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Recorded by The Dark Doktahz


Well Well Well, looks like the credit crunch is truly on . . . . . or is it . . . . ?

“Egg” credit card customers are up in arms on the basis that some of them are being told,

“No more credit for you due to a poor credit rating so 35 days is what you get and after that no more credit and oh yes we want our money back !!!”

Well, according to quite a few customers it would seem that their credit rating is fine and it’s simply a case of maybe debt on the faces of those behind the yolk, sorry, joke, I mean . . . . . “EGG”, as they clearly have dealt in so much … “bad lending” … that due to the globalisation of the world economy and the ensuing global recession they aren’t making back the money they’re lending quickly enough !

So, they’re removing customers who do manage their accounts effectively in favour of keeping those on, who are increasing their level of debt with them, thus increasing interest repayments etc, but how do they make their money then eh ???

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