One last piece of comedy to end this rather dismal year …. Brother Nathaniel has some advice for all you …. LOL …. !!! …. All the best for 2011 people … !!!

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More classic Real Mccoy chit …. !!!

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Pure Genius …. Felix Dexter folks, if you don’t know his work, it’s about time you did, more old skool brilliance from a face not seen enough on British TV screens … !!!

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There are plenty of dem, what do they call dem …. ??? …. Uncle some … tings, well, I’ll let our lawyer friend explain ….

This is deeper than just jokes ….

So, take F’ing note !!!

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As us immigrants are bound to be on the receiving end again in 2011, here’s something for those who are still on some bullchit about our being in this …. Oh So, “Tolerant”, country …. !!!

Funny how these guys seemingly disappeared from view on BBC tv ….. ??? ….. actually, not really, seeing this sketch ….. F’ing top dollar !!!

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A Rant alright … !!! … but folks, this ain’t me …. It’s Chester P … !!! …

Saw this man win a battle final at (what was then) Subterranea, back in the day, a very smooth and gifted lyricist in my view.

He won.

The next time I saw him was on, ‘The Daily Politics’, with Andrew Neil on BBC2 one afternoon some years later !!!

Mr. P has clearly been very busy … !!!

Good for him I say, thus, having spotted this Myspace blog on another site and then reading it, I felt that I should post this up as it would seem that either side of the water, much like Declaime, his views of Hip Hop and the current crop of Hip Hop Wannabees & established peeps within the game are clear and very strong !!!

This is as he wrote it, so don’t watch the typos, his sentiment is a very interesting one ….

So if you didn’t know about this UK emcee ….. Get to know the man who’s known as …. Chester P ….


Big V …………….

This is a direct lift from Chester P’s myspace page about the state of hip hop today. Its a huge read but worth a gander.


“what is wrong with hip hop they ask…..
under the surface of this global science the frustrated listener cries….
what is happening to my love…..
from the comfort of qwerty boards fanatic haters tap keys blaming and writhing in there empty words of powerless emotions seemingly overpowering there senses…..
weak hearted and short sighted journalists fill there journals with mediocre hogwash bitter with there own faliures within art condemning all who rise above there lowly ranks of success…..
artists read into the dissilusioned masses and begin to doubt themselves even applying blame upon themselves……
this is what appears wrong to me!
the fight has left our souls and behind it it has left the old frail skeleton of a once beautifull and rebellious body of like minded people united under the roof of a reality they was proud to call hip hop culture…..
hip hop is not what it used to be they say!
as are all things in this world we are subject to evolution and the importance of freedom has evolved into the prison of financial gain, prophets turn there back on the message in order to secure themselves in profits, as in all great and powerfull movements hip hop was manipulated by those that fear it to have its soul and substance stolen and replaced with the souless formula we now acknowledge as hip hop thus in turn creating the exact thing hip hop once threatened……..
how else can they control what was deemed wild and untamable?
it begins with infiltration of the echelons we had once aspired to, the voice of the people must be the voice most needed to control……
how else can the urban keep it real hip hop rebels worldwide be exposed to the non realities of a system that can only remain powerfull through total control…..
as with the true colour of the blues and then the social awakening of the hippies along with the pulse of rock and roll or the anarchy of the punk rockers hip hip was infiltrated by the powers that be from within…..
in some part they ridicule the culture with constant ali gee type parodys and or the strange success of goldie looking chain type acts portrayed in the media and other brainwashing mediums to have the desired affect of turning dangerous free thinking movements into some kind of widespread joke……
on other levels they absorb the talents of street wise poets through the obvious poverty that follows street musicians through the ghettos and tenements they live, learn and dress themselves within, the dream of lavish lifestyles and financial security is indeed the carrot on the stick that our ass like mentors will follow and who can blame them after all a revolution has always been the poor mans blood on a silver spoon…..
in a world where we are constrantly drowned in reminders of the powers of money through advertisments and televisions prowess those with very little or even none of that power will become easy prey for those who seek the full control of a society they know only fear and greed will silence…..
so we have rappers teaching children from there own background to hate themselves for there so called lack of power/money in this case, rappers teach greed and hatred to there own and what better way to win a war than ensure that all those fighting the war are from the same army…..
internal infiltration……
this is a well known tactic employed by movements such as the conspiracy theorists favourite group the illumanati! but this is not a conspiracy theory this is a war over control and dominance…..
the painfull reality is those who are not afraid of anything usually have nothing to be afraid of losing leaving us only with the truth as we know it, give those people everything and the fears of what can be lost become huge overwhelmingly so…..
and yes some of you will say i am paronoid and i will gladly raise my hand in confession to this accusation but that does not mean they are not watching me……
some of us argue and fight for freedom of speech yet the freedoms we do have we choose to ignore for example what good is freedom of speech untill we learn to exercise freedom of thought?????
open your own minds and see past the endless neon images used to lead your thoughts into submission….
slavery exists on many levels although thankfully gone are the tragic days of physical and mental emancipation on the cotton fields or slave ships, now we are enslaved with a subtle political correctness we so barely notice that we accept it as democracy……..
our music, hip hop culture has been used as the cotton field that enslaved the slaves of yesteryear and whats worse is the slaves of today have endorsed and glamorised this movement themselves, overall what im saying is hip hop is not dead it is in fact busy earning its slave masters billions of pounds/dollars whilst the onlookers twiddle there thumbs blaming everyone and thing but there own blindness……
we have freedom to see yet we look in the wrong direction, we have the strength to fight yet we fight amongst ourselves rather than the enemy, we have freedom to think alas we think of nothing but material gain and this applies to all walks of life so it is little surprise that hip hop has become a link in the chains we now happily wear as freedom and democracy……

