So Happiness costs 2 Million eh Dave … ? … written by Big Virge 26/10/2010

Okay, well, that’s not quite true, but, it apparently costs 2 million or so to measure it !?!

Now this really is funny to me, not much makes me laugh these days but Dave has got jokes for reallll !!!

There’s something quite Obama like in this level of apparent compassion for people who are genuinely suffering now, it’s almost as if these guys really believe that their words and ideals are going to affect some positive change in people.

VAT is about to knock most of us sideways come the New Year, but hey, David & his cronies need to spend 2 million to measure the one thing that most people would find hard to define !!!

Why don’t you start by telling us, what makes you happy Dave ol’ chap ?

A nice night at the opera maybe ??? or a fine glass of vintage Champagne that costs a couple of hundred a glass ???

I mean, how cheeky is this, especially when the students are telling him what would make them happy, like say, investment of this 2 million to stop tuition fees going through the roof !!!

It truly is, as big a slap in the face to peoples’ suffering as I thought I was gonna see before the VAT increase next year, however, having watched a bit of question time, for the first time in ages, last night, I’d have to say that it is quite sad to think that even now, after all that has been shown to be the nature of the financial sector, that, money is again being touted as the thing that will give people happiness, in more than a few peoples’ minds.

I’ve expressed this before, money doesn’t provide happiness, happiness is a state of mind that resides in all of us. The marketeers & advertisers are the people who convince you that your PS3 or your Iphone, or your new flat screen will give you happiness. You can choose to embrace these things or find pleasure and happiness in having less that is material and more that is humane, or, spiritual let’s say.

Happiness can be found in the strangest of places, generosity from others makes people happy, in my experience. I was recently given a dinner of the cuff by a recently introduced acquaintance, who had no reason to share his food with me, but did so anyway, cheers Andrew, it was very very good !!!

The nature of people over here seems, less inclined to help others, apart from when told to by BBC or Charitable causes ….. hmmmm ….. ???

So, what makes English folk happy … ??? … putting down everything that’s not English, ahhhhh …. but, that’s probably a bit too honest to reach this, “Happiness Index”, which will be closely linked to the, wait for it ….. “National Wellbeing Project !!!”.

The Spirit of London Awards are tomorrow, a thing celebrating and hopefully, inspiring positivity in our youth, which warrants a mention in relation to what makes people happy, even if, these awards are actually a reminder of the Damilola Taylor murder some ten years ago.

The materialistic, fame driven ideologies which have infected much that the modern world represents, need to be redressed, for starters, in my opinion, and as England is not a, “Third World Nation”, one would have to suggest that this country has had as big a role as any, in promoting these superficial and monetary values which make the minority happy, while the majority are swept aside as if they are insignificant.

So, what is the reason for DC’s happiness drive ?

A moral wish to do right ? (hence my Obama comparison), or yet another smokescreen for what may be England’s new age movement into a third world type existence.

Time will tell but David needs to find something better to do with taxpayers money than to waste it on, establishing the things that he and his pals intend on denying the future generations of English people.

Happiness is not money people, happiness is merely a feeling, one like most others that can be fleeting or long lasting, depending more on your state of mind, than your financial state of well-being.

Don’t get this confused, the world has been built, predominantly, upon money, so, I’m not about to give mine away, neither should you people, but, recognise it’s place in the scheme of things, it should not and cannot define you !!!

As it has created a world of greed and material driven happiness, it can do the same in reverse, ask Bernie Ecclestone, who’s just been accosted by a group of individuals who are, in all likelihood, on the other side of those tracks.

Don’t let the pursuit of money become the thing that destroys this world folks, more importantly, don’t let Cameron and his 2 million fool you into thinking he gives a damn about those beneath his wealth bred happiness crew.

As I said earlier, the real 2 million pound question is ….. ???

What makes YOU and your rich pals happy David and what does that mean for the rest of us ….. ???

