Mr. R …….. Friend or Foe of Music’s future movements … ? … written by Big Virge 30/05/2010

Mark Ronson’s new album is due for release shortly, So is he the man or what ?

What say you folks …. ???

Well having read The Guardians’ take on him, the general consensus seems to be, well, who is this dude really anyway ???

I’m far from a fan of MR. R’s but as the phonetic spelling suggests, my level of love for him is minimal at best, but the idea that because someone comes from a relatively well connected family he’s just like the rest of those vanity filled, ‘up themselves types’, does seem a bit harsh.

Again, I stress that I am no fan particularly, but understand where peeps are coming from with their distaste for his rolodex of seemingly never ending celeb friends.

I have to say that, I, like many have been perhaps been giving the likes of young Lilith too many props as we now see her doing her thing at Lords surrounded by the elite of the elitists.

However, good music is good music and the people you work with much like the company you keep may define a small part of who you are, however, the diversity of Mr. R’s ear cannot be underestimated, he certainly has worked with some of modern popular cultures pioneers and outspoken individuals in the case of the likes of Mos Def.

His Hip Hop credibility is hardly KRS-One type stuff but it does seem as though geekiness or not, the likes of Ghost & others who have come from maybe less secure foundations have a modicum of respect for him, if not more.

The way he speaks about music reminds me very much of some of the people I’ve had the pleasure to meet who really know music !!!

Much like Mr. R’s commentary, the suggestion is that, a lack of respect for the artform, particularly with the likes of autotune & computer driven beats and sample oriented productions.

A fair point if one hasn’t embarked upon such routes within your own work Mark …..

However, music is a business and marketing and utilising the things which keep you noticed is just smart business, Jay-Z is still loved now is he not ?

When you’ve worked in music and see and listen to the so-called professional music buyers, you’ll understand the difficulties artists have in staying true to their initial artistic intentions.

I still say that the more Mark’s and Lily’s there are, the more difficult it is for the next waves to stand firm when their lifestyle is a hand to mouth existence, money talks and sales bring money right ?

It’s just that simple. Read the rest of this entry »

Who are you trying to kid this time Si … ??? … written by Big Virge 29/05/10

You do have to laugh sometimes at the bare-faced cheek of some of these MP’s especially in the light of the current, apparent, political power share scenario this country faces.

Well, firstly, it is ridiculous to really believe that having the minimal electoral victories that the Lib Dems gained, that they have any real sway in terms of Conservative plans for the future.

Well, Simon Hughes, who apparently will be the man most likely to become the deputy leader of their party is making it clear that the Lib Dems need to retain their left-wing identity.

This from the man who couldn’t even admit to being gay, and, more importantly, a man who actually had to apologise to Peter Tatchell, the, “Everything Gay”, political torchbearer, after vehemently suggesting he was the, “Straight choice”, in 1983, in a by-election battle with Mr. T.

Hmmmm …. ??? ….

Now doesn’t he sound like the least trustworthy type of man to be involved in anything to do with decision making ?

He’d probably be better off as Deputy Dawg on all fours rather than Deputy anything to do with leadership.

The funny thing about these turncoats and closet secret keepers is the same Pater Tatchell has more recently been quoted as saying that, “I hope that ministers do not use Simon’s honesty as a stick to beat him with.”

Errr, it ain’t the ministers who need to be worried now is it ???

Concerns are always rife when a single party is doing their thing behind the closed doors of number 10 but to have more than one party behind those doors with an already openly confessed liar within those meetings tends to be a more worrying prospect to me.

This wearing of masks that the politicians do is nothing new but it is something people need to open their eyes to before showing a level of support for individuals like Mr. Hughes who clearly is very good at hiding what he doesn’t want people to know.

As for the Lib Dems maintaining any sense of who they are, well, as we’ve very rarely had a chance to find out what and who they’re made of, other than being made aware, albeit somewhat after being misled to believe otherwise, Gay Men within their ranks and alchy’s for leaders, if these are the things to go by, it would seem fair to say that they’ll sway whichever way makes them acceptable to the public.

A trait that when applied to previous governments only indicates another breed of professional liars.

Mr. Hughes should perhaps just bend over and take what David C and his boys have planned for their newfound playmates.

The days of Left-Wing movements, I would suggest, are now limited to those on BA airplanes, Oops … !!! … bad example I know, but hey, they’re currently probably as reliable as anything that comes out of Mr. Hughes mouth right about now.

He, Cleggy and the rest of their Lib Dem jokers.

Peace y’all

Big V

Another one gone …. Bwoyyyy …. written by Big Virge 29/05/2010

RIP D Hop ….. another one of the great ones gone …..

So …. what are you then you F’ing dick !?! written by Big Virge 29/05/2010

You know …. it’s getting more and more difficult to articulate thoughts about these F’ing idiots who are so proud to be doing their bit within the system, weak ass bitches, especially when they make stupid comments in defence of the bullchit that they’re maintaining for their masters.

I hate to say it but the worst part of this culture seems to be the immigrant populous who still seem to be happy to be seen as the face of the shistem’s money grabbing schemes & plans.

