Okay, so Novak deals with Murray in a Hurry written by Big Virge 30/11/2001

Well, for the first time, I’m a little surprised by this result, straight sets in next to no time for the Djok !!!

What happened … ??? … I have yet to see this match in any length, but, it would seem that the sharks are surrounding Murray’s temperament already, “Choker”, “Bottler”, and ofcourse the usual, “he’s Scottish”, now that he’s lost.

Well, for a change, I’m going to show a little love for poor ol’ Andy, stop putting the weight of Britain, (when he has a chance of winning a slam) on his clearly, fragile shoulders, isn’t it enough that he’s in the top 5 players in the world for these English critics … ?!?!?

What, because the Scotsman, at 23, can’t do what no other Englishman has done for, let’s get this right, over 75 years, they want to immediately criticize !!!

Get things in perspective people, i’ve made no secret of my belief that Andy is somewhat overrated, however, I rarely get the impression that, he, much like Henman before him, maintains such arrogance within himself.

It is, as we all now know, the likes of the Brit commentators, be they, ex players or writers, whose sense of patriotic self-importance and arrogant, egomaniacal attitudes, that, in many ways can be attributed to Andy’s failings, “THUS FAR !!!”, at Slam level, as much as his own weaknesses. Let’s be honest about this and face facts, these are failings that only become prominent, when, ultimate challenges are put in front of him, as with, pretty much all of us.

For real, give the young man a break, after all, how does he beat top players when less pressure is on him ???
It’s pretty obvious, because the British media, like the rest of us, including his opponents, don’t place as much importance on ATP tour events as slam events !!!

As for tantrums on court, well, it’s clear that he really does want to win one, his, less than expressive demeanour in interviews, in my view, betrays a burning desire to get a Slam under his belt, not just for himself, but also to shut the critics up !!!

So, the blaspheming and cursing himself may not be quite as personal as it seems. I think it’s also his way of letting the critics know that if they’re not careful, this temperament may just come their way if they’re not careful.

Rooney’s done it, Ronnie O’Sullivan clearly had it, before his children were born and maybe something like that may help Murray over the line, a good loving, supportive woman behind him, other than his moms’ and his current girlfriend maybe ?

Having children for some men can have that calming effect, who knows … ??? … I’m merely speculating, but it does seem ridiculously unfair to lambast the man when he’s just reached his third Slam final, having lost two to the mighty Federer and now to an inspired Djokovic !!!

It’s still a pretty impressive achievement, especially, coming from a place like Scotland, for crying out loud …. !!!

Especially when, to really put this into perspective, with the, “All England Club” and all the elitist clubs and top notch facilities in England, 75 years ??? ….. yeah, let’s repeat that shall we, 75 Mo’ Funking years to find what, with all due respect to him, Tim Henman … !!!!!

Surely, that says a big something about who gets support to play tennis at the highest level here, and more importantly, what kind of background, “One must have to represent ones’ country playing tennis”, right !?!

Anyway, as i’ve said before, Federer’s departure, as with Nadal’s absences due to injuries and wear and tear on his body in the future, will avail many more opportunities for Andy Murray to win a slam, however, the longer it goes on, the more likely that his career could enter into the dreaded, “Colin Montgomerie zone !!!”.

Andy Murray does not deserve the criticism he’s receiving because he is no McEnroe, Federer or Sampras, the moment the, “British”, media and in many cases, the fans, stop deluding themselves into thinking that he is, will probably be the time he surprises them and does what, I think, many of the other top players believe he can do, which is, show the mental fortitude to compliment his talents, from the beginning, right to the, “VERY END’, of a Grand Slam tournament, and as Murray says himself, if it doesn’t happen, it really won’t be through lack of trying.

Keep doing your thing Andy, find the right team of people and shut these hypocritical, and, rather fickle, so-called supporters up, once and for all.

Let’s not forget, “The Djok”, though, big props to you Novak, because, to be honest, i’m pretty sure that I’m not the only one who, after recent performances, thought, you didn’t have another slam in ya, no-one can take that away from ya now !!!

Well done !!!

Peace y’all …..

So Much Going on but …. written by Big Virge 27/01/2011

Richard Keys & Andy Gray are important enough to warrant a National Discussion in the UK currently !!!

