A Bar Tale … from Philly …. written by Big Virge 23/7/2013

So, yes folks, chilling as per, but damnit man, feeling a lil’ rough right now, probably due to having a rather fragile hammock give way under me on Saturday (Samantha & Fire !!!)

So, think me spine and neck may have ended up where they’re not used to being, so, struggling a bit, as I was, one sunday night, at my hotel in Philly.

I was genuinely feeling below par, so, merely went down to the bar to get som food in before everything shut down, well, here is where this particular bar story takes a journey beyond anything I could of expected !!!

The Radisson, being what it is, had held proms & weddings, during my stay, and there had been a wedding earlier, this particular Sunday, thus, fortunately, a young employee by the name of Ty, welcomed me downstairs, and fixed up my order ….

I’d ordered to go, as I was intent on getting back to my room, only to hear from a white girl, who was with a rather hench looking white guy ….

“Come and have a drink as you look like an interesting guy !”

The white guy was like yeah, so, I joined, out of curiosity ….

Now this was to be the beginning of one of those interactions, that, in many ways, typifies, what drink can do, and also, how some people really don’t have the first clue how to just be cool, and not overdo things, especially when, clearly, in unfamiliar company/territory.

So, conversation flowed, and you know what, names escape me now, because this couple were just the stereotypical, slightly tipsy white folks, who look and sound the same after a while, ya know ….

” Sounds familiar, that line !!! ” ….

Anyway, after getting the basic intros out the way, then madame drops the bombshell on my man, who was clearly looking for some sexy times ….

My food arrives, and she’s like,

“Eat it downstairs, what you going up for ?” ….

Once again, Mr. Aus, cos’ he was from Australia, concurred, even if a little reservedly, but, in fairness to him, he seemed cool, but now, I am getting vibes that make me play the game, but, I put my man at rest, by explaining that, I currently had a situation with a woman who was, most probably, the love of my life, which was still running hot in my mind.

Thus, drinks were bought, conversation jumped from, madame’s moving to Australia, on a whim, and then, somehow, via the wonders of the web, hooking up with, I believe, the girl, who got married, which resulted in them becoming friends, and her staying in Australia for a considerable period of time ….

Amazing, how some folks get through … !!!!!

Anyway, he was an ex pro-golfer, stopped, due to injury, and she now worked in the corporate fold of golf promotion, at a very high level …..

This is not unfamiliar teritory for me as I used to be pretty good at golf and know my ish, when it comes to the sport ….

One of the funniest things said, in the whole conversation, was her telling us that she was having dinner with this guy at some function, and she, clearly being oblivious, asked this man, so, what do you do … ?

He replied, “I used to play a bit of golf … ”

She later found out that, this particular man was …. JACK NICKLAUS !!!!

I mean, if ever there was a sign that this was gonna be a most interesting, inter-action, there it was, she works in the field of top level golf, and had no clue who Mr. Nicklaus was … !!!!!

Now, at this point, she couldn’t help herself, and apologetically asked,

“Can I touch your hair !!!”

Thankfully, Mr. Oz didn’t want to indulge, but, here was the moment that defined how I was now going to be, polite and nice, but, mindful of the level of let’s say, hidden agendas, that could support her calling me over, and then doing this stuff, in front of said, Horny Aussie Beefcake !!!!

He was being, ” Ultra Cool “, but, surely, had to be feeling a little threatened by the FACT, that, lil’ Ms. Hottie, may have been getting, just a little bit wet, from touching my head !!!!!

Now, the funniest thing is the amount of times in my life that i’ve had white girls play that line, with boyfriend, or possible partner for the night, in tow ….

Could you imagine doing something like that …. ?!?

My ex would of been, incensed, by such an action ….

Anyway, all of a sudden, another couple come in from the wedding party ….

An interesting looking white chick, and, an older looking white guy, who was quick to state, THAT ….

“We’ve just had sex !”

I mean, SERIOUSLY, talk about feeling insecure & threatened, by something that, hadn’t even been visualised in my mind, as I was trying to maintain my P’s & Q’s, with the first couple ….

Incredible !!!!!!

So, now it got to, the second couple explaining that they wanted couple No.1, to join them at a bar they were going to ….

Well, I was kind of glad that this vibe was offered up, but, wouldn’t you guess, Mr & Mrs. Oz, weren’t interested at all, and in fact more drinks were bought and my relationship issues, were the main subject of discussion now, lots of advice was offered, as if these two could tell me how I should deal with my situation !!!

So, everything was running, drinks, talk, jokes, etc, however, all the time, it was as if, she was trying to entice me into sumthin’, maybe with the 2 of them !!!!!

NOT how I get down !!!!!

…. and he was becoming more and more tactile with her, as if staking his claim to her being, ” HIS “, when clearly, if that was the case, I don’t believe for one second, that i’d be sitting with them drinking …. having just popped in to get some food, on my own …..

