Two films that are def worth a look … !!! … written by Big Virge 20/06/2011

Okay folks, what’s good … ???

I’ve been chillin’ as per, but, went to Fabric Friday, for the Stretch Armstrong/Rob Swift & Jehst experience ….. well, never seen Jehst before and as per most of these UK Hip Hop artists, props for his work ethic. but, even though the crowd, when we arrived seemed to be enjoying it, for me, his set was nothing that I would rave about …. Rob Swift was …. well, I guess, doing his thing, but, due to my agreeing to make a Gatwick pick-up on friday night, it appears as though I missed the best part of the night, which, from reports I received, was Stretch Armstrong’s set, which apparently got the place rockin’ with a whole selection of tunes from back in the day ….. (PISSED !!!) ….. F’ing M25 bullchit !!!

Anyhow, this leads me to my weekends viewing, which, has been very enjoyable & highly EDU-taining.

I watched the Michael Rappaport documentary about one of Hip Hop’s original, “SUPERGROUPS”, A Tribe Called Quest, called, “Beats Rhymes & Life : The Travels Of A Tribe Called Quest”, which documents the groups re-uniting for the Rock The Bells tour in 2K8, after many years of the group not being together, due to a rather acrimonious split from the group by Phife Dawg when he decided to move to Atlanta around the time of the release of, “The Love Movement” album.

This documentary though gives us a bit more information about the, “Native Tongues Collective”, from many of the members, who also gives us a very clear view of the groundbreaking nature of what Tribe did, via Ali Shaheed & Q-Tip, from a production perspective.

They are and continue to be revered by their peers for being innovative, creative, musical pioneers. The constant comment that cracks me up though is hearing Michael Rappaport continually referring to Tribe as, “Hip Hops’ Beatles”.

The usual, white jew boy having to find a comparison to a white group, as if the Beatles had to face the obstacles that, although not deeply expanded upon in the film, are factors that the group would have had to overcome.

However, as per much of their music, it is clear from hearing the group members talk individually, that, these men are much more than just musicians, in fact, in a lot of ways, they were, and continue to be, leaders.

Black leaders, who, lead a movement, a community and a spirit that has created unity, not only amongst their own people, but unity for all, under the banner of Hip Hop and that of the Native Tongues.

An incredible achievement, considering the difficulties the black community encounters in creating that unity on a grander scale, even today.

I have been asked why I rarely speak positively about black folks in my writings, well, it’s because so few examples of what, “The Tribe”, achieved, seem to exist today and the longevity of such unions is virtually non-existent.

A problem that the Tribe have fallen foul of, no-one can really know what runs through the mind of an individual, even when you’ve known them since you were little school boys, but, what is saddening is the inability to forgive and …. TO FORGET the weaknesses of an individual who has helped you to achieve something collectively, that you could not have done, by yourself.

It is the eternal conundrum, do you bite your lip or express yourself openly and honestly at all costs … ???

I air on the expressive side, but, as the film shows, it is quite amazing how a productive collective, invariably, has to have a sum of parts with differing qualities and characteristics.

This is no better exhibited, than by ATCQ’s members, Phife, a seemingly hardened youth, who whilst presenting this image of strength, eventually succumbs to that bravado that exists within all artists, when sickness strikes. Jarobi, who as Tip explains in the movie, being the heart, soul and spirit of the group as well as being the stand by your side guy, no matter what, as per his relationship with Phife. It’s very heartwarming and touching when you see what it means to him to see his boy Phife struggle with Diabetes. Ali Shaheed seemingly, the silent partner, who whilst having as important a role as the rest, being somewhat happy to just be involved. Outwardly calm and passive, but, in my view, a very deep thinker who’d rather not engage in confrontation, and Q-Tip, the musical innovator, creator and perfectionist, a leader, who claims to have never wanted that title, as the group was more important.

Yet, he is one of the two protagonists who maintain a spat, just as two siblings would do with Phife, to the point where his sickness, as serious as it had become, only warranted a get well type text message ….. ???

The dynamics are incredible and amazing to see, behind the scenes, especially in personal monologue interviews with these truly creative individuals.

