” A Different Angle ” … A poem written and performed by Big Virge

So folks, we are living in a world where, different angles of thinking and behaviour, are now proving to have serious affects on us all !

Everything from gender, to opinions, and apparent, scientific evidence about vaccinations, and stances on climate, and of course, of recent, on leaving the people of Afghanistan to their own devices, or those of the Taliban, to rule, after the involvement of American and British armed forces, for so many years !

It’s a crazy time to be alive, and when you see the different types of things that platforms like, TikTok, and others are bringing out of people, it’s hard to know whether to be disturbed, entertained, or just bemused by what people seem to think is the way to garner attention from others ?

In recent conversations, i’ve heard the strangest of angles, or opinions, come out of people’s heads and mouths, that just leave me, flabbergasted, by their thinking, choices, beliefs and values.

There are some very strange frequencies at play in this technological age, that seem to be causing, considerable interference in a great many people’s brain waves !?!

The strain of Corona pressures, and mandates from political leaders, that border on, dictatorial type actions, are certainly not sitting well with everyone, which is understandable to me, due to the constant shifting of goalposts, regarding everything from vaccine passports, to what vaccine shots are safe for adults, let alone for, children to take.

Artistically and creatively, it has always struck me that, people seem to have a need to be fed material, that doesn’t hurt their heads too much, in terms of how a message is conveyed or presented, which I now know only too well, having built an eclectic catalogue of musical works.

However, upon producing what I see as being, a more commercially driven album, with my latest offering,

The Lowhar Files …

I’ve been amazed at the responses I’ve received, especially on tracks that have taken my spoken word recordings to some, very different angles, to say the least, from what I’ve done before.

The interesting and most noticeable factor has been that, the lighter sonic backdrops are what people have happily gravitated towards, whilst in many cases, claiming that they have in no way, watered down the messages I am conveying through the poems, that have been made into songs with hooks, and choruses, that now, in certain cases, dominate the tracks, which to me, do much to destroy the authenticity of the poems in their purest form, so to even call it a spoken word album, is a little disingenuous.

However, as the poems were all recorded in their pure form, I know that it is simply, Spoken Word, chopped up, bar a couple of the tracks, which are stand out tracks, that have been tailored to work the, standard angle of songs, that have catchy hooks for people to cling onto, that allow them to escape from the verses lyrical content, especially if it’s a little too weighty for the heads who simply can’t deal with material that challenges them.

So, having been on a lengthy journey to get to the point where, people are claiming to like, and now appreciate what I do, it’s a strange feeling in all honesty, to see the angles that need to be explored, to get heads to listen to your creative efforts.

I say all of this to introduce this spoken word poem, that is in its pure form, that I wrote early into my artistic journey, when I started to realise, just how tame many like their art to be.

I will never be one who believes in watering down art to appeal to people, but thankfully, that’s not my job, and I’ve found others who, let’s say, know how to work the angles, as it were …

However, as per the title of this poem, and the question it asks, I do still wonder why it is, in a world now exposing the level of nonsense that moulds decisions, from war to politics, to gender now….

Why it is that I, and many other artists, have to embrace the usage of this thing, that goes against the raw manner in which we may want to express ourselves, through our creativity …

This thing that can be defined as being…

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” Money ” … Written and Performed by Big Virge

Keeping it moving with Track 6 from …

The Lowhar Files folks….

…. and it speaks on a subject that we all know about, all too well.
The subject of ….

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“The Critics” … Written and Performed by Big Virge

Okay so moving along to track 5 on my new album folks….

“ The Lowhar Files…. “

A track that deals with the eternal issue, of having to deal with those who think that they can criticise, the choices you make, as if it’s any of their business ?!?

Artistically, it’s a known fact that a great many artists who couldn’t make it with their own art, often become art, or music critics, out of some wish to remain connected to the scene.

However, when it comes to friends and acquaintances, it’s a minefield of trying to figure out whether you’re receiving, constructive criticism, that’s founded in truth, and a wish to help you to better yourself and what you do, or, whether you’re being criticised, due to jealousy and hatred ?

So, this track deals with these issues, but also speaks on the ….