Then, in front of him, again, she drops another bomb, “Oh, we just met today, we’re not an item like that !!!”

At this point, i’m just watching his body language and keeping mine, very static …..

Now, after all this, about an hour later, the 2nd couple return, a bit worse for wear, so, as I was in the chair, I offered to buy them a drink, to which they both said no.

So, Mr. & Mrs. OZ were on their way out, so, also said no, but then Mr. Oz, proceeded to pass two extra drinks they had to couple No.2, and amazingly …

Not … !!!!!

They drank the drinks … “HE” … gave them …. !!?!!

Now, girlie number 2, having heard the topic of discussion, gets up in my face whilst her man, for the night, looked on nervously.

Now she, like her friend, was in her late 20’s, and then starts to quietly explain her vibe with sex & relationships, she then says to me that,

“She isn’t about anything longterm, as most men bore her within 45 minutes !!!!!”

I wonder if she was talking about the sex-capade, that, her current squeeze was so quick to shout out about, before even introducing himself to me …. !!!

Now, as she and I got closer, the energy was very intense, she had quite the pair of eyes, and as with most girls in wedding outfits, she had that, “Wedding Sexy Vibe”, going on, she explained that she was a mix of German/Irish & sumthin else, which upon looking at her closely, rang true to me.

She, even with her rather thicker body & tan-lines, at 1.30 in the morning began to look quite appealing …..

(NOTE TO SELF) – Watch those Alcohol-filled Goggles ….

Especially when the … “White Sharks”, are swimming around …..

So, suffice to say, everything ended nicely, but, interestingly, Ms. Oz had this thing about us all meeting in a years time in Hawaii … ?!?

…. to the point where, rather than give her a card, I gave her my e-amil address, to see how, “Interesting”, I really was to her …..

Well, a good few weeks down the line, No e-mail,

Surprised … Hell NO … !!!!

It just verifies what I could see from the beginning, she would flirt and do all the talk, as long as she had her, White Knight, by her side …..

After what we’ve seen regarding recent issues of race in the states, I can totally confirm, that on the surface, YEAH, it’s all great, but, don’t get tie up people, like England, it’s all veneer and rhetoric, when it comes to it, yes, ofcourse the white girls be on some Black Dick now, they always have been, in many ways, like now, if they can get away with it, without you being visible, they’ll play away ….

But at the the end of the day, unless you’re in places where money resides, then you’ll only be a ride for the night, unless they’re, WELL PAST … their prime, then, they’ll happily pay for some, probably from the proceeds of the divorce from the wealthy white man who was of the right ilk to provide, but, who she probably, never actually loved, more than his status & money !!!!

Anyway, to end this bar tale, Ty’s boyfriend was sitting the other side of the bar, a pretty cool white guy, and yes Ty is black folks, and ladies, in terms of his looks, would of been a heartbreaker, either way, for most of you ladies, but, his boyfriend and he, after everyone had left, explained to me that, the whole scenario was so contrived, but, highly entertaining …..

The idea that, oh, I was the guy in the middle of these couples, who essentially was the catalyst, for all this pent up, interest, from the girls, and pent up, passive aggressive, behaviour from the guys, who now know, I don’t play like that, NOT AT ALL.

Ty’s boyfriend, was like, man, “You were so cool”, and in fact, after a while, that made it worse, because when each individual had toilet moments, it could of been on, but, I just strung them along, as people like these are supposed to be ….

So, to end my evening, I sat with the guys, and asked Ty’s boyfriend, what the REAL DEAL was, with the whole, larger than you’d expect, Gay Community in Philly, to which he said, yeah, it’s there, but, what is shocking, is the amount of men, and, he specified, black men, who work with him, who know he is gay, who be pulling out their dicks, in the back of the restaurant he works at, fronting him and basically saying, ” What do you think, interested ?!? ”

Believe if you will, dismiss if you want, but, I got those words straight from the proverbial, ” Horses Mouth “.

Absolutely incredible right, guys who you’d never think would be swinging, oh, yeah, they be swinging …. !!!!!!

As long as … much like the white girl situation ….

It’s kept ….. “undercover” …..

As i’ve said in most of my blogs about my time in Philly …..

All I can say is this folks ….

Philly is one …. CRAZAaaaaY … City !!!!!

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Okay, better late than never …. Big Virge on the Radio in Philly !!!

Massive shout out to, ” Reggae Surge “, and, My girl, ” Supa Tang ! ”

A very cool afternoon in the G-Town Radio studio, chilling, chatting & expressing ….

Def … worth a listen folks ….

if I do say so myself !!!!!

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

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Well, at least Mr. Zimmerman has been Good for Sumthin’ !!! … written by Big Virge 14/7/2012

The title to this post is because he’s inspired me to write some more, about, my recent visit to the US, and reminded me of much that I heard in the U.S.

