“The Trump Effect” …. written by big Virge 13/12/2015

Okay folks, so, in doing my catch up on things i’d written a while back, that I wanted to post at the time, but couldn’t …..

Here’s one that was inspired by what I saw in different parts of the world, at a time where terror acts were all over the news, and clearly, in most peoples’ minds ……

So, having spoken in my last post, about the madness that is the Presidential Candidacy Race, I have to follow that post with this, which was one written on my flight back from LA to Miami, having completed my trip to New Zealand, via Australia, Fiji, Honolulu, LA & Miami, pretty much, days after the Paris Bombings, and then travelling through the US, soon after San Bernardino, etcetera …..

So, this post is a reflection on, the attitudes, reaction and general vibe of people in the aftermath of Paris, and then of course, the effect that a certain Donald Trumps’ speeches seemed to be having on people ………..

So, here I am on my second, American Airlines flight in two days, well, three, if you include the time difference ….

FUCK …. do I hate travelling on American Airlines ….. !!!!!!

The stewards are mostly, old and decrepit looking, and really do seem to have their head so far up Donald Trumps’ ass, that, to me, unless you’re white and wearing a Klan Hood, their attitude is a F’ing disgrace …. !!!

Again, it obviously isn’t all of them, however, certain attitudes are far too prevalent, when it comes to reaction, and service.

Now, i’m NO Oprah lover like that, but, have to say that i’m down with the Oprah’ statement that suggests that, basically …..

“There still exists, a generation of old white people, who need to hurry up and die already !!!!!”

(If I have Mis-quoted her, then it’s not to be attributed to her of course, but you get the gist !)

…. and that’s ….

On … THE REAL … !!!!

Now, of all industries in the working world, judgement should surely be limited in a field such as that of international travel, but wow, is it prevalent !!!!!

As I tell people all the time, even, stupid black people !!!!!

The moment you do not fit the, Ben Carson, Conservative, black citizen, type model, a crown of a hairstyle like mine, quickly provides reactions from people, who seem to think that every one of us who rocks such styles, are either, stupid, or, deserving of some kind of second class treatment, or worse still, treatment that indicates a complete unwillingness to acknowledge our existence !

Now, when we black folks act up, all of a sudden, we’re being ignorant !!?!!

Well, as much as I like Trumps’ frankness, there is a level of ignorance, bigotry, as well as, double standards, that i’ve seen in him, that airline stewards ….

(Particularly, those who work for American Airlines)

…. seem to have already adopted … !!!!!

The fact that they’re cheap as fuck, and that their aircraft designs, work like cans for sardines, may well affect the attitude of people flying on them, however, having undertaken the job, the staff should be professional … !!!!!

In fact, they shouldn’t get to be stewards if there is even a smidgeon of ignorance in them ….. !!!

…. but there it is …..

The Trump Effect !!!!!

I sense that those who’ve been forced into playing the, Diplomatic Card, when it comes to dealing with …. Non-Whites, over the last few years, are feeling as though, Good Ol’ Donald, has made it acceptable for them to rear their, deep rooted ignorance, in how they deal with, as said, blacks in particular, like myself, who do not, and ….

WILL NOT, play the ….

” WHATEVER MASSA’ !!! “, vibe, just to get by !!!!

It ISN’T a pre-requisite of my existence, as a black male, to, do things, in a manner that DOESN’T suit me, to appease other races insecurities, especially when, the rules of the book are constantly, flouted, and broken, by white people !!!

…. from leaving shit, unattended on planes, so they can stow their carry on baggage, to, standing in aisles, when the seatbelt sign is on.

I dunno, having spoken to an elderly woman from Israel on the flight into Miami, who has lived in Miami, for over 30 years, who, upon hearing me say that I like Trumps, unbridled expression, dived in on some, essentially, Anti-Arab rhetoric, and, Pro UK & France talk, which was the trap set, by my calm, English Tones, after an initial misunderstanding with her over seating ….

It has become clear to me, from the looks I received in the US, from, pretty much …. ALL RACES, including my own … !?!

…. that ….

“The Trump Effect” ….

…. is already, re-igniting, the divisive nature of human beings, which, the lady from Israel, finally expressed in her rhetoric.

Essentially, that, education has been forsaken, for technological devices, and attitudes, that are divisive !

From TV shows, like Homeland, to, Fox News in the US, it’s clear that as much of a circus show, as Trumps’ Campaign is proving itself to be, there is indeed, a very dangerous effect, that has yet to reach its peak … !!!

A peak that, if the world’s people are not careful, could escalate into a World War Three type, scenario, if Mr. Trump, or, people of his ilk, be they, Democrat, Liberal or Republican, reach the Whitehouse Hot Seat, this time around ….

So people ….


STOP … with the ignorance, arrogance & judgements ….. !!!!!!

…. and deal in something

…. ” BIGGER ” …


Show some sense of balance in your views, and remember that, the majority of those using their status to preach, are not doing it for your benefit, but, in most cases, are doing it for their name to go down in history, and for GREED ..,,

Beware INDEED …..

of ……

” The Trump Effect ” …… !!!!!

Peace & Love people ….

and YES, I really did write this at the end of 2015 !!!



