They are ringing, Quite Loud, right now folks… ” When Your Bell Tolls ” … A Poem written & performed by Big Virge

Well what’s up folks …..

Dee Rasshole world facing alarm, all bout dee place !!!!!

I’ll just say these two words first ….

North Korea …. and move on …..

Texas getting beaten up by Hurricane Harvey !

Here in Barbados, it was a light hit that Irma gave, however, one surfer dead, a roof or two, severely disturbed, and I had a report of 7 foot of landfall at one point !

However, St Martin, Barbuda, Cuba and the list continues, of places either devastated, or severely damaged, Jose soon followed, if less forcefully, and now mainland America is taking liks’ AGAIN, from Irma !

Floridians trying to preserve their homes and lives, with all kinds of crazy talk, about staying in the face of one of the most powerful Hurricanes in HISTORY !!!!!

Good luck to em’ … !!!!!

Then we have Mexico going through a massive earthquake, and aftershocks, that closed down schools and much more throughout the country, Landslides in Africa, flooding in Italy & Asia …..

and, OF COURSE …. back to the disturbingly frequent

Alarm bells being rung, due to North Korean Nuclear Testing …..
which kind of makes Mr. Putin seem, quite tame, in comparison !!!

Well maybe, NOT … Tame … !!!!!!

Alarm bells are ringing, or maybe that’s Tolls, as this poem suggests ……
ALL OVER the place …. For REAL right now !!!!!!

It’s pretty clear that Mr. Trumps……

” Hire and Fire ” … Whitehouse …
rings bells quicker than huskies, pulling sleds !!!


This poem DOES NOT ….

Definitively deal with the power of natures wrath, in delivering Final Bells for people, but, covers aspects that reflect on the idea of why & what you are due to face in these interesting, and somewhat disturbing days ahead ……

So far so good for me, however, having lost a good buddy recently,

RIP Ian ……..

…. it is clear that mortality for many is a SERIOUS thing, right now …..

I of course, send out condolences to anyone who has lost loved ones as a result of natural happenings of recent, but, also suggest to those who are currently suffering, due to human failings, and those who, more importantly, think they are beyond being touched by something that could just stop them in their tracks …..

THAT …..

You take note of these words, and once again, MORE IMPORTANTLY, The Warning Signs, that nature, and, CERTAIN HUMANS ……

KEEP GIVING …. !!!!!

….. that suggest that, maybe, people need to humble themselves right now, on all kinds of fronts !!!!

Not just in the face of those, that are a result of Mother Nature’s beautiful, powerful & at times, destructive weather !!!!!

Take care out there, wherever you are people, and remember that, eventually, they toll for us all ……

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“Pass or Fail” … A Poem written and performed by Big Virge

Sadly ….

Methinks …. There are more fails than passes these days ….. !!!!!

However, a bit of fun, intertwined with this month’s, social commentary ….
from, The Brother …. Big Virge ….

Enjoy !

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“The Trump Effect” …. written by big Virge 13/12/2015

Okay folks, so, in doing my catch up on things i’d written a while back, that I wanted to post at the time, but couldn’t …..

Here’s one that was inspired by what I saw in different parts of the world, at a time where terror acts were all over the news, and clearly, in most peoples’ minds ……

So, having spoken in my last post, about the madness that is the Presidential Candidacy Race, I have to follow that post with this, which was one written on my flight back from LA to Miami, having completed my trip to New Zealand, via Australia, Fiji, Honolulu, LA & Miami, pretty much, days after the Paris Bombings, and then travelling through the US, soon after San Bernardino, etcetera …..

So, this post is a reflection on, the attitudes, reaction and general vibe of people in the aftermath of Paris, and then of course, the effect that a certain Donald Trumps’ speeches seemed to be having on people ………..

So, here I am on my second, American Airlines flight in two days, well, three, if you include the time difference ….

FUCK …. do I hate travelling on American Airlines ….. !!!!!!

The stewards are mostly, old and decrepit looking, and really do seem to have their head so far up Donald Trumps’ ass, that, to me, unless you’re white and wearing a Klan Hood, their attitude is a F’ing disgrace …. !!!