They are always the first line of defence when things go wrong, I won’t bore you with the details of my run in with these little bitches today, but suffice to say it cost me and I’m pissed !!!

The sad thing about this is that, whether it be your network providers, internet, sky or your mobile phone company, the robots who are in the call centres or, as was the case for me today, the F’ing security guards who prove themselves to be little more than the dirt of their bosses shoes by the way they act and through their rhetoric, as the one I dealt with today proved, “Oooh but bruv, I can’t do anything until the boss comes in on Monday”.

Now, when they prove themselves to have no balls until it comes to defending, “Massa’s readies”, this ucker actually had the cheek to then say to me, “Don’t talk to us like slaves !!!”, when they had to do something for me in order to resolve the issue !

The funny part to me is that when they needed to get their payment, my African friends’ little Asian friend ran off like the little subservient slave bitch he is to go and sort the payment bit out.

So to my smart-mouthed little puppet with his security jobsworth’s hat on …….

What the FUCK are you then yeah …. !!!!???!!!! …. cos now you’ve proven that you’re a slave to your masters and a slave to me when it comes down to doing your F’ing job, you spineless piece of chit ….

Sorry folks, I have a much wider vocabulary than this, but as times get tougher, the language needed may well need to get a bit stronger, in order for me to feel the therapeutic benefits of expressing my thoughts via this blog.

To all the Mo’ Fo’s who are there protecting the interests of the same people they go home to criticize when they find themselves dealing with a less than sympathetic dick/bitch when they’re trying to resolve problems that you and they both know could be sorted with a little common sense or bending of the bullchit rules that are quoted to you like they’re the, “Final draft of the F’ing bible !”.

Yeah, you know who you are because you’ve got your textbook of answers with you at all times don’t you … ? … You F’ing monkeys, try developing some backbone and some integrity because when you really need that help from a, “Brother / Sister”, and you receive that rhetoric that sounds like puke someone’s just swallowed.

Remember this,

Until it happens to you fool
Until it happens to you ……..

So get it str8 yeah … !!! … from the moment you sign on the dotted line …..

You’re a worse slave than those who were forced to wear chains because you never saw them signing up to be the bosses whipping boy !!!

Fucks !!!!!

Wake the Fuck up and smell the shit you shovelling yeah ….

Can you … ??? …

because those of us who recognise you bitches can smell you’re chit before you take one in the morning you F’ing pussyholes ,,,,,, !!!!! ….. Stuuuupse !!!!!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh not fully de-stressed ….. but that has helped quite a bit ……

Peace y’all …. and watch out for them traps because they are out there now and these desperate jobsworths ain’t trying to help anybody but themselves …..

I’m out y’all


So what are the Yankee Doodles after … ??? … 24/05/2010 written by Big Virge

Waddup y’all … ??? …

As temperatures rise … Fuck it’s hot in London right about now … !!!!! … it would seem that the heat is being turned up by the Yankee Doodles in their hunt for the apparently infamous Dudus.

Well, at the risk of getting shot, it does seem that as per Grenada before, the yanks have business to settle in Jamaica, as one youtube commenter wrote and I tend to agree with this, “If they could go get Saddam, what’s stopping them going to JA and picking up Dudus if they want him … ???

Something definitely stinks about this … !?!

Those who know, must surely recognise that individuals like Dudus are generally pawns of a much bigger fish especially when it comes to ghetto politics. Who votes for whom tends to be decided by the barrel of a gun, again I stress, this is merely an opinion based on what I’ve heard and seen over the years, if I’m wrong, I’d be happy to be … !!! … but the US gains it’s influence in much less subtle ways than the Brits, force, if necessary, by any means necessary, to get what, or more importantly, ” WHO “, they want into a position of influence that benefits them.

Grenada really wasn’t so long ago, have people forgotten so quickly … ??? … as stated in my last piece, agendas when facilitated by governments, have no rules or regulations, they are manufactured and manipulated until their objectives are reached.

Dudus may be good, he may be bad … ??? … but, from what the media are projecting, it is evident that there are those who believe Dudus has done more good than the government has done for those with very little.

The collateral damage of his alleged movements is to be expected, “Can’t please all the people all of the time”, which in this case means, some have to die. Cold, I know, but that’s just the way things have worked and I believe, will continue to work as times get tougher for those with next to nothing.

People are up for sale in a great many instances nowadays, why would Dudus be any different ? Merely a question, but, one worth assessing before believing all the media hype surrounding this particular story.

I bear no judgement on this man as I don’t know him, but, what I do have a very real opinion on is, the lot of a Caribbean Nation as big as Jamaica, seemingly, still being in the grip of corruptive, violent controls.

The real question is, who are the people really pulling the strings that continue to widen the gap between the, “Haves’ and Have Nots ?”

It is also a time to question America’s motives, do they not have enough domestic killers, drug barons and corrupt officials to occupy their law enforcement agencies …. ???

Apparently not ……

Hmmmmmm ………..

Stay good y’all

I’m out ….

Hot Track 4 da Month …. !!! …. Kop dis hotness, album released on the 25th !!!!!

Inspiration indeed !!!!!

