How you feeling bout yours’ these days … !?! … written by Big Virge 31/08/2010

Work is clearly becoming a real pain for a great many people, but are things getting worse, or do you think things will get better once the recession ends ???

Well folks, get used to the tedium and stress of working in todays’ age as it’s clear that the powers that be have always wanted it this way.

The reason jobs are getting worse is simply because people are too willing to accept rather than challenge over here !!!

I could end it there, but, as a man whose work is seen as rebellious, it is a subject that interests me in this country.

I previously worked in the entertainment business, when a level of freedom still remained in how you went about your working day.

The funny thing is that even with my very laid back attitude, it was apparent that there really were, numerous people in positions that they shouldn’t of been in, who didn’t like seeing me work in the way I did, because they could see that, once fully aware of my duties, it was evident that I was more than competent at my job.

The, “YES men and women”, who sat around with thousands of emails unread, always had a meeting to go to, never did any actual work, because those of us beneath them were continually picking up the pieces of their mistakes without getting any credit.

Thus, technology came in to take the place of the workers and the idiots became button pushing clones.

The British Philosophy to work is one of titles, complexes and power trips.

I mean, who else would think that having a window seat was a mark of your status and abilities in an office !?!

It is an extremely English thing to be more worried about, how, and, who you’re seen with, rather than, being seen as a worker who benefits the team/corp/company.

The thinkers are constantly told to be quiet while the robots just follow with leash in hand.

So, slavery, X crapper and, in terms of sporting prowess, the lack of creativity under times of extreme pressure is very reflective of working practices here, that, inevitably show cracks when they’re not supposed to. Prevention is not something many companies embrace here, which is why, this time around, things could get really bad.

The next generation of workers, the university grads have become filled with ideas that their qualifications make them ideal employees of the future, but, as many of their elders now point out, book skills do not make you competent when you have to deal with and work with people in the real world. We have a very arrogant and actually, poorly qualified generation behind us, who, in many cases, cannot be bothered to actually take pride in what they do, because getting their money is pretty much all they care about.

Who can blame them ???

It’s either that, or they become company jobsworths’, because, being anything else makes you into some kind of bad person in the eyes of family and peers.

School is where it starts, you’re not supposed to step out of line or you’re put in the corner and left there. From a working perspective, it’s the same, to actually have an idea that breaks with traditional practices has the rest of the office treating you like an alien.

“Why can’t he just shut up and be like the rest of us !!!”, is usually the cowards line.

Well, those who chose to polish their leashes are about to feel the pinch hard, as working hours become longer and jobs become more regimented and less creative, those who thought it was wise to fall in line will be, either, the ones at the front of the dole line, or, they’ll be the ones complaining the most about their lot.

The union system was again, somewhat of a sham, and will slowly deteriorate, leaving people with hardly any choices when it comes to affecting or challenging working policy.

The idea that British Industry was ever a force to be reckoned with seems unbelievable when you asses the state of the employment minefield now.

Without the immigrants who, again, more often than not, chose to be slaves to the system willingly, where would British Industry be huh ???

I went through six years at my previous job without going to a meeting until a couple of months before I left, I immediately challenged practices that proved how the management were hindering the subordinates from providing the services promised to the customer.

Upon my speaking out, it was clear that other members of that meeting, who were regular attendees, finally realised that, what was obviously wrong should not be ignored because it was due to management failings.

I was told after the meeting by a couple of the girls in the meeting, “Thanks V, you were right and it’s about time that things like that were said and the loafers with the company cars and all the perks were told to pull their finger out !”.

The beautiful part of that story is that by the time the frustrations and pressures had really set in, I had left.

Two years later, the company became a victim of this apparent recession.

The Rise of the Machines begins ……

Laterzzz y’all …….

Have fun at work tomorrow !!!

Dead Prez down with 50 Cent & Soulja Boy …. !!!???!!! …. Most Interesting …. def worth a look ….

A most interesting interview from these two …..

Not sure that I’m in agreement with their responses to the questions, but, definitely, very interesting considering their lyrical content on their, “Let’s Get Free” album ……

Peace y’all

Summertime …. ahhhhhh …….

Dead Prez y’all …. this is Niccceee !!!!

Enjoy ….

Find more videos like this on The Kingdomz X

Peace y’all

Immigration to be capped … ??? … Hmmmm ….. written by Big Virge 27/08/2010

Yawn Yawn, it’s that time again is it ???