…. Not Florida, but, Philadelphia, which according to various stories that I was told, in my interactions, is a state filled with, Police Brutality & Corruption !!!!!

One evening, whilst in company, a woman came into the group and immediately changed the vibe of the gathering, as she spoke about feeling pressured into going to court the next day, regarding an incident, which she proceeded to tell us, from ofcourse, “Her side of the story”, involved her and a young boy, who, she didn’t know, being arrested & searched for drugs, which were not found, as she & the youth had none, only to be dragged out of the squad car, to be then beaten by 7 out of 8 officers, whilst the female officer, officer number 8, stood and watched !!!!!

The BIG problem with this, is that ….

Oh, stupid Mutha fuckers didn’t know that she was pregnant !!!!!

She lost the child !

As the judge initially told them, “This young lady better not be troubled before this gets to court as you are on charges of murder, remember that !!!!!”

The captain of the station where these fukkers were from, personally came to apologise to the woman, who, sadly, in my opinion, was not taking this matter seriously enough, until I and a few other men started to explain to her the gravity of her position, and that, she should be doing everything possible, to not only get financially compensated, but, to use this as an opportunity to expose these officers for their behaviour, so that others would have a level of awareness, if not protection, from such …..

“Po Po’, practices.

Unbelievable, but true, however, it seemed that she was highly fearful of reprisals, beyond the law, by said officers, or their fraternity …. which …. links suitably to, guess who, Mr. Zimmerman !!!

Is it something about the name George that America likes, that means that they can get away with all kinds of wickedness, and pay no price for it ?!?

Zimmerman and Georgie Bush, seem to have got away with murderous acts in the name of ….

“Defence of their territory !”

So, realistically, this … ” Stand Your Ground “, Florida Law, should avail freedom for people, fearing the police, as most people of colour do, to, shoot them without fear of punitive measures from the states judicial system, under the grounds of self-defence … ???

…. or is that, just for, … Fairer-Skinned Folks, as plenty of white folks will be running the, “Ahhh but Zimmerman’s Mexican !!!!”, rhetoric.

It is interesting to me though, having found myself in a neighbourhood, that is predominantly white, in Barbados, how my neighbours, in over a year, have yet to introduce themselves, other than from a very …. ” Safe Distance !!!”

It’s crazy funny to me, or, as Mos Def has said, ” It’s So SERIOUS, i’m Laughing “, because, as much as recent occurrences in this area, suggest a level of need for such neighbourhood watches as per the Zimmerman case, here in Bim. The manner of some of the white folks when first seeing me, even now, does have me now thinking, could I of ended up being shot, if I happened to be walking through here at the wrong time of night by some, “Trigger Happy” ….

” American History X “, wannabe ???

Well, fortunately, hooded garms, aren’t so much of a need here, due to the weather, but, bwoyyyyy, wit some of these, actually, not so secretive, racists, i’m beginning to wonder … ???

Sadly for me though, it has been those of a similar skin tone, who, actually make me glad that I am where I am, due to none of these white folks openly threatening to shoot or rob me, because I apparently, deserve to be !!!!!

Words like those, have though, come from, ” My People ??? “.

…. maybe …. not so much like me … ???

…. but, having been on the receiving end of such talk and attitudes, it isn’t so hard to see why a lot of white people view black people as a threat, and, in many ways, a strain of humanity, that, needs to be kept away from them !!!

However, back to Philly, and let me show you how it can be translated in their actions, which proves their stance to be as f’ckd up, as that of blacks, who feel that, due to another black persons progression, they need to be dragged back to where they seem, happy to be.

I walk in to one of the, Radisson Hotels’ toilets in Philly, on my recent visit, to see a white guy, visibly disturbed by my appearance, but, he relaxed, “A little”, upon seeing that I wasn’t about to rob him … ?!?

…. only to have, two rather merry … (inebriated) … older white guys walk in to see us at the urinals, which then was quickly followed by one of them loudly proclaiming to their white compadre, “Careful he don’t rob you !!!”.

The … “Truth Juice”, had clearly got the better of him, now, I could ofcourse, now be in prison for decapitating his ignorant ass, but, upon looking at the first white guys face, it was as if his eyes were saying,

“Damn it you redneck fuck, I was thinking it, but, you had to go there didn’t ya !?!”.

Who was the worst racist … ???

…. well, debatable, but, my non-reaction, is to retain my freedom, so that I can pass on the FACT, that, such attitudes have never been removed, perhaps because of judicial decisions like this, “Not Guilty”, Zimmerman bullpish !!!!!

I’m gonna cut this one here, as today, on a thread I started, a comment was placed on it by a young white guy, who seemed unabashed in stating that, “He doesn’t care whether Zimmerman is guilty or not, because racism has been placed above the law !”.

… which is a JOKE, in his view.

Well, when I see such attitudes being so brazenly shown, especially by white peeps, it reminds me of these things …..

