MJ at his best …. a classic piece of entertainment history …. Michael …. you will not be forgotten !!!!!

Wasn’t at this show but thankfully got to see this kind of thing live on a hot summers’ day at the old Wembley Arena, there was only one …… Michael Jackson ….. !!!!!!! ….. RIP MJ ….. Rest In Peace.

Simply …. R.I.P. …. MJ …. a true musical great …. !!!! …. written by Big Virge 28/06/09

You know it has to be a truly sad day when one of the most popular and talented entertainers of your time dies … !!!! … and this week has been one of those times.

The truly …. “Great” …. Michael Jackson has gone to a better place, away from the snakes and haters who seemingly even in a time of mourning are choosing to pick holes in the character of a man whose shoes they could barely shine let alone walk in ….. !!!!!!!

As usual the people who seem to think they have the right to start running their mouths about this musical genius are the ….. “nigs” ….. who clearly would rather embrace their petty jealousies than one of their own …. ??? …. F’ing IDIOTS …. !!!!

I actually had one tell me that Michael must have been a 50 year old virgin ….. ???? ….. but knowing a bit about his history it is no surprise as he is definitely one of those nigs who exists to just talk shit !!!!!

Anyway, as a child of the, “Off The Wall” generation, all I can say is that not only have we lost one of modern popular cultures’ greatest influences, but also, a truly gifted and in my opinion loving man !!!!!

Ofcourse, the media and greed driven leeches are getting their claws in … !?! … however, having had a more rational conversation about MJ today, it is clear to me that everything from Dr. Murray’s seemingly strange actions and behaviour to the never-ending stories about Michael’s alleged financial issues are all being used to now make those who clearly didn’t give a damn about him or his music a final chance to run their mouths and fill their pockets off the back of MJ’s talents.

The music industry, promoters and media alike are seemingly all closing in for the financial kill, maybe literally … ? … However, a point of logic was pointed out to me today, if you were MJ’s personal doctor knowing he was about to do a 50 date series of gigs in one of London’s most famous arenas …. knowing how much money that was bound to generate, especially in times like these, would you be trying to keep that man dead or alive …. ?????

Come on people, think about it … !!!! … you’d have to be in some pretty deep something to purposely kill a man who quite possibly could of set you up for the rest of your life wouldn’t you … !?! …

It’s easy to get caught up in arguments about everything surrounding MJ’s death but I suggest you put those pointless arguments to bed quickly, because very few people will ever know the truth about what happened, and only a few stand to make a great amount of money from the conjecture and probable lies that will be fed by those who stand to benefit from people getting all uptight about an isssue that pays nothing but disrespect to Michael’s memory.

This is a time for people to stop all the malicious and defamatory talk, it’s a time for us to remember this musical icon for his incredible library of work and the effect that his work has had on people all over the world … !!!

Very few people could slow the internet down due to their death … !!!!! …

People need to recognise that …. !!!! …. and, in a time where so much generic nonsense creates tomorrow’s so called stars it is important to pay homage to one who stood out and literally shined when he sang or took to the stage and gave people a chance to see true artistic talent and creativity exhibited without the need for approval from a panel of pompous, talentless, self-appointed nut jobs who think they have the right to tell people what’s good and what’s not.

Michael carved himself a place within the completely corrupted music business that was beyond such judgement, and should now be beyond being judged by the same people who didn’t even want to have his face seen on MTV, yup, check his history before you speak about the things he did to himself people please …. !!!!! …. remember and think of his family and what they’re going through before you speak ill of a man who no doubt will be deeply missed by those who loved him regardless of who he became.

It’s easy to criticize when you’ve never walked in a man’s shoes and are not the subject of constant media attention, that, I’m sure of …. !!!! ….

So finally, from a personal perspective, I’d like to thank Michael for everything he did with his creative genius because he’s brought me endless hours of joy and has been and I’m sure will continue to be an inspiration for the rest of my days.

Michael, thanks for the memories man …. !!!!! …. you were the greatest …. R.I.P. man …. Rest in Peace

Big V

Iran Iran Iran …. !!! …. So What About These Injustices Then …. ? …. written by Big Virge 21/06/09

Well, it seems clear that Iran is the hot topic of conversation currently, so let me have my little say on this subject.

My statement is simply this, Why don’t the western super powers deal with their own backyards and keep out of other peoples’ business.

The U.S. via their new Quran quoting leader is outwardly being very mindful of making any statements that could be seen as being of a volatile nature regarding the Iran situation which is ofcourse a stark contrast to Georgie B’s …. “Gung Ho” …. attitude to anyone not listening to America’s demands, however, in my opinion, this stance is nonetheless unsettling.

When US air strikes are still being dealt to Afghanistan after the world was initially told of plans to withdraw their troops from Iraq, it does seem a little ambiguous to be so quiet on Iran when the US is categorically stating their intention to continue an action that is less than popular with not only civilians who clearly fear for their safety in, “their own country !!!!” from foreign forces … ? … but clearly, other parts of the Middle Eastern Islamic community.