Big Virge says ……

Worddddd !!!

Homeboy Sandman

Hell Razah ft. Ra the Rugged Man

On Tha Subject of that …. “REAL” Hip Hop …. A Pretty Cool Interview with Georgia Anne Muldrow & Declaime who are from, “Someothaship”

Article from :

LA natives Georgia Anne Muldrow & Declaime are a Hip Hop duo that incorporate funk, jazz, and blues to create an original sound influenced by forces from the spiritual realm or maybe another planet. It’s no wonder that their latest album is titled SomeOthaShip. The two met in ’05 and instantly fell in love with each other and each other’s music. Georgia is an aggressively outspoken woman with a soothing singing voice, {“She’s incredible. She’s like Flack, Nina Simone, Ella, she’s something else. She’s like religion.” – Mos Def} and Declaime can “get more conscious than a lot of rappers,” being a former pastor: “Ask how many conscious rappers eat a steak or two. They aint conscious. They love death by the hands of man.”

I was able to interview them right before they took the stage at Bumbershoot, but the two seemed less concerned with preparing for the show and more concerned with speaking their minds.

{Admittedly, I didn’t know anything about their music before the day that I met them. Actually, that’s probably the case for many of the crowd members too; people seemed to stop out of intrigue as they were walking by rather than because of any special intent to see them. But intrigue is maybe an understatement}

They’ve made it their mission to reverse the affects of the “hypnosis” that the “dumbed down” artists of today who “are alternate realities of themselves in order to be successful” have put on their audience, and to restore the true purpose of MCing {as an institution for people like Malcolm X and Fred Hampton to rise, according to them}. Now, I realize that Georgia Anne Muldrow & Declaime are by no means the first artists to come around with such an agenda. However, I’d never had a personal encounter with any two people who were so convinced of what they were saying, so determined to get their message out, and so open about the things that are often too “personal” to talk about. Declaime was not afraid to attack or criticize any rapper in the game. I guess that kind of fearlessness comes along with deep faith. Yet as I stood and listened to them talk {one simple question for these two leads to a lecture, but I was soaking up every second}, and as I examined Georgia’s afro and their all black, understated outfits, I couldn’t help but wonder how long this act would last.

By act I mean two things. The first is “act” in the sense of their actual work. It’s not an easy path to fame and success for the “conscious” artist. Either it’s the generally more soulful sound of this type of music that doesn’t appeal to the masses, or maybe people just like lyrics that sell them a dramatic fairytale rather than what’s real. Regardless, it’s not easy, and these two are on the fringe. If they were Republicans, they’d be Tea Party members leading a march on the White House. By “act” I also mean the characters that they put on. Every artist has to maintain a persona if they’re going to convince people to feel what they’re saying while they’re on stage. Sometimes it’s hard to know where that act begins and ends, particularly in a case like this. If you’re going to market yourself as something, then being the extreme of that something will definitely get you the most attention. How many artists have started out like Georgia Anne Muldrow & Declaime, and meant every word, and then sold out at some point on some level though? The future remains to be seen, but I can’t wait to find out if Georgia & Declaime remain true to the people that I met, or compromise for one of the million reasons that people often do. And if they do “keep it real,” will people keep listening?