How many of them … FEAR … Immigration checks, when travelling ?!?

… or, “Stop and Search”, from Po Po ???
… or Beatdowns, to the degree that the young woman I met in Philly, went through ???

…. but, more important than all of these things is this, how many of these, “PC Laws”, are written by … Black People, for the benefit of … Black People, in countries where, “These Laws”, do not relate, ONE IOTA, to the indigenous people of countries like, The …. let me stress ….

UNITED …. States of America …. huh …. ??? ! ???

Even in places like Barbados, as much as there are black figureheads now, their doctrine seems to follow those of the colonialists, who whipped their forefathers into shape.

As I was recently told, about the coastguard here, apparently, when someone calls for help due to difficulties in the waters,

Why would the first question be … ???

“Are they tourists … !???!”

People… People… People… SMH SMH SMH !!!!!

When will we learn to get past being open, and, more important than that,

“Impartial and Logical”, regarding things that, CLEARLY, are not right …. !!!!!

Like Mr. Zimmerman, not being found guilty of … ANYTHING … when he still has the blood of a young mans murder, on his hands ……

Think about it …….

Riots and protests now ….. for what ….. ???

To fuel more need for, Hard-Hitting Policing and law changes that impinge even further on, civil liberties ….

Good luck with that people ….. !!!!!

What a crazy place the U.S, has become, under the guise of … ” Change “, under the Obama administration ….

What a joke !!!!!!!!!

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More of those, ” Philly Diaries ” … written by Big Virge 10/7/2013

Yes Yes peeps !!!!!

Jus’ Chillin’ Chillin’ ….
Straight … Caribbean living !!!!!

It’s Good, and then …..
It’s NOT …. !!!!!

Storm Watches, creating a level of let’s say, ” Concern “, amongst the islanders of Bim, however, after a lil’, hoop la, and, Government warnings, she flew over the island without loss of anything, power, blah di blah blah, however, don’t let my assessment fool you !!!

Yup, if an island like this loses it’s clean water supply, as it has done in years gone by, due to inclement weather, water becomes more than just something to use, it can become a very important part of your survival until things return to normal, so, as hurricane season runs, it’s a time to be mindful of basic things that you may well need to have in reserve, to keep you clean, hydrated & able to avoid desperate acts, that could lead to ill health.

However, this post is more about the healthy environment of Philadelphia for a visitor like me, which of course, there can’t be !!!

….. because there’s only ONE … Big V, being ME !!!!!

This proved to be an integral part of my view of the city of, ” Brotherly Love & Sisterly Affection “, as per my newfound friends, “Reggae Surge & A certain, Madame ….. Supa Tang !!!”

Much love goes out to these two, Very Cool, Friendly, and Hospitable People !!!

I was advised soon after wandering the shopping district of Central Philly, around Walnut, Chestnut and from sort of 15th street to about 18th, near to where I was staying, to go to. “South Street”, to shop in what would prove to be, a less upmarket set of retailers, thus, wandering through, passing, “The Famed’, and very good, “Jamaican Jerk Hut Restaurant”, where parts of the, Cameron Diaz movie, “In Her Shoes”, were filmed, I was taken aback by the incredible murals of great musical legends, from Philly’s own, Roots Crew, to the likes of Ella Fitzgerald, and countless other jazz greats !!!!!

These murals are indeed, a thing to behold, some, taking up the entirety of the side of some buildings, which were not small, as with much in the US, including it’s food & people !!!

Anyway, there I am wandering along, thinking about the fact that, here I am, in Philly, a city of much renowned creatives, in a place where the art form of, ” Spoken Word “, has been famed by the likes of Jill Scott, wondering whether i’d get to do any of my own variety of Spoken Words whilst being here ???

Then, as the stars would have it, I walk into a Jamaican Clothing Shop, where a young lady is trying on stuff, and running her gums, about this and that, with one of the shop man, then I hear her refer to, “Her Band”, and being a radio DJ, and that folks, is how, Supa Tang and I met. a

…. and how I ended up on, “The Reggae Surge”, radio show, with Tang & Reggae Surge …… which sadly, I cannot post on here but here’s the link :

Some things are just, meant to be huh ….. !?!

So, having done a lil’ bit of shopping and taking the walk to, ” Penn’s Landing “, where there were a couple of rather serious looking vessels of war, which, be they old or not, are a very clear indication of much that America is famed for and what Philadelphia’s history, encompasses, issues that would support more ideals of being the city of, ” Brotherly Shuv “, as one white man told me in my hotel one evening !!!

So, The Hotel, well, I was in the one of the famed, Radisson Hotels, which, was indeed, rather plush, three separate dining areas, etcetera, etcetera …..

Doormen suited up sharply, gotta shout, The Main Man, Steve, who seemed to have the scoop on everything worth doing and seeing, who also had, a very solid knowledge of how to get to places, Serious Man, but, seemingly, very cool, and, as per his request …..

