Following on from my last post, “So, who are you EXACTLY ???” … A Poem written by Big Virge 8/9/2013

Having yesterday been advised, by an individual of the feminine persuasion, that,

“She’s not to be f’kd with … !!!”

It reminded me of another one, who made, ” CLAIMS ” … of being a Woman,
and, being a MOTHER, apparently !!!!

She is who inspired this piece of let’s say, retaliation, from the mind of Big Virge, to her, stupid actions, that were not warranted, in my opinion.

There is a BIG DIFFERENCE, between, girls, girls with children, and …

” WOMEN “.

Who, i’d suggest, are to be f’kd with, and, more importantly … LOVED …

But, as per my previous posts’ question, here is some evidence that, my mind is … My Most Potent Weapon, and I will not allow, girls with smart mouths, and, unwarranted attitudes to fuck around with me !!!

Especially, when calling me names, or, worse still, calling my name everywhere, except where they are supposed to, ideally, in my bed, rather than on stupid, attention seeking, internet threads !!!

These words are all based on our, NOW, non-existent interaction !!!

So, do not get caught up, girls be, PISSING US MEN OFF TOO !!!!!

… with the stupidity of their actions certain times, boys will be boys, girls will be girls, but, the bottom line is this, if you’ve got sumthin’ to say to a man girls, SAY IT !!!!!

Don’t hide behind rhetoric and then play the victim, when you done mek’ choices off your own back, that lead to reactions, that cause problems in your relationship dealings girls !!!!

Come on now, look in the mirror and see past what you have … ” Made Up ” …

So, who are YOU, exactly ?

Lil’ Ms. Fatty ?
who claims to be happy ?

Well, some of the time
I see you asking bout mine,
but, what’s your design ?

Your online profile
is all about smiles
and a jokey side

So your calling my name
and, trying to claim
that I hide another side

Now, that’s not nice !
and is a slippery slide
to where we, collide !

I guess it’s what you wanted
Well, okay, now you’ve got it !

You’ve already conceded
Defeat, to me
because of extremities
in my speech,
that, you didn’t see
and it seems, could not believe !

I’ll leave your name out
“Again”, so don’t doubt,
that, you’ve achieved, “Nothing”,

So, Listen up luv,
Just Stop ya’ frontin’ !!!

You’re enough as you are ?
Don’t make me laugh !!!

I feel disrespected !
So, here’s a poem
I’ve swiftly, ejected !

See, this, I enjoy !!!
Exhibiting the poise
with which I move

You should learn to, boo !!!

Aren’t we done yet ?
Why’s my name in your forum threads ?

As if doing these things,
will, give you something ?
like, support from those
who like how your roll

Well me, I DON’T.

Our boat has sunk !
without, “The Fun”,
you claim to, “Love”, ?

I told you straight
you’re not, my type !

Well, maybe for a stand ?
but, just for, one night !

because infantile minds
who seem to like games
and, calling out names !

That’s, all on you babe
I’ll just walk away

Now, don’t be rude
calm your, “attitude”,
cos’ i’ve got one too !
that isn’t, ” so cool “,
and may cause me to get,
all up in your head ?

with lyrics that, wet
Yup, just like, “Judge Dread”

and I really have locks !
that may leave ya, knocked !

THANK YOU, for the plug !
but, arrogant luv ?
Cut out, that stuff !

I’m glad you think i’m, “Goodest”
It’s true, my style is, fluent !!!
and, better than most !
and that’s, no boast !

So, ease off the quotes,
that, clearly show,
that your tell, is more, ” Ho’ ”

So, i’m calling time
with this rhyme, storyline

If you’ve got questions
send a, “private message !”

just make sure it contains
more than, one phrase !

because I just don’t have
the time to waste !

Now, i’m just saying that,
so there’s, NO REPLAYS !

This Here, is just, “Proof”
that, I LOVE, what I do !!!

See, this to me, is FUN !!!
i’m, laughing at you now
girls like you, I stun !!!
by just, breaking you down

Reply, if you like !
but you should, think twice

What ya gonna say ?

“I knew he’d reply !
and prove to this, Whole Site !!!
that he’s a bitch, who couldn’t get wid’
“THIS”, online bike for guys
who like a, “Crazy Ride !!!”
with a mother, who implies
she likes, “Rough Sex !”,
and, “Other Things”, in,
Every other line !

I’ve seen you come !
I’ve seen you go !
girls like you,

Now Known as, “NOPE !!!”

Name calling,
is what, YOU DO ?!?,

it seems our, “Poetry Battle”
was beyond, what you could handle ?
so, no more dots, or, periods
cos’, these words here, are SERIOUS !

calling me a, “Nigga”
Now that’s just, “NOT COOL !!!”

I guess I should of figured,
that this is how you move ?

Let me guess ?
It was a, “Joke”

Well, check this yo !
I let that, go !

But now, let me say

You don’t know me !

and should now, cease
from calling my name
for all to see !!!!!

cos maybe, that was, “Racist ?”,
or, is it that, you’re, “Basic ?”,
and simply, cannot face it !

Your insecurity, Defines You !
while me baby, believe, “I’m cool !”

I don’t do, “Trashy”
or, “Lil Miss Fattys”
with, “Beat Up Chassis”

Your jokes are, “Shabby”
and so, “Ms. Crassly”

Let me, “Flip the script’
and ask you, “THIS ?”

“So, who are YOU, exactly ?”

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