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Bring what … !?! … Exactly, to my door ……

Yes Yes peoples’ ….

Now, I really don’t do so much of this now, but, certain things need to be aired, just to ease the tension people feel, when hearing things from third party sources, that indicate a level of … ” Threat ” … be it serious, or not, people need to stop talking as though, shit people be saying about them is so easily dismissed, and, should just be forgotten.

… having just seen the Scottish video, where, the African Busker, was under attack from a couple of drunken louts, well, it seems that certain males, with, darker skin tones, not dissimilar to mine, are either, drunk off the pussy them getting, or the ego that, they cannot control.

I am neither, interested in, or, concerned with opinions about my opinions, that have no foundation in truth or even a semblance of it !!!!!

I always remember saying to a friend of mine, that, having spent six weeks here in Bim, on Holiday, that, I just could not live amongst the mentalities and attitudes of the local people, oh, and by this I meant, both Whites & Blacks … !!!

” Apartheid-styled mentalities “, exist within much of the … ” High White ” … communities in Barbados, while, slave mentalities, born from colonial legacies, seem to occupy the minds of sadly, FAR TOO MANY, black people here.

Thus, I am now getting tired of having third party information come to me, that indicates, some wish, from some fukwit, to …

” Take Out ” … The V, apparently, here at my domicile, for now, on the South, which, may I hasten to add, I ain’t leaving anytime soon, so, I ain’t hard to find !!!!!

Thus …..

“He should watch himself !”, type rhetoric, like I don’t do that, needs to stop, once and for all.

I keep … ” Myself to Myself “, and, in terms of my interactions with Bajans, other than the decent ones who I have met, I keep them limited, and do not confuse them with, what appears to be, some attempt to impose the chains of their existence, into my very being, attitude, or persona !!!

I just watched, ” The Butler ‘, and, saw it very clearly defined, the line between, black activism, which works towards a more cohesive, unified drive into the future, as opposed to the perpetuation of subservience, and, some confused sense of adulation for white people, male or female, just because they …..

Employ you, Fuck you, or, literally, treat you like, some kind of … ” Trophy Pet “, to be displayed as some kind of proof of their acceptance of our being.

It is a very sad state of affairs, when, in 2K14, a nation of black people, seem so far removed from the world, where,

” Division of Black People “, is a prerequisite, for some, white peoples’ egos to be stroked …

Well, it seems that some will keep on stroking, and poking, and, prove themselves to be the … ” Token ” … Negroes, they seem so, PROUD TO BE !!!!!

Of course … I could be wrong … ???

…. but, if I am, why are so many black people getting pissed, about films that reflect on our history of being enslaved, slaves and servants for the purpose of the destruction of black unity and power ???

Fa’ what … ???

…. to fuel the continued development of … what we actually, should now recognise as being …

” GREEN POWER ” … and me nah talk weed !!!

Money continues to buy, manipulate and control, people in general, but, most definitely, Too Many Black Folks, and that, people, is NO FUCKING JOKE !!!!!

I am not even angry anymore, about these acts of treason against basic reason …..

Is … THE TRUTH … So Painful … ?!?

…. that, you’ll hurt, or worse, attempt to kill someone because you can’t humble yourself, to accept talk that doesn’t fit with your, “limited thinking” …. Mo’ Fukkkas …. ?!!!?

REALLY … !?!

Well okay, but, when I say, ” I’mma stay out of your way and you should do the same !!! ”

Isn’t that okay … ?
and, if not …. WHY THE FUCK NOT …. !?!

What are you trying to prove ???
or, who are you trying to impress ???

Your … ” White Girlfriend “, or their friends, with your allegiance to the cause of seeing, black blood pour ???

If so … what for … ?!?

I’ve met enough black folks now, to know that, there is a crew who truly do the, ” White Thing “, better than white people !!!!!

…. by this I mean, create a facade of all that’s … HARD … !!!!!
but, when it comes down to it, they are so soft, they’d get blown over by a f’ing cough … !!!!!

Stuuupseee … !!!!!

As my peoples’, done tell me, I shouldn’t let these fuks’ get into my space, but, some things can’t just be pushed under the carpet, it would seem ???

So, i’mma say this, once more, for the f’ing cheap seats….. !!!!!!

If you want to hurt man, get 2 fuck, ON WITH IT, but, STOP making threats, especially when, you ain’t receiving none !!!!!

I get that i’m … ” Mr. Fantastic ” … fellas, THANKS … !!!!!
but, y’all got the pussy, and, all the love of your people right ?

Isn’t that, enough for you ???
Do you really need me too … !?!

I may have been, without gyal, for quite a while now, but, if you’re trying to suck on my balls ….

Listen up fellas … !!!!!

I have NEVER, got down like that alright !!!!!

… and, ain’t about to start now !!!!!

So, I suggest you pay, more attention to your girl/woman, or secret bullin’ partner, and once again


What goes around comes around, and sometimes, from places that you least expect … !!!!!
Do the right thing … !!!

…. and focus on, YOU & YOURS, and STOP, all this talk of … Bogus Wars ….
because you and I know … They have … NO CAUSE !!!!!


Peace & Unity.

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