The Management of the hotel need to recognise his value to the hotel, as more than just a head doorman or bellhop, or whatever the hell he is defined as being !!!!!

Thus, rather than elongate post, more than it needs to be, upon my first night of arrival, it was late, so needed to get some room service … walked into the middle of the three eateries, in terms of standards, I guess … ??? … and this is where I met a young lady, by the name of Liz, a waitress, who’d advised me that she’d recently graduated, and was from LA, originally.

Well, suffice to say, the conversation flowed, I gave her my card and suggested that she check me out online, and we’ll pick it up tomorrow ……

and……. fa now, that’s where i’ll leave it, as she became my window, in many ways, into the OTHER side, of all this, ” Brotherly Love Pish ” ……

The next instalment will reveal how, Liz, Tang, Surge and a few others, gave me, “The Lowdown”, on Philly’s history, and how shit goes down, in Philly Town … !!!!!

Bless up y’all and keep on trucking ….. !!!!

The Virge …. Out of Here …. !!!!!


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The Internet & it’s … “THREADS” … written by Big Virge 1/7/2013

Yes Yes Motha Suckas’ … !!!

What’s the word … ?!?

Well, as I am struggling to get to explain about my Philly diaries, i’ll use a … Internet Thread … I saw today, that asks what the Brits think of Americans ???

As most of the people on the thread were of Irish/British descent, hardly seemed worth adding to the fucking nonsensical rhetoric being spouted, but, it has lead to me posting a lil’ more, about Philly, in amongst other things, tonight.

Firstly, Big Up to my new, Fav female tennis player, mostly because of my old man lust for a nice young fit girl, who happens to be a pretty good tennis player, Ms. Sabine Lisicki, who, if she stays healthy, focussed & positive, may well be on her way to a Wimbledon title, YOU GO GIRL !!!

Having beaten the probable favourite, Serena Williams, in 3 today, I sense that this is her chance to grab the spotlight after what has clearly been a very difficult couple of years, having suffered some pretty horrid setbacks, injury wise. Always smiling, and seemingly, always happy to have the opportunity to do, one of the things she loves, i’m down !

…. and saying, Go Get That Trophy Girl !!!

…. of Polish & German roots, now a U.S. resident, if I was twenty years younger and around tennis circuits, oh yes, those legs …. anyway, I digress !!!

Good luck for the rest of the tourney Sabine !!!!

So, origins, and who likes and doesn’t like …. who …. ???

Well, Philadelphia, The City of Brotherly Love, or, is that Shuv, cha, well, whatever it is, I do think that the element of race & it’s levels of division are clear for anyone with, “Open Eyes”, to see !!!

The Yankee Doodles are far from being, as advanced with it all, as, Mr. Obama’s presidency suggests, subtle, nigger references from bar managers & their black staff, YES, F’ing Black staff, whose comments were in reference to me, indicate a subversive level of racist mentalities, that run without any kind of discussion or challenge, from, i’m sad to say, all sides, but, most definitely, in places like the very lovely, and quite plush, Radisson, down there in central Philly, around what, 17th street.

Philadelphia is a city with much history, that again, draws back to England, Charles II, and of course, William Penn, famed for Penns’ landing, and of course, Pennsylvania State right !

Well, there is proof, that, whether the English are looking at Americans, or, Visa Versa, aren’t all you the same F’ing people !?!

Oh, but ofcourse, as one white dude tried to tell me in a bar, every black baseball player, born in the U.S., is, American, well, yes that’s true, but, as I explained to him, or tried to, are they not of another origin, like say, Africa ???

… or, wherever they were transported from to be the offspring of parents, residing in the U.S., at their time of birth ???

Didn’t go down so well, especially when he insisted on showing me, I guess, in his own way, how far Philadelphia has come, due to being the last Baseball team, apparently, to use black players, to being the team famed for being where, Jackie Robinson gained much of his fame, as the new movie, “42”, will hopefully show.

…. haven’t seen it yet, but, am interested, as the monument in honour of the black leagues in Philly, is in a very small corner of a park, in a not-so-nice, part of town.

So, the slavery elements, and the historic nature of Philly, well, German Town, Dutch influxes, and of course, The Irish, en masse, have many memorials, statues, and houses preserved, to ensure that their stamp is firmly imprinted on any visitors passport as it were.

Surprised … ???

…. nah … but, in terms of it’s progressive attitude towards race relations, errrm, well, having had a coach ride in Old Town/City, I would have to say that when an Irish guy can tell me that he isn’t so sure about the whole, “Inter-Racial”, thing, but, in the same breath, can tell me how, “Even I find myself thinking on the train, that some black ass would be worth a look”, as it were, one has to wonder how far we have to go !!! Let alone, have we come ?!?