Let’s blame much that currently hinders this countries progression on the immigrants …. ya ya ya …..

Vince Cable always interests me, he seems to represent a sense of logic in a party that has allied themselves to one of corporate right whingers who profess to have the masses interests at heart when we’ve all seen that historically, cheap immigrant labour suits them.

However, it now no longer amazes me how the populous of this country, be they, ignorant, hateful Daily Mail sorts or supposed open minded free thinkers always have so much to say about immigration policy.

Well, looking at the cricket today, South African Immigrants are OK, Aussie Immigrants, yup, seem ok, the Poles get a hard time media wise, but realistically, until they cause any serious problems, they are, again, okay really but when it comes to Somalians and those from Zimbabwe and I’d suggest, those Africans of West Indian extraction, there always seems to be some kind of reason why their request to come in needs to be scrutinised a little closer.

So, from a Zimbabwe perspective, Mugabe has done right by this country then presumably ???

Funny that ….. actually, it’s not, but very few who comment seem willing to explore the colour issue within this whole immigrants debate, be they skilled or otherwise.

The interesting thing about modern England is the volumes of mixed race babies that seem to be on the rise, be they in a solid relationship or outside of one.

The, “TOLERANT”, nature of this country and it’s attitude to immigrants is still somewhat confusing and all the under the surface racism is still deemed to be a chip on the shoulder thing because, “that just doesn’t happen anymore !!!”.

Nick Griff was on this kind of talk and was hung out to dry for expressing it publicly. Now that Cameron and his trusty version of Tonto, Cleggy, coat it in statistics and skills debates, it’s acceptable to believe that caps may well be a requirement ???

As ever, this idea of tolerance is an incredible thing, it would seem fair to say that, inept and often, unacceptable policing, extortionate price rises and the prospect of ridiculous inflation rates are all tolerated, as are mainly, non-white immigrant groups.

So who’s stealing whose jobs, isn’t it the extended family of the Brits who have happily become immigrants in countries all over the world, where no such debates or issues were thrown up upon their arrivals.

Many of these countries nationals are out of work because of English migrants, but it’s okay for them right … ???… especiaily in the likes of the West Indies and African countries that still retain some sense of colonialism in their thinking and leadership !?!

It’s just the same ol’ same, double standards and tolerance for non-white immigrants rather than acceptance and welcome, as invariably is the case for white immigrants.

It still seems to be the order of the day, unless it benefits the pockets of the wealthy.

Come on people, these divisive debates really need to be put to bed, but honesty in regards to these issues should not be seen as a problem.

It’s time for honesty …. F**k being P.C.

Laterzzz y’all

My final words on this …. are these …..



Internet addiction, part of human progression, or a serious problem … !?! … written by Big Virge 25/08/2010

Now, here’s a good subject area for me to be writing about, especially as I’m doing it online, from my website !!!

As we move further into technological oblivion, those of us who are, lucky enough … ??? … (not sure about that) to be able to afford and avail ourselves with internet access are becoming more and more disconnected from what goes on, outside of our, seemingly connected existence online ???

That whole paragraph confirms to me the fact that the internet has many of us bamboozled by our supposedly new connectivity to the world and our friends and family.

I read an article today about the rise in sexually transmitted diseases amongst the 18 – 24 year old age group, specifically, and the possible reasons behind this seemingly, progressively, upward trend. Many reasons were cited except, strangely enough, the usage of the web for young people to find, no strings attached, sexual partners.

Now, I know grown men who are using the net for that, and as we all know, sex is the oldest profession, and is the thing most of us need on a regular basis, especially when you’re young. The internet would seem to have inspired an addiction to promiscuity ???

Too far fetched for ya … ??? …

Well let’s dress that idea down a few pegs and look at social networking sites. Now, I don’t mind a bit of twitter from time to time, but Myspace, Bebo and Facehook, sorry, “book”, have never interested me, nor do they now.

The idea of having every last thing about my current state of being, being available for every focker whose life lacks enough substance of their own, to want to know my business, disturbs me somewhat !!!

As an artist, I hear all the artists cry, “But it helps to get connected to people who could help further your artistic aspirations !!!”.

Well, I really hope so y’all, because the amount of talent shows on TV would kind of lead my thinking in a different direction. As I’ve said before, the rules remain the same, to get the kind of fame most ego driven artists want, the media machine does need to be the thing that drives your art and face into peoples’ hearts and minds.