Think about it folks cos what’s about to come certainly is …. NO JOKE …. !!!!

Peace y’all and enjoy your weekends …… !!!

Be Happy …. Ha Ha …. !!!


So, what’s it like stateside … ??? … written by Big Virge 25/11/2010

So, the poor are seemingly on the receiving end over here, but, what about the the US under their new saviour, BO ???

Well, it does seem that, from the outside looking in, the levels of unemployment, the inaccurate assessments of much that surrounds current economic problems and the apparent Wall Street resurgence does seem to have the poor suffering more than perhaps was expected.

I really hate to rain on black folks parade, but, who amongst you, is getting a better deal now huh … ???

The soldiers amongst you … ??? … Those of you happy that you’ve got your token say in Congress, or the happily employed sports stars and actors making hay while you can ???

It’s an interesting time for people globally, black folks are being seen in a great many places that they weren’t seen before, however, the political commentary that is getting harder and harder to decipher for some seeds of truth cannot hide the levels of hardship that are encompassing millions globally.

Is that BO’s fault ???

Ofcourse not, I hear his supporters cry, why, who the F*** knows !?!

Is it fair to blame him for much that is now under his guidance and, “apparent”, control.

Well, I am more and more intrigued, the further into his term he goes, as to who is now speaking up for his leadership ???

According to many reports, the Wall Street brigade are the people most likely to be supportive of much that he’s done …. Hmmmm ……..

So, what percentage of Black Americans will be represented within that fraternity nowadays … ??? … more than previously for sure, but, and it is a BIG BUT, what does this mean for those beneath these monetarily driven individuals ???

I’ve just read an article that suggests that the impoverished are watching record profits for the Wall Street crew, leaving the poverty gap between the rich and the poor at it’s widest for …. errr hmmm …. 80 years !!!

Somewhat disturbing to think that in the 21st century, having the knowledge of economic failings of the past, that we are where we are today. Levels of unemployment in the US, apparently leaving at least 1 member in every 5 households looking for full-time work ….

In addition to this, now Ireland needs help, seemingly ahead of American people … ???

Well, much like commentary being made in England which hides a much tighter relationship than has ever been previously exhibited, Ireland’s economic stimulation would seem to require more urgent action than people living on the poverty line, who in essence, are, when working, the biggest contributors to economic stability and growth ???

As one of the worlds’ premier economies of recent times, much would seem to rest in BO’s lap, or, is it in the laps of those who so willingly supported his rise to office without thinking about who was paying for his rise and what that would mean upon his appointment to office. Certain calling cards that were waiting to be marked upon his appointment are now being called in it would seem.

I, like many people, was of the opinion that after GW, things had to get at least, marginally better ….

Unfortunately, as the poor get pushed further and further into corners, there are consequences that don’t seem to affect these so called leaders who continually claim to have the interest of the masses at heart.

Read between them lines at all times folks and look around you, assess things for yourself, don’t let rhetoric and those within the media be your guide, there is much that they hide.

Peace y’all

Big V

Poor People breeding …. How dare they …. !!! …. written by Big Virge …. 25/11/2010

Well, yet another public Faux Pas by one of Camerons’ recruits …..

Another Guardian comment feed …. The comments reveal much that reflects the general attitudes of the better off in this country ….

There’s quite a bit of indignation over some, straight, honest, articulated speech, shame that the media and the powers that be in this country has this idea that beyond these imbecilic ministers, they have the right to determine which of us can have that freedom to articulate our feelings openly and honestly.

It really is amazing how many people in this country, champion, openly honest sentiment when it comes from political ignoramuses.

Farrakhan has his version of the truth, not necessarily one I adhere to, but, funny how he couldn’t come here to express it.

I even see Darwinism being mentioned in peoples’ comments, as though eugenics was yet another wondrous theory to emanate from these shores’ great thinkers, kind of says a lot about these people.

