Sadly the same ol’ same written by Big Virge 29/6/2010

You know, it’s really amazing how F’ing ignorant some black folk can be !!!

I’m not surprised as more and more locals are expressing their distaste for black folks attitudes towards each other to me.

The thing about Barbados that is so disturbing to me is just how far up white folks arses these sell outs are prepared to go !!!

The moment you show that you see yourself as being just as good as them and conduct yourself in that fashion, white folks show more respect to you in my experience.

Certain times it’s the simplest things that show how a great many black folk are clearly still mentally enslaved. It feels at some points like i’ve gone back in time being here. The double standards that betray some black folks hatred of their own is really something !

It is very difficult to write positive things about your own when they are so quick to dismiss and disrespect each other over the fact that you’ve been brought up somewhere else amongst other things.

The amount of white folks who are quick to compliment and show love to a brother, in my case for my hairstyle is amazing in comparison to the amount of black peeps who see the funky dreads and look down upon it is, truly something to behold ! It’s almost as if it represents too much blackness for the uppity types to deal with ? Read the rest of this entry »

Beautiful country but …… Written by Big Virge 23/06/2010

What’s really happening ???

Well having hit Barbados for the 1st time in a while it is apparent that economic issues remain the same.

I’ve been blessed to meet a local street man who quickly showed me the deal in terms of how the 2 halves live.

“Little England”, it is … !!! … “The Gap” as it’s known is very vibrant, lots going on but it is tourist central. I saw a number of flight attendants from my flight getting lively there and witnessed the moves of the street traders plying the Yanks, in particular, with lots of nice talk to get their cheddar.

A vibe that was very pretentious but, where there’s money you’ll find that in close pursuit I guess.

The other side of the coin is in Bridgetown where the white folks are less inclined to find themselves. My guide for the night referred to this area which surrounds Nelson St. as the REAL GHETTO, an interesting description, but the lack of police and the way
movements are made soon affirmed his description.

Prostitution and impoverished youth on certain corners, conscious reggae music and other tings runnin’ on others.

As a man whose appearance represents much of this vibe in a great many peoples’ eyes, it was clearly shocking to the locals to hear me speak so correctly …. as if my speech disconnects me from them somehow.

Then it was a block experience that clearly defined that moment when you get to meet the man dem who are hardened street man who are quick to, as they say, put your heart to the test just because you are a foreigner in their backyard.

The best part of my night to be honest, because, it’s in those situations that you learn a lot about yourself and others.

Nothing untoward happened but with us black folks developing trust and respect is a challenge more often than not, however, I got a lift to my doorstep so can’t complain.

Time will tell as to how my responses and attitude was taken by these individuals who in essence are as I said to one of the dreads, “A reflection of me so, worrying about being around them is the last thing i’m trying to do”.

Amazingly though, the 1st comment I heard from one of them was that I looked like a robber … !?! … predominantly because of my hairstyle apparently !!!

Incredible huh, amongst the so-called ghetto mans dem, joking or not, I was immediately placed into the threatening category.

As black people of a new millenia the programmed fears of each other that have been used to keep us divided need to be eradicated once and for all.

Especially as those who are kept safely away from seeing that side of Bajan living are invariably those who would be the first to suggest that these men are fearsome individuals.

My thanks go out to Jolly for quickly showing me the things that most tourists not only never see, but, are also very happy to turn a blind eye to the existence of, not only, the impoverished existence of the locals but also the attitudes of these people.

So, in answering my own questions about the state of affairs behind the tour operator versions of what Barbados is.

Well, much as I was warned before coming, it is much like many idyllic island paradises, a two tiered place where the wealthy are making inroads to secure safe environments where they can enjoy themselves whilst maintaining a safe distance from the very same people whose island it truly is.

As my man Jolly explained to me, much of the top end hotel industry is white wealth, the type that is keen to keep the supposedly, “local riff raff out unless they’re there to serve them and keep them happy.

A disturbing trait that somehow compounds the, all too prevalent distaste that is too often shown towards those of us who were born in England & the US, but, who still want to retain some sense of connection with the land our parents left behind, foolishly, in my opinion because now we’re just becoming token tourists as well as 2nd class citizens in both the West indies and in Britain, no matter how much money we’ve got.