Women over here, in fact, to be honest, women everywhere, make me laugh now, oh, men this, men that … !!! … when these days, so many of them look like or want to look like and act like men.

So, what’s the problem, linesmen get abuse from crowds every week, so, what makes the fact that a woman wants to do it, any different really ???

Racism, sexism and pretty much every other ism are in much that rules more than a Sky Sports studio, so, people really need to focus on more important things right about now, surely.

The young lady in question knows what she is doing and hopefully, recognises that she’ll have to overcome quite a bit of ignorance to open the door for other ladies to pursue the lineswoman’s dream, strange as that may be ???

Surely, this says something about the nature of being a woman in this country if being a footie lineswoman is an aspiration, how about being a good mother, do we have lots of those now ???

I find it incredible, say, GMTV for example, lots of women in High Heels and pretty short skirts, in fact, ol’ legs Bleakley seems as though she’s ben advised to wear something a little less revealing for a morning show recently, could just be the cold I guess, (Yeah Right !!!), but, I wonder, was she chosen to ensure male viewers in the morning ???

Then there’s the whole Hip Hop Honey brigade who, as perviously mentioned, are quite happy to get on like little whores to get some attention and some famous dick interest. Read the rest of this entry »

IF by Rudyard Kipling

IF you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
But make allowance for their doubting too;
If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
Or being lied about, don’t deal in lies,
Or being hated, don’t give way to hating,
And yet don’t look too good, nor talk too wise:
If you can dream – and not make dreams your master;
If you can think – and not make thoughts your aim;
If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two impostors just the same;
If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken
Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
And stoop and build ’em up with worn-out tools:

If you can make one heap of all your winnings
And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
And lose, and start again at your beginnings
And never breathe a word about your loss;
If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
To serve your turn long after they are gone,
And so hold on when there is nothing in you
Except the Will which says to them: ‘Hold on!’

If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
‘ Or walk with Kings – nor lose the common touch,
if neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,
If all men count with you, but none too much;
If you can fill the unforgiving minute
With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run,
Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,
And – which is more – you’ll be a Man, my son!

Character Assassin by Big Virge – Produced by The Hidden Hand

Character Assassin – Produced by Hidden Hand

So, is this conspiratorial nonsense … ??? … Or, is this the stuff that has got us to where we are today … !?! … Now, this is not stuff that I subscribe to particularly, but, it would seem that some of you who are sick of being taken for a ride, now do …. So, just for you …. Find out about your, “STRAWMAN” ….. Hmmmmm ….. ???

Meet Your Strawman

“The Houses of Parliament” in London, England.

Let’s have a little quiz:
1. Who meets there?
2. What do they do there?
3. Do they help you in any way?

If your answers were:

1. “Members of the government”
2. “They represent all the people living in the country” and
3. “Yes, they create laws to protect me and my family”

Then let me congratulate you on getting every one of the answers wrong.

Didn’t do too well on that quiz? OK, let’s have another go:
4. When was slavery abolished?
5. Was slavery legal?
6. Are you in debt to a financial institution?

Here are the answers:
1. The serving officers of a commercial company.
2. They think up ways to take money and goods from you.
3. No, absolutely not, they help themselves and not you.
4. Slavery has NEVER been abolished and you yourself, are considered to be a slave right now.
5. Yes, slavery is “legal” although it is not “lawful” (you need to discover the difference).
6. No. You are NOT in debt to any financial institution.

Does this seem a little strange to you? If it does, then read on:
Paying tax is OPTIONAL !!

Getting a licence is OPTIONAL !!

Registering a vehicle is OPTIONAL !!

Paying a fine is OPTIONAL !!

Attending a court is OPTIONAL !!


Surprised? Well – try this for size:

Every Mortgage and Loan is FULLY REPAID from day one – you can pay it again if you want to, but you don’t have to !!

If nobody has told that you that you have a Strawman, then this could be a very interesting experience for you. Your Strawman was created when you were very young, far too young to know anything about it. But then, it was meant to be a secret as it’s purpose is to swindle you, and it has been used very effectively to do just that ever since it was created.

