Annndddd …. The Discussions Continue …. written by Big Virge 21/02/2011

Yes people, so what’s poppin’ … ???

Well, apart from everything poppin’ off in North Africa, everything seems somewhat calm and collected over here doesn’t it ???

Funny that, when William Hague, amongst others, seems overtly interested in Libya, Bahrain and the rest ???

Why … ??? … one has to ask right ?

Especially when you consider the amount of domestic issues that seem to have people, even if, somewhat calmly, questioning the stability of the UK’s economic future, as well as the futures of those most likely to be affected by economic failings in things like pension funds and the very fabric of employment in the UK in the future.

Having, pretty much ravaged all their colonies resources, it seems growingly apparent that the rise of the east, in terms of economic power, has the economists and those responsive to their assessments of things, somewhat confused as to what they’re gonna do.

Meantime, the question I keep hearing is, “What Will It Take !?!”, for a people power shift to occur over here. I’m hearing everything from a lack of pension funds for the elderly to a complete lack of income for the younger generations to come, which will, in all likelihood bring about a level of public outrage similar to that we’re seeing in North Africa currently ……

Hmmmmmmm …… well, I’m not so sure either of these, “virtual eventualities”, will occur.

The more I look at the attitudes and values of our younger generations and the kind of rhetoric being spouted by the older lot, there really is a lot of soul searching that will be needed for any such reaction to come to pass, in my view.

The, “I’m alright Jack” fraternity, are the ones who need to have a hot rod shuvved up their bank accounts, credit card balances and livelihoods, before they’ll be willing to recognise that this dismissive mentality towards what surrounds, and more importantly, what comes down from above, may be the catalyst for what is labelled as, “rebelling”.

The unfortunate problem with that is that there is, as a young friend of mine pointed out to me, “A State of Confusion”, that people seem happy to fall back on as their, absolution clause, for the position that they may, and I stress, “MAY”, find themselves in.

There is so much going on now, that, even the most studious of individuals has to recognise that maintaining a level of self accountability is more important than seeking it from any of our heads of state, or the forces which they govern.

As the pressure cooker needs a valve to release the pressure, there is also one within people that needs to be released from time to time.

As the likes of Gloria Hunniford & her ilk start to voice their concerns about the way the elderly are being treated, it rings of the same scent as the, I’m alright Jack brigade, why worry about our elderly until you face being the one in the home with strangers leaving you to lie in your own faeces and whatever else, while they check their facebook account on the latest smart phone … !?!

It’s all relative right …. until it happen to you.

Their seems to be a level of insecurity in people from varying backgrounds as to what their role or attitude should be, now that the apparent ills of the world are having implications beyond the, “Third World”, nations.

I guess you know shit is fucked when a Grand Prix is being cancelled in one of the richest nations of the world, when Colonel Gaddafi, allegedly, flies off to Venezuela and Simon Cowell’s had enough of being a judge on X Crapper UK !!!!

What has the world come to people …… !!!?!!!

Let’s hope that it doesn’t come to bartering to fill your plate in the UK, as an old friend said to me on Saturday.

I heard Mr. Heseltine talking on Question Time about the Empire’s responsibility to look after those that they colonised, especially, in times of hardship ….

Hmmmm …. So, that would be the same hardship that this country has had a rather big hand in creating eh Mr. H ???

I mean, when it comes to being accountable for the the choices you’ve made and being honest about the actions you take …..

The question clearly remains …..

What will it take ???

Do yourself a favour folks and make sure you’re not blaming someone else for what is essentially, your own mistake.

Peace y’all


A George who actually spoke some TRUTH about war … !!! …

With what’s going on across that, “Middle East”, belt, right about now, you best watch your ass … !!! … a la, Mr. Carlin ….

Enjoy …. but, ” THINK “, about what the man was saying …..

PEACE Y’all …… !!!!!

A couple of things I “CAN”, recommend ….. written by Big Virge 15/02/2011

Okay people, back to the word of Virge !!!

So, Valentines has passed with a whimper and the next day we’ve been greeted with a rise in Inflation, hope you could afford those flowers, diamonds & pearls you bought your girl because there may be a price to pay in the next few months fellas …….. oh & ladies, ofcourse, these days !!!