Difficult to make sense of when that same money almost immediately defines you as a target when in most, if not, all West Indian islands now.

I’m not saying don’t come and enjoy yourselves people, i’m merely saying don’t let the sun, sea, sand, rum, music and hot bodies blinker you from the underlying agendas and issues that are very much an issue for those less fortunate than you.

Turning a blind eye ain’t the way to go !

Trust me on that ….. !!!!!

Peace y’all


Time for a rum !!!!!!!

Laterzzzzzz Mo’ Fuckers !!!!!

Two of my greatest inspirations talking that realness …. cool interview from two of the coolest to do it DJ Premier & DJ, Rapper & Producer, Pete Rock ……

You youngsters need to listen and learn …. !!!!!

Peace y’all

So James next … ??? …

I know David James is still saying to Fabio, “But gaffa I could of done that !!!!!” LMFAO !!!

I ain’t saying that James is any better folks trust me but come on man, Rob ain’t up to the job !!!


Picard loses it with Corden …. “Calm yourself Captain !!!” …. written by Big Virge 13/6/2010

It would seem that Patrick Stewart ain’t quite as cool as some of his onscreen characters !

The Guardian should surely be presenting better stuff and the supposed, “free thinkers”, who read this paper should also know better than to believe for one second that individuals like Corden & Stewart are any less ego-driven than anyone else who gets in front of a camera and is then lavished with praise for acting.

Actors are very good liars hence their acting abilities, when you see the real side to these individuals true persona behind the facades, it would seem reasonable to suggest that the decent people amongst the luvvies are few and far between.

There will be some exceptions to the rule but, hey, to expect the likes of two so-called high profile celebs who are at the, “Glamour Awards”, to be above this sort of ignorant infantile behaviour is a little rich people come on !

These bods are filled with plaudits and screaming fans who continually fuel their egos. So blame should be partly apportioned to the, “up their own backsides”, pair but, probably, mainly to the masses of fans and media types who fill their heads with ideas that they are above their station.

It’s interesting though when you find these celebs on the other foot, or better still, when the celeb is more in tune with themselves than perhaps even than their fans.

I’ve gone of Jonathan Ross over the years, but he still has his moments, this weeks show was a good’un, Katherine Heigl, hotness and clearly intelligence personified in an actress who sees what she does for what it is and isn’t shy to express an honest opinion when challenged about her work, Puffy or, “Diddy”, who, when questioned about the fact that he has kids from 3 different relationships seemed, well, decidedly uncomfortable talking about it and Frankie Boyle who, to me is one of the realest entertainers/comedians to come along since Hicks/Mac/Pryor and so on, who is, raw to the core, but quite willing to give up doing stand up as he feels he’s run his course of doing it.

All three, successful, all three, talented and yet three different kinds of egos displayed.

The most comfortable with themselves seemed to be Frankie then Ms H and then Puffy.

The point I’m making is that it takes a great deal to sell your soul for fame but it takes a much stronger mind and person in my opinion to be a strong soul who deals with the fame and it’s trappings in a very down to earth manner and retain humility & dignity in the face of ignorant peers and those who quiz you about your life, regardless of the situation.

However, avoiding the tanked up public appearances helps too !!!!

Laterzzzz people ….

A quick homage to one of the greats as World Cup Fever approaches ….

Seeing him in the charity match on Sunday brought back sweet memories ….

Here are a few …..

Enjoy …..

What happened to Allen … ??? …

Looks Like the Fakers were playing against a 4 man Celtic team ….

I mean …. What da Fook happened to Ray last night !!!

Have a look and tell me someone please !!!!

Immigration chitter chatter again blah blah blah …. written by Big Virge 8/6/2010

Why is it that the UK can’t take on the world’s problems, their Empire had a pretty big hand in creating them didn’t it … ??? … and in a lot of ways continues to perpetuate them when it suits, let’s look at the charity footie Sunday, every clip was of African children needing your generous donations yet just Brian Lara was the only black non footballing personality they could find ???