This election, like, those before, has certainly brought them to the fore ….. “Agendas” a poem written by Big Virge 23/12/2005

A … hidden … AGENDA …


hidden agendas …………

JUST ASK …. “MARCELLUS” …. !!!!!


AGENDAS ARE …… hidden ……
by … “LAWMEN” … YES …
and … “POLICEMEN” …
and those who run our …

… ” GOVERNMENTS ” … !!!


ARE … ” NOT ” …
… WELL MEANT … !!!!! …






“NO ONE’S GONNA STOP US … !!!!!” Read the rest of this entry »

Having seen voting issues this time around, Is online voting the way to go ??? written by Big Virge 17/05/2010

Apparently, a report has shown that the public are in favour of online voting for future elections :,8150,720808,00.html

As I know I wasn’t one of the select few to be asked this question, it does make me wonder about such a report …..

To me it’s just another dodgy report, produced and probably manipulated to make the already internet reliant populous become further embroiled in the wonders of technology and it’s advances ….. Hmmmm …… ???

If people were being told they couldn’t vote on camera in what many clearly deemed to be one of the most important elections in England in recent times, what part of online voting indicates a level of fairness that can be monitored efficiently !?!

Surely a bad idea, in fact a “VERY” bad idea … !!!! … except for those behind the scenes of such an easily corrupted form of voting.

For God’s sake peeps, you’ve got free downloads and porn galore, just be happy with that yeah !!!!

Are they REALLY all they’re cracked up to be …. ??? …. written by Big Virge 14/05/2010

I love my sport and try to stay tuned-in to the so-called superstars of the new age of money and quick fame. There is a side to all this that belies excessive media attention before achievement in a great many cases.

The Cleveland Cav’s have just been knocked out of the NBA playoffs yet again, so, the James that would be King has yet again been relegated to that place Gordon Brown held for a while, that of the supporting cast to the real top dog, Blair in his case, Bryant amongst others, in Lebron’s case.

It seems ridiculous to name a man a king when he has yet to reach the heights of claiming the ultimate prize within his profession.

I do not, for one second, doubt his talents, having seen him do a great many wondrous things on court with a basketball, but not unlike, “Superman”, Dwight Howard, the media circus and incredible advertising deals and exposure these young pretenders get in advance of reaching the pinnacle of their sport seems to be a trend that fuels a somewhat lacklustre level of performance when the pressure is on.

I’m no huge fan of the, “Fakers”, ha ha, yeah, I mean the Lakers or, of Kobe, but one thing the Cryant rarely does is roll over when things get tough. The evidence is there in his multiple championships and even in the face of a pretty poor defeat in the finals to the Celts a couple of years back, guess whose team was back in the finals winning a year later.

Football this summer will find out whether the likes of the, again, hugely talented, Lionel Messi, is to live up to his hype on the greatest stage, the World Cup in South Africa.

I remember thinking back in the day, that, “ZZ”, was that man before he took France to World Cup glory, due to the fact that, not only were his talents there for us all to see, but, also like many greats before him, there’s something the special ones possess in their demeanour that separates them from the also rans and wannabee superstars ! Read the rest of this entry »

It’s Been A While …. written by Big Virge 14/05/2010

What Up What Up …. ???

Well, quite a lot clearly, myself included, trying to get moving with the next phase of my life, which as usual has it’s pitfalls and setbacks, but hey, I’m alive and relatively healthy which are blessings at the end of the day.

So, as I finally decided to write something today after some time, it appears that stresses are still working their way deeper and deeper into peeps, Labour MP Steven Timms took one in the stomach from a clearly disgruntled 21 year old female constituent in Newham this afternoon at his regular surgery …. Hmmmm, could this be the shape of things to come ???

Well without wishing to sound cold about it, stabbings are occurring in poor areas all over the world, so why should MPs be exempt from such treatment when little has been done on a grand scale to stop the growing violent traits that are gradually becoming more and more frequent amongst our youth as well as their elders.

On the other side of things, former NFL star Lawrence Taylor (51) has been accused of having sex with a 16 year old prostitute, well, that was the original accusation, but it would appear that now, he just masturbated in the girls presence !?!

Come on LT what’s up with that dude …. yet another black role model of sorts embroiled in controversy, when will this stuff end ???

As for the election in the UK, well, to be honest, is there any point expressing an opinion on it, for me, not any longer as looking at Cameron & Clegg, I see Blair clones to differing degrees. Time will now tell as to who these men will actually represent.

For all those getting out of their pram about political reform, in this country, what exactly would that mean … ??? as they switch and change the laws and statutes to suit themselves when they need to, so, any reform that occurs is unlikely in my opinion to serve the cause of the growing numbers of impoverished and disenfranchised people in England.

Also, before I end this post, I have to just let those of you know about this rather disturbing story about a recent murder in Grenada, as said, what Timms is going through is merely an extension of this kind of thing, shocking to those who live in wonderland i’m sure, but, the reality of the other side of life is getting closer and closer to those who still insist that it only happens in the worst of places to the worst of people …. seemingly MP’s are now joining that club …. – check it out.

Stay safe people and more importantly ….

Stay Good ….

Peace y’all

Big V