It seems that the usual rules apply, double standards of the highest order when it comes to facing up to how honesty is interpreted.

The English in general, like the yankee doodles, can say, “what they like”, about, “who they like”, but, the moment anyone questions the ideals or attitudes of these two great peoples’ …. !!!

“Ooooh ….. How dare they !!!”

Well, personally, I think it’s about time we heard some of that, Enoch Powell type talk, come out of the mouths of these, “decent”, government chaps, so that we finally get a clear picture of who’s in their club and what the rest of us are about to receive, for which, ofcourse, we should be truly thankful !!!!!

The students seem to have decided already, more power to them I say, even if the majority are doing the whole, “horse bolted thing”, in this instance.

The disciplinary measures & apologies are merely a distraction from the fact that these individuals, (Clegg included) are on the same page as Cameron regardless of what spin they exhibit for the public to swallow, which in a great many cases, amazingly, they happily do ….. absolutely incredible !

So, let’s see exactly what this, “apparent”, new wave of protests brings, because from where I’m sitting, Guy Fawkes must be looking down on this country thinking, better late than never !!!

However, he may also be thinking that the masses of this country are about to get what’s long been coming to them ….

A harsh dose of reality, befitting of their apathy !!!

Laterzzzz folks ……


Some …. “Classic” …. Under The Radar, Old Skool Goodness …..

Simply Poetry in sound & motion ….

Enjoy ….


Another Tale of … “Ordinary’s” … fail …. written by errr hmmm …. an interesting young writer I’ve found out about called …. Formelia Alberthine …. Indeed ….. Def worth a read !!!

Enjoy folks …..

Audley Harrison has apologised to David Haye for hitting him with the only blow he landed during the first round of their World heavy weight Championship bout, at the M.E.N Arena in Manchester.

Harrison was contrite having thrown the straight left during his defeat by the reigning World Champion.

He told reporters, “You know, I had a game plan, and it went badly wrong. I hit him. I can’t believe I would do such a thing in front of all those people. I don’t know what they must of think of me.”

The south paw from Harlesdon was in no mood to defend himself and quickly gave into the complicitness of sweet surrender saying, “I really am sorry. To everyone who was watching, to my mama, sorry.”

“I don’t know what came over me, and to do it in the first round as well. I should have been able to hold my temper longer than that. I was out of order and I’d like to apologise to David Haye. It was unintentional.”

Audley Harrison apology ….

Harrison explained that the punching incident was why the Manchester crowd booed loudly for large parts of the fight.

“They saw what I did and really let me know they were unhappy with that punch, which is perfectly understandable – I was unhappy with myself.”

Haye, who only accepts apologies by fax, said he was surprised at the attempted punch from Harrison.

“His hand came towards me in slow motion. I thought time was standing still, but I quickly realized that it wasn’t time, but Harrison.”

Harrison has stated he will consider his future, but hasn’t ruled out a career training professional fighters how to avoid throwing punches.

Keep an eye out for more from this Alberthine dude !!!

Peace y’all

Women and Hip Hop ….. Hmmmm ….. written by Big Virge …. 18/11/2010

A response to :

Ooh, a good topic methinks, but a difficult one to quantify ?

Misogyny & Hip Hop, the longstanding issue ….

What is being misogynistic, lyrically speaking, words do not objectify women do they … ??? … not as much as actions do surely ?

It’s that same ol’ problem of women and their, uh hmmmm, “Selective Hearing & Vision !!!”

Videos with women shaking that ass, be they Hip Hop or Beyonce doing whatever she does, ally themselves to Misogynistic tendencies in a much more direct manner don’t they ???

Just a thought, so don’t shoot the messenger !!!

It is good to see women who now openly admit their liking of Hip Hop, but, let’s not forget how many were hating on the likes of Ice Cube, Dre & Snoop when they first came to public attention. They are now, in a great many cases, the very same women who are now the first to be buying tickets to go to their shows and get up front showing of their titties to garner some attention from these men they were so quick to criticise back in the day, when they weren’t loaded with money and fame okay !!!

