individual, in the case of Diane Abbott’s cousin, Mr. Prince Moore of DCM motors, who is showing patience and trust, should have their options cut from under them, nor, in the case of the dentist and his nurse, should a customer not have the right to express concerns about failings that have been seemingly forgotten by the staff because it’s convenient for them.

These are the type of cuts that will do more than spite your face people ….

You have been warned ….. Heed the warning …..

As Billy Danze from M.O.P. said :

Allow me to express my deepest sympathy
To the family of the cat, that, was hit with the penalty
I begged him not to fuck with me (I tried)
He didn’t listen
So they found his ass missin
Put my barrel in the back of his mouth
And knocked his head out do or dead, now
Cold, he actually thought I would fold
So I tore him a new hole, word to nigga’s soul!

Now, ofcourse, these are extreme measures, but these are the beginnings’ of … “Extreme Times”

So, as per the title of that M.O.P. tune ….

People in the service business need to

“STOP” …….. !!!!!! ………. “Breakin’ The Rules”.

Trust me !!!!!

Okay ppl …. In fairness to Audi …..

Here’s their reply to my letter regarding my treatment on the 5th of September …..

The letter has come from their used car sales manager.

Dear Mr. Virge ……

Thank you for your valued letter, the contents of which have been noted. Please allow me to extend my sincere apologies for your concerns following your recent visit to West London Audi.

At West London Audi we value each and every one of our customers, both sales and aftersales. We also pride ourselves on providing exceptional standards of customer service and always try to deliver our group aim – to be “The best Company to do business with”. Having said this you can imagine I was alarmed by the feedback you have highlighted.

I would very much like to discuss your feedback and would like to invite you to contact me directly on my mobile ………. in the hope that we might arrange a time convenient for you to meet with me and discuss your letter in more detail on a one to one basis.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards,

A Very Impressive piece of “Logic” …. don’t blink !!!!

Jus LISTEN & THINK …. !!!!


Simply …. WOW …. !!!!!

Lucky boy …. !!!!!

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