The area of Philly, that has some kind of homage to what the slaves went through, would hardly constitute, in my mind, the level of acknowledgement & recognition of suffering, that, our forefathers/mothers, went through, as black people, but hey, it was the … ” Old Days” … right, ain’t nothing to be carrying a chip about !!!!!

Maybe, if you don’t give a shit about anything other than the, “Bling”, you sporting, or, the amount of pussy/dick, that you can get of different types, regardless of the reasons why it’s becoming available now !!!

Well, the judgements continue, and I was clearly, a most intriguing attraction for the Radisson bar faithful …… for a lot of, seemingly, fear & insecurity driven, reasons, but hey, I have no issue causing a lil’, “Positive Disruption”, unlike the human church mouses running about town, serving the, well to do, mainly white folks, who, owned I believe, 99 of the 100 private condos up in that bitch !!!!!

The other was, YES, owned by black folks, well, at least we’re getting up there right ???

Hmmmm, how bad or good a sign that is, i’m not sure, when, they are mostly welcomed by black faces, who are still, in my view, highly subservient to them.

Now don’t get me wrong, I met a … “Black Woman !”, who showed me a level of that dignified attitude towards her job, regardless of who she would greet and meet, there was a fire that she possessed, that I will eternally be grateful to have felt, so, much love and respect goes to … Ms. Francine !!!

Yes … Ms. Francine !!!!!

Well, i’d happily of had her as my, Miss Daisy, just to be around a black woman, with such, inner fortitude, as I felt from speaking with her, and sharing some of my art with ….

Yes, Ms. Francine, I am still doing it and will always remember your words of encouragement, a la, Lady Gaga, of all people, but, we shall always know why …… !!!!!

Okay, on that note, i’ll leave y’all hanging …..

I have yet to get into the Nitty Gritty of Philly, but, these days, it’s a very free flow that i’m rolling with, as, so much crazy ish is going on all over this world of ours …..

Keep strong people, keep the faith and one thing I will say today …..

Stand up for what you believe in, it is, and will be scary, don’t doubt it, but, if your faith holds righteous values, you will prosper, even if, it doesn’t seem like it, initially ….

Don’t follow, for followings sake, set your trend/standard, and stick to it …..

Money can only do so much for you, your soul cannot be fed by it ….

Bless up, and yes, share that love …..

and cut out all this, English, American, whoever, Stuff ….

…. and accept the path to rising above, and seeing yourself and the rest of us all, as just being ….


One Love ….

Big V

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So, What, or … WHO, would you … “Purge”, from your life … if you could uh ??? … written by Big Virge 24/6/2013

So, how’s things peoples’ …. ???

Good I hope … !!!

It’s hot as Fuk here in Bim, mosquitoes biting like the lil’ Mother Uckers … they are, I truly wish, if there were one thing in my locale I could … “Purge” … It would be those lil’ Fukkas … !!!!!

So, talking of things i’d like to expel, or, simply remove …. having recently been in the U.S., when, Ethan Hawke was doing his P.R. bit, for one of his new movies, “The Purge”, I was immediately intrigued by the idea …. (Spoilers, so, if you haven’t seen it yet, don’t read any further !)

…. of, a possible future ?

… where, for 12 Hours, once a year, people can legally, remove, destroy, damage or kill, whatever/whoever they want, having been sanctioned by government, to do so, in what essentially, many would suggest as being, “Stress Relief”, like say, going and punching a bag, rather than terrorize some fuck talking pish about what they would do to you, behind your back, not something I am unfamiliar with, sadly.

Ofcourse, Government & Those in Their Circle, are exempt from being targets, and presumably, have, the relevant protection from armed forces. (No Surprises There !!!).

So, as the movie progresses, which I see, has been heavily slated for plot flaws, etc, by quite a few people …..

….. it takes you through a variety of seemingly, innocuous occurrences, encompassing Hawke’s family and where they live, in a gated development for those, wealthy enough, to have top end security systems, that, he has sold to pretty much, the whole neighbourhood.

Thus, “The Purge”, begins at 7pm, now, without giving away every last detail, all i’m gonna say is, I was pleasantly surprised by the angles that, writer & director, James Demonaco, (The Negotiator), takes the film into, some dark corners of the Human Psyche, as well as into some very interesting societal disorders, of varying degrees.

Our lack of trust in each other, our constant battle with societal acceptance, from a class perspective, and by that, I mean, monetarily, the issues of how to allow our youth to grow, without stifling them, but, the fine line that, I definitely think, a lot of the younger parents of today, struggle with, as is evident in much youth behaviour, and finally, this need to be ready to shoot guns at just about anyone, who you see as a threat, or having them, as a means of protection from others.

Guns … Hmmmm … Really People … GUNS !!!!!

This film will, undoubtedly, scare the hell out of a lot of people, who’ll be playing like they ain’t scared, but, for anyone who can see beyond the conspiratorial theorists, this has, “Genuinely”, Scary Scenarios, being hypothetically seen, for a future which isn’t, so much of a future, as it is, a reflection on much that, Already Exists ….

