“Syndromes”… A Poem written by Big Virge 25/10/2013

Well,with all that’s going down in Virginia, and other places currently, this would seem to fit the bill for a lot of idiotic people sadly ……

Get out of it, because………

Ya know ….
” Syndromes ” … roam …………….

Through phones and homes
Like … ” Twilight Zones ” …
have … ” Darker Tones ” …

Tones that … LACK …
” Balance ” … that stands …
next to … ” The Truth ” …

Instead … most choose …
Syndromes … that … ” Prove ” …

How Many … play tunes …
that … Don’t Sound … COOL … !!!

Condescending … quotes …
that HIT … ” Dud Notes ” … !!!

because they … Play Out …
of … ” Ignorant ” … mouths … !!!
whose views are … “Bound” …
by …. ” Colonial Grounds ” …. !!!!!

“Those” … that see …
White Views … as … CLEAN … !!!
and having …. ” Sheens ” ….
of … ” Positive “… Dreams ….

While … Darker voices …
are NOT … Anointed … !!!
in …. ” CEREMONIES ” …. !!!!!

because they are seen ….
as being … “Unclean” … !!! …
” NEGATIVE ” … and … Mean … ?!?

The Type that … NEED … !!!
to be … Put to … “sleep” …

Until someone … white’s …
Inclined to …. ” Recognise ” ….
the type of … “Insights” …
of say … ” Rastafari ” …

Without …weed in ………………………………………. sight … ???

Coke takers … are … FINE … !?!
because …. ” Their Lines ” ….
are the shade … THEY LIKE … !!!!!
NOT Dark … but … LIGHT …

In Fact you … find …
it’s alright for … THEM … !!!
To Gain Fame … and … Express …
as if … ” Sniffing ” … DEFINES …
an Inspired Mind …. !!! ??? !!!

These days … I See …
and hear … ” Pretty Speak ” …
from … ” Mostly ” … white peeps …

who seem to … BELIEVE …
that … ” POSITIVITY ” …
and …. ” UNITY ” ….
are the best things for ….
…. ” HUMANITY ” …. !!!!!

when they live … ” Up the street ”
from … ” impoverished ” … peeps …
Who … They’d rather … “Keep” …
AWAY FROM ……………………………………… ” Their Breed ” …. !?!?!

“But, I’m alright,
cos’ i’m not like them !!!!!”

is the … ” Usual line ” … !!!

as if … THEY … are PHLEGM … !!!!!
and just cause … ” Problems ” …

” Third World ” … Heads …
who … NEED TO … ” Affect ” …

A Change of … ” ATTITUDE ” … !!!!!

INDEED … Some Do … !!!!!

But … Historical Moves …
Some Whites … have used …
were put … in place …
to … IMPRINT … in brains …

That …
” They are ” … SUPERIOR … !!!!!

while ” The rest ” …
are ….. INFERIOR ….. !!!!!!!!

I hear it today …
in comments … now made …

That prove … HOW DEEP …
… ” Colonial Themes ” …
run through … the minds …
of … ” Too Many Peeps ” … !!!

ALL … Colour types … !!!!!

seem … HAPPY to … LIE … !?!
or … NOT TO … ” Think ” …?!?
about … ” The Things ” …
that they KNOW

are …

….. ” RACIST ” …. !!!!!!!!!

Like … ” Playing Tricks ” …
or … ” Running Jokes ” …
as if .. ” Chain Links ” …
have … now been … BROKE …

It seems as though …
” Historical ” … notes …
have been … ERASED …
from … ” Certain Brains ” … !!!!!

But …..
NOT IN … MINE … !!!!!!

I Don’t … Carry CHIPS … !!!

Nope …
My shoulders are … FINE … !!!!!
just like …. ” My Mind ” ….

STRONG and … Inclined …
to …. NEVER Deny ….. !!!!!

The skin they live in … !!!!!

Dark and … ” Tanned ” …
like slaves that … RAN … !!!!!

Well ……..
I Ain’t … THAT MAN … !!!!!!

But … descend from … clans …
” Without ” … Ku Klux … hands …
and … Hoods to … Match ….

What’s up with … THAT … ?!!!?

Did they just … ” Disappear ” … ?!?
and are now … NOT HERE … !!!!!

Too many … I FEAR … !!!!!
Have been … ” Well Steered ” …
to believe … ” The Veneer ” …

That … Powerful Racists …
are … NOT IN … ” High Places ” … ?!?

because of …. OBAMA …. ?!!!?

…. HARDER …. !!!!!!!!

and STOP … Running Talk …
That Betrays … “Racist Thoughts” … !!!!!
when blacks … Don’t Retract …
but speak … ” Quoting Facts ” … !!!!!!

About the … ” Syndromes ” …
where …Racism Roams … !!! …

because of the … ” Past “…
that leaves their cards …

…. MARKED …. !!!!!!

