Yup, my chit is back up …. An absolute HIT !!! “Crazy”, just don’t touch this !!!

Yeah Yeah … you, “so – called”, ladies, know who you are …. !!!

Great track from Mr. Cee Lo


With a, “FUCK YOU”, from me too !!!!!

Kevin Hall yo …. A, “Must Watch”, for you Hip Hoppers out there !!!

Maaannnnggg, Kev’s got jokes. but on a serious one ???

Can you really disagree with him … ???

Well, purely as I don’t listen to Wayne, it’s not right for me to criticize, but, there has to be something in this that just seems odd ….. !?!

Kev’s on it though, funny as hell, but, some real straight talk in my opinion ….

Take a look people ….

What’s going on y’all …. What’s going on …. !!!???!!!

All I can say is …. Wow …. !!!

Krs-One & Lil Wayne …. !!! ….

Hmmmm …. Wot to say, well for a change, yup, I’m speechless.

Hip Hoppers, wot say you ???

Canibus has already started on Kris, how many others will side with him working the Wayne ???

More to follow ….

Is Ms. P really that bad … ? … Well, she “Pales In” …. comparison to who has left and what could of been … ??? … written by Big Virge 8/9/2010

Is she not the female version of good ol’ GW … ???

She’s just, moderately better looking and clearly more suited to articulating her thoughts in public !?! LoL

Come on people, we are in a time where it’s clear that politicians of the new age are just laughable.

Obama, as seriously as many people have taken him, would still seem to be a pawn of much greater powers, doesn’t he ???

From Blair to the current coalition something we have in the UK now, these politicians are much of a muchness, so, Mrs. P’s milfesque qualities are at least somewhat easier on the eye than John McCain’s would have been and she definitely has something three stooges like about her.

She would of worked as the first female stooge now wouldn’t she ???

In all seriousness though, as a figurehead for much that represents irrational governance, anyone who spouts as much nonsense as she seems prone to, should not, I repeat, SHOULD NOT … !!! … EVER … !!! … be given the reins to a country with as much influence as the US, GW showed us what can happen when her male counterpart got in charge.

We’re …. where we’re at now …. !!! …

Need I say anymore …. !!!

As I’ve said before, give her some of that Wesley Pipes black dick and I’m sure she’d chill out and use her mouth for something more beneficial to her well-being and, hopefully, in the end, ours !!!

Jus kidding folks, don’t get it twisted yeah …. LoL ….

It’s P.E. Day people … !!! … Another classic track from P.E. !!!

Just an incredible track …. !!! ….

Emcees at the top of their game over their version of Dennis Brown’s, “REVOLUTION”.

If you don’t know, then it’s time you did … !!!!!

It don’t get any realer than this … !!!!!

The time to stand up is … NOW … !!!

The time for sitting on fences is done !!!

Stand firm y’all


Big V outtie.

It still applies today whether you wanna believe it or not …. Tha Full 7minute Version … !!!!

An absolute classic !!!!!

Great video too …. !!!

The fight never ends …. Believe it … Before you feel it … !!!!!

Peace y’all

Still Bringing It & Coming Correct with Beats & Lyrics … !!! … The Mighty “P.E.”

Feelin’ this track !!!

SPEAK IT AS IT REALLY IS PEOPLE …. !!!! …. For Reeeaaaallll !!!!

Peace y’all


As for my view, well, here’s some Big V thoughts on, shhhh …… “Ground Zero” ….. written 7/9/2010

I really haven’t followed this much, because, somehow, in my psyche, this just isn’t happening is it !?!

This is clearly, as contentious an issue as there could be in the run up to September the 11th 2010.

One has to wonder as to the reasoning behind constructing a Mosque/Muslim centre or whatever on the site of, “Ground Zero”.

On the back of his meteoric rise to fame and his appointment to the Whitehouse, is this meant to appease the Muslims, who, his soldiers are fighting and killing in Afghanistan, or, is he just trying to flex his Presidential muscle to prove a point ??? If so, to whom, exactly ???