It is merely a film, so how truthful any of these guys are really being will always be a subject of debate, but, editing differences or not, I think Rappaport did a very good job. Q-Tip has apparently taken issue with the final cut, but, Tip, it’s simple, film it yourself and maintain control, if that’s what you want or need, because, once someone else holds the reins, contracts and all the rest are of no significance with people these days, especially when dealing with the likes of Sony etc, which having dealt with them Jive Bunnies back in the day, he should know very well by now !!!

Overall, a very enjoyable documentary, as for one, no Hip Hop artist/group has had their history charted on film, especially, whilst the members of the group are all still alive, I think that’s the beauty of what Rappaport has done, he’s re-invigorated the love that exists for Tribe from all those people who continually hope that their differences can be squashed before it’s too late to bless us with another album (or Ten) that indulges us in their energy and creative talents being put to work in a studio again ….. COME ON FELLAS, we could do with it right about now !!!

However, watch out for, “Songs In The Key of Phife”, which will hopefully be out later this year.

Now, the second movie that I suggest you black folks get your head into is, “Fire In Babylon”, charting the rise of the West Indies Cricket Team from merely being seen as Calypso Cricketers, a term, not as complimentary as it seems, to becoming the Kings of the Cricket World for some 15 or so years from 76′ to 1990.

Yes, a dramatic change from the world of Hip Hop, maybe, but the common link here is actually a group of black men finding unity and strength even though, in this case, they literally were from different countries, although, all being Africans by descent.

A deeper film, in terms of it’s direct relation to white oppression and the denigration of black people by those who they shared a playing field with. This film, much like the Tribe movie has an incredible soundtrack, mainly reggae & ofcourse, calypso influenced.

However, it’s the interviews with the players that defines what it meant to be a black man in that time and more importantly, what drove them to find unity, discipline and respect for their leader, Clive Lloyd, who to this day, is one of my heroes.

Fight fire with fire, yup, a sentiment that has been misappropriated by many of our black youth, whilst being completely abandoned by others.

Black unity is a hard thing to find, in the best of circumstances, but in the worst of times, it seemingly is something we find quickly, if only we’d learn to have this attitude all day every day, we’d be so much better for it and movies like this will hopefully fill the heads of those youngsters lucky enough to see it with such ideals.

The link between colonial Britain and Australia should and cannot be ignored, the English are much more subtle and devious in how they try to bring you down, whilst the ol’ criminal element of the Aussies is a much more, we’ll do what we have to, including verbally abuse you, if it gives us the upper hand.

It is always an inspiration to me to hear Viv Richards talk about black heritage and his motivation for his defiance and incredible determination to succeed. He is a warrior, as is Andy Roberts, these two Antiguans were integral parts of this teams transformation from a LOSERS who were HUMILIATED to WINNERS who DOMINATED.

The stories, when you look back now, show so much of what we, as black people, have had to go through, things that should never be forgotten, because, as much as things have changed, things remain the same, as soon as we show any defiance, we’re, “Aggressive Terrorists !!!”, who need to be controlled.

Laws and rules change when it suits them, thus, as the documentary shows, cricket, as with many sports, avail the opportunity for us to show white people who maintain this superiority BS … due to economic power and status, that, when it comes to the crunch, man to man, with no upper hand given, is not only disproven, but, in the case of the Windies, is done with bone shattering strength.

In that scenario, are we not as good as, if not, better than anything or anyone they put in front of us … ???

This film gives black & white people a resounding … YES … as an answer !!!!!

As a once, fairly good cricketer, when explaining the levels of racism i’ve felt and experienced to people I know, of, fairer extraction, it’s always a struggle for them to accept how badly we have been and in many cases, continue to be treated.

When you look back at the likes of Tony Greig, yet another South African … English cricketer … ??? … and the things he clearly believed, on the basis of things he said, the idea that racism has been overcome is farcical to me.

This film goes a long way to ensuring that we move forward, but, to also, never forget what we have to continue to aspire towards, which, although emanating from the West Indies, is actually, a UNIFIED AFRICA, because, a unified Africa means a strong, powerful black community, one which could attain economic strength, as well as a better connected and united black populous.

