“Evolvers” … A Poem written & performed by Big Virge

Yes Yes People ….. !!!

Having had a very calm, and quiet festive, after my …

Adventurous December … !!! … to, Pacific Coastlines and Landscapes, my first poetic offering of the year, is hopefully as inspiring, as it is, thought provoking ….

But in a more, PROGRESSIVELY EVOLVED Manner, than much that has been happening over the last few weeks …. !!!

From Paris to Nigeria bombings, to, US Madness, of a judicial & violent nature, to the, let’s say, not so evolved rhetoric, coming from the likes of Donald Trump, and his competition for the Whitehouse seat !!!!!

Anyway, from top to bottom, this is now, one of my favourites, and covers much that has occurred, and seemingly continues to occur within the ecology of Human Development …..

Take time with this one folks … !!!!!

because ….

Even if the word, ” Evolvers “, doesn’t actually exist in the Oxford, Posh Dictionary, it’s now, one of MY OWN, and what it’s inspired, reflects on much that happens in this crazy world of ours ….

Everyday …..

BELIEVE IT … !!!!!

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So, What, or … WHO, would you … “Purge”, from your life … if you could uh ??? … written by Big Virge 24/6/2013

So, how’s things peoples’ …. ???

Good I hope … !!!

It’s hot as Fuk here in Bim, mosquitoes biting like the lil’ Mother Uckers … they are, I truly wish, if there were one thing in my locale I could … “Purge” … It would be those lil’ Fukkas … !!!!!

So, talking of things i’d like to expel, or, simply remove …. having recently been in the U.S., when, Ethan Hawke was doing his P.R. bit, for one of his new movies, “The Purge”, I was immediately intrigued by the idea …. (Spoilers, so, if you haven’t seen it yet, don’t read any further !)

…. of, a possible future ?

… where, for 12 Hours, once a year, people can legally, remove, destroy, damage or kill, whatever/whoever they want, having been sanctioned by government, to do so, in what essentially, many would suggest as being, “Stress Relief”, like say, going and punching a bag, rather than terrorize some fuck talking pish about what they would do to you, behind your back, not something I am unfamiliar with, sadly.

Ofcourse, Government & Those in Their Circle, are exempt from being targets, and presumably, have, the relevant protection from armed forces. (No Surprises There !!!).

So, as the movie progresses, which I see, has been heavily slated for plot flaws, etc, by quite a few people …..

….. it takes you through a variety of seemingly, innocuous occurrences, encompassing Hawke’s family and where they live, in a gated development for those, wealthy enough, to have top end security systems, that, he has sold to pretty much, the whole neighbourhood.

Thus, “The Purge”, begins at 7pm, now, without giving away every last detail, all i’m gonna say is, I was pleasantly surprised by the angles that, writer & director, James Demonaco, (The Negotiator), takes the film into, some dark corners of the Human Psyche, as well as into some very interesting societal disorders, of varying degrees.

Our lack of trust in each other, our constant battle with societal acceptance, from a class perspective, and by that, I mean, monetarily, the issues of how to allow our youth to grow, without stifling them, but, the fine line that, I definitely think, a lot of the younger parents of today, struggle with, as is evident in much youth behaviour, and finally, this need to be ready to shoot guns at just about anyone, who you see as a threat, or having them, as a means of protection from others.

Guns … Hmmmm … Really People … GUNS !!!!!

This film will, undoubtedly, scare the hell out of a lot of people, who’ll be playing like they ain’t scared, but, for anyone who can see beyond the conspiratorial theorists, this has, “Genuinely”, Scary Scenarios, being hypothetically seen, for a future which isn’t, so much of a future, as it is, a reflection on much that, Already Exists ….

The reason I say this is because such gated communities, ALREADY EXIST, the idea of ruthless, free for all killing, goes on already, in certain parts of many impoverished countries, and even in some, not so impoverished places, like say, Philadelphia … ???

… which, as i’ve said, has areas in the North of Philly, that seem to be, Notorious, for violent acts, sometimes, in broad daylight, that, even scare, Ex-residents from returning too frequently …. !!!!!!!

I’m sure that, many people will dismiss this movie as a ridiculous vision, of something that will NEVER happen …..

Well, I hope these people are right, because i’ve already felt that energy of being the stranger in town, who upon, merely trying to connect with certain people, has felt that whole, jealousy, and, angst-filled behaviour, from people who barely know me, and, have no idea what I have been through, to be where i’m now at ….


Mother Fuckers be playing ” They Down “, wid your vibe and, respect, that you have earned your position, but then, somehow, that turns into ….

“Oh, you should give me pretty much everything you have, bar the shirt off your back, or, worse still, cha, me ah tek what I want from you, because it’s what you deserve ?!!!?

Hmmm … well, if that doesn’t sound familiar to you, cool, but for those who know these types of F’ing CUNTHOLES, I think, “The Purge”, is for you !

Much like, Bobcat Goldthwait’s, ” God Bless America “, it is a sad indictment of much that the U.S. of A …. represents, and has spread, via it’s media, music and of course, films like this, across the world.

… and I have to say, much like the battle rap thrown at Eminem by one of Papa Doc’s bwoys, at the end of the 8 Mile film, one of the most pleasing things about, ” The Purge “, for me, is,


Props to all concerned with the concept and pretty much, the execution.

Don’t get tie up, it’s no, “Godfather, or, In The Heat of The Night”, type of film, but, in amongst all the violence and craziness, there are some incredibly, poignant and important messages and questions, that the film suggests we should be considering, or, should at least, have some concerns about …..

Dismiss if you wish, but, I suggest that, whether you are squeamish or not, this film will have something for you, so, take a chance on a movie that may just, “Better You”, and I do mean that !!!

…. but, if it doesn’t do that, it is likely to make you question your feelings about people and things within your life, that, deep down, you’re telling yourself, that you, NEED TO … “Purge’ ….

and on that note, as per the post title, if you could … “PURGE” …

Some things and/or people from your life … ???

Who and what would you … “Purge” …

and then, once you establish those things/people ….

Ask yourself … WHY … ???

…. and then ask yourself, whether you have the right, or, better still, what would actually be the best way to do it ???

Hopefully, it won’t involve killing, or, destruction of property, or worse, your very soul & spiritual integrity ….

Think about it people, because we all have things we need to … essentially …


Bless up ….

One Love.


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