Economic Recovery vs Future Human Morality …. What’s your view ??? …. written by Big Virge 14/12/2009

Indeed, an interesting question …?

Money, Money, Money, eh …. !!!! ….

Well, simply, some would say, it’s the route of all evil, jealousy, greed, poverty, crime & in terms of humane behaviour … ??? … the increasingly, callous & condescending attitudes that have become more & more prevalent in people over time, would … ? … seem to be as credible an argument as any, to suggest that, economic recovery cannot & will not repair the damage that materialistic ideals are leaving entrenched within peoples thinking.

Moral values are continually being displaced by the need for more, in terms of everything from, “Bling”, (whateva tha Fock that is !?!), to the latest technological gizmos …

I had a guy I know say to me that even if I were to get a million pounds for a job, I’d still need more to live on, so I asked him, “When do you have enough ?”, to which his response was, “You’ll never have enough !”.

Indeed, this is the type of economic, “mental slavery”, that has brought things to a head, the financiers are playing with figures & crashing markets that revolve around, bits of paper. Read the rest of this entry »

Just a quick comment on tha’ BA sitch …. written by Big Virge 14/12/2009

Just a quickie as this isn’t a big surprise to me, but, clearly, many folks are getting off their high horses & running their mouths now that they’re being affected by this situation.

It really is amazing how weak & spineless most people seem to be over here,

“Slam the strikers, Slam the strikers” … !!! …

but ….. let the execs take the proverbials out of staff & their customers right … !?! …

Errrrr …… not so sure about that folks …. !!! …. having just spoke to a friend of mine who has travelled all over the world and has done so with many different airlines ….. BA was well down his list of airlines he’d prefer to fly with.

The apathetic attitude of many people in this country seems to be betraying each other more and more each day.

Basically, striking over Christmas has upset the, “Up their own backside”, spineless bods who’ve never thought about anything other than themselves clearly.

Well, get used to it smart mouths cos things are about to get much worse and working conditions may just be something you find yourselves complaining about soon …..

So, you keep acting as though you can’t get touched and we’ll see how strong you people are when the worms turn on you !!!!!

Laterzzzz y’all ……

The Pressures …. written by Big Virge …. 13/12/2009

Okay, as a follow up to my last post, let me just get some shit off my chest !!!

Pressure is licking, left, right & center right now, but pressures have been and will always be in existence, as some prosper. others suffer, flippant comments, remarks & attitudes may well result in the receipt of less than pleasant responses.

So, take this in & deal with it, you got issues and problems within your personal life, let me, once again stress this, recognise the problems that are of, your own design.

If you have responsibilities that diminsh your ability to fulfill obligations outside of that sphere, then be accepting of them !!!

Now, more than any other time in my life, I have had to acknowledge that peeps may have the best intentions but circumstances restrict their ability to support their intentions.

It isn’t a crime to say, “Yo, I just can’t do it … !!!”.

Not, ” I’m sorry but you don’t know what I’m going through”, type talk, because that’s F’ing obvious, only you can be you, but if you say, you can do something, then expect some sort of reaction if you don’t deliver yeah, it ain’t rocket science !!!

This passing the buck mentality, leave that shit at work yeah, cos when a mo’ fucker who’s paying your ass don’t get what he’s paying for, the scenario can get extremely messy.

The reason I mention the money thing is because, doing something for free does not have less importance because money isn’t involved, it actually has more importance, because it’s now a test of your word, not your needs or wants, but, “YOUR WORD !!!”, and when that’s broken, it has a much longer lasting effect on more than your job because it’s about respect, simple & plain.

A loss of respect can have, much, longer lasting effects, you can go get another job any time you want, but to regain a person/friends trust or respect is a whole different ball game, one, a la, Tigger Woods, that everyone knows should not be taken lightly.

Now that’s off my chest I’m a chill out & relax.

Peace, Love & Guidance y’all

Big Virge

Oh no he didn’t …. !!! …. written by Big Virge 13/12/09

It’s Sunday night, my teams just been beaten again & I’m chillin’ listening to some Art Blakey to soothe my mood, however, it would seem that Tiger has other ideas, he’s taking a break from one of his passions to try to repair something that has been, in my opinion, irreparably damaged.

Why … ? …

Well, clearly fame and it’s trappings would seem to hold exactly that, traps that anyone, no matter how slick you think you are or how much money you have, can ensnare you !!!

It’s good to see that his caddy who has spent probably as much time with Tigger as anyone is standing by his guy, unlike the money men at Gillette who’ve already decided to pretty much call time on utilizing the Woods phenomenon to make them money.

Interesting … ?…. only from the perspective that golf viewing figures depreciated by about 50% when he was absent previously, a statistic indicative of the kind of following he receives.

This current furore over his extra-marital action in this day & age might actually get more men buying into Gillette products he endorses, as the, “duppy man dem”, may well be seeing his usage of a Gillette razor as confirmation that it helps draw the females more than ever now !!!!! Read the rest of this entry »

Now she wants him to do what !!!?!!! written by Big Virge 11/12/2009

I mean where is this story gonna end, is this now inflammatory media hype, or is this for real !?!

Ultimatum’s from Woodsy’s missus as a result of these alleged transgressions that she claims to only be aware of …. now …. !???!

Maybe she should of been keeping a closer eye on her man …. !!! …. about, “he must choose between golf & her !?!”.

WTF is that …… !!!!!

What is wrong with todays’ women man !?!

Tiger, if I was you dude, put the haters to sleep, pay her off, make sure your children are looked after and that you get your visitation rights & get back to winning tournaments. Stay single and then take these ho’s & use & abuse em’ how you want to with a guilt free conscience, keep it simple & keep the media off your back, remember if you were say, a, Colin Farrell, then you’d just be a wild boy who the women love. Work your angles man, work em !!!!!