The reason I say this is because such gated communities, ALREADY EXIST, the idea of ruthless, free for all killing, goes on already, in certain parts of many impoverished countries, and even in some, not so impoverished places, like say, Philadelphia … ???

… which, as i’ve said, has areas in the North of Philly, that seem to be, Notorious, for violent acts, sometimes, in broad daylight, that, even scare, Ex-residents from returning too frequently …. !!!!!!!

I’m sure that, many people will dismiss this movie as a ridiculous vision, of something that will NEVER happen …..

Well, I hope these people are right, because i’ve already felt that energy of being the stranger in town, who upon, merely trying to connect with certain people, has felt that whole, jealousy, and, angst-filled behaviour, from people who barely know me, and, have no idea what I have been through, to be where i’m now at ….


Mother Fuckers be playing ” They Down “, wid your vibe and, respect, that you have earned your position, but then, somehow, that turns into ….

“Oh, you should give me pretty much everything you have, bar the shirt off your back, or, worse still, cha, me ah tek what I want from you, because it’s what you deserve ?!!!?

Hmmm … well, if that doesn’t sound familiar to you, cool, but for those who know these types of F’ing CUNTHOLES, I think, “The Purge”, is for you !

Much like, Bobcat Goldthwait’s, ” God Bless America “, it is a sad indictment of much that the U.S. of A …. represents, and has spread, via it’s media, music and of course, films like this, across the world.

… and I have to say, much like the battle rap thrown at Eminem by one of Papa Doc’s bwoys, at the end of the 8 Mile film, one of the most pleasing things about, ” The Purge “, for me, is,


Props to all concerned with the concept and pretty much, the execution.

Don’t get tie up, it’s no, “Godfather, or, In The Heat of The Night”, type of film, but, in amongst all the violence and craziness, there are some incredibly, poignant and important messages and questions, that the film suggests we should be considering, or, should at least, have some concerns about …..

Dismiss if you wish, but, I suggest that, whether you are squeamish or not, this film will have something for you, so, take a chance on a movie that may just, “Better You”, and I do mean that !!!

…. but, if it doesn’t do that, it is likely to make you question your feelings about people and things within your life, that, deep down, you’re telling yourself, that you, NEED TO … “Purge’ ….

and on that note, as per the post title, if you could … “PURGE” …

Some things and/or people from your life … ???

Who and what would you … “Purge” …

and then, once you establish those things/people ….

Ask yourself … WHY … ???

…. and then ask yourself, whether you have the right, or, better still, what would actually be the best way to do it ???

Hopefully, it won’t involve killing, or, destruction of property, or worse, your very soul & spiritual integrity ….

Think about it people, because we all have things we need to … essentially …


Bless up ….

One Love.


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A bit of … “Here”, leading to some of … “There” … Philly Diaries 1 … written by Big Virge 20/6/2013

Yes Yes folks ….

What’s good in your zone … ???

Well, in mine, down the south coast of Bim, surrounded by white folks, it ain’t a joke, as the rogues looking to get a quick pay off, are getting close !!!

Prior to leaving these shores recently, it had become evident that many south coast beach front properties were being robbed, even the Jamaican PM’s fam had a safe taken, apparently !!!

Now, the interesting part of that story is that, in speaking to a Jamaican buddy, who has a business here, recently, his reaction was most interesting when hearing about the robbery of Jamaican Dignitaries ….

His reaction was,

“Good, she and her family continue to leave people impoverished whilst living a lavish lifestyle, and then, have the cheek to claim to care about the poor people of Jamaica !!!”

Harsh right !!!?!!!

Well, upon reflection, one would need to assess any level of sympathy you have for people of such ilks, and those, within the hierarchies of society ……..

I do not advocate, robbing and teefing on any level, however, much like Chris Rock done say bout’ beating woman,

“I ain’t about to beat them, but, I will shake the shit out of a bitch, to wake her the fuck up !!!” …. (paraphrased of course) ….

So, in applying it to Barbados and the slow, but sure, rise in crime, who deserves to be robbed, or, better still, who can afford to be robbed uh people ???

I just picked up some food in the Lanterns Mall, and had a discussion with the girls, who were quick to say that, you know what, all these poor people, robbing who they think have money, well, as one of those who isn’t, poverty stricken, but, who still needs to get paid to maintain, I would say this to these young brothers :

“Fellas, is it me, or, is it those around me, who are affecting your ability to live as you’d like ?!?”

“Are your ideals of what you NEED, in perspective and logical ?!?”

….. come on guys, robbing your own is not cool, even if they may live a little differently, note, differently, NOT BETTER, material things, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT …… make a Happy Person !!!

Hard as it is to believe, dont let the big cars, trophy wives and husbands, fool you, behind closed doors, many of these people are some of the most unhappy, twisted, lost souls you will ever find, believe in that … !!!

