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DJ Premier vs. DJ Scratch in Red Hook (Video) from Digiwaxx TV on Vimeo.

Big Virge Interview Pt. I

Big Virge Interview pt. II

Character Assassin produced by Hidden Hand written by Big Virge

“People” produced by Hidden hand written by Big Virge

You’ve gotta luv it … !!!! …

As a follow up to the last post …. Free Speech fa some clearly but why not for others … !?! … written by Big Virge 15/8/09

Before I really get started, here’s the link :

I mean ….. WTF is this about then eh !?!

It’s BNP festival time this weekend, hurrah !!!! Touting their brand of non-racist … ” RACISM ” … !?!

The brand that gives my friend from the last post, more fuel for his fire of patriotic talk that says that brothers like me who have a problem with how, “Certain Things”, are here …. should …. “Go Home Then !!!”, even though I was born and bred here !?!

But, hold on …. wait a minute …. A white supremacist who apparently has links to the BNP via, knowing Nick Griffin, is refused entry to the country on the weekend that this festival of BNP ‘ness’ whateva that is …. is happening … ???

Why, because his presence could incite and stir up racial tension …. nah really … ? … NEVER …. !!!!!

So what are the BNP boys gonna be doing then … ?

Teaching the ignorant about, “Harmony & Unity !!!!!!!!!!!” Read the rest of this entry »

Freedom of Speech …. Hmmmm … written by Big Virge 14/8/09

Well, this week has been an interesting one for me, just chatting to people these days gives great insight into the minds of those with deep rooted issues and those with selective memories.

There is clearly a wave of patriotic pride for soldiers fighting now and those who fought for the preservation of our freedoms since the first World War … !?!

YEAH RIGHT !!!!! Read the rest of this entry »

Part II of the, “Were You There Series ?” …. “AWOL” …. written by Big Virge sometime in the summer of 98′

AWOL, Absent Without Leave, A Way Of Life or maybe just, an Absolute Way Of Living …. !!!! …. because once again The Camden Palace has had yet another classic, “Drum ‘n’ Bass” frenzied night that kept people dancing in the aisles, balconies and rafters till morning !!!

1.00 a.m. arrival, NO QUEUE … !!! … Can this be right … !?! … Didn’t look good … !?! … then further complications with the bouncer holding the guest list did not improve my mood, “So Stretch, clearly, not only your fax is a bit … dicky … mate, sort your lines of communication out GEYSER !!!!!”.

However, upon final entrance, a touch of the man called Kenny Ken eased my already studious mood, this though was somewhat shortlived upon realising the non-alcoholic bar flex being operated and the then outrageous £2.10 charge for a bottle of Lucozade almost sent my party and I out the door !!!!!! (that was back then in 98′ … Teefs !!!!)

Fortunately, things could clearly only get better and happily did with a, Drum and Bass, “Bump ‘n’ Hustle”, worthy of any Bank Holiday Sunday … !!!

The crowd, although youthful and in parts, somewhat, “Different”, offered an excursion through many regions of London and the U.K. as well as a multitude of differing cultural influences which, once again shows the unified and non-discriminatory following that Drum ‘n’ Bass now receives throughout the raving populous as opposed to the Junglist scene. Read the rest of this entry »

Just so u know …. written by Big Virge 12/08/2009

Folks, the Big V is now tweeting from time to time … !!!! …

So, if you’re a, “Tweeter” … !!!! … and wanna follow my daily comments on everything from News to Sport and Music then you’ll need to follow …. “Viegler” …. on Twitter …. Viegler is a nickname from my younger days if you’re wondering ???

Anyhow …. there ya go folks …. Peace y’all

Big V