My favourite Gil-Scott track, Rap as it should be and …. should STILL be !!!!

This is a track for the ages, these punk ass rappers need to listen and continue rather than desecrate … THE WORD …. THE WORD …..

May you Rest In Peace Gil, an inspiration i’ll never forget !!!!!

Keep the Nerve …. Keep the Nerve ……….

Another Gr8 one gone …. Thank You Gil ….

A TRUE LYRICIST … if you didn’t know, then it’s time you did …. !!!!!

jazzie B speaking about the Late Great, ” Gil-Scott heron !!! “

I lied, here’s my comment on the below vid ….. written by Big Virge 31/05/2011

You know, the only part of Mr. Prysner’s speech that is interesting to me is the fact that a soldier who’s been on the frontline comes back with such a view.

In Mr. P’s case, the articulate nature of his speech, unless written for him, makes me wonder why he would join the services in the first place ???

Propaganda … ??? … quite possibly, it would seem reasonable to suggest that, for something so, “ANTI”, what the government and his fellow soldiers stand for, all seems very Hollywood in it’s presentation.

Just me being ultra skeptical these days I guess … ??? … however, the essence of what Mr. P is saying does, in my opinion, hold weight, from the simplistic perspective of superiority and power shifts in foreign lands that have been ultimately designed to increase control on a global scale.

If Fifa and the bribery scandals of the last couple of days are anything to go by, the people of the world do not need Mr. P to explain the basic fundamentals of the modern world, they just need men like him to, NOT GO TO WAR IN THE FIRST PLACE !!!

Money buys peoples’ souls, thus, from the frontline soldier to political officials in foreign lands, the nature of their actions cannot be rationalised.

War fuels much that allies itself to the pursuit of power & dominance.

I’m really not convinced that, “A Soldiers Tale”, as it were, is gonna be enough to establish a sense of moral consciousness in people, as stated, we are in the modern age and have been, for quite some time now, so, where is the awakening/uprising, that is being spoken of in the west ???

I have to suggest that much that is now spouted from various quarters regarding the nature of wars and corporate corruption is merely giving everyone even more reason to question the most basic of things which is that, supporting killing is wrong, taking to money to kill is wrong which leads one to the obvious conclusion that, KILLING is WRONG …. full stop.

I also think it’s important to recognise that, many of these heroic killers are in a great many cases, individuals who are returning to their respective homelands, to now police streets in their respective countries !!!

All those, “Oh, we’re so proud of our boys !!!”, may not feel that way in years to come when their hired guns are used to enforce the same kind of actions that are shown in Mr. Prysner’s video.

Thus, on this subject of soldiers, their motivations and leaders …… as with much that is media driven, be careful what & more importantly, WHO …. you believe ….

Peace y’all


Hmmm …. no comment from me, make up YOUR OWN minds about this ….

All I can say is that, for one so articulate, why did he have to go to war to see the light huh ???

Anyway, the basic ideology is one I’m down with.

Who gives who the right to kill or to claim superiority to another human being ….

Peace y’all

Yes Yes to PR & Smif ‘N’ Wess !!!!!

W.A.R. from Pharaohe and now Duckdown is bringing more of that REAL HIP HOP Ish …..

Don’t sleep peeps ….

Drops …. end of the Month …..

PR & Smif N Wess ….. Y’all better believe

That’s HARD !!!!!

Peace y’all

Cheap at the price ….. written by Big Virge 24/05/2011

So, for £200, a schoolboy will do a contract hit !!!!!!!!

Would be a black boy now wouldn’t it … !?!

Does make me wonder how he could sort it, get a cab and do everything nice, except keep his mouth shut !!!

Having had very little intelligence or all the tools of the experienced Met Police Teams, he. at least, seemingly killed who he was supposed to, unlike our Met Terrorist Taskforce, remember Jean Charles De Menezes, kinda makes me wonder how much those fools got paid to kill an innocent man and then get a paid holiday on top, no life sentences for any of them that I’m aware of …. ???

It also makes me start to think about the death of Smiley Culture, I mean, who knows what to believe about that one, he …. apparently, killed himself whilst officers were raiding his house, this all happening after he asked them if he could make a cup of tea which the officers then allowed him to do !??!????????!?!

Yeah okay, it’s also been quite interesting how the Stephen Lawrence accused suddenly returned to the news soon after this incident, especially when the report seemed to suggest that their case reviews had seemingly been placed on hold and couldn’t be reported on due to, “legal issues ???”, since september of LAST YEAR, but, all of a sudden, barely a couple of months after the Smiley death, these boys are suddenly headline news again because of scientific evidence that has now come to light !!!