However, on the brighter side of things, I had a really good weekend … !!! …

No more Mayfair Club bullchit, I spent most of my weekend in and around Great Portland Street, being suitably edified and entertained by music and live performances of different sorts ……

Thus, my first recommendation is Subsoul @ The Social on Saturday night, 5, Little Portland Street, Jazzie B, from Soul II Soul’s little shindig. Trust me people, if you really do appreciate good music from the past, then this is a night for ya, free before 8, yes that’s right, FREE, a fiver thereafter, yes, just a fiver !!!

Ahhhhh, but, there is a catch, being that, it’s done by one !!!!

Booooooooo …… sign of the times I guess … ??? … but hey, if you’re getting on in years like moi, then, 4 hours or so of goodness is more than enough … !!! … Jus kiddin’ folks, it is a shame that the nonsense, as expressed in my, “A few word’s from one our Demoters”, post, is on till, silly o’clock, playing all that Hip POP, but, the goodness is still out there folks, you just gotta go look for it.

The Social is an interesting venue, kinda weird, but clever design, not a massive place, but, due to it’s kind of strange intimacy, it has a vibe when the place gets jumpin’ that is very, Old Skool in it’s feel.

You can find out more about it on Facebook etc, so it’s not as though it needs my promotion, but hey, a Big Virge review can’t do it’s continued success any harm now can it !?!

So, fellas, yes the ladies are reaching … !!! … varieties of all types, from stushy up themselves chickaroos to less pretentious ladies who appreciate their grooves and more importantly, appreciate seeing men who can shake our asses better than ol Beyonce & them, because, as we all know, ladies love a man who can make em’ laugh, but, they also love a man who can move to the groove, purely because it’s likely to mean that we gone have the right moves between the sheets, right ladies !!!

Anyhow, back to the night, very chilled out beginning, but, as Chris P Cuts hit the decks, the vibe progressively got hotter and funkier, from Real R ‘n’ B to Soul to Neo soul to Hip Hop to Funk to pretty much, whatever you can think of, got dropped and had the place rockin’ by 10.30 …. NICE …. !!!

Everything was as it should be in my view, no screwface business, just people enjoying themselves and getting on the dancefloor to show what they’ve got, regardless of age, colour or sex, everyone just getting down to those good sounds.

The Social has a nice chill out area upstairs, where you literally can, do just that, sit down in a much quieter area, hold a drink and chat up your new found friends, if that’s your speed. There is still music running, just a lot lower and much more laid back, so, even the non-dancing fraternity can come out and enjoy themselves in a place that has a very cool vibe.

The party’s downstairs though … !!! …

It’s great to see people who, in many cases, care less for how they look than how their moves go down, we clowned around for a bit and then got jiggy when our kind of beats got dropped, all in all, a VERY good night, one that I’d definitely recommend to the older headz who want a stress free night that takes them back to their youth, but let me tell ya, I went with a 20 year old and a 30 year old and yup, the response was unanimous, a top night, that they’d willingly go back to !!!

Trainers and caps are all good, as is pretty much everything else, dress wise, so, dress up if you want, or come as you want, just the way we true ravers like it, drinks are reasonable, so, very little I could fault, just go and experience it for yourself while you can, you won’t be disappointed !!!

Okay, now, the second spot I went to is pretty much across the road from 1xtra at number 5 Clipstone Street, it’s called The Loom Bar and on Sunday night, Firm Fusion, Matry & Stealth are runnin’ a monthly open mic night and talent showcase. It’s another very intimate, underground venue, not huge, but, a nice likkle spot where I got to see some very interesting acts from young to mature, singers, poets, rappers, the lot, pretty much. Some, very good, some, not so good, but generally speaking, plenty of talent on show.

The night is, as i’ve said, a once a month affair, the next one being held on the 13th of March, get down and show support people !!!

It’s been running for about a year and has much that is positive in what it’s trying to do, in my view. Cost, a fiver again, but as it’s a growing event, see it as your contribution to the development of artists, who, are trying to become well known.

I may be on the rosta of acts for the 13th, but, yet to be confirmed, quick shouts go out to Justice & The Legionnaires, especially, little Lefty, “The World Keeps Turning”, serious track, keep your ears out for these little nutters. As new skool UK Hip Hop goes, they’re sound may get them some attention, so keep your ears out for them, if nothing else, their energy will certainly get crowds going, in my opinion.