Thus …. All I have to say to the growing number of Tiger bashers is, get a life would ya … !?!

Let’s not forget about these rather unabashed ladies who were knowingly party to Mr. Woods’ infidelities, there is a word for women like these that many would say is sexist.

Well, they certainly didn’t act with any degree of love for their fellow woman now did they … ? … especially now they’re getting some media spotlight thrust upon them, and as most men think with their genitalia, why would Tiger be any different ???

As for the endorsement companies, well, they jumped on his success not his character references ….. Get in tha, “Real World”, people, and recognise business is business & people are people.

No-one is immune to temptation thus mistakes and wrong doings occur.

Big V outta here ….. Peaaaaccceeeee !!!!!!

Just for those of you who think I’m too Mo’ Fockin’ serious, well, here’s what makes me laugh, RIP Bernie you were one of the greats brother !!!!

Here is the set I was talking about in my last post, for those who’ve never seen it …. Enjoy …. !!!!!

Peace y’all

What’s yours … ??? … Saw this question on a forum and just had to comment …. What’s your fav’ stand-up routine …. Here’s a few of mine !!!!!

Now this was an interesting discussion that I saw on one of the Guardian comment forums.

Now, having seen the debacle of Britain’s top 100 comics ending with The Big Yin being top, it’s clear that English folk have a very weird sense of humour, however, Tommy Cooper was F’ing hilarious as British stand-ups go and had too many classic routines to pick out just one.

Bill Hicks ofcourse was simply amazing and truthful within his comedic routines as all great comics are, Chris Rock being the epitomy of that right now, although, I would still say that he has yet to come with a routine quite like Eddie Murphy’s, “Delirious Set”, which was & still is an absolute classic.

However, for me, the best stand-up set I can remember has to be, yet another dead comedy genius, Bernie Mac …. he did a set on Def Comedy Jam back in the day where I think Martin Lawrence hosted it, where he absolutely killed it from beginning to end.

His catch phrase for the set was, “You don’t understand …. I ain’t scared of you Mother F*ckers !!!” an incredible catchphrase to use, but in context of his set, it worked perfectly, pure comic genius and a truly sad loss !!!

RIP Bernie …. you’re sorely missed dude !!!!!

Come on Darling, stop this tax & all this pre-budget fudging !!!!! written by Big Virge 9/12/09

A few words in response to Alistair’s pre-budget predictions, and especially, the below article :

As a person who has been a victim of this despicable death tax, it is incredible to me that, one of the few things Mr. Darling could of done to actually help people who have worked hard to provide homes for themselves & their children over probably more than 25 years, has been overlooked and pretty much dismissed.

It is, as we have seen, one of the most important things to people in times of economic difficulties, the ability to keep a roof over their heads, especially when it is one they have worked hard to pay for !!!

So, to actually deny those people, who have pretty much been duped into believing that the bricks and mortar they reside under, is bought and paid for, and is theirs’ to then pass on to their children, the basic right to leave it to them, without their children having to make a further, “lump sum payment”, for that property, which again ….. ” I stress ” …. has “already been paid for”, let alone those where a mortgage is still outstanding, is really & truly, “Un … F’ing … Believable ….. !!!! …..” Read the rest of this entry »

As a follow-up to my last post & the current, “Tiger Hunt Frenzy”, something to balance the equation …. “How Things Should Be” … a poem written by Big Virge on the 24/01/2005




……….. RAPE ……… !!!!!!!!!!!







WHO MAKES … PHYSICAL ATTACKS … Read the rest of this entry »

Back in the mood …. for now anyway …. written by Big Virge 6/12/09

Waddup peoples ….. ???

It’s been a lil’ bit, but I’ve been goin’ thru my own issues of varying degrees, nothing life threatening but a lot of stuff that’s been vexing & testing !!!

Anyhow, it’s mostly been about getting my computer issues sorted, my Mac went on audio strike for the last 3 weeks, which as those who know me will tell you, is basically like me losing an integral part of my psyche, as me without my music is like me without, the power of thought.

It does amaze me how these techy types who are always the ones saying, “Ahhh you gotta get on this chit !!!”, rarely seem to be able to fix chit other than their own techy bits & bobs … ??? … yet, always seem to have a smart comment about how your chit get’s messed up !!!

Yup, dat chit definitely vexes me deeply, but hey, we live in a world where many place more faith in the internet than in their fellow man / woman
these days, so I guess that’s just the way of things now.

I’ve been enjoying my sport though, apart from the fact that Liverpool are playing worse than my primary school team !!!

So you’ll excuse the fact that my comments are a little out of date but gotta mention Manny’s victory over Cotto to win the WBO Welterweight title, what a fighter he is, a true pugilist !!!!!

Maaannnn ….. Mayweather vs Manny is coming like Apollo Creed vs Rocky, a true, “Super-Fight”, worthy of at least one re-match regardless of the initial fight result !!!

Although Manny seems to have other things on his mind currently, being political work, which seems to be very high on his agenda of things to do, but that fight is surely one he must want to take, to truly claim the pound for pound best fighter tag outright.

That’s sumthin’ to look forward to, fa sure !!!!!

This, though, is in stark contrast to watching England’s World Cup qualifying group, lucky Fockers !!!! USA 2 rass, not to say that the US boys can’t beat England, but, most of the seeds would of probably said yes to having USA in their opening group matches.

Anyway, time will tell and South Africa’s heat & altitude issues may well be one of the definitive factors in separating the men from the boys next year !!!

Talkin’ of footie, what da Fock was Henry trying to pull eh, “Oh I didn’t mean to do it !?!” errrr ….. okay Thierry !!! Read the rest of this entry »