For those who’ve used the myspace machine to get to where they want to be, all I can say is, more power to ya, but I bet that the majority have found it to be a means to meet peeps and maybe artists on a similar page, but, would guess that, in essence, progression hasn’t been as marked as they might have hoped upon signing up.

The point I’m making, is that, in terms of addictions, it is the being online that’s become an addiction for many people, be it to download, to stream, or just to find out information from a source that probably isn’t even that reliable.

The fact that much that is extortionately costed has a, lesser, or, “FREE” tag attached to it once it’s online, is also a factor contributing to consistent online usage, even though, it’s clearly, “NOT”, free as connection/line rentals have to be paid in most cases.

As a bit of a technophobe, even I have become caught up in much that I would happily of criticised when the net became popular.

It is a worrying trend, because, being without your laptop or online availability does expose your need for it quite quickly. I’ve been without my laptop for the last few days and was keen to hear when I’d get it back so that I could download something, or, stream a movie.

The funny part is that, now my laptop has come back, one of my first loves, playing music is not functional and i’m pissed about it, however, I can’t do anything about it as it’s mainly to do with the new hard drive I’ve bought that’s supposed to work wirelessly.

So, in my opinion, it’s not just being online that’s become addictive, but our usage of anything deemed to be the new lick in technological advances that many have become addicted to. The article I read that inspired this blurt is this one …. Read the rest of this entry »

More madness in Brazil … !!! … written by Big Virge 25/08/2010

How’s this … ? …

Amateur football match in Brazil, ref blows for a foul, next thing you know, player decides he’s not happy with the decision, kicks the ref and a fight breaks out.

Okay, I’m guessing that in football, worse things happen, however, in this instance, this leads to the, said players brother, attacking the ref … !!! … only to be stabbed to death while his brother ends up being injured by the ref who has, by now, decided, he should go on the run !!!

Now that’s some passionate amateur ballers !!!!!

Maybe Dunga needed to take that ref to the World Cup, as his team advisor, there’d be no problem motivating his team with that kind of guy in his backroom staff !!!

Nothing funny about this though folks !!!

No game or sport should ever come to this, composure is a gift many claim, but, very few possess, ask Wayne Rooney !!!

Try using it, your life should be worth more than winning a game, because, loss of life means exactly that, YOU LOSE !!!

I hope to be in Brazil soon …… Hmmmmm …… that should be interesting !!!!

Laterzzz y’all

Nature flexing it’s muscles … Whoa … !!!

With all the flooding, earthquakes & tsunami’s of recent times, this is pretty damn amazing as well as being, somewhat scary !!!

The power of nature should never be dismissed !!!

As the digital age progresses, Is the, “Business”, aspect of music in decline and how is it affecting artists ….. ???? ….. written by Big Virge 19/08/10

Live shows are the way for new artists to make money right about now, over the last few years, it is clear that many artists are even resorting to selling and signing their CD’s at gigs to generate some kind of revenue.

Genres may dictate different buying trends, classical and jazz music fans would, I’d imagine, be easier to sell to than your average Hip Hop fan, downloading is not necessarily a bad thing for the industry. Having previously worked for the biggest distributor of music before it all went digital, it was evident, how manipulative, the industry people were.

The internet and digital movement of music really affected the artists and genres of music that the music buyers in the business threw away as unmarketable.

The advent of X crapper shows would have been pretty close to the MP3 age, thus, the only musicians and artists who subsequently have made good money and continue to flourish are those who have record company support, which includes protection from piracy as well as huge media support and advertising campaigns to ensure that the average Joe and their average Joe kids buy their work and go to their shows.

Music has always been a hard business for the real artists and musicians to make money from, because the business prevails and inevitably, dictates, when artistic freedom can be expressed.

How many artists from back in the day have these incredibly classic tracks that never got onto mainstream album releases … ? … more than many would believe. True music fans will tell you this all day long.

The advent of online file sharing was not, in my opinion, something that, those, at the top of the business, were not prepared for.

Many may have become disillusioned because they realised that change was coming which meant that those who weren’t willing to toe the Simon Cowell line would be removed without a second thought.

However, they to me, designed their own fate by refusing to push music that was not fashionable until it was made fashionable by those on the street who stayed true to the artform of making music that reflects more than a band that has been manufactured to please the eye rather more than the ear.

The generation who’ve grown up not buying music are also those who’ve grown up in a world of 9/11’s 7/7’s and a global recession, so, once again, I would suggest that the design of downloading was made for them, as record shops slowly died and the whole shopping experience becomes an online one, it’s only logical that those with thin pockets would find ways to get what they want without having to empty those, already thin pockets.

