Some Virge opinions of Mauis’ People, and it’s Visitors … written by Big Virge … 29/11/2014

Okay, so, so many things that I wanted to do, but hey, it was a form of holiday for me, so, fuck it, over the last few days, I mostly, kicked back, suffered a bit, due to jet lag and fatigue in the old creaky bones, setting in, and HELL YEAH, some Maui Woweeeeeeee …. !!!!!

So, here’s some thoughts on Maui, it’s people and vibe, as ….

I sit here typing, whilst overlooking the sea, and the outline of one of the neighbouring islands, it would be remiss of me, having been here for thanksgiving, to not, make mention of the issues of race relations, that the Darren Wilson verdict, has brought to the fore.

Maui is indeed, still part of the US of A, and as such, has an abundance of what I would call, ” Apparently “, cool peoples …….

….. and, in this instance,

Yes, I mean Caucasians, who still seem to find a black man with a free and easy afro, and a big physical presence, disturbing to their chi, at best, not unlike the claims of say, a Darren Wilson, type of white guy … ?!?

They clearly, still believe themselves to be, for the most part, a law unto themselves, playing ignorant when they see me, and, just being, typically rude, in how they stare, but, show their guilt, when caught doing so.

I guess the fact that separate protests are occurring across America, in light of the grand jury verdict, not to indict Mr. Wilson.

I think some of the white folk here in Maui, are feeling as though, I might just decide to throttle or shoot a few of them … !!!

” Like “, in a Maui hotel, yeah alright white folks, calm down, I mean SERIOUSLY …

Calm the FUCK, down … !!!!!

I am as disturbed by this ridiculous verdict, as the next person, but, when I see the likes of Wendy Williams, talking bout’ who she’d have round her famous people table, for, ” Thanksgiving Dinner “, it hardly strikes me that, those who’ve, ” Gone Clear !!! “, as it were, REALLY GIVE A DAMN, as Paris Hilton strolls onto her show, and they then start discussing her now, not so blonde, blonde locks … !!!!!

I mean, this, while the stories of incompetence, and nonsensical procedures, continue to surface about, much that surrounds the case against Darren Wilson, which somehow, seemed to be a non-existent case !!!!!

Truth be told, I no longer study these cases, or, white folks, as I once did, because as the Michael Brown case exhibits, things may have changed, but essentially, remain the same, in the minds and beliefs, and value systems of White America.

In the Wailea region of Maui, in driving around, it seems quite apparent, who has the wealth, and who seem to be holding the keys, to the best of the Real Estate, houses on hilltops, with stunning views, and lots of very expensive cars in drives.

The lack of a serious police presence, is a sure sign that, well, these areas don’t suffer from having the likes of me, frequent their comfort zone, but, for a few days, every so often ….

Well, that zone has been blown for a couple of weeks, due to my being here, i’m glad to say !!!

The Polynesian locals, for the most part, have been GREAT, ” IN THE HOTEL ” !!!

Outside of the hotel realm, well, they’ve not been, quite so welcoming, although, I was advised that they are apparently, not so keen on tourist overload, from wishing to retain, the cool surf spots, for themselves, to general dealings with tourists, which I have found interesting.

There are a lot of mainland, white americans, living and working in Maui, from serving you food, to running tour boats and other tours, from Helicopter Tours down, as it were.

As with most tour guides, they put the … ” BIG SMILE ” … on, and do their, “Whatever you need sir”, bit.

Hmmmm, well, it’s hard to question, or judge, their integrity with it, but, due to the protests across America, regarding the Wilson/Brown case, I can’t help but feel that, some were making extra efforts, to appear, non-prejudicial, while others have been helpful, just because it’s their job, to do so.

The most amazing attitudes i’ve seen, have come from asians, and by this I mean, what appear to be Indians, NOT, Native American, and, what I believe to have been, Muslims.

My recent dealing with Muslims, form the states, has left me in no doubt, that their distaste for us black folks, runs deeper than they want people to believe, so, there have been no shocks when I have seen certain, asian heads, look at me like the dirt of their, Salwar Kameez !!!!!

Bwoy, do they show their disgust, and contempt, in their eyes, for a black person, who, according to their idiotic perceptions, could not possibly look like I do, and afford to be where they are, or, worse still, get treated with the same level of respect by staff, as them.

The less said about them, the better, I think ….

All i’ll say is that, they really need to check themselves, with all their judgemental vibes, and, glares, because as much as they think, them and the white folks be cool, they probably aren’t quite as cool, as they think.

Okay, that aside, the amount of asians, as in oriental and polynesian women with white guys, well, once again, no surprises there, i’ve seen enough of that scenario, but, not one of these women, have I seen, be as indulgent in some black dicky, as Bajans like to say !!!