Are Muslims feeling good about this or not, well, from his illustrious position, it might seem all good to him, but in terms of the average Muslim walking the streets of New York, what does it mean for them and how they are treated and looked upon ???

As for white middle America & those above, this surely is unsettling and disturbing for them. Hopefully not, but, if Palin and her ilk are anything to go by, this is, seemingly, only fuelling thoughts of division & separatism, to the extreme, amongst their ranks.

Thankfully as I neither reside in New York, or, am a Muslim, I’ll never know, but, if this move is supposed to create some harmony, well, pigs & flying immediately comes to mind.

The test of the goodness of this move would be his appearance at the site this week, but, the indication of his going to the Pentagon instead, wreaks of something worse than his initials could ever represent.

Regardless of your position on 9/11, conspiracies etc, this is a place where innocent people lost their lives or have been traumatised for life in many cases because of their relation to this event.

The thought that this is gonna fuel some kind of unity, bonding or whatever, between people is, truly beyond me !!!

If this is his way of proving his Presidential standing and influence, then, he needs to be at Ground Zero come 9/11. His non-appearance will betray some kind of falseness regarding his support for this project.

I really hope for America & the worlds’ sake, he knows what he’s doing, because, if he’s being led or driven to do this, there may be repercussions that none of us are prepared for.

Peace be with you people, because what happened in New York should not be one of continued disagreement and arguments, but one of peace, unity & harmony, however unachievable or difficult it may seem to reach.

Peace y’all

I’m out.

Simply …. Ground Zero …. !!!?!!! …

Late on this one because, somewhere in my psyche, it was like, this really can’t be happening … !!!

As for Palin, what planet is she on though … really … not one that dissimilar to BO and his advisors on this one clearly … !?! …

Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t affect me either way really, but still, Muslims & Americans is coming like dykes & a dildo, as the old Em would say, the combination of the two makes very little sense !!!?!!!

Peace be with you people, especially when it comes to this …. !!!

But, I thought exam results over the last few years in the UK reflected a generation of Einsteins and economic skilled saviours for our future … ??? … written by Big Virge 7/9/2010

“Putting public resources into university education also paid off in bringing in extra tax revenues, it argued, calculating that on average, a man with a degree would bring in $119,000 (almost £77,500) in income taxes and social contributions over his working life than one who had only school-level education.”

from : https://www.guardian.co.uk/education/2010/sep/07/education-graduation-oecd-university

Is it me or does this reflect a less than positive attitude to educating people !?!

We are but commodities eh, whilst we can work …. ???

However, more importantly, isn’t this an interesting situation for universities to be in when all we’ve heard about in regard to exam results over the last few years has been reflective of exceptional standards and pass rates being attained by students !!!

Any alarm bells ringing …. !!!???!!! ….

Having just read a chapter in the book Freakonomics, which details how teachers in certain US states were, basically, cheating to ensure that their students grades met government standards because jobs would be lost otherwise, it does make you wonder, doesn’t it ???

Well, it definitely does me, with all the things we’re beginning to see as, agenda driven, government policies, it does seem a little strange that these stats exist when, recent results below University level suggest a trend of literate, numerate students coming out of schools.

Hmmmm …. employers still seem to be complaining about a lack of quality candidates for jobs, yet immigrants have to be incredibly skilled to come here ???

I deal with young people quite a lot here and in my dealings with them, there are a few who are clearly capable and intelligent. This though, exposes the lack of motivation and basic abilities in their peers, who are far from what I’d call graduate material.

Much of this is due to a lack of faith in much that the system represents for them once they are fully qualified, if they are lucky enough to get into a good university without being in debt for the rest of their working lives.

Many of these youngsters do not have Mummy & Daddy to fall back on while they study.

Hence we go back to …….

“Putting public resources into university education also paid off in bringing in extra tax revenues, it argued, calculating that on average, a man with a degree would bring in $119,000 (almost £77,500) in income taxes and social contributions over his working life than one who had only school-level education.”

If this is how they’re/we’re viewed, how motivated are our students of the future gonna be ….. ??? ….

Teach your children well before they become misguided puppets of a system built to control them …..

Laterzzzz y’all

Big V