“ Silent Critics “ ….

…. who really think they’re slick !

The types who, when it comes to the performing arts, and particularly the modern online generation of companies and groups, now claiming to be about, supporting talent, regardless of how they come to know of it.

They are rarely what they present folks, and that’s no joke !

So, a special mention goes to the spoken word group on Twitter, known as,

… Hammer And Tongue, Cambridge …

…. who, after receiving a mere, 7 or so tweets, that I tagged them in, as this is a fresh spoken word album, decided to respond with …


Now folks, this isn’t bitterness, but a suitable link to these, SILENT CRITICS, that this track speaks of.

I rarely, if ever, have tweeted them before, but rather than ignore the tweets, or block me, or, just say that they weren’t into what I was sending, this is the form of underhanded criticism, that proves that these, Silent Critics exist.

The type of critics who, due to their affiliations, and biases, would rather hide behind this sort of ignorance, than to just be straight up about the fact that they have their preferences, and that they just don’t like what you’re offering.

However, when you think of the very WHITE, and gentrified, image of Cambridge, it’s university, and artistic legacy, you’d think that in this,

“ Black Lives Matter Age “ ….

Especially as Britain is apparently, such a welcoming place to black people, it wouldn’t be too much to indulge some, Black Rhymes right ?

Especially when they aren’t down with grime, violence or ignorance, now wouldn’t you ???


However, they totally personify the types of collectives, that this poem’s subject matter speaks on.

Jokers, who think they’re slick, just like …….

“Cadence and Intonation” … Written and Performed by Big Virge

Okay people, time for a quick return to some, pure spoken word !

No reverb or bass lines required, just the sound of a voice, and rhymes chosen, to exhibit the craft that is simply …

Spoken Word Poetry !

However, in looking into what actually makes a good, or great poetry recording, especially when applying music to it, one has to acknowledge how important, Cadence and Intonation are.

Timing, in terms of ones rhyme delivery, is absolutely vital in keeping your listeners engaged, as is intonation.

As a Spoken Word Artist, who goes against the conventional method of recording verses to music, intonation isn’t quite as important as it is for those who record their words to music, which makes the music chosen by producers, in my case, even more important than normal, as well as their interpretation of the tonality of my vocals, because that then becomes a key factor in creating a smooth, fluid synergy, that gives the illusion of a seamless performance, even though the vocals are recorded first !

However, what my method does, is to give me total freedom to express my words, in a very natural manner, so my cadence and vocal inflections, or intonations are much more organic than those who know where their tracks change, or where certain effects will give them cues as to when to ramp up, or to tone down their delivery.

So, as my new musical album, The Lowhar Files, currently percolates in listeners ears, this piece is a quick reminder of the fact that, the original poems in their pure form, have very specific, and precise examples of the subject of this poem, which as said, are pivotal ingredients in giving listeners an engaging and pleasurable listening experience !

Two words that are essential to recordings of any kind, but especially those that indulge in rhyme and verse…..

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“Untouchable” … from the new album, The Lowhar Files !!!

Okay folks, this is the third part of the, Tri-Fector of tracks that, inter-relate with a certain, Black James Bond.

The reason being that if he were a poet, he’d clearly be,

” Bulletproof ” …

…. and would be much like a poetic version of Elliot Ness, in terms of being like this track suggests…

Track 4 from my new album, “The Lowhar Files” … now on general release, at all online retailers !

So, here ya go folks, check out why my altar ego, Big Virge, when it comes to, Spoken Word Rhymes, can make the claim to be….

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” The Lowhar Files “… New release NOW AVAILABLE !!! Here’s another fresh track !

Okay folks, so it’s dropped on all major online platforms, and y’all know, if people are digging some of these tracks, they’ll be downloadable, somewhere or other, pretty sharpish !

Such is life, but it’s good to be able to share some more music with y’all.

The albums first two tracks are being well received, as Anthony Lowhar’s production, has brought a fresh dimension to what my spoken word recordings can become.

Funky, Jazzy, Groovy and more, alongside of my usual, thought provoking, hard hitting lyricism.