Also, must give a mention to a very talented singer by the name of, Keira, serious voice, great feeling in her singing and clearly, a very good ear for how she should sound, young, but clearly, somewhat of a perfectionist when it comes to performing, all, very good signs for her future !!!

Now, my final rec for the week is Reggae Britannia, if you didn’t see it on BBCFOUR this weekend, then get on IPlayer and check out some history of Reggae music’s influence on British Society and on music of all genres in general.

All those classic arguments about who did what to who, and, who tried to shaft who can be put to bed very quickly when you see some of the amazing history behind the cutting, styling and promotion of tracks that have become, legendary, in many cases, is very, very interesting and full of surprises for those, ignorant black folks in particular, who claim to know more than they actually do about the rise and, in actual fact, the people who enabled it’s progression in this country.

Everything, from the movie, “Babylon”, to the Barbican Show, is very entertaining and it’s great to see that the artists behind some of the most influential tracks of recent times, are getting some BBC coverage, even if it was late on the weekend, when most folks are out or doing ya know, other things !!!

Don’t sleep on BBC 3 & 4 people, a lot of interesting stuff is shown on these channels that may just open your eyes to much that is good to know about this country, past and present.

There ya go peeps …. A few rec’s for ya …..

I’m out of here for now ……


Big V

Something for the Ladies …. Will You Be My Valentine ??? written by Big Virge 15/2/2005

As it’s the Luvvvverrs day …. an oldie but a goodie, certain pieces will be timeless and this is one of mine …. Enjoy y’all

SO … V … WILL YOU BE …. ??? ….

HELLLLLLL NO …… !!!!!!! ……..

BUT ….. IT’S BY CHOICE … !!! …
NOT BY DESIGN …. !!!! ….


BUT ….. I’M DOING FINE … !!!

….. “VALENTINE” ….. !!!!!! ….

…….. “TOUCHE TURTLE” ……. !!!!! Read the rest of this entry »

A few words from one of our Demoters …. written by Big Virge 10/02/10

Folks, right about now is the time where a man of my years, The Big, “40”, starts to look at things with a little more depth than before, and, there are certain things that, upon close inspection, just don’t sit right.

The current vibe for me is seeing what I’ve been missing in this big bad city of London town. Well, after last weeks’ Friday night escapade, it seems to have lost much that my generation were fortunate enough to have got a, last whiff of, the good times when things weren’t so manufactured, and were, less policed, or, controlled, for want of a better word.

The reason I’m writing this is because of a brief conversation I had with an old schoolmate of mine who has found his way via various collectives into the business of, event promotion. An interesting individual who upon seeing him at school, I for one, would never have envisaged being a, “Player”, in the business, but, having been to the odd, high profile, press conference in my time, I can safely say that yup, he’s been all up in it !!!

We are both lovers of Hip Hop, Soul & Funk and we have had discussions about artistry and music at various brief junctures over the years, mainly due to the fact that I never was one for fraternising with people on the basis of what or who they knew, but, much more on the basis of, well, if I feel your vibe then, we’re cool.

If not, you could be the greatest emcee of all time, but if I think you’re a C . U . N . T., then, we ain’t gonna be in each others’ company for very long at all if I can possibly help it !!!

This is all leading to some comments my schoolmate made to me about the issue of good places to go for someone who appreciates good music, regardless of age. His attitude is very simple, in effect, why cater for us, “old’uns”, when we rarely come out, or can, because of family commitments, etc etc.

Well, I hate to suggest an alternate reality, but, I am one of those who has managed to avoid the scenario of marriage & family, due to many factors, but, one of the key ones being, that life is too short to be tied down, especially, while you’ve still got a little bounce in your step, there’s plenty of time for that when you become an old wrinkly !!!

Thus, I was a bit disturbed to hear a man of my age, who is still out there clubbing and moving with the trends, talk like some government official, promoting ageism, in effect, when speaking about promoting good music for people to party to.

New goodness has to come through of course, but, “Goodness !!!”, not this Fuckry that’s infecting airwaves these days man, I know some of y’all are feeling me !!!