Again, it obviously isn’t all of them, however, certain attitudes are far too prevalent, when it comes to reaction, and service.

Now, i’m NO Oprah lover like that, but, have to say that i’m down with the Oprah’ statement that suggests that, basically …..

“There still exists, a generation of old white people, who need to hurry up and die already !!!!!”

(If I have Mis-quoted her, then it’s not to be attributed to her of course, but you get the gist !)

…. and that’s ….

On … THE REAL … !!!!

Now, of all industries in the working world, judgement should surely be limited in a field such as that of international travel, but wow, is it prevalent !!!!!

As I tell people all the time, even, stupid black people !!!!!

The moment you do not fit the, Ben Carson, Conservative, black citizen, type model, a crown of a hairstyle like mine, quickly provides reactions from people, who seem to think that every one of us who rocks such styles, are either, stupid, or, deserving of some kind of second class treatment, or worse still, treatment that indicates a complete unwillingness to acknowledge our existence !

Now, when we black folks act up, all of a sudden, we’re being ignorant !!?!!

Well, as much as I like Trumps’ frankness, there is a level of ignorance, bigotry, as well as, double standards, that i’ve seen in him, that airline stewards ….

(Particularly, those who work for American Airlines)

…. seem to have already adopted … !!!!!

The fact that they’re cheap as fuck, and that their aircraft designs, work like cans for sardines, may well affect the attitude of people flying on them, however, having undertaken the job, the staff should be professional … !!!!!

In fact, they shouldn’t get to be stewards if there is even a smidgeon of ignorance in them ….. !!!

…. but there it is …..

The Trump Effect !!!!!

I sense that those who’ve been forced into playing the, Diplomatic Card, when it comes to dealing with …. Non-Whites, over the last few years, are feeling as though, Good Ol’ Donald, has made it acceptable for them to rear their, deep rooted ignorance, in how they deal with, as said, blacks in particular, like myself, who do not, and ….

WILL NOT, play the ….

” WHATEVER MASSA’ !!! “, vibe, just to get by !!!!

It ISN’T a pre-requisite of my existence, as a black male, to, do things, in a manner that DOESN’T suit me, to appease other races insecurities, especially when, the rules of the book are constantly, flouted, and broken, by white people !!!

…. from leaving shit, unattended on planes, so they can stow their carry on baggage, to, standing in aisles, when the seatbelt sign is on.

I dunno, having spoken to an elderly woman from Israel on the flight into Miami, who has lived in Miami, for over 30 years, who, upon hearing me say that I like Trumps, unbridled expression, dived in on some, essentially, Anti-Arab rhetoric, and, Pro UK & France talk, which was the trap set, by my calm, English Tones, after an initial misunderstanding with her over seating ….

It has become clear to me, from the looks I received in the US, from, pretty much …. ALL RACES, including my own … !?!

…. that ….

“The Trump Effect” ….

…. is already, re-igniting, the divisive nature of human beings, which, the lady from Israel, finally expressed in her rhetoric.

Essentially, that, education has been forsaken, for technological devices, and attitudes, that are divisive !

From TV shows, like Homeland, to, Fox News in the US, it’s clear that as much of a circus show, as Trumps’ Campaign is proving itself to be, there is indeed, a very dangerous effect, that has yet to reach its peak … !!!

A peak that, if the world’s people are not careful, could escalate into a World War Three type, scenario, if Mr. Trump, or, people of his ilk, be they, Democrat, Liberal or Republican, reach the Whitehouse Hot Seat, this time around ….

So people ….


STOP … with the ignorance, arrogance & judgements ….. !!!!!!

…. and deal in something

…. ” BIGGER ” …


Show some sense of balance in your views, and remember that, the majority of those using their status to preach, are not doing it for your benefit, but, in most cases, are doing it for their name to go down in history, and for GREED ..,,

Beware INDEED …..

of ……

” The Trump Effect ” …… !!!!!

Peace & Love people ….

and YES, I really did write this at the end of 2015 !!!