It’s all good though, as I get older, the more I see why such relationships seem more likely to work, than those where black guys are with these women.

So, in conclusion to this brief post, I will say that i’ve enjoyed my time here, have been looked after by the majority of staff, be they, white or polynesian, but, cannot say with any surety, that, it’s all good in the hood, regardless of your skin tone here.

The whiter you are, the more likely you are, to get, i’m gonna say, ” Reasonable Treatment.

Although, a young lady from Alaska, of all places, originally … !!! … who was my personal masseuse, for one afternoon, was quick to point out the non-receptive vibe from locals to tourists, or those who’ve moved from mainland America, to live there, as being quite normal, and something you have to adjust to.

She was also explaining how she and her boyfriend, live up in the hills, no running water, as the waterways where she lives provide fresh water which is use by locals to ways etcetera, basically full on outdoor, country living !!!!!

Cane spiders as big as your hand running around and jumping … !!!!!


…. but she also explained that, until the locals had recognised that they ere not there to invade, but to live and share with them, they had actually destroyed a pipe her boyfriend had built to funnel water to their home !!!!!

So, as she said, unless you were born and raised there, the locals can be quite stand-offish and protective of their land.

However, not in a UKIP or F’ing KKK, type of way, I cruised around a huge shopping mall, and found that local people would look at me, but hey, it’s till part of the US, so, I am no big deal to them, as said, it would mostly be the white folks, who’d exude a level beyond just acknowledging a taller than average black dude, being in their presence.

Interestingly though, one of the Restaurant Managers at the Hotel, said to me, after I expressed to him, that, some of his staff have treated me, especially well.

His comment, which is the one I guess, most folks would like to hear when venturing abroad, was …

“Well Virge, that’s because you’re a nice person !”

Gotta shout out Jenna, Mel & Tom !!!!!!

If only he knew what I was really like …. Ha Ha …

and on that note, a couple more days here, and then, the lengthy trip back to Barbados.

Damn, I never thought that, having lived in England for so long, that, i’d ever be saying, i’m leaving one paradise type location, having been there for a vacation, to be heading home, to essentially, another one !!!!!

I guess, good things do eventually happen to … GOOD PEOPLE … !?!

Once again, my thanks and blessings go out to Tom, Mel, Jenna & Brian, and all those who have made my time, enjoyable at the hotel.

They have provided proof to me, that, Maui has it’s selection of cool peoples …. and cool vibes ….

Peace out, time for a final drive ……



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So, The Good Times Begin – Haleakala !!! … written by Big Virge 22/11/2014

Okay so, here we go folks, the good times begin !!!

Off to the famed crater, formed, from the volcano, that once was, the active Haleakala !

aka – The House of The Sun

If you want the details on this amazing natural phenomena, well, y’all know where Wikipedia is … !!!

Suffice to say, it is essentially, to the south east of Maui, and is situated about 10000 feet above everything else … Just incredible !!!

So, to ensure that I was to get a spot that availed a clear view of the sun rising, it was a sleep depriving, 2.45 a.m. pick up, from where I was staying ….

However, how many times in your life do you get to see the sun rise from the summit of what was once a fully active volcano … ?!?

Well, I ain’t expecting it to be too many more times, if at all, in this lifetime, so, jet lagged and whatever else I may have been, having barely unpacked and got a piece of Maui life, I was up and ready to go, like a state trooper, which, being the late sleeper i’ve become, was no fun !
However, once I got picked up by our rather witty driver, Mike, who then picked up his partner in crime for the day, Aaron, their rather dry and sometimes, very funny, humour, kept the 10 or so folks in the bus, awake and engaged, from varying questions about everything from the expansive sugar cane harvest, that Maui produces, to the dangers of this incredible road, that takes you up to the heavens, as it were.

Fortunately for me, the hotel staff were on point, and advised me to take a blanket because the morning air, up there, can be, SERIOUSLY COLD, and FUCK, were they right !!!!!

So, thankfully, I had a blanket as well as the, extra trousers and jacket provided by the tour. Some heads were vocally, seriously jealous, when they saw me wrapped up like a Siberian Christmas Gift !!! …. but hey, sometimes, my vibes create that level of love from people, so, I gotta give props to the Wailea Marriot staff, who, for the most part, have been, extremely cool with me, from the moment of my arrival.

Anyways, yup, we were one of the first groups to get to the summit, overlooking a very dark scene, with, chilling winds, and very little else to do, but wait and listen to little tit bits from our man Aaron, who was actually, pretty scathing of some of the other park rangers and advisors, who seem to be, a little less customer friendly !

So, it would seem that, I had once again, landed on my feet, in terms of the tour operator the hotel uses, as Mike and Aaron, were very cool, but, much like the elements up there, were slowly, warming up to our group, and to the task of keeping us, suitably entertained, before the sun actually decided to give a lil’, and I do mean, ” lil’ “, warmth up there !

