A change of scenery written by Big Virge 24/07/10

Yo Yo …. what’s crackalackin peeps ???

Still here in Beautiful Barbados …. and bwoooooy is it beautiful !!!

It’s just one place where you afi tek time with tings & ppl !!!

I’ve stepped up my game now folks … !!! … Up in di rasshole Hilton pon the exec floor … !!! … Yup i’m still in the south near to Bridgetown with an incredible view of the island by day and by night !!!

Six floors up in an already elevated building doing it fancy style folks !

Getting all kind of looks from both staff and guests … !!! … Especially the exec skunthole dem who are clearly in complete shock upon seeing me get up close & personal in their supposedly exclusive zone.

You know the deal folks, don’t watch no face, I only up in here cos of some good ppl up in this beeeaattcchhb !!!!

Big thnx to Mr. Chase & Prince back home caw di hook up is nice as rasshole up in this piece hear !!!

However, 4 a rasshole Hilton I want to know how the bath is so small and shallow … Dem coming like a paddling pool for new borns !!! Read the rest of this entry »

So will those harassed be compensated !?! Not bloody likely !!! Written by Big Virge 8/7/10

So how’s this?

It would seem that according to European Law, the stop & search powers being used under terrorism laws in England are and have been unlawful !!!!!

Nice one for the heads up … !!! … lawmakers of Europe, when did you realise !???!

The section 44 law which Blair and his cabinet stressed as being vital to the nations’ security was just some dictatorial form of well, basically infringing on peoples’ civil liberties …. Hmmm interesting that, as one would have to suspect that Muslims and young black males were being, well, basically harassed under the premise of some bogus law !!!

NICE !!!

So many people were adamant that such powers like this and “Shoot to kill”, were totally necessary, especially if you had nothing to hide.

So, now that it has come to light that under European Law these searches were unlawful, how many who supported such legislation will look in the mirror and acknowledge their ignorance and blind stupidity.

These are probably the same bods who are now suffering because the economic downturn has caught them with their nostrils wrapped around fifty pound notes instead of in literature that might awaken their dumb asses to the possibility that those who told them to fear terrorists were in fact the people to fear.

Individuals who were lining their pockets while ensuring that bigots eyes were turned towards easy targets, immigrants & Muslims in particular. Read the rest of this entry »

Breaking even eh …. Okay …. Written by Big Virge 5/7/2010

Waddup peoples ?

Just read an article on the issue of financial management issues within the black community in the US.
Apparently the wealth gap between black and white families in the US is 4 times as wide as it was some 30 years ago.

An interesting statistic when looking at the amount of black faces in media and government particularly.

The article I read states that black women are becoming more conscious of the need to save and are now taking and setting up classes to pass this pearl of wisdom on.

Well, as i’ve said before and as Biggie rightfully said more money more problems !!!

There is something that runs deeper like our inability to manage everything from our personal relationships, that is, having children without assessing the pro’s and cons of the person who we sleep with, a somewhat invonvenient part of the scenario but, one that is massively important in terms of much more than financial stability.

After all, children cost money as do failed relationships, but the costs are not just financial, what about the amount of men of all colours who lose their freedom or even worse, their sanity over poor relationship choices.

It is funny to me that in a time of huge economic lows black women now want to fix their finances …?… Horse & bolted comes to mind as does the Marcus Garvey quote referring to blacks only knowing themselves when their backs are against the wall.

Conveniently, religious groups in some instances are inspiring these financial teachings, no surprises there then. Read the rest of this entry »