Both of these movies have that feel good factor for black people, but, I hope that people really pay attention to the finer details that are ever existent in the commentaries of these two genres of artists, because, the cricketers, as with the Tribe, took their skills and moulded an artform for much that exists today in the standards, styles and manner in which the game is played, from 20/20 to the coloured clothing that Kerry Packer set as a trend for the future.

These two films confirm that, as black people, we have much to be proud of, but, they also define our weaknesses clearly, thus, it is clear, as far as we have come, that, we still have a long way to go, as the breakdown of both, “A Tribe Called Quest”, and, “West Indies Cricket”, as they stand today, confirm.

Get yourself a view of these movies folks, whatever colour you are and take a walk through history that will definitely, inform you, entertain you and most importantly educate you.

There is much for us all to learn from these individuals, things that as time unfolds will, hopefully help us all to get past our differences and to find a common ground on which we can move forward ….. POSITIVELY !!!!!

Peace & Guidance y’all

Big V …. out of here.

Annnd …. Jus to affirm Mr. Priests’ vision of where we’re heading ….


15 Years ago these words were written …………..

As some of the Wu have been in town this week,

Check these words from a Killah Priest song called, “Information”, from the incredible, “Heavy Mental”, album !!!

Remember, Priest wrote these words at least 15 Years ago …. So much for the, “Jungle music”, it has been labelled as being …. !!!!!


Where you gonna run? Where you gonna hide?
When the truth comes down upon you, you have to decide
Where you gonna run? Where you gonna hide? Information
When the truth comes down upon you, you have to decide

[Killah Priest]
The Information we have become with laser scanners,
At supermarket department stores and direct mail houses
Which will record every single item we purchase
Data about your daily habits
And movements will flow into the beast system
From spy satellites constantly circling overhead
Watching us like it’s squirting
666 database investigate
Entire race headed for a cyberspace
Riots, breaks inside of empire states
Every move you make is recorded on tape
Some of us are wired, imprisoned behind gates
Hid miniature videos in the briefcase
Cameras will be recording our every activities
Indoors and outdoors, day and night
Obscenely invading our piracy, our privacy (privacy)
Stargazing because Allah is far amazing
Than any green god of a pagan
Raised in synagogues of Satan
Awaken with this starving nation
Left beaten, scarred and shaken
Robbed of education
My birth was foretold
Look deep within my wardrobe
Embrace the crossroad, we once wore gold
But now we electric probes with silicon brains, synthetic
All faces are strange, pathetic
Check the eyes, a man can’t even recognize his family
I blame it on humanity, for this insanity
Spy satellites, the last battle for life
There’s no day or night
CIA take samples of my DNA
Newborns grow horns placed in uniforms
Shipped off to the military
Where they killed and buried
Interactive TV sets will be watching us
Just as we watch them
They will also report back to the beast computer at headquarters
Our telephone conversations will be automatically wiretapped
And transcript by the National Security Agency
Honesty, modesty, poverty, famine, the sons of Amman
Deal with reprogramming and iris scanning
Breaking out of Satan’s bondage with long garments
Like we bionic, no longer paying homage
Remember after ’96 beware of biochips
Now it’s ’97, beware of Armageddon
Bloodshedding and beheading
Head on head collision in the ‘Valley of Decision’
To lock the beast in prison

[Chorus: Killah Priest]
Where you gonna run to? Where you gonna hide?
When the truth comes down upon you, you will have to decide,
Where you gonna run to? Where you gonna hide?
When the truth comes down upon you, you will have to decide
When that time comes, you will have to decide,
Information, Information
You will have to decide, Information
Where you gonna run to? Where you gonna hide?
When the truth comes down upon you, you will have to decide
Information, Information, information

Hmmmmm ……..

Open your ears and eyes people, DO NOT LET the powers that be … FOOL YOU !!!

Hip Hop is scripture of :

The Here & The Now as well as The Future, when done PROPERLY ….. !!!!!