It’s the usual rhetoric that worries me, what is Hip Hop seen as by the Average Joe … ???

50 cent, Jay Z, Lil Wayne and their ilk ???

Come on people please, do your research and delve a little deeper before passing judgement so quickly.

The lady who states that Jurassic 5 & Ugly Duckling are examples of what good Hip Hop is without all the Ho’s & Bitches stuff, is absolutely right in my view and there are many more groups & artists who are the legacy of groups like De La Soul & A Tribe Called Quest, like say, Pete Philly, J-Live or the Jazz Liberatorz & artists of their type who write from a much more socially conscious perspective.

As for female artists, as a huge fan of Hip Hop, I’m not gonna lie and act as though I have loads of female artists I could mention, but Jean Grae, Bahamadia, Boog Brown, as well as Georgia Anne Muldrew are serious female talents who do not get into the whole we hate men thing too tough, however, if they were to do it, would they be lying or wrong to do so ???

This is the real crux of any argument about what Hip Hop represents, it represents a lot of hype, as does much in modern society, but, beyond that hype, there is an awful lot of truth that is deemed as being, “Too Real”, to be heard by the masses, which in actual fact means, there is much being said in Hip Hop that is not supposed to become information that the masses are privy to.

Talib Kweli says it best, “These Record Companies keep telling me y’all stupid !!!”

Women are as much to blame these days for the sexist attitudes now being readily used to make money by many mainstream artists from all genres.

It is a double edged sword, Lily Allen gets loved for expressing her distaste for ex-boyfriends behaviour even though she’s worked with Common, a man who although, doing it in a very jokey way, has been known to show the harsh realities of street life for pimps and the women they push to do these ridiculously labelled, “Taboo”, subjects ???

Not so taboo now that we know everyone from Politicians to Sportsmen use women in this way.

Lapdancers have become major earners in the last few years and even the Neptunes who, i’m sure, many younger women would tell you they love have made money out of talking about lapdancers in particular.

Aren’t they Misogynists too then …. ???

It always pleases me when I hear women who say they like Hip Hop, because in some way, it indicates a sense of truth in them as well a sense of what’s real if they are listening to that, “Good Hip Hop”, which, is out there in shedloads nowadays.

If people would stop believing and following what the industry promotes as being Hip Hop then the ignorance that surrounds many peoples’ view of this incredible art form might finally be, less critical, and more open to the criticisms Hip Hop presents of society and the inequalities it reflects, when done with proficiency, honesty and eloquence.

Laterzzz people

I’m out.

On The Flipside however …. Floyd, it’s time to get this Mo’ Focker ON man … !!!! … written by Big Virge 14/11/2010

Well folks, each time I see this little man from the Philippines do his thing, it is an incredible experience, you fight fans know who I’m talking about, Manny Pacquiao has once again shown just how good a fighter he is by, basically, beating up, Antonio Margarito over 12 rounds in Dallas.

Seventy odd thousand people packed out the Cowboys Stadium for what was a titanic battle between a man much smaller than his opponent, who, was going for history, to win 8 different world titles !

Well, with all due respect to his achievement, right about now, who cares … !!!!!

The fact is that a Mayweather / Pacquiao showdown is the most eagerly anticipated bout since Hagler / Leonard for me, put all the also rans, Lewis’ etc aside, these two men need to get in the ring and give us a show because the abilities of both can, truly, only be fully tested by the other, in my opinion.

Margarito, for all his, apparent, previous antics, which got him into considerable trouble with the powers that be in boxing, put up a very brave performance, but was simply outclassed by the speed, accuracy and sheer force of will of this little man from the Philippines.

Pacquiao is a congressman and a clearly, very driven individual, who still manages to retain those qualities that show him to be a humble human being, even with, his amazing array of physical skills.