Also, the lack of any kind of statement regarding Israel’s continual aggressive actions against Palestinians who it is alleged are unable to receive the most basic forms of medical assistance for those affected by previous attacks made by Israeli armed forces would seem again, somewhat strange at best.

For more on this go to …..


Don’t get me wrong, reports may well be tied to agendas, so, what you choose to believe against what is true may well be very different but, I think it’s important to at least open your eyes and ears to different strands of information that are not those of the mainstream media.

As for the UK government being so quick to suggest vote rigging is going on and sensationalizing things like the idea of some of the silent protests being made so that the west can hear the sound of bullets being fired is really quite disturbing and ridiculous … !!! … especially when we’ve got police in Nottingham giving a man somewhere in the region of 150.000 volts worth of shock treatment when he was already on the ground and clearly quite drunk …. !!!! …. Read the rest of this entry »

Just a quickie 2 say ….. written by Big Virge 20/06/09

THANK YOU ….. to all of you who came to the show at, ” The Gallery “, in Chiswick, on Thursday, especially to Pat the owner for welcoming all the artists who performed !!!

It was great to see people who I was beginning to think were dead ….. !!!! ….. just kidding folks, but yeah, Darren and company really did their best to make the event enjoyable, so thanks again to all concerned and we hope all those who came enjoyed if not all, at least parts of the show.

My understanding is that if we can hook it up, this may well be a monthly experience, so, keep your ears open people as word will undoubtedly be spread via all the usual modern mediums, Facebook etc.

Hopefully, next time around the sound will be a bit better as we did have some issues with it, but damnnnnn the ceilings are high in there … !!!! … and although our afternoon sound-check went perfectly, the acoustics changed dramatically by the time the house was pretty much filled up which was again very pleasing for us performers, seeing so many peeps out showing support on a Thursday night in times like these !!!!

Ahhhh but it was FREE wasn’t it …. !?! …. so, jusy drinking money was required eh ..?.. might not be the case next time folks so hope that won’t deter ya from returning, especially as I keep hearing people talk about the recession not actually being real !?!

Video footage was taken and has yet to be seen by me to this point, so hopefully we’ll be able to edit and have some evidence that the event went well and give those of you who knew about but couldn’t make it, a chance to see the variety of performances that took place.

For all those who’ve got hidden talents, let this be an invitation for all live performers be they poets, singers, emcees, comedians etc, to get at us if you feel you’d like to exhibit your talents live and direct to the people.

That’s about it then folks, enjoy the rest of your time away from the grind this weekend.

The Virge out.

Peeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaccccccccceeeeeeeeeeeee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nice …. !!!!!!!! …. IPCC my anus …. !!!!

Police state their intentions …. publicly …. yet again … !!!! … and the IPCC is gonna hold them accountable …. yeah right !!!!

So much going on in this crazy world … !!! … written by Big Virge 15/06/09

What’s happening people ???

You know even for an opinionated wordsmith like me, it’s getting hard to know what to write about the happenings of todays’ crazy world man !!!!

Just having a drink can enlighten you about peoples’ ignorance and the lack of respect that people have for basic common sense and logical thinking as I found out this week.

This is why I’m posting videos of people like Gil Scott Heron, unsung champions of basic truth and logical thought because it’s clear that many have chosen to follow the lies of false leaders rather than the words of those labelled as villains by the same people who have been later proven to be villains of a much more sinister nature.

However, it’s clear that balance comes from those not frightened to be labelled as radical or outspoken or as is the case today, a terrorist !?!

Watching the news tonight has kinda confirmed to me the level of mind control people are now buying into and in turn the means by which the, “New World Order” is plotting their further control of not only peoples thinking but peoples’ lifestyles certainly in the immediate future anyway. Read the rest of this entry »

A track for todays’ so-called lyricists …. A message many have clearly ignored …. !!! ….

Charles Hamilton, new Hype on the Block

So folks, the question is …. Who Do You Believe … ??? … a poem written by Big Virge on the 15/07/05

MPS ….. AND ………
THEIR WAR … STORIES ….. ????? …..

PRETTY CHEAP …. !!!!! ….


HE …… ” LIED ” ……

….. “BACKTRACK” …..

……….. “BLACK” ………. ?

HIS MIND WENT ….. ” ” …… Read the rest of this entry »

It’s that time again ……. written by Big Virge 3/6/09

So, voting time is upon us folks, it’s all up in the air right now seemingly, as everybody within British Politics is either resigning before their shenanigans behind closed doors and locked accounts becomes public knowledge, or, are clearly looking over their shoulders for investigators or turncoats willing to shop them in.

The idea of legitimacy in politics within Europe or globally is continually being damaged, either by the actions of the politicians themselves or by political satirists and people like me. Talking of which, my next post has found it’s way to the top of my mire of older works simply because we’re hearing so much about lies that are told by those who control, not just within the political bullring, but also within the whole corporate machine that now has it’s fingers in everything from X Craptor to the ailing education and health sectors.

So, enough of that ….. I’m a get to it folks …… be wise with your vote eh ….. for what it’s worth ….. cos it won’t be expenses ….. but could be expensive !!!!

Laterzzzzzzzzz y’all

I’m out.