I mean … SERIOUSLY … !!! … written by Big Virge 2/10/2013

Yes Yes Motha Fukdicks !!!!!

I am in contemplative mode currently, after the usual abusive tactics being used by ignoramuses, online, and in this, at times, rather infuriating life !!!

Much like the Monolith, song lyrics, posted in my previous post, I have to say that there appears to be a dearth of humility, and sadly, acceptance in people, right now.

Pussyholes running for cover when they are uncovered as being, lil’ hateful beings, who clearly, as per the, Jus Allah lyric, about Dave Chappelle, be hating, “Themselves”.

However, in quite a few of the cases that i’ve been party to, or, hearing about from others, it’s not difficult to see why !!!

I actually had some, dumb trick, profess to, “NEVER Backing down !!!”.

Okay like … SERIOUSLY Bitch !!!!!

Now, I don’t like to refer to women in that way, but, SERIOUSLY ….

Fuck That Chit !!!!!

There are some seriously fuk’d up BEAAAATTTCHHEESSSS runnin’ around town right about now, however, the scales dem’ are balanced, believe it !!!!!

Some man get so caught up with these, “Glitch filled Bitches”, they be fucking, that, they be acting up, as if the fact that they’ve managed to get their cock in their mouths, should, automatically garner, some sense of approval from outside parties, as if they need someone to affirm to them that, they’ve got that dime piece that breeds jealousy in others, because she’s, oh so special !!!!!

Errr, SERIOUSLY ???!???

Well, the answer is NO !!!
So, wake the fuck up and smell that shit you peddling !!!

There also seems to be some kind of belief in dropping lines, that, indicate a sense of humour, that is reflective of the warped sense of thinking, or, (More accurately, Non-Thinking), that seems to drive these comments/questions, that, if a level of thought were applied, would not be thrown about as if they would never offend, or, upset the parties being mentioned ?!?

I mean, in fairness and all seriousness, yes, these things cannot be quantified so easily, but, humour is not something that can be taken as a given, because … YOU … Think it’s funny ….. !!!

Even between, long time friends, one has to try to establish, that, The Vibes are cool, thus, the intent of, said joke, or comment, will be received in the manner it’s meant.

Again, not so easy to establish, but, that’s the point of communicating in a manner, that offers some sense of where the person who is the subject of your humour, is at, before making statements, that, could be easily misconstrued.

It is a Fuck em’, kind of vibe, from US Congress, to the, ” Average Joe “, at the moment, attacks of all sorts are being made, without any thought of the consequences of these attacks, from Ms America, to, shoot-outs in shopping malls … !!!!

…. where has the consideration of others gone to people ….. ?!!!?

People … Stooooooppppp Frontin’ !!!

It’s seems to now be, sadly, prevalent in many older heads, assessment, of interactions they now have to contend with.

Thinkers apparently, should allow for the nonsensical behaviour, and commentary being levelled at them, by those who, clearly, have lost the, basic logic, that dictates a level of rational behaviour and common sense that should prevail when things get a little of track, due to, (Let’s say), a choice that has been made, that provides evidence that confirms how ignorant and harmful, such actions can, and invariably, tend to be.

Reacting is part of all of us, however, “Thought”, is what separates ignorant reaction, from calm, collected responses.

The idea that people are not all capable of recognising these things, in 2K13, is indeed, a little difficult to now accept as being, The Truth.

We are all capable of making choices, or, having opinions, but, apparently, in most “Thought”, then disappears, or, is dismissed as being, “Unnecessary” … ??!??

Claims of doing your best, when you clearly haven’t, again confirm, an unwillingness, to look in the mirror and DEAL.

So sad, but, so very true now, that it feels like an epidemic of ignorance is growing to … Gargantuan Proportions … !!!!!

We ALL, have a duty to ourselves and, in the grand scheme of things, ” HUMANITY “, to act with more universally, acceptable ideals, behavioural traits and essentially, “Love”, for each other !!!

I use the word loosely, and will end with a couple more questions ….


and if so, when did the realisation that you did occur huh ???
5 ?
15 ?
25 ?
35 ?
45 ?

…. or maybe, as is more likely to be the case, when you become old and grey and, pussy or dick, or, who you feel you need to impress, no longer stresses your head as being, THAT Important….. ???

Some will find, “That Love for Self”, earlier for sure, but, some it seems, right now, need to go through the whole …..

“Those who won’t hear, must FEEL”

…. vibration, which is not a positive choice, it is so far from that, that it’s root cause, can be so damaging, that, the feeling becomes another quickly thrown away, denial.

People, what can I tell ya …

It’s all good folks, believe me, WITH ME, because pain and joy receive, equal amounts of attention, but, this idea that ALL is good and right with you, needs to just be tempered and checked folks …..

Cut OUT the Ignorant Quotes, that are passed of as … “Jokes” …
Cut OUT the … “Passive Aggressive” … Bullshit …
and start to have some … “Consideration” … for OTHERS …

I’ve been labelled as not having much compassion in me, but, hear what, all these words, poems and posts, actually do, come from a place of … LOVE … folks

Hard to believe … ???

Well, I can dig it, because … “Tough Love” … is not the ticket, most, want to buy …..

The obvious question is … WHY … ?

Well, that’s for y’all to decide and live by, but, right now, don’t jump on the bandwagon of foolish pride & ignorance, to preserve some sense of self-worth ….

…. that comes from, in my humble opinion, “Love for Yourself”, not another pair of eyes, or thighs, but …. YOURSELF.

I was told a few years ago, that, happiness cannot be found in others ….

Hmmm, would seem a fair statement, but, are your actions, statements and intentions, actually, fair to others these days ?!?

On that note, i’m gone leave ya fa now ….

…. but, if you’re one who feels that everyone is on ya case currently, for no apparent reason, it’s probably because of envy and jealousy, and some abundance of personal issues !!!!!

Keep ya heads up, and, run your game !!!

Keep it …. ” Tight and Right !!!”

Never mind … The Blind …

…. but, if you are inclined to try and … OPEN … blinkered eyes, remember that, there is a price you’ll probably pay, and, these days, it’s sniping attacks and subtle attempts to mess your head !!!

My final words on this are simply

” DON”T LET EM’ !!! ”

Bless up and … One Love people ….

BELIEVE IT …. “One Love” ….

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