A family man who enjoys the company of his close friends and never seems to really stop, when it comes to his passions, is indeed, one of the most entertaining fighters to have graced boxing rings for quite some time.

Floyd, as brilliant as he is needs to now put up or shut up, blood tests etc, should now not come into it, if Manny is a cheat, then let’s find out, because, there is no greater feeling, in my opinion than beating someone who you knew was using an unfair advantage to try to get one over on you.

I at this point pass no judgement on manny’s refusal to take a blood test before fighting Floyd, but, would suggest that between the two of them, they need to cut through all the promotion bull and all the nonsense that is inevitably surrounding such a huge fight and find a way to make this happen !!!

Fellas, in a world of so much mediocrity and lowering standards, raise up the bar and give the people something, that, most of us want to see.

I said to my friend last night that if this fight ever comes to pass, the internet that night will be so busy with streams of that fight that the net may just crash.

As for money, could it be the first Billion Dollar fight … ??? …

Well, if their past performances are anything to go by, why not ???

C.R.E.A.M is the real deal sealer in this instance, and if the promoters have got any sense, they’ll find somebody to front up and get these two ring maestros in the ring sooner rather than later !!!!!

Fellas, do what you got to, but, “LET’S GET IT ON !!!!”

Fo Reeeeeeeeaaaaaalllllllllllllll !!!!!!!!!

Peace y’all & Have a good week wherever you are …….

Big V

If you needed any further proof, look no further than a fight – less “Ordinary” … ??? … Sorry that should be …. Audley …. written by Big Virge 14/11/2010

As life would have it, the timely removal of ol’ … “Ordinary” … Harrison from the seemingly void future of Heavyweight boxing by David Haye last night, confirms much of what I’ve written in my last post, the saddest part of this connection is that, “Ordinary”, is 39 years of age !!!

Truly unbelievable, two and a half rounds of nothing, then, the first semblance of contact to Audley’s glass jaw had him where, rolling around like a lost little boy after encountering his first nemesis at school.

When I speak about the the rise of denial in people and the lack of humility and logical thought in the generations following, I am clearly doing an injustice to the younger generation en masse, because, even the most arrogant youth has yet to exhibit such a complete lack of heart as, “Ordinary”, showed last night in the ring to me.

Having watched the fight with a good friend of mine who is, to my mind, a boxing connoisseur, I was quite amazed to hear him say that Haye may find that, “Ordinary” may cause him a problem or two prior to the fight !!!

Well, that idea was to be quickly short-lived as the one punch thrown by this rather sad figure of a man kind of depicts much that I hear and see in people of all ages and races these days.

A whole heap of big talk with very little if anything to back up that talk, in Mr. Harrison’s case, it is fair to say that, as a salesmen, he would surely prosper, as most mugs out there would clearly be willing to buy into his brand of rhetoric, but as the saying goes, talk is cheap and actions most definitely speak louder than words !!!

Even in his post-fight interview, the responses seemed to follow the delusional pathway that Barry Mcguigan had expressed in the studio some moments before.

This really is a trend that needs to stop, the hyping of oneself betrays an insecurity and a wish to be bigger than who you are, the humbling of a great many people would seem to be a very real part of the immediate future, myself included, but one thing I will not do is try to convince myself, first and foremost, of being anything more than I actually am.

A lesson that, “Ordinary”, and the likes of say, the Nick Cleggs’ of the future need to be more than mindful of.

Peace y’all and for all my criticism of you Audley, do yourself and all of boxing a favour and just accept that it ain’t for you and hang up your gloves once and for all brah.

Peace y’all

Big V

Conversations …. written by Big Virge 12/11/2010

It’s been a week of varying conversations, from young people in my extended family to people responsible for looking after your health, to the usual peeps within my social circle.

The wiser heads, bringing just that, wisdom, then ofcourse, the younger heads who invariably have a great deal to say that betrays a lack of aforementioned wisdom or logic, even though they will adamantly stand by their illogical ideals, why, well who knows ???

