Ghostface speaks on Barbados & working with The Chef …..

FUKWITS … love to chat chit about places, they see, ” Holiday “, TV shows about, that barely touch the surface of how the people of these places can be, who are not on camera, being paid, in am nay cases, to represent the best of what the island has to offer ….

Of course, NOT, in every case, but, in far too many instances, in the case of Barbados ….

“Oh but you’re in paradise now, stop complaining !!!”

Well, here is a man who clearly is perceptive, intuitive, and has experienced the nonsensical black on black attitudes & fukry’, that Barbados, sadly, runs with, when it comes to Non-Bajan, black people, landing on these shores, who do not …

I repeat !

DO NOT …. !!!!!

live by some, Colonial, Willie Lynch type, SLAVE …. mentality ….

The island is a paradise in many ways … !!!

… but, those who claim to have loved it here, seem to be blissfully ignorant white folks, who pretend to have connected with the people, but, who secretly loved being treated like the black people around them, would do anything for them, just because they are white, or, of fairer skin.

They are not being REAL, about that, which lies right under their noses, a people with SERIOUS, internal issues, when it comes to how they treat, ” Their Own “, for want of a better phrase, and, an island where Apartheid type separation, is NOT, a thing of the past ….

Ghostface puts Barbados on blast ….
with this story from, the not so distant past …


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