So, I had Canadians, and I think, some heads from Cali’, running talk, and jokes, about this and that, while we waited.

I dared not unwrap myself to take a picture, as I could feel my nose beginning to run like the proverbial tap, so, was just trying to stop big drippy boogas, from coming out of my nose, for the most part !

This adventure provided clear proof to me that …..

Damnnnn …. !!!

White folks can take some cold though people !!!!!

Pictures were being taken, although the husband of one of the ladies who came up with us, was smart, and used my big frame as some kind of wind shield, from those, chilly, trade winds.

If those were trade winds, at that moment, i’d of traded them for a Bajan Beach, right about then !!!

However, as time passed, we approached the approximate, 6.30 eta, for the sun to rise … and let me make this clear people, this is not a hour long slow and steady, it really happens, seemingly, in the blink of an eye, so, as crowds and groups gathered, and entered the shelter of the visitor centre, up she came ….

Stunning, Beautiful, Orangey, Yellow hues in the distance, that shone upon us, and the dark brown, and black, volcanic rock that was formed from the cooling of the lava flow that once came form Haleakala.

It is rumoured that over the precipice that was formed, there were many warriors of ancient times, who threw themselves off the mountain, as a form of high order sacrifice, which is truly incredible to think could of been happening where people now come for a tourist attraction.

There was little time for photo ops, for us tourists, but again, due to Aaron’s experience, when I asked him to take one of me, he was quick to tell me to open up my fingers slightly, so I could hold the sun !

Now this may seem strange, but bwoy, did he take a great photo !!!

Due to my standing in front of the sunlight, i’m silhouetted, but, my fingers literally appear to be holding the sun as it rose !

It’s one of those shots to treasure, and I will always remember Aaron for that, and it will always be a memory i’ll now, not only have in digital form to treasure, but, one that my mind will hopefully, never lose, just because of the gravitas of the whole scenario !

First time to Maui, first real excursion undertaken, and the first time i’ve ever been, THAT F’ing cold, and standing outdoors, at that time of the morning !!!!

Golfers can carry dey’ ass, they don’t know about cold, unless they’re doing 18 holes in F’ing Antarctica !!!

So, as I said, it went from dark to light, in what seemed like seconds, but essentially, moments after we saw it rise out of the skyline, it was day.

Due to the precipitous & nebulous nature of Maui, again, all connected to the volcanoes, in no small degree, the cloud cover was almost as impressive as the sunrise, because there were just so many surrounding, that, a little rain was in the air, but, whilst we were up there, we thankfully, didn’t get wet.

However, as said, it was so cold, that I actually lost some of the skin right under my nostrils, from trying to stop them running, just to give you an idea of what the elements can do up there.

So, from there, having noticed the apparent, laser capable observatory, that was from Reagans’ days in office, to observing some of the differing species of plant life that reside up there, we headed half way down the hill, because yup, it was time to get on some bikes and enjoy the return journey, on two wheels !!!!!

How f’ing cool ???


The bikes are a breed I have rarely seen before, with disc operated brakes, that have, ONE GEAR, which I guess is called, DOWNHILL, as that was the majority of the terrain we cycled on.

Aaron said they used to do these rides from the top, until a couple of people missed bends and yup, died from not paying attention, and going over the edges of some the turns !!!!!

Yes folks, that’s how steep, and twisty, the road to Haleakala can get, but, our journey, from more like 6000 feet or thereabouts, was still challenging, if you’re a lil’ squeamish, or not so fit, but, just blissful.

Countryside, hills, lush green vegetation on all sides, and some beautiful homes to observe, on the route, in fact, now it comes to me, I digress, but damn, we even had a couple from Lebanon, in our party !!!

However, within a few hundred feet of our ride down, the Lebanese Lady, had to get off and come down in the van with Mike. Aaron, meantime, was styling it out, with both feet on one side of his bike, leading the rest of us down, this incredible road, and what a fun part of the excursion that was !!!

If you were smart with your brakes, you basically could get down to the bottom, without peddling at all !!!

The bikes are so specific for such journeys, that, if you do pedal, you feel like the chain has snapped, because there is almost no resistance for you to pedal against.

We hit a local golf course for BREAKFAST, YES … BREAKFAST, and then headed back to our hotels, which was another 2 hour drive or thereabouts …..

I was of course, shattered, upon returning, but had a great time !!!!!

Upon returning to my hotel, was quickly poolside, found a comfy lounger, ordered some food, and chilled the fuck out, for the remainder of the day, and then took in an, equally beautiful sunset that evening !!!!!

….. and thus, my Maui trip had truly began, and I had seen enough to know that, this was gonna be one hell of a holiday ….