However, to blame them for following certain trends or ideoologies is, at best, somewhat dismissive of the reasons behind why many of our youth are so ebullient and in many cases, arrogant, to the point of over-confidence, in a great many cases now.

We, as in, their immediate elders, have to acknowledge that much that our youth have been fed is because of choices & compromises we’ve made from education to basic disciplines that many of us have abandoned in order to, “Fit in”, rather than, stand by the same things that our parents ensured were principles and values that we recognised as being important for pro-active development and progression.

We have a generation behind us, who, in many cases are genuinely, lost in translation, if you like. They have either become, deeply radicalised because of much that they have read, or, are very much on the other side of the fence, where, thought and consequences of actions means, little, if anything to them.

Then ofcourse, we have the, money will save and uplift you variety of youth, whose pursuit of the green is all encompassing and plays, in many cases, a major part in the reasoning behind the moves they choose to make and the motivation behind these said, “Moves”.

Destruction of their communities is part of the process of rebuilding them in some young minds, a very difficult subject matter to broach with youth who’ve seen the deterioration of their communities from their very early teens.

A distinct lack of community cohesion and abuses by authorities who have a …. “Holier than thou”, approach to supposedly helping them to progress, when much that is presented to them as an option, more often than not, slams the entrance door to progression right in their face.

All I can say as I listen to a tune called, “Think It Over”, by Elliot Ness & 9th Wonder, is, do exactly that, “THINK IT OVER”, before running your mouths, or, running your guns, or, running your drugs, their are natural causal affects for all these things, especially now !!!

The talk thing can get you killed equally as quickly as the other things mentioned can.

In actual fact, these are the blatantly obvious pitfalls, but, a great many things can get you into serious problems, so once again, “THINK IT OVER”, whatever you’re on.

As Erick Sermon said, If your hustle is gangsta, then do your thing properly, just like the original gangsta’s who wear suits and send innocent young men & women to their death while they’re safe & sound in their mansions and palatial surroundings, away from those who could and would cause them harm given the chance, much like Conservative HQ this week, “If you keep it real with the steal, y’all know the deal !!!”.

However, don’t represent that, if you know you’ve come from something very different and are just choosing that path to once again, “FIT IN”, cos as one of my younger peoples’ keeps saying, “You will get eaten by these *****rs !!!

A word which has also been a major part of many of my conversations this week, well, rather than argue a point that the rappers & emcees will defend to the hilt, as was expressed in many cases, in the movie,

“THE “N” WORD”, which I suggest, all you self-proclaimed, pro-black individuals sit down and take in, because there are many arguments for and against the usage of the word by black people in todays’ new age.

Well, to me Richard Pryor (RIP) said it best, having been to Africa and looking around, he quickly realised that there were no *****rs upon setting his eyes upon black people in Africa, a thing that changed his whole pysche to the extent that he vowed not to use the word in any of his comedic routines again.

Let me leave you with this, an excerpt from a book given to me by a white guy I know, cheers Malc … !!!

As it seems to be a conveniently forgotten part of the usage and meaning of this word, let me leave this for you to stew on, it’s easy to claim something when you weren’t the recipient of what it meant for those before you …..

from a book entitled –

“The Willie Lynch Letter and The Making of A Slave”

published by Lushena Books in February 1999

“We breed two nigger males with two nigger females. Then we take the nigger males from them and keep them moving and working, Say the one nigger female bears a nigger female and the other bears a nigger male. Both nigger females, being without the influence of the nigger image, frozen with an independent psychology, will raise their offspring into reverse positions. The one with the female offspring will teach her to be like herself, independent and negotiable

(we negotiate with her, through her, by her and negotiate her at will).

The one with the nigger male offspring, she being frozen with the subconscious fear for his life, will raise him to be mentally dependent and weak, but physically strong-in other words, body over mind. Now in a few years when these two offsprings become fertile for early reproduction, we will mate and breed them and continue the cycle. that is good, sound, and long range comprehensive planning.”

