“Fear and Weakness” written by Big Virge 30/04/08

Well, it hasn’t been long since I’ve been back in England ppl …. but, it doesn’t take long to sink back into the mire that is English living …. what a depressing … *ucka this country’s becoming ..!!!.. or maybe it’s always been that way ..?.. but, now more ppl are suffering and seeing things for how they really are eh….. ???? ….. well …. ? …. whether it has or hasn’t, one thing’s for sure, it looks like things may well get worse before they get better, in my opinion.

The news is just becoming more and more laughable and the nature of it’s continual repetition is actually now making it seem pointless to watch or listen to ….. but, hey the media and those who control it portray what they want to portay right ..!?!…

Now this leads me to the reason I’ve entitled this blog “Fear and Weakness” …. being that it’s become really apparent to me the level of scaremongering that is fed into English peoples’ minds and in turn how weak a great many are ……???…… it would be, I think, fair to say that in most other countries in the world if services were as expensive as they are here and were as poor as they’ve become here, the people would have got up in arms about it ….. Revolution and Rioting are not words I particularly believe in now b’cos so called civil wars seem to be the end result, and no civil war as far as I know has bred a Utopian state afterwards.

What I’m merely wondering is what would it take to “really” Piss English folk off to the point where they actually turned against their trustworthy ministerial leaders and their gangs of defenders ……immigration maybe …?…. well no surprises there …. the usual ….. blame anyone but themselves for the countries failings / weaknesses …… Read the rest of this entry »

Marseille people ……. !!!!! written 21/04/08 by Big Virge

Well people, I’ve got to say it’s beautiful today over here in Marseille !!!!

(Hope London is now warmer than when I left !!!!!)

Just spent the weekend here having some fun with a new someone ….. ooh la la …. ha ha !!!

But to be serious for a minute, what a beautiful city !!!!! c’est très beau !!!!

As said, due to my prior meeting arrangements didn’t find the underground nightspots because I was otherwise engaged !!! …. Oooh la laaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!! ha ha ………

However, from what I did see, a very laid back city with beautiful architecture and the entrance via the sea to one of the southernmost parts of France.

There really is something just that bit different about French people, dunno if it’s me but wot’s with the way they dress ???? nothing ever seems to quite match !!!!, it’s just my eye for style that makes me question the way some people dress I guess, each ofcourse to their own !!!!

The port / marina is absolutely incredible !!!! just this huge dock for boats / ships, right next to the city with loads of quayside apartments and hotels overlooking the quay.

The incredible views are enhanced the higher up you go, there are some magnificent viewing areas which appear to be an old lookout post for presumably French defence back in the day.

If you’re a seafood fan, then this is a good place for you to visit …!!!!… lots of seafood restaurants are here ofcourse, being so close to the sea !!!!

No recommendations as I’m not really a seafood fan but saw one or two restaurants by the quay that were really busy so clearly there are some rather popular places to eat.

As for shopping, well, again being as tall as I am, I didn’t see much that I liked but there certainly are plenty of places to shop and quite a few market stalls where some nice things are available.

Have to also say ofcourse that although there was only one instance where I saw them, it was a little disturbing to see armed guard wandering the streets on Saturday afternoon with machine guns being held rather proudly !!!!

I guess the new world order is everywhere even in such a seemingly safe and peaceful city !!!!

It’s just the way of things ….. well for now not much more to say other than Marselle c’est très bon !!!! and I had a very good time in more ways than one if you catch my drift ….. what a crazy world we live in now eh !!!!???!!!! those who know me know what I’m talking about !!!! ha ha

Au revoir for now ….. gonna walk round Marseille one final time before coming back to dreary old England but c’est la vie as they say over here !!!!!

Not good …. !!! … written by Big Virge … 7/4/08

Well, it’s been an interesting week or so …. F1 big wig … Max Mosley finds himself being asked to stay away from the Bahrain GP by the Prince of Bahrain no less … !!! … because, he’s allegedly having Nazi style sex romps in dungeons !!! and this comes out now Lewis Hamilton’s been welcomed into the fold previously exclusively kept for the white boys !!! what will Lewis and Max be talking about when they next meet eh !?!

I’d like to be a fly on the wall for that discussion …. ha ha !!!

I’m laughing hard about Trisha too !!!, channel 5’s answer to Jeremy Kyle !!! Breast cancer, well life goes on … but I’m laughing about the fact that her Hubby was gay and she didn’t see it !?! So all this advice and counselling she’s been giving to ppl would seem to have been worthless, stones and glass houses huh ?

It really is all laughable now, more data on ppl lost 2day apparently, HSBC this time …. !!!! …. so is all the country’s security being apportioned to Terrorism or what !?! Read the rest of this entry »

Got to mention …. written by Big Virge 1/4/08

Yes People, a break from the mundane Bull that’s regularly reported and twisted on the daily news to report something that will never get mainstream news attention but is worthy of it, so no Amy Winehouse and her strangely fleeting crack habit or talk about America’s success in Iraq, time for some “real news” sad and under-reported as it is …..

Legends Joe Gibbs and Michael … “Mikey Dread” … Campbell have both passed away in recent weeks, both being pioneers of Reggae music in it’s different forms from back in the days when it was a music to be frowned upon.

Respek due !!!

and may they both Rest in Peace, I feel I have to mention them as it would be remiss of me not to.

As a fan of Reggae music but not a fanatic ! it is hard to really appreciate the people these great men have touched through their lives and music, but one thing is for sure ! no matter what rubbish is palmed off as reggae music now, their legacy lives on ….. and long may it do so ….

Also, son of O’Jays vocalist, Eddie Levert and member of 80’s trio “LeVert”, Sean Levert, has died in prison aged 39 after being imprisoned for non-payment of child support ..?.. having only been sentenced a week before !

An inconclusive coroners report to this point is somewhat disturbing and far from pleasing ….. whether the allegations stood up or not, another very sad loss.

As a teenager of the 80’s, songs like Casanova were tunes I shook my ass off too …… !!!…… so once again a very sad loss especially for one so young …. but hey, once u hit jail and are black what chances do you have … ? … very little I’d suggest these days … even if you were a star of sorts previously.

Anyhow, jus wanted to pay my respects and say to all those who loved music made by any of these men, play ur favourite track, hold a glass and smoke a phat one and wish them well ……. !!!!

Peace y’all

The Virge out !!!!