The idea that, as a promoter, his bills need to be paid and us old folk ain’t gonna maintain that on a regular basis, for him, seemed to be his argument for, what is, in my view, the destruction of the circulation of music that not only lights the fuse to a good night out, but, in many cases, has inspired generations to become more open-minded, accepting and in fact, informed about other cultures, countries and experiences.

Now, this may all be a bit too deep for the sheep out there, but when I think back to Norman Jay nights at the Bass Clef in Hoxton Square, the vibe, the connection and the enjoyment being felt by pretty much everyone in the place draws me back to my night out last week and the lack of such feeling in the Mayfair Club.

When I asked my mate to give me some good nights out as he’s in the know, his first words were, “Ah well, there’s a throwback night at …”, a once a month thing hosted by 279 in Brixton. Funny that, a “Throwback”, night was the first thing he could think of, well, as the saying goes, form is temporary, class is permanent. Music, more than most things, in my opinion, falls into that category.

Unfortunately, he, like a great many promoters today, seem to have willingly succumbed to providing, “Throw Away”, nights !!!

If I could be bothered, i’d set up a night in town at one of those plush clubs and play those tunes that, my mate, by all accounts, believes, wouldn’t generate the income that the F’ing nonsense that’s deemed as hot now, does currently, just to see, once promoted right, whether he’s right ???

The sad part about his statement is that money actually determines what he’s willing to promote, at least he was honest with me about it, but, you know what, honesty about worshipping the papes, especially when you are apparently connected to where trends are set, does worry me somewhat.

My vision of promoting a club night that, isn’t a complete, 2 left foot people, drug induced affair, would be to promote something that is good and something that isn’t a passing phase but, something that has the ability to stand the test of time.

As I explained to my mate, it does seem somewhat ridiculous to suggest that generations behind ours have no appreciation for music that isn’t the latest, major label driven lick. I know people who check for many of the classic tracks, who are 10 or 20 years my junior, and are desperate for nights out where they aren’t hearing what the rest of their peers deem as hot just because ………………

The issue is clearly the same ol’ same, when the bigwigs pass down the word that they’ve had enough of that chit that they’ve rinsed the bottom out of financially, there’s no need for it anymore, what’s new that we can use ???”.

Nas made the comment, Hip Hop is dead, a statement which wasn’t universally agreed with, but, in a lot of ways, it really is, from the perspective of what is promoted to the youth as being Hip Hop today. Play certain Biggie tracks anywhere & people jump, even the youngsters, because their parents are still raving about certain tracks to this day. Will that be the case for 50 or Akon in twenty years, I’m not so sure ???

Has everything become so monetarily driven that even music has sold it’s soul to fill the pockets of those who couldn’t care less about the legacy that it leaves ???

Public Enemy have asked the question on their album, “How You Sell Soul To A Soulless Nation That Sold Their Soul ???”

Well, the answer will always be the same, since the dawn of the word, “Business”, being connected to music, then yes, but, what concerns me is that individuals who were part of the founder movements that made Hip Hop into what it became during those glory years of the nineties to the noughties, have, so readily dispensed with those classic tracks, that became classic through underground clubs, to the Ipod graveyard.

Many of these artists have been denied any discernible plaudits or financial remuneration because of industry shenanigans, the like of which, are being continued by the same people who, i’m sure, would claim to have been people who supported the arts growth and continued appreciation by those who followed us and are our children.

I had a conversation with a woman in a shop a while ago about this as her son purchased his 50 cent album, he could only have been 14, the mother and I exchanged glances and the conversation began, she eventually said that she didn’t really want him buying 50 and had heard Soweto Kinch recently and was trying to get her son to check his music out, which in a nutshell, confirms my point, which is, following the crowd, or, more significantly, the money, sells more than tickets right, it has sold Soul, Reggae & pretty much every other form of black music of any significance down the sewer for far too long, yet we, because, yes, the promoter I am talking about is black, seem quite happy to line our pockets ahead of providing a night that does more than just fill eardrums.

Are we hearing music anymore, or just listening …. ??? … Like Wes says to Woody in, White Men Can’t Jump, you might listen to Jimmy, but, can you Hear him ???

What are we doing, promoting nonsense, while demoting the very things that have inspired modern generations to see the world for what it is, rather than one filled with, rose-tinted goggles.