Now, those of you who know me will recognise why I’ve put this up, not to blame all white people for anything other than what they know to be true about a large portion of their heritage.

I’ve done it, more importantly, for us as black people of the modern age to do what …… ??? ……

Well, when it comes to what we know to be true, feel is true, or have read as being an accurate account of, “HIS – Story”, and what that means for, what and who we are today …..

I say ……


Peace, blessings & guidance y’all

THINK IT THROUGH people ….. just ….. THINK IT THROUGH …….


Quite a week …. !!! …. written by Big Virge 12/11/2010

What’s up people … ???

Well, clearly, quite a lot if London is anything to go by !!!

I, like many these days in that 40+ bracket am having enough health issues to make you think, what is the Fooking point … !!! … but hey, there are always people worse of than you right ???

Many, who are prepared to do what they feel they need to in order to get their point across ???

Evidently, everyone from Jensen Button to the Conservatives of London have found that out this week, Button faced kidnapping and quite possibly death in Sao Paolo and finally some sense of resistance from people in London, even if it is the student populous who’s doing it, one has to wonder who will be next to show a level of frustration in the manner some students & others have ???

Well, the English Defence League certainly showed that they aren’t afraid to get into it with the Po Po when standing their ground against the Muslims Against Crusades group, quite violently … !!! .. to the point where their leader Stephen Lennon of Layham Drive, Luton, has been charged with assault !!!

Impressive !!!

This leads me to the barrage of interviews and questions regarding the student protests in London, it was the Newsnight interview with a couple of student leaders and Lib Dem, Simon Hughes, that caught my attention when Mr. Jeremy Paxman decided to attack one of the student leaders for, “Invading”, the Conservative Headquarters in London.

What, was that like the army Invading Iraq Jerry ol’ chap … eh … ???

I’ve always liked his combative style with both MP’s and general, seemingly, influential/important people, but the general vibe of where he sits in the scheme of the whole, “them and us scenario”, seemed a little more pro-conservatism and much that they & their new-found Lib Dem friend are now representing.

Don’t get me wrong folks, media presenters and writers in general are predominantly of a certain allegiance in my opinion, but, it was more evident in him than I’ve ever seen before, it seemed as though he really was incensed about the violence that erupted in London which is fair enough. However, not when the reasons behind why this has occurred can so clearly be linked to much that has passed before, which is clearly related to the most recent, “Invasion”, by British Troops into Iraq & Afghanistan, off the back of GW’s call to arms after 9/11, which has clearly become an area of discussion filled with lies and rhetoric, which in effect has defended the actions that have in many ways brought global economies to their knees in the majority of cases.

It just wreaks of hypocrisy, the way the media in general twist and turns to suit the position of the powers that be.

Invading peoples’ homelands and lives is hardly comparable to the encroachment, which is a more suitable word, in my view, for what occurred at Conservative HQ.

As one of the student leaders stated, windows can be replaced and probably will be, at the expense of the taxpayer in this case, but lives are not Jeremy, just remember that okay.

I am neither condoning nor condemning what happened as these double standards about where violence is acceptable have no place in my thinking, violence should never be necessary, full stop, but, you know what, as governments and those who lead them seem to be able to validate the use of it, then surely as they are just human beings with flaws like everyone else, then hey, people lose their cool too and in some cases, maintain there cool to such an extent that they, eventually, lose that cool, which in many cases leads to violence being the only resort they feel they have left as an option.

Attack peoples’ pockets as governments in this country have repeatedly done for many years after promoting the idea that money can make you happy & comfortable, then it makes basic sense that people will feel backed into a corner and fight back if they have any self-worth.

It is clearly, either a worrying time or a time for silent celebration depending on which side of the fence you’re on.

The choice is yours people …. choose wisely now ….

Peace y’all

Big V