Perhaps it is about time that you learnt about your strawman and how you can stop it being used against you. Knowing about it is the most important first step. You need to go on a journey of discovery, and I’m afraid that what you are about to discover is not very pleasant. However, if you decide to act on what you learn, it could change your life for the better. If you think that you are in debt, then you can get out of it if you are willing to stand up for your rights and refuse to be swindled any longer. Interested? If so, then let’s start at the beginning and find out where your strawman came from and why you should care about it.

It all started when your parents had a happy event and you entered the world. You don’t know exactly when that was, because you were not aware of the days of the week, the months of the year or even what year it was.

Even after some months had gone by, you still were not aware of these things, but by that time, your strawman had already been created and it was being used to make some very unscrupulous people rich. None of this was your fault. It happened because your parents were fooled into thinking that they needed to register your birth and get a birth certificate for you. So, they APPLIED for a birth certificate, not understanding what would happen when they did. Well then, what did happen? According to the Local Authority:

1. They lost ownership of their baby (you).
2. They allowed a strawman to be created.

This is not something which they can be blamed for, as nobody told them it would, or even could, happen. Nor did anybody tell them what a strawman is or how it can be used against their baby. In actual fact, the “registration” is a contract and in reality, it is null and void because there was not full disclosure by the Local Authority, nor was there ‘intent to contract’ on the part of the parents.

The registering of a baby’s birth actually passes “ownership” of the baby to the Local Authority and that, and that alone, allows the Local Authority staff to take the child away from the parents if they ever want to do that. This applies until the child reaches the ‘age of maturity’ set by the current legal statutes. Doing that is not “lawful” but after the birth has been registered, it is “legal” and there is a world of difference between those two terms, a difference which it is very important that you come to understand clearly.

So, what is a strawman? A strawman is a fictitious legal entity, created with the hope that as the child grows up, he will be fooled into believing that he is actually the strawman (which he most definitely is not) and pay all sorts of imaginary costs and liabilities which get attached to the strawman by con artists.

How is a strawman created? Well the mechanism involves that unnecessary birth certificate which the parents imagine is about, and belongs to, their baby (neither of which is actually true). If the baby has been named James and the family name is Martin, then you would expect the birth certificate to have the name James Martin written on it. If that is what is written on it, then all is well and it is a genuine birth certificate. However, if any other name is there, then the document is not a birth certificate but instead is the creation of a strawman masquerading as James Martin. The alternative entries might be any of the following examples: “JAMES MARTIN”, “Mr James Martin”, “Martin, Mr James” or anything else which is not exactly “James Martin” and nothing else.

Why create a strawman? The answer is ‘in order to charge the strawman imaginary costs and penalties and fool the human James Martin into paying those amounts’. These imaginary charges include ‘Income Tax’, ‘Council Tax’, ‘Inheritance Tax’, ‘Capital-Gains Tax’, ‘Road Tax’, ‘Import Tax’, ‘Value-Added Tax’, ‘Fuel Levy’, ‘Loan Interest’, ‘Bank Charges’ and anything else that full-time professionals can think up and are confident that you will not notice that you never agreed to pay and don’t need to pay.

Legalese is a secret language invented to trick you. It uses English words but attaches secret meanings to those words with the sole intention of stopping you believing that what they are saying to you has nothing to do with the normal meaning in the English language. Their purpose is to cheat you and rob you.

For example, they will say to you “Do you understand?” . In English, that means “Do you comprehend what I am saying to you?” and the automatic response would be “Yes”, meaning “I do comprehend what you are saying to me”. But these sneaky, underhand people have changed the meaning in Legalese to mean “Do you stand under me?” meaning “Do you grant me authority over you so that you have to obey whatever I tell you to do?”.

What makes it even worse, is the fact that they will never tell you that they have switched from English to Legalese, and if that is not dishonest, underhand and unscrupulous, then I don’t know what is! If you answer the question believing that English is being spoken, then they pretend that you are contracting with them to become subordinate to them. Whether or not that is actually true is debatable because that is effectively a verbal contract between you and them and for any contract to be valid, there has to be full and open disclosure of all of the terms of the contract, and then, unreserved acceptance by both parties, and in these cases, that has most definitely, not occurred.