As the season approaches … Some Carnival Weekend Reflections written by Big Virge aka The V.O. 10/09/1998

As I reflect on the arrival of Carnival season in the UK, changes in my life and the crazy people of this world, I thought i’d share an old review I wrote of my Carnival weekend in 1998 …. Oh …. and my alias of the V.O. stands for, “Venerable One”, for those who remember …… enjoy …..

My 1998 carnival Weekend was hectic, diversified and fulfilling, to the extreme, as my endeavours encompassed musical multiformity to please the most complex of human tastes … !!! …

So, let’s get down to the serious bizness … !!! … My Bank Holiday Sunday was sorted due to a … “Double love injection !!!”, the first of which shall remain of a, “confidential nature !!!”, the second, which is for you all to know about, was the Love Injection Birthday Bash at the, “Leisure Lounge”, (Remember that club, damnnnn I’m getting old !), and if this is anything to go by, may they have many more birthdays, because the vibe to which I have become accustomed at these ….

Upfront … erm … Underground …wait : Speed …. !!! …. NO …. Soulful … ??? … Ahhhh …. Whateva ….. ” Garage Jams “, was of a more vibrant & resonant nature than I was expecting !?!

However, my 1.00 a.m. arrival, was into the literal, definitive lounge :

A comfortably furnished waiting room.

An atmosphere distinctly short-lived, as by 2.00 o’clock, the venue was filled by luscious ladies and the usually lusting lads from all sides of town.

At this point, the musical flex, not only in the main room, but, also in the second room was furiously funky and seductively soulful, which balanced with the inevitably, infectious Carnival Mood evident amongst the masses, was the necessary spark required, to create a Bank Holiday Bash with palatably, pumping tunes and a crowd to match !!!

Unfortunately, as has become my committed, club existence, I was unable to remain at this kicking jam to the very end, but, whence I finally managed to detach myself, the, “Dreem Teem’s”, Mikee B was smashing it up with some, simply, sequentially, sold selections, which, without doubt, had the dance floor moving and grooving with, complete compulsion.

My final impression of this night was the dissatisfied feeling I was left with at seeing the distinctly, LONGER queue upon LEAVING, than when I gained entry … !!! … which left me with the only, obvious thought, that things inside were clearly only going to get hotter and better. This leaving thought further compounded my unhappy mood at having to depart, but, made me realise that one of my regular injections from now on will be the, Love injection provided by Michael & the ZOO management team.

My rather rapid return to bed was in preparation for the Carnival Monday Madness which was to ensue, indeed, from my arrival at the, “Gate”, it was clearly apparent that the masses from across the land were out to have it large and from my lofty viewpoint, the majority, certainly did !!!

The customary struggle through the waves of people down Ladbroke Grove, brought visions of the intricately designed and delightfully costumed dancers, alongside the seemingly endless string of Floats producing the Calypsonian Steel Pan Rhythms, which are the epitome of what carnival or it’s Caribbean name, “Mas'”, as in, “Masquerade Festival”, is all about in it’s essence.

My partners in crime though, were, as usual, on the hunt for the notoriously, difficult to get to, Westwood sound, which inevitably, was not found, a problem soon overcome, as in our rather, mentally charged and inebriated states, we found ourselves drawn to the, Drum ‘N’ Bass sounds sounds pulsating from the, “Renegade Sound System”.

As usual, the Junglist Bizness was received favourably, and with some quite, extraordinary wildness … !!! … by the masculine following generally found at these sounds.

The, walloping, whirlpool effect, emanating from the middle of this wild crowd was sending bodies crashing into each other, to the point of sheer mayhem !!! Due to my intoxicated state, I am unable to advise you as to who was Dj’ing and MC’ing, for which I make my apologies, but, the quality was most definitely, of the highest order !!!

“Rapattack”, were also up this rather, “happening”, street and clearly had their, faithful following, fully indulgent in their sound selections.

The seven ‘o’ clock shutdown was, as usual, totally dissatisfying, however, the dub plate originality being played by the many, Roots & Culture sounds, were calming, soothing and clearly, the ONLY sound systems that the police would allow to continue after seven p.m.