So, more to come people, believe me, this is just the beginning … !!!

Aloha … which is not just hello, but, is also an expression of …

Love and Peace ….

So, once again, all the way from my hotel in Maui ….

ALOHA people … !!!

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Hawaii (Pt II) … written by Big Virge 24/11/2014

Hawaii pt. II 

Well, as said American Airlines are an airline I’d only recommend to fukwits’, who have pissed me off, over the last few years !!!!

Says it all really !!!!!

The stewards, with all due respect, looked as bedraggled and rickety, as the aircraft, which was delayed, because of a seat problem, that needed maintenance, in 1st class … as if that should hold the rest of us passengers up …. !!!!!

Anyways, finally off to Miami to see what the next phase of my journey was gonna hold …. 

Well no surprises, missed my connecting flight, but bwoy, was I the only one ???

HELL NO … !!!

So, American Airlines put us up overnight, with vouchers for dinner and breakfast, at some Hilton wannabe, called the Doubletree.

Hmmm, well, it was better than I expected, but, the catch was arriving, sometime after 11.00 pm, due to waiting for a shuttle from the airport for a good 25 mins, and then being put on a connecting flight, with a check in time of 5.30 a.m., which meant that dinner was a late night burger, or, other fast food option, as the main restaurants were already CLOSED, at the hotel, and thus, the breakfast voucher was, unusable, due to our having to leave before breakfast was even started at the hotel the next morning !!!!!

However, being the thinker I am …. I was like, ” Fuck that !”, pay for the poor excuse of a dinner meal, and redeem the breakfast voucher for anything over the dinner vouchers value …. !!!

A very cute lil’ Latina worked worked with me and BOOM …. b4 I knew it … I was back at the airport, having had barely any sleep, and onto an overbooked American Airlines flight to take us from Miami to Dallas. Yup, long trip folks !!!

Another, 8 hour flight awaited me, to get to Maui, but, it was the plane I was originally due to be on, so, had caught up on lost time, even if it was quite the ordeal !!! 

So, after more F’ing shenanigans with rechecking my, already checked in luggage, I then, almost went through a security gate the wrong way !!!!

I finally got on, a yet again, very old, rickety 767 for the Maui trip, out of Dallas !!!!

Again, talk about cut corners, on an 8 hour flight, was there any food other than Turkey F’ing sandwiches and stale chips or crisps for my English heads !!?!! Fuck No !!!!

Somewhat shocking really, they did have some, Guardians of The Galaxy, entertainment, on screens smaller than my Macbook, but that was the best they now seem willing to offer so, it was no surprise there were plenty of empty spaces on this flight !!!! 

Well, have to say, the old girl was smooth and got us to Maui in very good time, so, all’s well that ends well right !!!

Pretty much, so finally, Maui YES … !!!

Only to see a woman, seemingly pushed under her car by security at the airport, who then, vociferously shouted a lot of, “YOU’RE AN ASSHOLE !!!”, as some, classically HUGE, donut looking, and presumably, eating cop, as if out of a movie, cruised over, and I do mean CRUISED !!!

Anyway, off she goes, cussing as she did, which showed me an essence of this beautiful islands vibe, as the policemen did very little, and let her mouth of and go.

My shuttle driver to the hotel was as talkative as they come, and had nothing but great things to say about Maui, which he moved to, due to a woman who he ended up divorcing !!!!

It really is CRAZY, why and how people move around sometimes !!!

As he drove, pointing out this and that, the first sunset of my trip was indeed a site to behold !!! The orangey, yellow colour was simply STUNNING !!! I’ve been a few places in this world now, but man, the landscape and nebulous skies, that overlook the hills, mountains, rain forests and now, inactive volcanoes of Maui, creates incredible sunsets here !!!!!

Anyway, there was some stuffy white guy who got dropped off at a nice enough looking Marriot, as the driver had me at a more plush competitor, just up the road !!!

Well Virgil, jackass that I am, had not checked my hotel info properly !!! So, after getting all excited, having seen this fuck off hotel entrance, and getting to the girls at the front desk, was then told …, “Errrr sir, where you came from is YOUR HOTEL !!!”

We all laughed and happily joked about it !!!

…. and they then, kindly, called my hotel, and arranged for a pick up, and soon enough he came, after I saw a plethora of very expensive cars being valet driven for people staying at this hotel, which my shuttle driver from the airport had said, was better than the other hotel …


Ahhh well …, such is life, but a classically, Hawaii styled greeting of a huge beeded necklace, being given to me upon arrival, made me feel that it was all good, and an immediate room, “bump up” from, ocean view to a premium ocean view, by the check in clerk, set me up for what I was hoping, would be a great time in this clearly,  beautiful island !!!! ….. To be continued ……,

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