Yeah …. alright !!!!! …. Nice diversionary tactic ……

As if Stephen’s parents haven’t had enough to deal with, splitting up, the loss of their son, the dragging of heels by the Met Police and the fact that nobody has actually been found guilty of Stephens’ murder isn’t enough, no wonder Neville Lawrence is now just letting his lawyers speak to the press on his behalf.

The media machine just keeps on spinning while people keep killing, how much truth can be taken from any of these stories is debatable for sure, but people’s deaths are very REAL !!!

There are a great many contract killers in this world, but, the price is coming down as inflation rises, doesn’t bode well in my eyes ….

However, the one thing I can say is that, if it costs so little to get someone killed, people better mind their step and their mouths right ???

I have my own hitlist, so mind you don’t upset the V yeah, purposely, intentionally or accidentally on purpose scene, caw you might just get wet ….. !!!

Jus kiddin’ folks or am I …. ???

You Uckers know who you are …. so, don’t push your luck yeah ….


So … the Lineage continues …. written by Big Virge 24/05/2011

Yes Yes peoples ….. WTF is going on …. ??? …. been a while since I’ve posted, but. just been chillin’ and getting back into my tunes and beats for REAL !!!

Always a good thing to do when what surrounds is so much fukry, the dead-thing of Kate & what’s his name …. ??/ … Is it me or does that girl need to get back to Southall and get some Daal & Chapatti in her crotch !!!

Talking of celebrations, as I’m writing this in response to a friend’s request to post as I haven’t been on here in a while ….. true indeed … !!!

So, congratulations to John & his missus on the birth of their recently born baby boy.

A suitable Irish connection as BO’s come to the UK and having touched down in one of the lands of his heritage, it does make me smile a lil’ bit as it reminds me of my initial conversations with friends of mine about the lineage of many, if not, all US Presidents, particularly around BO’s presidential victory.

Merely a question, but, how many have been of Irish decent somewhere down the line … ??? … and having heard an Irishman I know, upon BO’s appointment state that, “He seems like a good un’, he must have some Irish in him”, my smiles take me back to my response to him, which was, “Yeah, so, what you’re saying is that because he’s Irish like most Presidents before him, he must be a good man right ???”, to which he & his friends’ replies’ were, a very vehement, “YES !!!”.

So, my flippant retort was, “Ahhh okay, so, if that’s the case, you’ll also accept that it’s Irish man that have Fucked up the world right, as America has been running chit with the aid of their close English allies for most of the modern age !?!”.

There was ofcourse, a moments silence, but as we were in pub, they laughed and just carried on drinking ….

Hmmm, sorry Johnny, not all your peeps dem are F’d up, but, considering we darkers were in the same, No Blacks, No Irish, No Dogs grouping of the good ol’ days in England, i’m a little concerned as to how the alleged paedophile brigade of the Catholic church and pretty much every other presenter on TV seems to come from Ireland but, all we blark folk get is BO, Tiger & 50 Cent as modern day representatives of Black achievement !!!

A Gangsta, an adulterer & a Liar, you decide which is the liar & the gangster yeah, but remember, gangsters come in many forms, talking murder on a mic is a very different type pf Gangsta to sending soldiers to kill while you play ping pong with your political buddies from overseas as I saw BO doing today.

What is also interesting about BO’s long lost fam was their rather lacklustre acceptance of BO as being part of their family as per this article :

(copy & paste people !!)

The two BO elders are seemingly, “Not Impressed”, at the fact that he’s the President or that he’s related to them, not really made clear in the Daily Mail, but, having seen him and Michelle holding a Guinness in an Irish pub yesterday, their decidedly uncomfortable vibe was quite evident, at least to my eyes ….. No wonder this wasn’t something initially bandied about media reports on BO, yet, Kenya this and Kenya that, Muslim this and Muslim that, were the things that were repeatedly being talked about.

Great diversionary tactics, which the world swallowed, so now that he’s an honorary Irish-American-Kenyan-Muslim …. phew …. !!! …. Even Mr. Trump may have to finally just accept his ass publicly !!!

Thus, the question is answered and it would seem that ……

The Lineage continues …..

Peace y’all, think I fancy a Guinness now ….. !!!

Ha ….

Jus’ a bit more on these bullchit artists of a slightly different type to our government friends !!!

Hey whassup people ….. ???

Been a while I know, but cha, have to take some time to chill certain times …. but, jus like my man Bill, R.I.P. …… I’m still feelin like WTF is wrong with some, in fact these days, a lot of you people !?!

And kinda like Mr H, Noooooo, i’m not joking …. !!!

Anyway, for those who see what I see and what Bill definitely saw ….. Enjoy ….. !!!

U devils spawn you !!!!!

Peace, Blessings & Guidance …..