Okay, better late than never …. Big Virge on the Radio in Philly !!!

Massive shout out to, ” Reggae Surge “, and, My girl, ” Supa Tang ! ”

A very cool afternoon in the G-Town Radio studio, chilling, chatting & expressing ….

Def … worth a listen folks ….

if I do say so myself !!!!!

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More of those, ” Philly Diaries ” … written by Big Virge 10/7/2013

Yes Yes peeps !!!!!

Jus’ Chillin’ Chillin’ ….
Straight … Caribbean living !!!!!

It’s Good, and then …..
It’s NOT …. !!!!!

Storm Watches, creating a level of let’s say, ” Concern “, amongst the islanders of Bim, however, after a lil’, hoop la, and, Government warnings, she flew over the island without loss of anything, power, blah di blah blah, however, don’t let my assessment fool you !!!

Yup, if an island like this loses it’s clean water supply, as it has done in years gone by, due to inclement weather, water becomes more than just something to use, it can become a very important part of your survival until things return to normal, so, as hurricane season runs, it’s a time to be mindful of basic things that you may well need to have in reserve, to keep you clean, hydrated & able to avoid desperate acts, that could lead to ill health.

However, this post is more about the healthy environment of Philadelphia for a visitor like me, which of course, there can’t be !!!

….. because there’s only ONE … Big V, being ME !!!!!

This proved to be an integral part of my view of the city of, ” Brotherly Love & Sisterly Affection “, as per my newfound friends, “Reggae Surge & A certain, Madame ….. Supa Tang !!!”

Much love goes out to these two, Very Cool, Friendly, and Hospitable People !!!

I was advised soon after wandering the shopping district of Central Philly, around Walnut, Chestnut and from sort of 15th street to about 18th, near to where I was staying, to go to. “South Street”, to shop in what would prove to be, a less upmarket set of retailers, thus, wandering through, passing, “The Famed’, and very good, “Jamaican Jerk Hut Restaurant”, where parts of the, Cameron Diaz movie, “In Her Shoes”, were filmed, I was taken aback by the incredible murals of great musical legends, from Philly’s own, Roots Crew, to the likes of Ella Fitzgerald, and countless other jazz greats !!!!!

These murals are indeed, a thing to behold, some, taking up the entirety of the side of some buildings, which were not small, as with much in the US, including it’s food & people !!!

Anyway, there I am wandering along, thinking about the fact that, here I am, in Philly, a city of much renowned creatives, in a place where the art form of, ” Spoken Word “, has been famed by the likes of Jill Scott, wondering whether i’d get to do any of my own variety of Spoken Words whilst being here ???

Then, as the stars would have it, I walk into a Jamaican Clothing Shop, where a young lady is trying on stuff, and running her gums, about this and that, with one of the shop man, then I hear her refer to, “Her Band”, and being a radio DJ, and that folks, is how, Supa Tang and I met. a

…. and how I ended up on, “The Reggae Surge”, radio show, with Tang & Reggae Surge …… which sadly, I cannot post on here but here’s the link :

Some things are just, meant to be huh ….. !?!

So, having done a lil’ bit of shopping and taking the walk to, ” Penn’s Landing “, where there were a couple of rather serious looking vessels of war, which, be they old or not, are a very clear indication of much that America is famed for and what Philadelphia’s history, encompasses, issues that would support more ideals of being the city of, ” Brotherly Shuv “, as one white man told me in my hotel one evening !!!

So, The Hotel, well, I was in the one of the famed, Radisson Hotels, which, was indeed, rather plush, three separate dining areas, etcetera, etcetera …..

Doormen suited up sharply, gotta shout, The Main Man, Steve, who seemed to have the scoop on everything worth doing and seeing, who also had, a very solid knowledge of how to get to places, Serious Man, but, seemingly, very cool, and, as per his request …..

The Management of the hotel need to recognise his value to the hotel, as more than just a head doorman or bellhop, or whatever the hell he is defined as being !!!!!

Thus, rather than elongate post, more than it needs to be, upon my first night of arrival, it was late, so needed to get some room service … walked into the middle of the three eateries, in terms of standards, I guess … ??? … and this is where I met a young lady, by the name of Liz, a waitress, who’d advised me that she’d recently graduated, and was from LA, originally.

Well, suffice to say, the conversation flowed, I gave her my card and suggested that she check me out online, and we’ll pick it up tomorrow ……

and……. fa now, that’s where i’ll leave it, as she became my window, in many ways, into the OTHER side, of all this, ” Brotherly Love Pish ” ……

The next instalment will reveal how, Liz, Tang, Surge and a few others, gave me, “The Lowdown”, on Philly’s history, and how shit goes down, in Philly Town … !!!!!

Bless up y’all and keep on trucking ….. !!!!

The Virge …. Out of Here …. !!!!!


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