This factor though, is a somewhat sad indictment of the times as we now have more police than ever before at Carnival, and the enjoyment period is sadly shortening as we approach the Millenium, an enigma worth thinking about, methinks …… !!!

Anyway, my weekend was far from over as having gone home to gain from a couple of hours of shut eye & freshening up, I was off to the Pure Silk Bank Holiday Special at the Astoria.

I can honestly say that knowing people had work to go to, it was a pleasant shock and testament to the Pure Silk reputation for quality jams, to see that the dance floor was packed solid !!!

The other initially pleasing sight was the voluptuous vixens up on stage, shaking their bodies about like there was no tomorrow !

Unfortunately though, my critical eyes and ears would have to say that for a, Pure Silk Special, which normally are so good, this one had less than optimum sound quality and from a reviewers perspective, the dance floor energy just seemed to me to be, somewhat flat. The South London massive were hugely evident as usual, the champagne bottles being brandished suggested that Carnival Fever was still flowing right into Tuesday Morning !!!

My final reflection on this event was that, the man known as, “MC Creed”, was totally tuneful and regardless of the sound problems, which he was clearly not happy with, his dulcet mellifluous mic usage was euphorically received and was the highlight of the night for me, nuff respect to ya Creedy !!!

Well peeps, all I can say is, that’s it for now and why can’t every weekend be like this ……

Peace y’all …..

PPS : Damn the Astoria … GONE … Leisure Lounge …. gone or changed name and Pure Silk …. done …

How the times have changed … !?! … and barring the Olympic charade being prepared for, Carnival just ain’t what it used to be …..

WTF …. !!!???!!!

My age is showing …. but for now, I’m still going ….

Make the most y’all …. these days …. more than ever, trust me !!!!!



Don’t let the pussy … Whup You …

I’ve explained below, but, just to confirm to the self-professed, “PLAYAZ”, who think their slick …. but end up becoming di … “MANBITCH” … dem ….. Pay F’ing attention you Limpdick Mo’Fockers !!!



The Rise of The, “Manbitch” …. !!! …. written by Big Virge …. 6/6/2011

Okay, now, my penchant for women outside of the UK has steadily risen as a result of seeing how women get on over here. This seems to have come about as a result of how weak men seem to be in this country, as opposed to the rest of Europe and the rest of the world, when it comes to running up under their asses for no apparent reason other than to get their dicks wet. Although, over the years, there seems to have been a steady growth of evidence that this is a standard trend in many parts of the world now !!!

The wearing of make-up, the, ” Being in touch with our feminine side “, and the whole gay/metrosexual man of the modern age, yeah well, unno can keep that pussyskunt yeah !!!

REAL women are there to make LOVE to …..

Gyal are there to be “Fooked”, ofcourse … !!! …

…. but fellas, come on, not at the expense of your manhood … !!! … It’s really quite scary how women can have this control of a man who, at least represents some sense of this, “Alpha Male”, presence, just by showing a bit of interest.

Now, my examples of this are clear, in this instance, having been out last weekend on a double header, on both occasions, women were doing their thing of, come get me cos I’ve looked at ya, or in the young ones’ case, “Can I ponce a cigarette”, worked in getting us chatting, however, in her case, I soon got the, “Oh, my best friend is a 40 year old gay guy”, vibe. The type of vibe which immediately turns me off these types of girls straight away now, purely because, it makes me wonder what type of man they’d actually sleep with, perhaps an overtly bi-sexual guy who dresses more like a woman than they do, type of dude … ??? … or just some, complete dick … !!! … whose only claim to having one, is the fact that he’s regularly called it by his woman !!!

Uh Uh, no categories there, i’m trying to fit into … !!!

Then ofcourse, you get the older woman dem, who’ve already messed with the dicks them, maybe got a couple of kids, but, somehow, still looks fuck-able, because, she can’t cook for shit !!!

Now, the balance between being a good mother and retaining some hotness can’t be an easy one to find as getting to the gym etc needs to be done regularly as father time starts creating cracks in the mirror, right ladies !!!???!!!