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Fun Times in Pacific Waters … written by Big Virge 6/12/2014

Okay peoples’, well, as I chill here in Maui, typing out my thoughts and memories of my experiences in this part of Hawaii, the Trade Winds are in full effect !

It’s hot in the sun, but, the winds are a cooling, if a little gusty at times, element of coastline living for West Maui residents.

I have to be honest and say, due to my now being used to the ultimately, clear waters of the Caribbean Sea, residing as I currently do in Barbados, the waters of the coastline here in maui, had not encouraged my diving in for a dip, due to their somewhat, murky appearance. I have been assured by various heads here, that due to recent rains, that the waters are not as clear as they may have been earlier in the year, and for the most part, how they normally are ….

I guess that just goes to show you, how quickly your standards can change, having come from the Thames in London ….. Complete YUK !!!!

…. to the beautiful waters, off Barbados, to the water off West Maui, how ones perspective on things can change !

However, a few days back, it was time for me to, at the very least, venture out, onto the Pacific Waters, that surround this island, and wow, did I pick a good day to do it !!!

Early start, as per these types of excursions, and a sweet little beach was where we awaited the 60 foot Catamaran, that was to take us out to Molokini.

Once gain, Wikipedia people, for the full details on this crescent shaped, partially submerged, volcanic crater.

The nature of the islands and the volcanoes, that encompass this region of the world, do everything but, cease to amaze !!!

Every island has stories of incredible forces of nature, that have left behind these spots, where, in this instance, I was about to snorkel for the first time in my life … !!!

However, before I even get to that, let me firstly state that, I feel very fortunate to have seen, for the first time, on our way out there, a Humpback Whale !!!!!

Errrr like YEAH … A Freaking Whale … !!!!

Up he or she came, ably spotted by one of our vigilant crew, for a quick surface for air, a flap of it’s tail and disappearance, a fair ways away, but hey, i’d rather not be too close to one of the oceans biggest and most powerful, mammalian wonders, that apparently, are increasing in the numbers that visit these shores, for mating and breeding, at this time of year !

So, had I not entered the waters, as planned, the experience of knowing we were that close to one of the earths most amazing creatures in size and connection to our own human species, would have surely been enough for me to have been suitably pleased with my choice, to at least, get out onto the seas surrounding Maui !!!

This though, was to merely be the start of an amazing experience for me, I am a fair to middling swimmer these days, so, have no fear of water, but, snorkelling, as an asthmatic, has never appealed to me so much, so, having had the speech from our captain for the day, Cary Shewmaker, about, first timer snorkelling, I was already getting my water legs ready for action.

The whale sighting had left many of us, speechless, and, the short cruise over to Molokini, gave many, little time to catch their breath, before we were being given flippers, masks, and a quick education on how to snorkel wisely, in this region, where, if you are not careful, and start playing that you are some kind of Man From Atlantis, undercurrents can pull you away from the crater, into waters, where the fish may not be quite so friendly !!!!!

We were on a boat called Kai Kanani II, and of course, only I could be on a boat where an Aussie crewman, by the name of Dan, was an avid sports fan, and cricket lover !?!

Well, as anyone who knows me well, knows, I was a pretty handy cricketer myself, who has played the game to a pretty good standard, over the years, and in, some pretty decent company, so, that started Dan and I talking and, had he not had work to do, i’m sure, we could of chatted for hours about our love for Cricket, Rugby, and the easy, simple life.

It actually got to the point, where, as per usual, a certain individual, felt the need to comment on our rapport, as if it was amazing that two such different people, could actually have some common ground on which to form a level of engagement, which, as per usual, the snooty white folks, wouldn’t of dared to embark upon with me, due to my appearance and even cooler vibe, as a lone, dark wolf, amongst all these white sheep … LOL … !!!!!

Jus kiddin’ folks, well, a lil’ bit ….

…. but, having arrived at Molokini, I was already past my wish to chill on the boat, and couldn’t wait to try snorkelling, and, to my pleasant surprise, having got into the water and struggling for a few, with the slow, but, steady breathing style, that is required, through your mouth I was completely blown away by the 150 to so, feet of perfect visibility !!!!!