A very interesting blend worth checking out people, if I do say so myself !

Who isn’t about self promoting now ?

So don’t even go there, because I guarantee, there’ll be something for everyone on this album, from the light to the heavy, to the beautiful, this album will offer a taste of all the above, and maybe a few more things…

So, yup, Itunes, CD Baby, Deezer, Spotify, blah di blah, so at least stream anything you like a few times folks… I only need a few BILLION to get noticed and paid !

Ha Ha….

Anyway, here’s the third track, a little number that, whilst being somewhat braggadocios, also speaks on the serious issues of modern policing, governance and societal violence !

However, poetically speaking, it also shows that Big Virge, being moi, is now…..

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“Folks, he’s back and, Hornier than ever, The Black James Bond Lowhar Remix…”

So folks, indeed he has returned for the new album,
” The Lowhar Files “, and Mr. Lowhar has done quite the job on his return !

Funky, groovy, and TOTALLY DIFFERENT to the original version from, Virges’ World, Volume 1 !

So, get your dancing feet ready, for this very upbeat track, that proves a certain Big Virge iteration of James Bond is BACK !

So, take a listen and enjoy this track…

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New Album Dropping, Here’s the opener !

So folks, as much of a shock to me, as much as to anybody else.
Here is the first track from my new album, produced by Anthony Lowhar,

” The Lowhar Files “, which is due for release on the 23rd of August, so, next week Monday I believe….

An excursion into jazzy, funky grooves, with a distinctly, Caribbean Flava’, that adds to the foundational Hip Hop sound, that I love, which prevails on most of the ten tracks on this, my fourth album !

So check out this smooth, groovy number for starters…

Take a listen over here…

ENJOY… The Lowhar Remix of, Poetry or Rap ?

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The La Cosa Nostra, Radium Girls Podcast with Skye….

I absolutely loved being part of this podcast, about an issue not so far removed, from those many are assessing to be an issue with our current virus situation, because it reflects on the level of lies that certain corporate business will go, to cover up the truth about their lust for profit, ahead of the welfare of people, or in this case….

The Radium Girls….

A show of some very impressive poetry on this incredible subject and story, as well as some stirring conversation….

Take a listen here…..

“Harassment” … Written and Performed by Big Virge

So folks, as things start to reopen in various places, something that never seems to be shutdown permanently, is the different forms of harassment, that clearly comes from everyone, from the police, to cancel brigades, men and yes, women too, because harassment is not beyond them either, so don’t get it confused.

I’ve had my derrière pinched by females, and had certain females harass me about touching my hair, so ladies, don’t even go there, because some of you do harass men, and other women too !

However, what is becoming sadly apparent, is the level of harassment that people in power seem to feel, that they can dish out to basically anyone, without feeling any sense of guilt at all.

The idea that, due to being a famous sportsperson, politician, actor or world leader, that this entitles you to harass people without any sense of remorse, or feeling that punishment can come their way, is truly astonishing, in a time where so many are apparently, waking up, from their years of slumber !

So, let’s get right to some of these recent revelations, starting with New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo, who is under serious pressure to resign from the post, that his late father held, due to multiple accusations of sexual harassment, of his co-workers, as well as others apparently ?

He of course, denies any such conduct, but his line of defence being about,

“ Generational “ … and …
“ Cultural “ … Differences,

being the reason for these allegations, is just ridiculous, in all honesty.

A Democrat, whose family have a legacy that connects to politics, as it does to mainstream media, as his brother Chris, works at CNN, but interestingly, having interviewed Andrew on various occasions, conveniently didn’t find a spot for this story on his regular Tuesday night show, upon this news breaking …

Hmmm … one has to wonder why right ?

Well, not if you’re smart and recognise how power players protect those, who are caught with their hands in the cookie jar, or on breasts, necks and asses, as would seem to be the case here !

The figure currently stands at 11 women, who, Attorney General, Letitia James has determined as being victims of his unwanted advances !

The 63 year old is now facing impeachment, and questions over deliberate misinformation regarding Covid deaths and more, dating back to 2020.

The disturbing thing being, it’s taken until he’s 63 , for these things to even have been brought to public attention ?