Well, there was one of them in the club on Sunday, but, due to her sister being the, well, let’s just say, “not so hot one”, she, ofcourse, had no qualms showing an interest in the fact that I was sporting a Barca top in the club, (her excuse to chat to me ofcourse), it was so evident that sister was feeling almost bemused, as to why, having made eye contact on a few occasions, I didn’t approach her.

However, the, “Manbitch”, were trying and seemingly failing to get through with all their various moves and manoeuvres, to, command her attention, now maybe i’m wrong, but fuck it, nah !!!

I know what the vibe was because of how vex she seemed when she left the club, realising that I would not engage in any kind of contact with her, especially as I was there bumping asses with her sis and having a giggle with her, hmmm, first rule of dealing with hot chicks, don’t give them so much attention that she feels she can do, say, or get anything from ya just by flirting with ya, BIG …. F’ing mistake fellas !!!

Stay cool and keep your head, if she’s really down, she’ll let you know without all the game playing, which again, when assessing how this country runs, makes perfect sense.

The government plays the people until their attention is diverted from the very thing that is gonna knock em’ sideways and then it’s the ol, “But, you knew what you were walking into trap !”

The reason i’m on this subject matter is because of a certain, Jenni Davies from the Welsh Valleys, who, by no stretch of the imagination is a Salma Hayek, Gabrielle Union or Megan Fox, but, has her own Minx-like qualities, that, could have men swooning at her feet i’m sure, however, having seen her on some bullchit dating show and then seeing the, emotional, man-mountain she picked, I found out that she is quite a smart chickeroo and one who has very forthright views, some of the better qualities of todays’ modern women …..

Now, having got one she likes, she’s one who claims to be turning her man into a, “WIFE FOR HER !?!”, while she indulges in what she wants to because she works had for a living … blah di blah blah ….

Check out her model here :

Now, she clearly has a sharp mind and wit to go with it, but, she makes a valid point in the sense that men have become or have become moulded into being more accepting of this existence in the modern world, again, not one i’m ever trying to subscribe to, but, the power of, “The Puss”, should never be underestimated in times where financial pressures are becoming more common amongst men.

Careful now fellas, watch them close, assess them and don’t let them fool ya, they’re plotting because they know, seemingly better than all you … !?! … that, wrinkle pussy don’t sell too well yeah !!!

Remember that when you see the mutton dressed as lamb, it’s dressed like a pussyclaat salad, if you tink dem tings look or taste so good without the dressing, then your dick really is bigger than your brain you fukwits !!!

Think of them that way ….. The shelf life for a good salad ain’t that long, and between 20 & what … 35, if you’re lucky, you get a good ride, after that, oil, gearbox and car eventually needs changing or at least upgrading, so, let them go on like der shit don’t stink yeah, because, if she goes on like she’s too good to talk to man in the club, you can bet that the kind of dicks she ends up with, are the ones that stink out the skunt more than any skunk could !!!

It’s all a game for them until the reality of the looking glass instills some sense in their cloud-filled heads yeah ….

As John Witherspoon puts it in Boomerang, don’t get pussy-whooped …. dude ….

” WHOOP … DAT PUSSY … BANG BANG BANG !!!!!” LoL …. but it’s TRUE !!!

Don’t ever join the …. MANBITCH …. fraternity fellas …..

Be …. “Tha Man” ….. the bitch wants …… !!!!!

The Virge hath spoken …..

Peace & good pussy hunting fellas ….. !!!!!

Stay good y’all ……


A quick catchup …. written by Big Virge 6/6/2011

Yes yes people, once again, have been chilling suitably as the weather does it’s up and down thing in England, which always brings me back to the famous immigrant adage, “The weather, much like the people, is extremely changeable !!!”.

However, I must quickly big up the Cable Club for bringing Ali Shaheed Muhammed to town to spin tune on the Bank Holiday Weekend. Rolling with the yutes is always eventful, as i’ve recently explained to most of you, these days, I am the old man in the club, which was rather blatantly pointed out to me by a cutey named Izzy … (Hello baby) …. who was quick to suggest that I’d brought the kids out with me !!!