….. just look at how some of these REALLY HIGH PROFILE actors die, not peacefully, in many cases.

Thus, a quick RIP to James Gandolfini !!!

I know i’m gonna get a WHAT !?!, from most people, but, never watched a full episode of The Sopranos, but, in anything i’ve seen with him, he was always very good, and by initial tributes, seemed to be a very cool dude offscreen !!!


So, talking of cool people, and the US, here is my first instalment of my Philadelphia diaries …..

However, due to this news of men moving in my area, waving and pointing guns at workers, during the day, I have to start with a conversation I had with my new, Jamaican, U.S. buddy, “Reggae Surge”, from G-Town radio, who spoke on a situation he was part of, not so long ago in Jamaica, having been raised there, but, having spent a lengthy period away from the island.

He explained how he had returned to JA, for a holiday, and was in his old neighbourhood, so, had decided to go for a walk in his old district, late one night. He got into what would of been an old stomping ground, and said that he felt as if there was danger in the air, but, due to his being Jamaican, felt comfortable to carry on walking, but, having got to an old block of his, was quickly, in essence, scoped by a guy on a stoop, who, immediately spoke to him in a very aggressive tone, only for him to be shouted at by a man behind him, who knew Surge, from way back, who quickly explained to the man,

“Yow, he is so and so’s nephew/whatever, jus cool nah man, and let man roll !!!”.

Surge said he was told in no uncertain terms afterwards, “Don’t move so bredrin, Jamaica has changed, so, cool you cool, but, watch yourself !!!”.

Now, Jamaica seems to get a bad rep, I have yet to go, but, it does sound as though people need to recognise, from a global perspective, the dangers of being a … “Have Not”, in todays’ society of … ” Bling Blang Wrong !!! ”

I had a conversation in my hotel in Philly, with a couple from Connecticut, so, ofcourse, I brought up the subject of the Newton shootings with this elderly couple, now, it was clear that the husband was wary, but, had asked me for local info, thinking I was a local, but, when I started on the school shooting, his wife/partner, was quick to express her sadness and dismay at such a crazy happening, but, it always begs the question in my mind, it’s fine when we black folks have got it going on in our neighbourhoods, but, once it encroaches on white folks bliss-filled, neighbourhoods, it’s a SERIOUS matter, that needs to be addressed, with immediate effect !!!

Hmmmm, one has to hope that these days, less of these primitive attitudes exist, but, in reality, it would seem, as it has always done, as though the importance of safety for people, does not revolve around black communities.

Sad, but, I think, ultimately true.

In leaving this subject for now, I was explaining to the girls in Lanterns. that, the mindset of the people robbing, is seriously corrupted, when, as i’ve quoted before, men like RZA speak it loud and clear in interviews ….

Ask a F’ing Nigga to go rob some OTHER Niggas, they’re in the car before you, but ask them to go after Police, or, heaven forbid, Politicians, and those within the Corporate World, who hold the REAL MONEY, and who truly live, in my opinion, way beyond their needs, not only is there …. silence ……….

….. but, these same apparent, Bad Bwoy, Street Thugs and Killers, become very distant.

I remember reading a piece of my art, which speaks on Black on Black issues, to a young black man, who lived up the road from me in London, one day, only to hear,

“Very Good, but, you should be careful, speaking THAT STUFF !!!”

….. as if, trying to uplift the mindset of our people, was some kind of …

” Cardinal Sin !!! ”

I really hope, as i’ve just been told, that, when corrupt practises are being found to be true, in echelons, above and beyond the levels of crime that are clearly, disturbing more and more people now, that, the people of this island stand up and be counted, because the best way to stop a lot of this foolishness is to stand firm collectively, and ensure that these rogue criminals, be they street, or, more importantly, officials charged with peoples’ safety, that, they are challenged publicly/internationally, if needs be, a la the ongoing rape debacle of the two English Women, and with immediate effect !!!!!

Don’t get tie up people, I am not saying, try and play, ” Daddy Big Bollocks “, if an intruder comes into your home with weaponry, but, I hope you all, whether white, black, rich or poor, get the gist of what i’m saying !!!!!

Don’t wait until,

” It happens to you !!! “, to be concerned.

…. be concerned NOW, as you should always be & as i’ve said recently, people, stop with all this, divisive bullchit !!!

…and …

” Try Your Best Yes …
Your … VERY … BEST !!!
to make a … ” DIFFERENCE ”

So, to my struggling brothers & sisters ….

As my big brother, “Jabba”, from Jabsrocking, done show me …

“Who Jah Bless, No-one curse …
Why you want to steal … ?
from your Brother, ” FIRST ??? ”

Stop the Violence … !!!


Stop the Fukry … !!!!!!!!!!

Come on people …. !!!

One love & Bless up y’all …


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