Just incredible !

This word harassment, has its place within the Covid’ vaccine debate, as those now vaccinated, seem to want to harass those who are not so keen to take shots, or wear masks, to the point where people are fighting on airplanes.

However, in the case of Maxwell Berry, he allegedly grabbed female attendants breasts, and was so abusive on the flight, that he had to be duct taped to his seat !

Like WTF … !?!

Once again, having allegedly made the claim that his parents are worth a couple of million dollars, this seems to have made him feel as if he could do and say, whatever he wanted, to whoever he felt like.

However, he just seems to be a spoilt 22 year old, who due to being white, will probably walk away with a slap on the wrist.

The fact that he’s free on a 1500 dollar bond, and the fact that the FBI, have already declined to pursue, federal felony charges, even though he also punched a male flight attendant, confirm that the term, ” White Privilege “, matters a bit more than black lives and rights !

This is clearly why the rules for harassment, don’t seem to run in quite the same way that they do, for black men, ask Bill Cosby, who could only get a reprieve for his alleged abuses of women, via a legal technicality.

However, I say that to highlight the fact that in his case, he has NOT been cleared of the actual sexual harassment, and rape charges brought against him.

Once again, the power of the mighty dollar, affording him the kind of legal representation that is likely to save the likes of Andrew Cuomo.

Talking of the law, well, Covid’ Lockdowns or not, police harassment has not stopped, and continues to disturb, due to more and more visual evidence of the things that were once seen as being, figments of black peoples imagination.

However, in the case of 30 year old, Declan Jones, from the West Midlands Police, assaults on two different black men in two days, and the kicking and punching of a 15 year old boy, who was not threatening him, being captured on video, would seem to prove otherwise, emphatically, even though he is still denying that he assaulted anyone ?


Incredibly, this happened last year, in April 2020, during the first UK Lockdown !

The sad and ridiculous part is that, Judge Shamim Qureshi, who one could assume to be of Asian descent, chose to use the word,

“ Paranoia “,

…. rather than Racist, in terms of the reason for Mr. Jones actions, due to what he described as an,

“ Unconscious Bias “,

…. because of officer Jones, previous interactions with violent individuals.

An incredible assessment, that falls in line with the type of rhetoric, coming from Priti’ Patel, and her boss BJ Johnson, regarding racism in Britain.

Racial harassment can only be determined to be the case, when a black person dies, seemingly.

At least he has been charged with assault, however, the likelihood of any serious punishment, would seem to be unlikely.

Also, what about the video of the 5 Miami Police officers, that has now surfaced, resulting in them facing criminal charges for again, assaulting a black male, Dalonta Crudrup, who allegedly attacked an officer with a motorised scooter, that he had illegally parked, with kicks to the head, whilst he was on the ground and handcuffed ?

It is then alleged, that they then, also roughed up an individual, 28 year old, Khalid Vaughn, who was filming the first assault, who they then also arrested.

Vaughn was then charged with, wait for it …

Impeding, provoking and YES, HARASSING the now almost, 20 odd officers, whilst filming them from some, 12 – 15 feet away from the fracas.

Charges that were quickly dropped, once the video footage became available….

What a surprise … NOT.

We are in a crazy time, where the slightest infraction with women, can get you charged, or cancelled, as it can when speaking on gender, like it has for rapper, Da Baby, who has quickly apologised for seemingly, harassing LGBTQ sensibilities, for statements made whilst on stage, just this week, but the never ending harassment of black people by police, sees no such punitive threat, that scares, or, stops the police from continually indulging in these, intimidatory, and violent acts.

So, the question one has to ask is, are all these things treated the same way, in this new …

“ Woke “ … modern world ?

Well, clearly not when you are famous, or have huge amounts of financial power, that can secure the right legal representation.

So, this spoken word drop affirms that this is nothing new for black men in particular, and nothing has really been done to stop police harassing us, from when we’re just walking the street, to, going shopping, standing waiting for a friend, or, as was the case in this true story, just trying to get to work in the morning, as I was on this day, when I was the victim of the same old use of police ……

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