THIS … is a place, to do your first snorkel, fa sure … !!!

…. and the day was perfect, the sun shining, whilst I watched these fish, watching me, and just doing their thing, as if I was just another piece of debris from the crater, that they had to navigate around.

The colours of these black & yellow fish, were stunning, and the grace and calm that they exhibited around so many people, had me gasping for air a couple of times, as I found myself swimming amongst pretty big shoals of fish !!!

As we were warned, once seeing the submerged crater rock, it was noticeable, just from looking, how sharp those rocks must be, if you get too fresh with yourself, you may lose more than some skin if the undercurrents catch you wrong !!!

The flotation belts we were given, are great for weaker swimmers, but, at one point, someone had lost their mask, and mum went down to the bottom, as if she were some kind of fish to collect, said mask, and cruise back up to the surface, just one of the visions of the short stay we had over there, which had me just wanting to remove my belt and delve under the water, however, the better part of my judgement, just enjoyed the moment, as my breathing skills improved.

I just loved being in such clear water, surrounded by these fish, and then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a beautifully camouflaged, Octopus, chilling on the crater rock !!!

I mean, how f’ing cool was it to be seeing these things, that, when watching on TV, you kind of sit there saying to yourself, wow, but, to see something like an octopus in the flesh, in it’s environment, totally sold me on snorkelling, and I would do it again, in a heartbeat !!!

I cannot again, stress the level of visibility enough, and for anyone whose never done it, find your way to a place where, sea water is clear, and DO IT !!!!!

It’s so peaceful, even if like me, you can hear your Darth Vader breaths, as you cruise in the water, I am just incredibly thankful, to have had my first experience, in such an incredible spot as the Molokini crater !!!!!

So, back on board, and off to another submerged crater of sorts, in the hope of seeing, the endangered, Green Sea Turtles of Maui.

Open ocean now, and a good old swim from the boat to the spot we were all guided to, by Fred, another one of our crewmen !

Well, my excitement, for a moment, got the better of me, as I could feel my leg muscles tighten when kicking with my rather huge, obviously, flippers, for the second time within an hour … !!!

So, in acknowledging my need to take it easy, I followed the already gathered people, around Fred, who had stationed himself, very close to this black rock under the water.

In the middle of the ocean, this rock was big enough to house quite a few varieties of marine life, and as I approached, I heard Fred shout, “Look here one comes !”

Now, he had previously advised us not to get too close, and that 10 feet is the required distance, well, this … HUGE Turtle … was on a mission for air, and before I knew it, this sea giant, was right next to me, which indeed, freaked me out a bit, and I immediately thrashed to give him room, but, he or she, wasn’t studying me, well, not after the initial … ” Get out of my way big fella “, type vibe he came up with !

He/She had come up and was on his/her way down, in the blink of an eye !!!

The thing that shocked me was, it’s size, I really can’t honestly say with any clarity, what size it was, but, it was BIG, is all i’ll say !!!

Again, the visibility was great all around this rock, and bwoy, did I enjoy being out there !!!!!

My Aussie buddy, Dan, continued to engage me in convo’, for a few, in the ocean, and then I went off, exploring through my goggles, the world beneath our world, that these ocean dwellers roam in.

The nature of being in the ocean, has always held fear for me, to some degree, because of the incredible wildlife that resides in it, and I still hold divers in the highest regard, even when interfering with marine life, but, there I was in their environment, indulging in watching them, and it was F’inG AWESOME, as the Yankee Doodles, love to say !!!

It’s my view, that we, like every other animal on the planet, have a right to be free from interference from others, but man, when you can share the environment of creatures, that look and behave so differently to humans, it is an incredible feeling, that, I can now say !

However, from a conservationists point of view, I do think we need to be careful with overloading waters with tours, and, crazy tourists and their families.

Respect for these animals domain is paramount, as is respect for them, even if our need to feed, has us killing species, for our own selfish wants.