The hypocrisy of much that is said in Britain surrounding Immigration really has blinkered a great many people. It is a fair point to state that within Council Estates there are a great many impoverished people who barely have the skills to get a job let alone keep one.

Anyway as for the economics of Immigration, well I am no researcher or statistician, however, the one thing that we have seen about a great many studies and Government reports is that, figures can and generally are, manipulated to serve a purpose, normally one that benefits the Governments position or future position on the subject area.

Immigration is an issue just like any other, to pin economic aid efforts on migration of immigrants does seem somewhat excessive.

Surely there are other areas where revenue should be availed to help this country and other less wealthy countries grow, less Trident spending and less money for the same MP’s who seem to be the furthest from experiencing, impoverished living, should be a priority upon recent revelations about their alleged lifestyles.

You know, we live in a tough time because of figures being bandied around as if these billions & billions are sitting in peoples’ homes.

Credit is as debt is in this world of generated money, none of it seems to be stopping people”Blinging it up”, now, does it ?

It would seem fair to say that as the world turns WHO you know now is the most important thing to ensure you gain access to cash (as it’s always been, but the ante has been upped now).

Just look at the Glazer coup at Man United, now there is where huge amounts of debt have been accumulated that could be providing money to aid impoverished people rather than finance the Glazer’s rather lavish lifestyle !!!

The easy target is immigration while the big cats get their food fed to them when they apparently aren’t paying for it.

INFORMATION is more important than immigration right about now ….

INFORM yourself before you clown Yourself …. !!!!!

Peace PEOPLE !!!

Big V

Okay so he beat her up, but, peeps still wanna see him …. written by Big Virge 8/06/2010

Hmmmm Same ol’ same …..

Now I am no supporter of Chris Brown or what he did to Rihanna but this thing with the Brits stopping acts, specifically, black acts coming into the country over offences or opinions that reflect a less than subservient attitude to the powers that be, borders on, some kind of victimisation thing.

Busta, Snoop, Buju way back when, then we had the Tyson & Farrakhan scenarios, men who clearly do not represent those nice black folk who just come and say how wonderful England is and abide by our method of governance.

I mean what is with that chit ??? as long as you’re black and funny or very polite and well-attired it’s as if you’re white all of a sudden … !?! … but the moment you have a little bite about you, “Sorry, No Entry !!!

Whatever happened to the wonderfully, ” Tolerant “, British eh ??? Read the rest of this entry »

Wimbledon’s coming but for real …. They Cannot Be Serious !!! written by Big Virge 8/6/2010

Below is the article : (Unbelievable as it is !?!)

Somebody please tell me this is a joke !!!!

What exactly is Ms. Abbott going to lead exactly … ??? … Her ego into oblivion !!!

What makes her think she can lead ?

The fact that she does a poor impression of a snobby upper class toff … ??? … or maybe it’s her influential buddies, the likes of Andrew Neil & Mikey Portillo.

I mean, what is it all of a sudden with this wave of colour trying to run countries pretty much founded on Imperialism and Colonialism … !?!

Next we’ll be seeing a black leader in China !!!! Nooooottttt

Come on now, let’s just look at the list of Black & Mixed Race bods who’ve had their hands in the political super ring so far, Condo …. ahhh forget it ….. Colin Powell, well err hmmm ….. Paul Boateng, whatever happened to him … ??? …now we’ve got Shaun Bailey …. yeah right & The Abbott now running for Labour leader whilst having BO run the show in the states !!!

Well, so much for a great record with this so far !!!!!!!

Now we all know Labour’s in a mess right about now but Abbott for leader almost indicates the end of Labour as we know it whatever that is/was ???

Apocalyptic events are happening all over the place, but this is one we can and need to control !!!

Yeah I do mean, really keep under control !!!

We are still struggling to find a strong black leader in Africa and the West Indies but the UK & the US, everyone wants to have a go. !?!
The phrase, “Puppets & Strings”, comes to mind …..

As does the image of Punch & Judy !!!

Don’t get me wrong, it would be great to see it work, but, as per the P & J show, someone has to be used as the Joker when the pack leave and want a good laugh.

This is one of those moments !!!!

Later y’all