If this is what promoters are generally like, then artists criticism of the majority of them is understandable, my personal experiences, even with this said individual, confirms to me why and how things are going the way they are, marketability & dollar value is the only thing worth promoting, but, in the end, if that’s all we’re promoting to our youth then, what remains … ??? … the demotion of everything else.

A sad indictment of the future, but as per the conversation I had tonight, that’s the word of one of todays’ promoters, nope, that should be …. “Demoters”.

Peace y’all …. I’m out ….

The Old Man in the club ….. written by Big Virge …. 7/2/2011

Yowzers ….. Firstly, congrats to The Packers on a great win in Dallas last night, for what … ??? … the fourth year on the bounce, a great, Superbowl finale !!!

Now, onto the title of this blog post, went out on Friday with a couple of the old skool crew, we went to the, Mayfair Club, on the corner of Dover Street, opposite the RITZ, in, well, Mayfair obviously !!!

Well, kiss me rass … !!!

The obvious fraternity of goldigger-type hotties were on parade in some, HIGH mo’ funkin’ heels, tight fitting outfits and shoooooorrrrrttt skirts, hmmmm …… Nice !!!

However, this is where the niceness ended and was clearly the cause of, in many cases, extreme consternation and attitude in the majority of these seriously fuckable gyal, yes, fuckable gyal, not women or more importantly fuckwitable gyal !!!

You know you’re going to one of, “Those”, clubs when the pretty things are quickly told to get in line after they’ve found out that they’re looks or flirtatious actions with bouncers ain’t gonna get them in. It is always funny to me how the people with the most apparent attitude behave like little sheep when it comes to waiting in the queue.

We were there to see my friends’ sister perform as she’s doing her music thing right about now, sorry folks, all I can tell you is that her name is Bianca Simmone, check her out at ( and she’s got a track/EP out, called, “Pressure”, not my thing, but, she’s only 25 and as I’m about to explain, the musical vibe of our next generation is far and away from anything that could make my body move in the way that it has become accustomed to.

Having recently been out to see DJ Premier, maybe I was deluding myself to believe that DJ’s still know what to drop and how to drop it, now, on the basis that it was supposed to be an, “R ‘n’ B”, night, I was hoping to hear like, a few tracks that didn’t make me feel like a geriatric inside the place, not that I really did, but, when certain tracks that I have never heard before were being cheered and moved to by, mainly, black fitties, it became apparent to me how, out of touch, THANKFULLY … !!! … I am, with this new wave of dumbed down, bassless, drumfree, Fuckery, yes, Fuckery !!!

I am not one for swaring too much when I write as it turns a lot of folk off reading, but hear wot, FUCK that man …. !!!!! ….. What the fuck kind of club plays music for, “2 left foot people”, yeah I know, it’s always been that way in essence, in the majority of clubs, but, Dammmmmnnnnn, as I sit here writing this while listening to a track remixed by the late great Dilla, called, “Sometimes”, featuring Q-Tip, that was originally done by the Brand New Heavies, the chorus says it all, “Sometimes, you gotta do right, we talkin’ bout a revolution”.

One is needed and events of the last few months, from Greece to Egypt are symbolising this in a very REAL way. I am advocating the need for a big revolutions change, in term of what’s being spun on decks in clubs, if Friday was anything to go by !!!

Seriously, my boys and I heard, maybe, two tracks that could get our older bones moving and the, Fuckin’ Eedyat Dj, mash them into a 25 second mix !!!!

What the fuck is goin’ on y’all … !?!?!?!

Especially when technological tools avail so much more options to Dj’s in terms of the selection that can be brought to clubs via CD and laptop, it’s truly incredible the Fuckery that a lot of these so-called DJ’s play nowadays !!!

No wonder there were periods where the smokers seemed to be outside to get away from the crap going on in the club. These exclusive clubs have always been a once in a blue moon type thing for me because, every so often, I love to see the fakers, fakin’ the funk, especially the punks who be acting tough to impress upon their, “imitation women”, how much of a man they wish they were.

When you bump into a bwoy on a packed dancefloor, especially when you’re as tall and long as I am and apologise, only to receive that attitude that suggests that you should watch yourself, it just confirms to me the, “fucked up world”, these plastic pussyholes live in !!!