I am around more rastaman, than I have ever been now, and, give nothing but huge respect to those, who are true to the ideal of not eating flesh, and living of the vegetation, that our earth provides, so, seeing these fish and this turtle, doing their thing, happily, without invading land, to feed off us humans, does indeed, leave me with, excuse the term, much food for thought ……

This though, does not and has not affected my wish to eat flesh, so, hypocrite that I am, was soon diving into some tuna salad on the Cat.

So, it didn’t take long for my belly to tell my brain to forget such things, when hunger set it in, so, it was Mai Tai time, and conversation time with the guys, and the ladies, who now of course, upon hearing my accent, and seeing how Dan and I were engaging, plucked up the courage to find out who the lanky, black dude was ….

I met a woman from Pennsylvania who had studied in England, whilst playing rugby … I mean Rugby, for crying out loud !!!!!

A cool enough chick, but, before others could collar me, Dan had me up at the wheel, and introduced me to the captain, Cary, personally.

We got into conversation quickly, and he was explaining to me, that, he’d been to numerous places in the world, and somehow, from his Dallas beginnings, ended up captaining a 60 ft Catamaran, doing tours in Maui.

Talk about an interesting guy …. as were his shipmates Dan and Fred.

There was also a lady crew member on board, who, had previously worked for the now, infamous, Lehmann Brothers, when things got hot, and, she was like, ” Well, I said to myself, fuck it !”, travelled a bit, found herself in Maui, and that as that.

Such tales of how, a great many, mainland Americans, have come to live in Maui, are as common as seeing volcanic rock here !

A lot of people seem to have come here on a break, or a needed hiatus from the pressures of fast living, saw the slow, chilled out vibe here, and never left !!!

Yes people, Maui has those kinds of vibes, running through it’s very core, a great vibe to be around, if, sometimes, not unlike Barbados, a lil’ frustrating, but hey, if you can’t get used to it, then get back to the rats in those traps, of fast living mishaps !!!

So, there you have it, my day out on the Pacific Ocean, snorkelling, swimming, fish watching and drinking the good stuff til’ the moment we had to leave, only for Dan to hit me with one more, alcohol heavy, Mai Tai, which his colleague, when I attempted to leave the boat, quickly grabbed and was like,

“I can’t let you take that man, it’s actually illegal to take alcohol onto beaches here !”.

So, I took as large a swig as I could and disembarked, still smiling, due to the really great time, all the crew gave us on board, and my visions and unforgettable memories of snorkelling in some of the waters that surround Maui.

One of those, ” Special Days “, where I met some really cool heads, and the vibes were just right …. even if I didn’t quite get to finish my last Mai Tai Fred !!!!!!

However, rules are rules, and not all of them need to be broken !!!!!

Bless up y’all …. as I have now put the finishing touches on this post, having returned to Barbados……

Ahhhh well, sometimes, you just gotta take the rough with the smooth eh folks !!!!!!

Yes i’m GRINNING … !!!!

…. at least until the Mosquitos realise, that, their foreign blood supply is back !!!!!

Peace, Love and Guidance Y’all …..


The Virge

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Think it’s time for me to share, some of the things that give me … “Inspiration” … A Poem performed & written by Big Virge 7/11/2005

Annnndddd now ….. something at the other end of the spectrum, for those people, talking bout’ …..

” How Negative “, The Virge is, when it is merely, TRUTH, I deal with … ?!?

Thus, something a lil’ more uplifting … for the sheople who believe in the ideal that positive thought is enough to defeat evil …. ?!?


Be …. INSPIRED …. !!!

Inspiration – written & performed by Big Virge

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“What Can You Do ?” … A Poem written by Big Virge 4/11/2005

Ya know …..

This is a question ….
that leaves me …
… ” Confused ” … ???

The question is …
…… ” THIS ” ……..
What can … YOU DO … ?!?

Now …
Trust me folks …
i’m not here to … Abuse … !!!

But ….
Come On Now … !!!
Don’t Act … ” The Fool ” … !!!!!

Don’t be … ” SURPRISED … !!!
When … ” Drug Filled Highs ” … !!!
slowly …………….. “subside” ………..

and … ” Modern Life ” …
Leaves you … ” Feeling ” …

…. ” Pain and Strife ” …. !!!