But what is the point in all this? Well, this manoeuvre is intended to trick you into agreeing to represent your strawman. Why? Aaah now, that is a good question, but to answer it takes a bit of explaining, and you need to understand the overall situation:

All humans are born equal, with complete freedom of choice and action. If you live in the same place as a lot of other people, then there are a few restrictions which have grown up, by common consent, over time. These restrictions are for your protection and the protection of the other people living near you. These restrictions are called “the Law” (or more accurately: “Common Law”) and they are few in number and very easy to understand. They are:

You must not injure or kill anyone.
You must not steal or damage things owned by somebody else.
You must be honest in your dealings and not swindle anyone.

These have resulted from hundreds of years of disputes which have been dealt with through using common sense and the opinions of ordinary people. They are the only limitations on you, and if you don’t want to abide by them, then you need to go to some isolated place and stay away from other people.

Many people think that there are hundreds of other laws which they have to keep (and new ones every other day), but that is not so. Those other things are called “statutes” and keeping them is optional for you, the human, BUT they are not optional for your fictitious strawman, and that is why the people who benefit from those things want to persuade you to represent your strawman and so become subject to all of their invented restrictions and charges.

If you knew that they were optional, would you agree to:
• Give most of your earnings away in taxes and similar charges?

• Pay to own a vehicle?
• Pay to own a television set?
• Pay to drive on roads which were built with your money?
• Be forced to join armed services if you are told to?
• Send an army which is supposed to represent you, into another country to murder innocent people there?
Were you ever told that these things are optional? If you agree to represent your strawman, then these things become binding on you. These are some of the “statutes” which ‘politicians’ keep inventing in order to make you poor, make them and their friends rich, and keep you in a position where you have to do everything they say, no matter how much that harms you and does away with your natural rights and freedom.

But, says somebody, we elect a government to represent us and so we have to do what they say, after all, they have our best interests at heart don’t they?

Well, that is a nice thought, but is it actually true? No it isn’t. You think that you elect politicians to represent you in your government, but that is not what you actually do. That is part of a very carefully fostered illusion intended to keep you in your place and giving most of your earnings away (typically, 80% of all you earn). Part of the secret is that what is supposed to be your ‘government’ is actually a privately owned, for-profit company and all that you do when voting, is help choose the serving officers inside that company. It will never make the slightest difference to what happens in the future as the company policy and actions are controlled by the owners of the company and they are not influenced in any way whatsoever by what you want.

Think this is far fetched? Then check it out via Dun & Bradstreet or any of the other places which records the setting up and performance of the 160,000,000 commercial companies world-wide. When you do that, you will discover that, for example, the House of Commons is a commercial for-profit company (number UC2279443), The Labour Party is a commercial company which trades under the name of “Allister Darling MP”, The House of Lords which is the highest court in the land is a private company, the United Kingdom Corporation Ltd. formerly known as the “United Kingdom plc” and which never complied with the law which requires it to file it’s financial records, is also a private company. The Ministry of Justice D-U-N-S Number 22-549-8526, Directors: Lord Falconer of Thoroton is a private company set up in the year 1600. The Bank of England is a private company, as is every Court and every Police Force and even the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry is a company and not a person.

It gets even more ridiculous when you discover that The Devon and Cornwall Police is a company which has been taken over by a company owned by IBM which is paid an annual budget of £256,800,000 taken from members of the public. Gilbert and Sullivan would have loved this reality as a script for one of their comedies. Lancashire County Council was incorporated as a company (IP00666C) in 2002. It’s registered office was “3rd Floor, Christ Church Precinct, County Hall, Preston” and it was completely dissolved on 25th January 2008 and all of it’s Assets and Liabilities were transferred on 12th November 2007 to another company – “The Blues and Twos Credit Union Ltd.” whose registered address is Lancashire Police Headquarters, PO Box 77, Hutton, Preston. Do you by any chance get the feeling that you are being taken for a ride here?

Read the rest of this entry »

So there are still a few ….. written by Big Virge 19/01/2011

Well, folks, these days, I am in hibernation mode now that English Winter time is setting in, it’s nice to be able to steer clear of the shistem in troubled times, however, when you are a creative spirit who’s failing to free that spirit in the manner that you feel it should be freed, don’t let any artist fool ya, it is tough.

However, your REAL friends will always give you seeds of hope when, throwing in the towel feels like the best thing you can do.