Now, you see, as she was only a girl herself, it does make me laugh how young women can be so fickle, one minute they’re turning their nose up when older man step to them, but then, when surrounded by young guys, they choose the older man who she suggested could not be that old because of the energy that I exude …. ??? …. If only she knew ….

Yup, they’re still the same, like Snoop said, these beeeaattttches need a man to, talk to em, feed em, beat em’ and lead em’ …. !!!

Now for the uninitiated, “Beat em” … in the rather colourful vernacular of these younguns, now, apparently means …. “Sex em'” …. okay …. ???

Anyhow, tunes were running neatly as I proudly walked around the club in me Barca top, go on Pep, run that chit at Wembley dude !!!

We had a very strange mixture from Ali, to be fair, almost as if he felt obliged to play some of that messy stuff that passes as hot liks, Hip Hop wise, today ???

He then started to recognise that his name was enough for us classic headz to have come out expecting to hear some of those old classics from the Pharcyde & Tribe, which are rarely heard in packed out clubs anymore ???

Classics are classics, and will always hold true to the adage, that has been said by many an all-time great that, “Form is temporary, Class is, “PERMANENT !!!”.

As we move forward, there’ll be much to debate about the way Hip Hop has moved, in terms of sound and quality from the 90’s to where it is seemingly now going ….

The heavy bass driven, funky, jazz influenced classics from the likes of Erick Serm, Preemo, PR & pretty much every Native Tongue affiliated group were tunes for movers & groovers, whereas these so-called beats that the yute dem are into, seem as though they are designed for drug filled epileptics in the midst of a terrible fit !!!

However, it’s always nice when you get a pleasant surprise and I have to mention DJ Khalil because his entrance on the wheels of steel was a mish-mash of all that was and is currently hot, even though it was short and rambunctious, yes …. “Rambunctious !!!” … mother fockas, the sound of Pharaohe Monch’s, “Clap”, signified an energizing of the already, pretty amped crowd !!!

As we approached 4.30, the Junglism in room 2 had me shaking me foot dem nicely and the gradual slowing down of both rooms into grooves, swingbeat and even Alexander O’Neal & Cherelles’, “Saturday Love”, kept us muso’s very happy till we left around 6.

I must admit though, seeing passports checked at the club entrance for ID was kinda like being in the Twilight Zone for me, I guess that’s the way of things as younger and younger people want to be doing the most, “adult” of things …. !?!

As I now sit back listening to some classic Skull Snaps that was sampled by Mobb Deep, it leaves me wondering about the future of clubbing for real, anyhow, Sunday was another pleasant excursion back to the Borderline for some more of that good ol’ chit in Fresh ‘N’ Funky’s Bank Holiday Jam, where Don E did his thing briefly, but, it was clear from the lack of appreciation he received that the stall is kinda set for the future really, same as the past in a lot of ways, those with REAL talents, writing, singing or otherwise are seemingly left to find ways to make their skills pay, while the talentless mules continue along their merry way with their mindless supporters showing love like mugs !!!

Good luck to em’ I say, cos that, thankfully, will never be me … !!!

More tune checks :

Patrice Rushen – Where There Is Love

Who sampled these huh ???

On top of that, for some of that REAL … REALNESS …

Cop the, “Royalty Check”, album, by Bumpy Knuckles aka Freddie Foxxx & Krs-One !!!

These two, “Heavyweights”, are still smacking the mic and headz necks with some thumping tracks and forthright lyricism, as has pretty much, always been their want, def sumtin’ for you REAL Headz …..

As will the Pete Rock / Smif ‘N’ Wessun collaboration ….. “Monumental”, due out at the end of the month, should be some classic joints on there, so keep em’ peeled for that release …..

Now, back to Borderline, some pretty fit elder ladies were up in the place which seemingly stopped the DJ’s playing that chit that Matt White rocked the club with at the last event, dunno why we got so much manbitch running chit these days, but, i’ll get to that in my next post …. play the tune that get the party poppin’, save your smooth grooves for the end of the night or when you’re wid ya girl fellas, have some balls man cha !!!

Laterzzzz y’all …. i’m out !!!!