It Seems … these days … ?
that … riSING Tides …
and … Government LIES … !!!!!
have made … “Some People” …

………. ” REALISE ” ……… !!!!!!!!!!

Life is …
NOT About … Mad Cash … !!!
Cocaine, Speed,
or … Afghan Hash … !!!

Life is … So Much …
MORE … Than That … !!!

So ask yourself … ?

What can you do … ?
to … BETTER … things …
for … ME … and … YOU … !!!

” Going ” …
to … school …
is … Many’s View …

OK … that’s cool … !!!
but … WHO … has built …
These … “INSTITUTES” … ??!??

of … ” Education ” …
” Government Taxation ” … ???

Take … ” Your Time ” …
it’s NOT … A Crime …
to let these thoughts
run through … Your Mind …

How many youth ?
will get the chance …
to dance … The Dance …

THAT … ” Rich Kids ” … do … !?!
while watching … ” Daddy ” …
“FILL” … His … ” Boots ” … !!!!!!

It’s just a … Question … ?
like …….. ” This One ” …

What can you do … ?

How about this … ?
Don’t Live … for … YOU … !!!!

Live for … Those …
Who … Surround You …

These days …
That’s … HARD … !!!
I know … That’s True …

But …
Here’s a … Quote …
to give you … ” Clues ” …
on … How to … CHANGE …
These …. ATTITUDES …. !!!!

The needs of …
THE MANY …. !!!!!

“OUTWEIGH” … !!!
The Needs …
of …. The Few ….
or … THE ONE …. !!!

Take that … IN …
Don’t spit … but … CHEW … !!!!!

These words make …
Me … Want To … DO …
things like … REASON …
with our … ” Youth ” … !!!

NOT …..
Preach or Train
but … try to … Explain …
How to …. KEEP …. !!!
A … ” Sense-Filled ” … Brain … !!!

and …
How to … COPE …
with … ” Mental Pain ” …
and let them … Know …
Life’s … NOT … A Game … !!!

It’s … HARD … these days …
To Make … That Move …
because … BUREAUCRATS … !!!
Try … “Stopping” … you …

That’s the … way ..
They … Like to be …

But …
TRUST ME … folks … !!!
They WON’T … Stop Me … !!!!!

from …
Trying to use …
My Poetry …
to get to … ” The Few ” …
Who … HEED … My Speech …

So ….. ?
What about … YOU … ???
What can … YOU DO … ?!?

Try Being … TRUE … !!!
With Friends and People …
You … Speak to …

That’s … just the … START … !!!!!

because change won’t come …
from … ” Smart Remarks ” … !!!!!

While you sit …
in your … ” Phat Yard ” … !!!!!

Those who … do this ..
” Think ” … They’re Smart … !!!!!

Until … Their World …
is … ” RIPPED ” … apart … !!!!!

Nowadays ….
in … Many Ways … !!!

Natures’ ANGER’S …
On … DISPLAY … !!!!

Earthquakes … and …
WILD … Hurricanes … !!!!!

See ….
These are things …
WE CAN’T … ignore … !!!!!

Money Wars … !!!
leave people … ” POOR ” … !!!!!

While people … sit …
and now … ARGUE …

Come on man … !!!
What Can You Do … !?!

NOT … Everyone …
is BAD … out there … !!!

But …
Please be … PREPARED … !!!!!

because snakes …
are … “lurking” …
and will … DARE …
to … Threaten You …
and make you … SCARED … !!!!!

So …
Don’t just let them … !!!
Do … YOUR SHARE …. !!!

and show the … Moaners …
That …… YOU CARE …….
and want … RID OF …

” New Tony Blairs !!! ” …

The only thing … constant …
is simply …. ” CHANGE ” ….

So ….
Don’t just sit there …
…. ” RE-ARRANGE ” ….

and make …
” Our World ” …
A … BETTER PLACE … !!!!!

Just …
REMEMBER … Folks …

These are …
” MY VIEWS ” …

So … take them … IN …
I’ve given … ” Clues ” …
and answers …. TOO …. !!!!

to … YES …
THAT … Question …

” What Can You Do ? “

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