” Virgelements ” … A Poem written & performed by Big Virge

So how’s the world treating you people ?!?

Hopefully better than those in Florida who had to deal with a very different version of Valentines’ Day attention !!!!!

Funny how the word, ” Terrorism “, has not been applied to this individual’s act, wouldn’t you say ???

An act that he made, which appears, in no small way, to have been due to his following of, some quite clearly, extreme RIGHT WING (i.e. Fascist & Racist) views, that surely, within reason, could be defined as hate filled ?!?

Thus, this could be defined as a HATE CRIME, however, the subject of discussion has immediately swayed to, Gun Control, Hmmm …..

How about applying such attitudes to say … Bombs …

Bomb Controls …. ???

and I don’t mean those of a Nato type, which reminds me, Oxfam aren’t exactly as sweet as the wrapper appears, go look at what their emissaries have been dealing in … Fa F’ks sake … !!!

Anyway back to it,

Racism ….. ???

Racism Controls, which, as ridiculous an idea as it seems, might actually hinder people from making acts of this kind …

Maybe in the instance of a defined, Hate Crime, some Capital Punishment …. !?!

Well, the world turns and people get theirs, while others suffer, or sadly, die !

Today has seen the conviction of two SICK Whatevers …. ????

…. for their Paedohpile Abuses, a scholar of sorts, and a football coach in the UK.

The latter, who has something like 80 victims with more coming out ….
I mean SERIOUSLY …… ?!?

Words cannot express the level of disgust such things stir in me, especially when, in these cases, they’ve long since, got away with their wickedness, whilst the victims are forced to live with the nightmare, one, who it was stated, had an operation to stop him having children because of his fear of not being able to protect any that he may have had ….

As said, crazy ish folks, NASTY F’kd up and CRAZY !!!!!

However, life goes on right, Donald continues on his merry way, basically, ” Trumpifying’ “, anything he can, before the powers above him, feel that he needs to be reigned in some …..

So, in the spirit of Trump type glorification of oneself ….

This month’s little sumthin’ is named after me …..

The subject matter, like last month’s piece, is all encompassing, and relevant, in many ways, to much happening these days …..

So, check out some …. Virgelements’ ….

That’s right ……. VIRGELEMENTS folks ……. !!!!

Wanna know more, take a listen …..

Stay safe and be cool out there folks, people have never been easy, and most are making things, even more difficult than usual right about now ……

Peace and Guidance ….

The Virge Out.

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“Racism Pon’ TV” … A poem written by Debronique Ellis

All i’m gonna say is, WOW, couldn’t of put it together better, myself !!!
More power to Ms. Ellis !!!

Racism pon TV

Racism, what is it?
Is it to judge a man by the thinness or the thickness of his lips,
Di shape a him nose, di style a him clothes?
How can it be, that my blackness or my brownness or my whiteness
determines me, my personality?
Well you tell me! You di man pon di TV!
Oh! yuh think I didn’t see!?
because you try to hide and disguise while YOU, dear sir, patronize!
And somehow manage to pass di message to di unsuspecting minds!
Minds that cannot recognize the signs, di discreetly degrading lines
dat these actors are paid to say. Why do dis when you say, all men are equal?

Lies! This is not wat you truly believe!
Yuh too lie man! Stop deceive!
If wi all equal den why? Why portray me di black man as di bad guy?
Why portray him di Chinese as di smart guy?
Why yuh mek it look like seh she di Indian nuh have nuh common sense,
And seh you di white man, must control all di dollars and cents?

Racism what is it? Is it to judge a man by di texture a him hair,
him skin colour black, white or fair? Yes! But check dis:
di bigga heads dem all know dis,
Suh dem wont set up di media by being what we call ‘racist’, no!
Dem do it discreetly, dem use subtlety, all in the name of entertainment.
And wi buy dis, disdainful arrangement!?
Pon di tv we are being stereotyped, marginalized, categorized by our race and ethnicity.
Maybe not openly and directly,
But it is there, and if yuh smart or observant yuh will become aware.
Aware that di tv many times portray you and me as:
Di theifin’ criminal black or Hispanic bwoy!
Di Chinese weh can only own a restaurant or hack a computer!
Di Indian weh own a grocery store!
And di white man, inna him white collar,
stepping out wid him briefcase
Looking so dapper!

Look pon all dis, yuh eva notice, say in a horror movie wen a man fi dead,
Is always di black guy?!
Yes man, di white man have to survive!
“Oh, but this is just the plot of the movie and surely not racism.” Why?
“Because it’s not degrading or alluding to a race being inferior.” Shut up!
And stop di pretence! Cause me di black man, di Chinese man, all a wi have sense!
Wah mek di Indian caan own di multi-million dollar corporation? Or run out and save
di white man from a dangerous situation? No…..
Him nuh superior enough!
him nuh light-skinned enough!

This could just be my ism…. or di definition of racism!

Suh racism, what is it? Check yuh dictionary or guh turn on yuh t.v!
Author Notes

Written in Caribbean dialect.

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