Waddup waddup … ??? … written by Big Virge 27/04/2010

Hey Hey, what’s the word peoples’ … ???

Well, apologies to those of you visiting expecting more thoughts from the V, but, I’ve kind of accepted that the peoples’ of the world are really not on challenging the status quo too tough, because, most are representative of and willing to maintain the very same, ” Status Quo”, until they start to feel the dark side of it.

I must firstly thank my new found critic Andrea who at least showed her sense of what’s what, even if, I obviously disagree with this kind of statement,

“your stuff STILL basically comes across as hysterical, half baked hyperbole; heard at every leftie/anti-nazi/black power/hippy gathering in the last 50 years. HOW TIRESOME. …and how very futile.”

Well, without making any assumptions as the internet disguises much of who a person is or can be, it would seem as though the, Status Quo, is acceptable to indiviuals such as Andrea.

Hysterical … ? … I think not, just disturbed at the trend of things as we move forward. I have now freed the chains that surrounded me somewhat, hence my mood now is, no less disturbed, but, a little less affected by the ever increasing angst and stresses that us, “Leftie / Black Power types are under …. yawn yawn. Read the rest of this entry »

Simply a quick message for one of my greatest inspirations …. Rest In Peace Guru ….. written by Big Virge 22/04/10

It’s taken me a few days to let it sink and to find some words but ….. RIP ‘G’ …..

You were and still are an inspiration … !!!!!

Simply ….. You were one of the best yet !!!!

Your words will live on …. long after your death !!!!

Peace and blessings to you & yours !!!

Stay Strong Preem !!!!!

Gang Starr foundation …. SALUTE !!!

Big V

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