“Unite” … Written and Performed by Big Virge

Well, in these days and times of such HUGE DIVIDES, I figure it’s a good time to reflect on the ideal of unity, and why it has really always been, a destination beyond humanity’s reach !

So, where to start ?

Well, this week I guess … and then trace it back.

So I’ll quickly deal with the LGBTQ group, and the way that okay, they may well have found ways to unite, but as Dave Chappelle suggested, maybe they’re not quite as unified as they’d like the rest of us to believe ?!?

Thus, JK Rowling taking issue with the cancel culture, due to backlash for comments on Transgender people, is a very relevant and interesting case, because it’s pretty clear that actors within her own Harry Potter franchise, as with most actors, are totally down with the LGBTQ movement !!!

So, to now be taking issue with, even one portion of their group, can only further divide, rather than unite, however, I can see why, because, as I will say to my dying days, NOBODY’s ABOVE, facing hate or opposition, to positions they choose, or apparently, naturally take to !!!

Ha Ha … !!!

Excuse the pun, but to literally tell people that, to have a differing opinion, could see them fined, or jailed, or indeed ostracised, to the point where they lose work … IS …


Cancel me if you like, because I already know what that feels like, because of my dark skin, which leads me conveniently, to this,

Black Live Matter Movement …

… and The INCREDIBLE Divisions, that it’s causing, that are very disturbing, and quite frightening, in terms of what it’s stirring !

However, that was already a pot that was HOT, that has long been on the brink of boiling over !

So, the divisions it’s fuelling are those between ideals that the LGBTQ and BLM movements, are not only, EXHAUSTING the alphabet, but that there are folks who do not see them as being in same ball park !

… and let’s not even bring the religious folks into this, who are preaching love, but sticking to their teachings, in most cases, regarding the Adam and Eve vs Adam and Steve and Genevieve and Eve constructs, that, are now driving heterosexual beliefs into the corner with Lil’ Jack Horner !

So, of course public figures are entering the BLM movements debate, and the always controversial, Don Lemon, has got into it with the actor, Terry Crews, who seems to have disturbed Mr. Lemons’ …

“ Politically Correct “ … position, regarding the movements ideals and mission.

Well i’ve always felt that this is some ridiculous, token movement, that does not stand by its words, because it DOESN’T say that Black Lives Matter, ” ONLY when police take our lives or mistreat us, or that it’s only about, white supremacy, within America only !”

The hypocrisy lies in the lack of protests in black neighbourhoods where gangs of blacks, and individuals, choose to shoot to kill the SAME Black Lives, that DON’T seem to matter at all, to the likes of Mr. Lemon, in terms of having any relation to this movement.

Personally I see and agree with, where Mr. Crews is coming from, and think that the idea that, since George Floyds death, that no black lives that have been destroyed and taken, by others with the very same skin type, should matter, is deeply disturbing and incredibly divisive.

I have just one further point on this, which is that Mr. Crews is ABSOLUTELY RIGHT, when saying that we need to start holding ourselves ACCOUNTABLE, for doing the racists job for them, in FAR TOO MANY INSTANCES, over absolute FOOLISHNESS, like Pride and Pure IGNORANCE.

This leads me to the incredibly emotional confession by ex-cricketer, Michael Holding, when letting the world know about the fact that his own mothers’ family refused to speak to her, due to her wanting to marry a man, who apparently was just … TOO DARK, for them to be comfortable with, so again, let’s not gloss over the internal divisions that black people have, and continue to indulge in, that are truly destructive and divisive !!!

There doesn’t appear to be so much unity over in Europe either right now, which of course leads me to Brexit’, which has been on the back burner since Covid right ?

Well, if you are keeping an eye on negotiations, the divisions over how this should now be effected, are STILL there folks, and we already know how Brexit has divided Brits …. !!!

So finally to, this Corona situation, which is leading to all kinds of craziness, as lockdowns have eased, only for certain countries to have seen infection rates increase that have forced …

“ Localised Lockdowns “ …

Whatever that now means … ?!?

…. because there are videos and debates springing up, of fights, both physical and verbal, over the wearing of masks and observing distancing measures, to the point where in Serbia, the government is now facing serious, volatile protests over lockdown measures currently !!!

It’s all a matter of perspective to me now, because even if you don’t believe that this virus is real, there are many who DO !!!

…. and as the world does not revolve around, any one individual, contrary to the views of certain political crews !

So, people need to respect the fact that many are following the guidelines, therefore, when in public places, others should really do the same !!!

If you don’t agree, then, stay at home, or, only move with those who don’t give a rats !!!!

However, don’t expect others to hold your views, because as i’ve recently seen, on a personal level, not being able to peacefully and respectfully…

“ Agree To Disagree “ …

Does EVERYTHING EXCEPT, breed Unity …

So, with all these fights and divides, riding HIGH … !!!
This weeks Spoken Words from moi … Big Virge …

Deal with the vibe, which is clearly still, very far from being within sight …

A vibe that could see …

Our human kind ….

TRULY, once and for all….

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