Amazingly, you always find some people who work in the club who are cool, for me, there were a couple of peeps, one of the bouncers, who was honest with me about getting in and was clearly glad to see that I got in, seemingly because, he’d already had enough of dealing with the young fools bringing, needless attitude his way, and a barman who recognised the vibe I was coming with, to the point where I got free drinks from him. Now, trust me when I say this folks, at £5 a bottle of water, them ting der mean something folks, not that the money was a problem for me, but, looking around, other than the Champagne crews, a fiver would clearly have caused a few bank account problems for quite a few of the man who who could do with that money for petrol for the cars they’re pushing just to get them kind of superficially driven gyal.

Now, back to this, something, dem ah call, R ‘n’ B, well, we, “TRUE headz”, realise that, R ‘n’ B died quite some time ago now, but, damn man, what it has now become is like, the worst re-incarnation of some dumbed down version of what this, original music once was. A music that had dance floors rockin’ and people truly interacting in ways that saw upliftment, connection and enjoyment, which I saw very little evidence of on Friday.

Yeah, the duppies dem were jumping to some tune, but sadly, as said, it’s when I see black girls pushing up themselves with these, plastic, wanksta boyfriends following them like likkle lapdogs, it becomes blatantly obvious how lost the next generations have already become !!! Yeah, the yankee doodles, in many cases, have come from living that gangsta existence, but, the fact that so many have become actors, one would have hoped, would have opened the eyes of these young guns to the fact that, yeah, to get through certain entertainment doors, it’s not a bad thing if you can represent that part of your psyche, but, for fucks sake, take that image off and leave it at home when you’re supposed to be out enjoying yourself … !!!!!

I guess, all in all, it just proves that, having had my moments in the past, I am now far and away removed and have reached a stage within my steady maturation, where, upon going to places like this, it was clear to me that I have become, “The Old Man In The Club !!!”, Ha Ha ….

Well, not the Mayfair club, anytime soon anyway, which in all honesty, looking at how it was, on multiple levels, I’m more than happy to accept.

Peace, Blessings & Guidance y’all …..


Who are the real Gangsta’s eh …. ??? ….

As promised, just 48 views for this tune on Youtube … !!! …

Speaks volumes as to where modern Hip Hoppers minds are …….

Think about what these men are saying people …..

Off the album, “Aarodynamix”, from the Rawkus 50 Collection, released, November 2007

A quickish …. “Something for y’all” …. written by Big Virge 4/2/2011

So, wot da fook’s up folks …. !?!

Jus been chillin as per, it’s nice, jus’ tunes, food and good convo from time to time, mainly because I got Fucked Offfffff ….. with this technology something on Sunday night maaaannnngggg !!!!!

I had a nice something that I wanted to share, ready to post and ofcourse, it was one of those strange occasions where the auto save clearly wasn’t feeling what had been written and chose to just trash my piece of written expression !!!

Ah well, everything for a reason eh ….. ???

Well, guilt seems to be the flava of the month with a great many people these days …. Oooohhhh …. Yup, I’m a go there for a sec, what is it with people and accountability for their actions uh ???

Honesty with oneself is key to a peaceful, balanced life people, come on now, you know it’s true … !!!

Ghosts in the closet is not the way forward y’all.

Exorcise them skeletons and like Brother Jeffers (Felix Dexter) might say, “MASH UP LUCIPHER !!!!!”,

MASH ‘IM UP YES …. !!!!! ….. Ha Ha …..

However, this is seemingly, a very difficult task for a great many folks … !!! … Well, like my friend said to me recently, if we took all the drugs & liquor out of this world, particularly, the Western World, as it stands today, what would it be like eh ???

A pretty scary prospect methinks … !!! … However, we seem to be carrying on in London without too many issues, ON THE SURFACE ANYWAY, but what lies beneath folks, what is surfacing as we speak … ???

Well, looking at the way Cameron’s going, who knows ???

A lot of disgruntlement seems to be on the rise, yet, that stiff upper lip seems to merely be, “qu…ive…ring”, currently.

Egypt however may now hold some interesting keys to much that resides in more than, English, Western Lips. As for the, part of, “Africa”, they keep calling the, “Middle East”, what repercussions are about to be felt elsewhere eh ???