Look at the genres that are prevalent, as opposed to those you’d probably hear in most car stereos and you’ll see what I mean.

The hard stuff is being rocked in homes and cars but not in radios, unless they are online radio stations right ???

The garage & techno boys, just like the reggae and Hip Hop guys are having to find new ways to get money, the music part as Lauryn Hill said is still enjoyable to them, but, the business part is exactly that, business.

It is unreasonable to suggest that the music business hasn’t been streamlined somewhat from the days of huge expense accounts for stars selling mass volumes of their Records & CD’s, but, in the same way that many artists have later claimed that they didn’t receive what they were due, the new crop of artists will tell you that the business now has more control of them, which, avoids that problem because they are what they want them to be from the beginning of signing that dotted line and putting your X in the crapper.

The problem is that many youngsters who claim to be true artists quickly become frauds to join the X crapper fraternity.

At the end of the day artistry will always be available, but the business and those who embrace that aspect of the medium, inevitably prevail from a materialistic perspective.

However, true artists are not about girls, bling and all that nonsense.

So, in essence, as this manufactured phase starts to really wear thin, maybe the business will have to accept that what the people want is more beneficial to them, than, they currently deem it to be.

Well, that’s my hope anyway …..

Laterzzz y’all …..

A subject close to my heart …. Is your mother close to yours … ??? … written by Big Virge 18/08/2010

Residential care for your mum …. ??? …. what would you choose … ???

The idea of putting Mum or Dad in a home is seemingly as acceptable as terrorist searches and police harassment of people in England right about now.

“It’s not necessarily right but, it’s gotta be done really hasn’t it”, seems to be the general philosophy !?!

As a man who has literally just put my mother to rest in her place of birth which, thankfully, was elsewhere, the idea of her being in a residential care home in England not only made me feel, sick to my stomach, but, somewhat disturbed by the attitude of people in local authority offices, as well as the employees in some these so-called care homes.

It is something I saw as a child here and many comedians now talk about the lack of respect within white family households.

Generally speaking, the idea of telling mum or dad to F… off was not an option in mine or many of my friends homes, but, in English homes, yup, that was cool.

So, it only correlates that in later life, these children are unlikely to even consider caring for, that now, elderly version of the parent who they so readily disrespected in their youth.

My Barbadian upbringing made me recognise the value one should place upon your elders, especially your mother, as you only get one !

The values within English society actually seemed to have left such a deep imprint on my father that he, rather callously, walked as soon as the prospect of having to care for his wife became a reality.

The sad thing is that the thing he was most scared of, being looked after by strangers, may well now be a distinct possibility, after having had 3 strokes this year.

My point is that it seems to be very culturally acceptable to put your elderly parents into residential care here.

Even Peter Kay made an advert about it, which although, funny, shows the ironically cold mentality of many people here regarding family, put the pic up of Dennis Taylor and send mum off to a home.

Looking after mum or dad in the face of much that appears to be coming, in terms of economic cuts, is going to prove very difficult for a great many people.

More importantly, what these cuts will show is a lack of interest from those in government to treat the elderly who’ve paid taxes and worked and fought proudly for this country in many cases, with anything more than disdain for their efforts.

The bottom line is that once you cannot generate or create revenue as an elderly individual in England, you are of little value to the country and those who run it.

I remember when my mum died in 2004, hearing a girl who dealt with my mother’s rehabilitation work say, “I hope you don’t mind me saying this, but the way budgets are being slashed, the help your mother was previously receiving was going to stop shortly anyway, so the best thing that could of happened for her was her passing”.

Indeed, a sad indictment on much that represents the well being of elderly mothers and fathers of the future.

Think about it people, education of our children to value their parents and more importantly to recognise what the aging process does to us all is vital to future generations. No-one is immune and remember … !!! … ministers who keep talking about helping communities and other rhetoric, will not be there when your mum NEEDS YOU to do all the things she once did for you.

Once a man/woman ….. twice a child

No words hold any more truth than those.

Stay good and look after yours while you still have her !!!

Fake or True … ??? … either way, it’s pretty clear that Fed’s is the Dude !!!

Lot’s of debate on this one, camera trickery etc, but, this is pretty fooking cool even if it is fake, but, Fed’s has got them skills, make no mistake …. !!!

Fed’s is definitely …. The Man !!!

Enjoy …..