Georgia & Declaime {taken by ashia}

Here’s just some of what they had to say to me:

Were you artists before you met?

Georgia: Yea. Dudley (Declaime) has an extensive catalogue of music that’s really groundbreaking if you look into it. Just google Declaime, and you’ll see. He’s got some amazing lyrics, amazing verses… amazing beats. All of that.

What are you bringing to Hip Hop?

Declaime: Truth! Something that’s needed.

Georgia: I think it’s a grown folks’ flavor that’s stripped of vanity. We’re not vain in the way that we rock it; it’s just straight from the heart. It’s something that I feel like is missing. It’s something that you find a lot in Folk music. It’s something that you find a lot in Blues music. It’s something that Hip Hop was founded on, but as it got corporate, it started turning into… how much you sound like someone else… how un-serious you can be.

When you plant a seed in the ground, it grows. It’s not even rocket science, it’s just like, be better. For people who may have taken alternate forms of survival, and they’re like “OK I’m gonna put that down so that I can do this rap music, because I can live longer doing this”, but then you’re just gonna talk about crack… It’s like well damn, that’s doing the same thing as putting rock into somebody’s lungs, but instead, you’re putting it into their brain. It’s still crack. How is that not crack? It’s just the same thing. My auntie told me, as soon as you imagine something, it exists, because you were able to visualize it. It exists then.

People constantly criticize the West Coast for lagging behind in this genre. What would you say to that?

Declaime: Well if you looked at the BET Awards this year, you’d notice that there were no basslines in the music. All of the music sounded like Techno-Pop or Electronic music, because the West Coast wasn’t there. We have music that has a feeling. There are basslines to it. There’s actual truth to the music. A lot of the cats on the West Coast, not these abstract rappers, I’m talking about the ones from the streets, really have something to say about what they had to go through on the West Coast. Some people may have lost their little sister in a drive by. There’s a lot of crazy stuff that happens. So I think about it like this… What we’re adding right now is compassion and an actual sight. We’re giving people a vision that they can actually look forward to themselves. Maybe they’ll see a brighter day. Music doesn’t have to be dark and tainted with demonic spirits. That’s boring now. That Lil Wayne stuff and all of those people on BET… BET needs to be checked by the Black civilization. They need to check these people who allow this coon music to go out there, because it’s a COONspiracy. Read the rest of this entry »

Yup, he’s back …. Mr. Alberthine on a certain …. Terry Waite …..

Terry Waite has made a dramatic plea to be reunited with the Islamic radiator that was central to his captivity at the hands of Jihadists in 1987, saying he was seeking sanctuary from the inclement weather conditions.

The plea comes as temperatures in Britain plunged to a day time low of -8 in some areas and this has seemingly flushed out the former hostage.

Waite now claims he would much rather spend winter with his previous captors, the Islamist Jihad Organization (IJO), who had sustained impeccably high temperatures all year round.

‘This cold is just too much for a religious nut like me. I seek my immediate re-capture. Please.’

‘These guys knew what they were doing. I had my shirt off twenty-four seven.’

‘I mean it was like the set of ‘Hawaii five-o’ in there. All that was missing was the plastic boobs and the box of Kleenex I would usually have with me when I was watching it.’

He went on to wax lyrical on the radiators merits.

‘The radiator was one of the best rendered I have ever come across.’

‘My stay sort of tarnished my radiator expectations for the rest of my life really, as any one I have encountered since has been a real let down.’

Waite, whose beard was later re-branded as camouflage for pest controllers culling badgers, disputes the 2010 conspiracy theory that his initial capture was down to chancers recognizing his beards potential in the omnivore field.

He says this claim was as a result of an over zealous journalist working on the principle that Beirut rhymed with Hirsute.

‘That story is total bollocks. The badger camouflage stuff was a much later development involving DEFRA.’

The IJO released a statement saying his return was impossible as the radiator is fully booked for the forseeable future under the name of Julian Assange.

written by Formelia Alberthine folks ……