“Standards” …. The Vocal .. written by Big Virge … 4/12/2012 …


So what’s the word people ?

World Cup Fever is now over, and what a World Cup it was … !!!

However, i’ll leave that subject to one of my next posts, suffice to say though, it’s been a hot summer in various places and standards are indeed, showing themselves to be diminishing in many areas.

From wild fires where people are losing their homes and lives, with very little assistance until after the fact, to fires that may well become a very hot topic, like the recent Ted Talk on how Paedophilia should perhaps be viewed now.

Again, a subject that needs further discussion, but for now i’ll get back the usual poor standards, policing and safety for black people after the tragic death of Nia Wilson in Oakland.

Poor standards of conduct and behaviour, leading to sexual abuses by members of Oxfam in Haiti, and paramedics basically letting black people suffer and die in America, because of profiling, like the case of Nicole Galloway RIP, that leads some of them to believe that being black somehow means that, you couldn’t possibly have the money to pay for your medical insurance, which therefore means in their minds…..

“No money, NO RIDE, and no-one willing to save your life !?!?!”

Crazy and CRAZIER Times …. ?!?

We seem to be accepting pretty much anything as being reasonable nowadays.

Well, I think we might wanna just check on our standards, just a little bit, and recognise that without any, what exactly could this world become ???

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Abused women everywhere : Take Note !

Now folks, I am a man who does not believe in ism’s of any kind, be it Racism, Feminism, Chauvinism, or any other ism’ …. that separates, divides, or abuses, another human beings, basic, civil rights !!!!!

However, there is maybe one ism ….

I get down with …

and it’s …. REALISM …. !!!!!

and … THIS ….
is … Pretty F’ing REAL ….. !!!!!!

Great concept & the video is one you NEED TO … PAY ATTENTION to ….. !!!

Just found out about this young artist, and her artistic collective ….

And … as she says ….

It’s not about them, or any artist, defining themselves by gender, it’s just about being …. An Artist ….

Ideally one, who uses artistry, to reflect the realities, good and bad, of how we, as humans, interact with each other …..

Again, the video is as important, in this case, as the lyrics and music !!!!!

So, take 5 minutes out of your day, to take in something, worth the watch ….

Shay D people.

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