Must be me !!!! … written by Big Virge on the 26/11/07

“MUST BE ME !!!!” . . . . but, I have to say, it seems interesting to me, that, having watched both the BBC, and, ITV news today, the story that seems to be, repeatedly being, pushed on people these days is the ever increasing youth crime rate, and the fear amongst youths, not only in terms of attacks, but, also in terms of speaking out, or, confronting their assailants because of repercussions which in some cases can prove to be fatal !!!

Joe Frazier is in town and has met with a police / boxing club, in London, advocating the putting down of weapons by young people, presumably in favour of venting their frustrations in the ring !!!

A good idea in principle, clearly, but I do take issue with a comment made within the report, about the fact that, only, “Cowards”, take to pulling weapons to resolve disputes !?!

Yes I believe this to be true cos I’m from the old school, but, the reason I take issue with this is . . . . now stay with me on this !!!!

…. if that’s the case, why are soldiers and police armed to the hilt, when it comes to dealing with public / foreign disputes then, eh !!!?!!!

Ofcourse ministers and congressmen are not ofcourse, Joe Frazier, but, have clearly got no problem with him coming to England to spread words, that seemingly, they should be taking note of and acting upon accordingly !

Far be it for me to suggest that the, “Honourable Men”, in combats, or, the Even More ….

“Honourable”, Boys in Blue, are “COWARDS”, who hide behind guns but something doesn’t quite add up !?!

” MUST BE ME !!!! ”

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