Well, Thank You to those of you showing some love, even if you’re from some seemingly strange web addresses, but thank you nonetheless !

As Sir Ken says (Check the vid ppl !!!), I believe wholeheartedly that talent has and probably will always be stunted, particularly in the UK, because, when raw talent is expressed here, it’s always labelled as something it shouldn’t be, or, it’s labelled as something that puts the fear of … (well, you know what !!!), into the academics and critics, who think of themselves as being professionally qualified to critique it, where does one get such a qualification I wonder … ??? … in some suck up/bend over school, ooops, I shouldn’t say that right … !??! … cos it’s too close to certain nerves !!!

Well, it’s evident that much like many of the great songs & movies of the past, when the time of reckoning comes, who will change and see the light and who will join the, “Darkside” … ???

Well, right now, the darkness is slowly but surely finding it’s way into many peoples’ lives and leaving people with less choice than was previously available.

I heard a lyric the other day that made me think deeply about how easily money can make cowards of people.

Well, from a perspective that is very different now, to that when I first started to write and perform, I can see the rationale behind such a lyric, because, when you feel like you have nothing to lose, you are much more inclined to put your thoughts and beliefs on the line in my experience.

The moment you feel as though you are less vulnerable, the seeds of cowardice seem to start sprouting, especially when you feel ignored by everyone from your so-called friends, to other artists you reach out to and hope for some sense of support or assistance up that ladder of success, (whatever that actually is ???).

Well, as said, times are getting rougher and rougher, and, as much as people keep trying to paint their vision of things with rose covered glasses, there are clearly a few people who are keen to ensure that, those of us who are deemed a little too raw for the mainstream, keep pursuing our craft, no matter what !!!

Struggling artists, please take note, I cannot confirm that I’ll be one of them as I’m feeling too old and tired to be assed with all the bullchit that goes with being a full-time artist, but, let me tell all you, like all the great artists do, never give up, if you feel like you want to stop, search your soul and think of why you started and what your purpose was, once you’ve retained that sense of purpose, keep on keeping on !!!

That’s a definite, ” Do as I say, don’t do as I do moment !!! “.

As much as things seem to be really F’ckd right about now, it is a period of transition, maybe even a form of renaissance, a rebirth if you will, of a revolutionary time, for people of all kinds, especially artists, as jobs dry up and frustrations drive people to do some, not so wise things, if you have a talent and I do mean, “TALENT”, not some X crapper wannabee sumthing, which means you’ll once again, bend over for your Range Rover, then, you should know that, I’M NOT TALKING ABOUT YOU YEAH !!!!!

I’m talking about those of you who get doors slammed in your face for no apparent reason, those of you who, don’t get the props for artistry of substance, while the bling brigade get props for nonsense, you know who you are because it’s clear they don’t … !!! … Don’t give up on it … !!! … Keep earning your stripes and paying your dues because someway, somehow, you will be rewarded for your efforts, not necessarily through monetary gain or even fame, but in ways that these fake artists, actually, rarely get to appreciate !!!

The reason for this post is because of a few recent comments as well as an incident that occurred today.

I popped into my man T’s, local hairdressers, got to give a quick shout to Trev down there at, “Sculpture”,

check out – www.sculpture-hairdesign.co.uk
…….. and – www.sculpture-webdesign.co.uk

Anyway, the vibe was this, went in to pick up a little something, got it, and was back in the car before anything lengthy could be said, only for Trev to come out from doing a trim to basically get me to perform something for one of the youngsters in there, well, being in the mood I’ve been in over the last few, I was like, “How you gonna put me on the spot man cos I really ain’t on this performing thing anymore !!!”

There were a a couple of peeps in there, no great shakes, but T was like, “Listen man, I want you to show my yout that we have people here who can actually put sentences together, comin’ of the back of the likes of people like, Mutabaruka”, (if you don’t know, then google him Mo Fo’s), now Trev has only heard my material on a couple of occasions, quite some time ago now, so for him to have remembered my work was obviously really uplifting for me. Especially when being mentioned in a similar vein to an artist of Mutabaruka’s standing !!!

This was enough to get those words flowing, I dropped the piece on this small group, to be greeted with a resounding, “Yo, you got it going on !!!”, from T and one of his boys !!!

