Every man has his price eh ….. Hmmmm ….. Interesting …. ??? by Big Virge 27/11/08

Well hello there folks …!!!… what a week we’re having !!! terrorist attacks in Mumbai (according to the media) and England’s cricket team returning to London.

Also in a convenient twist on Asian / English relations …. Having made claims of racism in the Met Police Force, Tarique Ghaffur the highest ranked asian in the Met has received a pay-off in the region of £300K (approx) to keep his mouth shut about issues surrounding presumably not only the nature and full amount of his pay-off but to also ensure that no further comments regarding racism in the Met are made certainly by him ever again !?!

Well, what are the terrorists being paid in both these cases eh ..?.. one would have to think that the alleged terrorists in Mumbai will be paid handsomely in the afterlife as certain reports are suggesting that they are linked to Al-Qaeda ..!.. yawn yawn …. (So much for the Wests’ fight on terror working effectively !) but what about the individuals who’ve twisted Mr. Ghaffur’s arms or maybe it’s Mr. Ghaffur who’s the terrorist that the Met felt obliged to comply with to allow certain activities to continue within the upper ranks of the oh so liberal and fair Met police …… !!!! ……

I tend to think Mr. Ghaffur’s fam will be finding their way to another country sooner rather than later !!!

As for the India sitch well, who knows ..?.. but reports of the gunmen asking specifically to know who held American and Englsih passports is certainly fuelling the fire that many of Mr. Obama’s supporters I’m sure are hoping he’ll put out …?…

If David Miliband’s comments are anything to go by, according to past and present ties between the US and UK the stance is clear, “This is an attack on all of us !!!”

Err David do me a favour and don’t speak for me !!! speak for yourself okay …. !!! ….

Neither am I in agreement with these actions nor terrorist acts but until like Ali said I receive a direct attack from these people neither am I going to engage in fighting talk or physical fighting with people who have not clearly identified themselves to me as being my enemy.

If Americans are being targeted I look forward to seeing and hearing Mr. Obama’s diplomatic, non-violent solution to such impudence and threatening behaviour ?

As the siege ends it’s amazing that the news seems keen to focus on the probable loss of money for big Bollywood studios and future entertainment events scheduled for the Mumbai region !?!?!

If …?… as a friend of mine said to me, ” Every man has his price “, the economic crisis needs to end sharpish as the prices are clearly getting higher and higher as lives, tours and clearly morals are now all up for sale !!!

Peace y’all and RIP to those needlessly killed in Mumbai …..


So he’s in now and the rhetoric begins …… written by Big Virge 19/11/2008

Well hello there people ..!!!..

It’s been a while I know but like most people, pressure’s licking ….!!!…. issues surrounding basic survival are touching me as they are for most people financially and otherwise, but F… it I’m now about to enter the Mac world …. as the continual microsoft glitches and ctrl … alt … delete moves are beginning to wear on my patience !!!!

Not that it matters as BT’s promise of broadband security and consistency seems to be slowly diminishing, having had my money for a years provision they conveniently seem to now have forgotten that the service and contract was for twelve months not for 9 and a bit !!!

No wonder people are being laid off there as they clearly aren’t doing F*** all anyway !!!!

I guess people should start getting used to services diminishing as though they haven’t been for some time anyway.

I’m hearing that homeless persons issues are reaching new heights as they clearly are feeling as though taking a ticket and waiting to be seen in council offices is a pointless exercise and will be filled by the usual rhetoric from robotic council officers who seem less than bothered with the fact that an individual may well be sleeping in a stairwell or worse still on the street.

The government’s red tape has now got so red that blood may literally be what’s spilling as a result of policies that clearly have been and are now seen to be clearly …. “untenable”.

However, for those who choose to place faith in him …. the saviour has come and is due to take his seat in the WHITE house shortly, the now history bound name of Barack Obama …. a name which has clearly stirred peoples’ emotions.

There are clearly those like me who feel …. well ..?.. at best nervous as to what this man is now going to do within the confines of the Oval Office.

An office previously filled by liars, cheaters and clearly a breed of elitists who would not be too far misplaced from being quite at home in white hooded hats. Read the rest of this entry »