Time will clearly tell, but, the nature of much that seems on the horizon has yet to meet many pockets over here seemingly, this does beg the question of when will an uprising of Cairo’s kind reach London, if ever … ??? … Many people keep saying, it’ll never happen, which, looking at the virtual dictatorial rod that Mrs. Thatch has passed on, DC is on a warpath to line some pockets, just ………

“Not ….. Poor Peoples”, seemingly ???

You have to laugh at the idea that Camden’s wealthy, amongst others across the capital, are now being asked to help out where government cuts are being made, in areas where basic services will be affected, Services that, may, or, may not affect them …. I mean …… ” Wot di pussy is that …. !?!”.

A bit like asking Tinie Tempah to perform without his 20 grand watch on it would seem, as Kate Hudson found out rather quickly on Graham Norton’s show !!!

Hmmm … ??? … yet , Mr. Tempah seemed a little reluctant to let us all know how much his watch cost … ??? … for fear of, “Looking Bad”, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ……….

Yeah, mi pussy …. !!! ….

Listen right, in this world, who can really judge him for spending his money how he wants, especially at, such a young age, it’s merely paper and a timepiece right ???

Well, his lack of pride about what he’d spent on it leaves an uncomfortable flavour in his mouth, it would seem … ??? … So, what about those he’s left behind … ??? …. A question that probably isn’t one that should be aimed at Mr. Tempah, but, one that should be aimed towards Cameron and his, “Big Society Tsars ???”, or, maybe it should be aimed at the people who continue to think that their mini rallies and protests will have some lasting effect on government policies ???

I’ll let you ponder that for a bit ….. ????? …… while I move on to this idea of class determining good music, from Pink Floyd to James Blunt & Lily Allen, to say, the likes of people like Big L (RIP), Etta james or say, I dunno, Buju.

Hmmm, well, more tosh for the art critics to pontificate over right … ??? …

Well, in my opinion, good art is art that touches Mo’ Fuckers yeah.

I feel blessed to have been given such a gift, but, without hardship that was personal as opposed to financial, I couldn’t imagine producing some of the things that i’ve produced, however, if that, “class equation”, is juxtaposed into say, how and who gets to hear your art then, that, my friends, is an entirely different question !?!

Ones’, “class”, might enable you to communicate, beyond your artform, in boardrooms and in high profile company, in a manner that makes you an acceptable or palatable commodity, especially if your artistic content is not so palatable, does it not ???

As with much in life, if the white hierarchy think it’s cool, or see the dollar value in what you represent, the rest, as in, the masses, follow right … ???

Welllllll … ??? … more often than not, as history has shown, up to now.

Hip Hop is the epitome of this, when white boys do it, then everyone from white kids through to asian youth are down ….. a debate I had with a couple of asian man I know, when I suggested that most of the Hip Hop they listen to is by white guys, which is not a problem from the perspective of them doing it, I hasten to add, but, the disdain in my voice was noted by one of my friends, who seemed somewhat disturbed by it, to which my response was, “Well, yeah, there is a dismissive tone to my statement”, because, that dismissal of what came before is something that does disturb me, as with history and pretty much, everything else, what is learnt or promoted is generally driven from a white perspective, even Africa and what we, who weren’t brought up there, are told of it’s beginnings and history, is reported, written about or produced by who … ???

If you don’t know, then think about it yeah, and think with an open mind, not the one that’s been programmed to believe all that comes through your TV Screen or Library.

Oh and …. that’s nothing radical, it’s just straight talk yeah ….. !!!!!

Okay, now that I’ve got most of that out …. time to chill tha ….. FUCK OUT … !!! … because, it really is good for ya folks, especially when you’re struggling to keep doing your best to keep …. keeping on …..

So, having got into this musical talk, i’m here listening to, “Something For Y’all” an instrumental track by my fav producer right about now, Kev Brown, whom I’ve been giving props to for a while now, but, trust me folks, if you’ve got an ounce of soul in you, (which discounts nuff of you, but cha !!!), I guarantee that, you will feel this dudes work !!!

However, for someone else under the, “artists with class”, radar.

My tune for the week which I shall put up is by a cat called, Aarophat, check out, “Presidential Gangster”, not a new track, but, definitely, something classy, in that, “CLASSIC”, hip hop sense …..

Open your minds people, because, it’s about that time !

Trust me folks, we need to, ” FREE “, our minds ………..

Peace & Blessings People ……