Now, this might seem like an insignificant story because I wasn’t on TV or in front of a crowd of 60,000, but, it’s the touching of people in that personal way with work that is precious to you, that counts, for me anyway, at this point.

I may never have notoriety on a grand scale, in fact, I’m pretty sure of it, but, I know for sure now, that my work has left a lasting impression on people like Trevor, and has now, through him, found it’s way to, some of the next generation, a generation, who, as Trev rightly says, has porn available at every internet port. One that has so much in their vision that is frivolous and in a lot of ways, negative, that Trevor felt that these young man needed to hear something, “Different”, that may have a more positive and uplifting effect.

Interesting, especially as the piece I recited was entitled, “Troubled Times”, but as T said, give him some reality for a change, as he’d rather that than all this fallacy, that now is infecting so many young mentalities.

I guess that’s why we artists do what we do eh … ??? …, because, at the end of the day, no matter how many choose to follow the fools, out of them, it’s clear, when it comes to those who appreciate artistry reflecting on truth …….

There are still a few ………..

Peace, Love & Guidance y’all

Big V

After his, apparently, ignominious Golden Globe show, Ricky Gervais anyone … ??? … written by Big Virge 19/01/2011

Well, on the basis of recent conversations with a few WHITE friends of mine, it would seem fair to say that most English folk see him as funny, because, from what they say and react to and from what I know of, “The Office”, he’s saying the things that they think, but, would not dare say for fear of being sexist, racist or just downright disrespectful and rude from a PC perspective.

It’s amazing how everyone is ragging on the yanks about their lack of humility and this whole, “can’t they take a joke rhetoric !!!”.

Can the same be said for England and it’s people ???

The World Cup doesn’t come here and Boris is refusing to give top notch hotels to FIFA bigwigs, have some humility man, you’ve had your time … !!! … Yeah it’s not quite the same but you get the point, it’s laughable really.

Who dares destroy English celebs in the way that Ricky apparently has, ahhh but there aren’t enough for anyone to bothered with, are there now !!!

Even Frankie has clearly gone of the boil somewhat, his channel 4 show, as another Englishman said to me, almost appears as if he is so desperate to get out of TV and entertaining that he is just attacking any and everything without much substance.

The modern spate of comics are in some cases making fun of themselves and their own people/countries, but, it is clear there are fine lines within which certain issues can be seen or heard, and more importantly, from whom.

There is clearly a need for us all to accept and be honest about ourselves for sure, but, Harry Enfield blacking himself up to play Mandela wreaks of days gone by.

The arrogant mentality and double standard that says, “say it about them but don’t dare say it about us”, is still a disturbing one, one that needs to end !!!

The funny thing is that Good ol’ BO seems to be free from such blatant abuse, is there some kind of PC agenda that has comics fearful of being seen as the first one to satirically attack, the first, and I say this in a, “half-hearted, mixed race kind of way”, BLACK president.

The idea of satire in the modern age seems to mean, being rude and disrespectful about anything or anyone in a manner that’ll get the idiots and bigots laughing, as well as buying tickets for your shows.

I think the bottom line in this instance is, he’s garnered right wing support for his comedic hosting efforts, nuff said.

Hmmmm time to ask questions about what you’re doing Ricky old son, not that it’ll make any difference to me because you really aren’t that funny to me.

Oh …. and as for ripping Hollywood apart, as he’s clearly now part of it, what part of ripping it apart do you people believe hadn’t already been okayed in rehearsals, come on people, smell the coffee will ya ???

I’m gonna see Felix Dexter this weekend, now there’s a funny guy who has done what Ricky has done for years from a black perspective and funnily enough, ain’t hosting big Hollywood award shows ???

Wonder why ???

I’ll leave that to you to decide …. watch the videos below and you’ll get some ideas …..

Peace y’all ……


Simply, “Creativity”, broken down.

Wot an incredible talk !!!

Creativity needs, ” FREEDOM ” …. NOT …. restriction !!!

Teachers, pay attention !!!!!

Also very here and now …. in a WOW kinda way …. She’s got it going on fa reaallll !!!

From LA to tha UK …..

A Day in… L.A. from slick jackson on Vimeo.

Peace y’all.

Material World by DJ Mitsu featuring Promoe

Another one for our times.