From Europe to … Asia …

” Racists ” …
STILL HOLD … Favour … !!!
because of the … ” Paper ” …
” They use ” …. to buy ….
….. TRAITORS ….. !!!!!!!!

‘” Traitors ” ….

Who …. ” Sold Out ” ….
Black People … !!! …
Don’t Doubt … !!!!!!! …

Africa … has them …
These things … I Accept … !!!!!

while … Many Blacks … DON’T … !?!
So … have the … ” Syndrome ” …

Just like … These … ” White Folks ”
who make … ” Stupid Quotes ” … !!!!!
when they … CLEARLY KNOW …
That … Racism Roams …
inside of … ” Their Homes ” ……………………
and …”In Those” … who …

…… DENY …… ?!?

What Lies in … ” Their Files ” … !!!

The Legacy of …
Their Past … History …

which … Still Runs … ToODAY … !!!!!
in … TOO MANY … Brains … !!!!!!!

Racists … have got … CLEVER … !!!
and … Operate … BETTER … !!! …
because their … ” Defence ” …
is Now like … ” Mayweathers’ ” …

” WE’RE IN IT TOGETHER !!!!! ” …

So …..
If that’s the case … ???

Where is this … ” Third World ” … ?!?
They Claim’s … a … ” DISGRACE ” … !!!!!
But … buy places to … STAY … ?!?!?

I’m a … ” Little Concerned ” … !!!
at … some quotes …
White Folks make …

Who then get … IRATE …
when they … hear a … Black Man …
who now … OVERSPENDS … !!!!!!

and … ” Reminds Them ” … of Blots …
They hold … from the … ” past ” …
that STILL … ” HAVEN’T STOPPED ” … !!!
in the …. ” Whitest of Hearts ” … !!!!!

They’re quick to … ” Now Say ” …
that … ” They Face Racist Ways !!!!! ” …

If they do … ?!?

Where … TODAY … ???
are … white people … BEATEN …
and … HUNG UP like … ” Slaves ” … ?!?!?

I guess it’s … ” Such Quotes ” …
that are … ” Too Close To Home ” …
for the types of … white folks …
who are … NOT Alone … !!! …

When it comes to … ” The People ” …
whose thoughts are … “Controlled” …

and caught in …
what is known …
as this …

A …

…… ” Syndrome ” …….

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What are we descending into … huh … ?!? … written by Big Virge 29/8/2013



Okay people, well, I try, these days, not to write about news stories, because so much is contrived, twisted, and bent out of shape, that, it fuels the type of anger in me, that I don’t like to feel or see, but, God Fucking Damnit Man …. !!!!!!!

What the fuck is this shit … I mean … REALLY !!!?!!!

The judge, (Todd Baugh), in this, Montana, 30 day sentencing of a KNOWN … predator, whose victim, is now dead, having committed suicide, is truly, one of the most disturbing indictments of the judicial system in America !!!!!

I think most decent people, are still in shock over Trayvon, but, this has to be one of the most Ridiculous, firstly, and secondly, Disgraceful judgements, in recent times.

I mean, I still think those involved in the initial Stephen Lawrence, murder trial should be, locked away, with no key … !!!!!

…. but, this judge, as far as i’m concerned, must be buddies with this sick rapist & paedophile, Stacy Rambold, or, must be part of one of these rings of sexual predators, that seem to be surfacing, more and more !!!!!

Rolf Harris today, with recent evidence, which seemingly, proves his continual predatory nature, which may well have been running for the 50 or so years he’s been in entertainment, around children !!!!!

Seriously WRONG ….

But ladies, as terrible as the suicide & prior molestation of 14 Year old Cherice Moralez, clearly is … !!!!!

I’m also going to comment on, the second news article, regarding sexual encounters, that, white girls, seemingly, from England/Britain, are engaging in, with the local black, ‘bumsters’ in Gambia, ‘Rastitutes’ or ‘beach boys’ in the Caribbean and ‘sanky pankies’ in the Dominican Republic.

Well, what a surprise …. NOT !!!!!

I have been saying this for years, and now, YOU … White Boys know, if you were in denial before, that, unfortunately, these women who you thought, had some, ” Genuine Love “, for you, and your kind, have probably been, loving the idea of some, let’s say, darker meat, from before you even put rings on their fingers, Stupid Motha Fucka’s … !!!!!

….. but, as the article, and men like me, have been saying for years, it’s the pressure of peers, racism, within their families and friends, that has been stopping them, that’s all !!!

Which, BTW … I don’t see as cool, because what does that really say about these women huh … ??? …. but anyway ….

It’s all different now though, right ???

….. all these pretty, fair-skinned, brothers and sisters, who are products of inter-racial relationships, have gotten into the spotlight, opening doors for the likes of the new brigade of … “Dark Skin Sexy”, Idris Elba, etc,

So, now …..

Oh, rather than just, deal on the REAL ….. !!!!!

Oh No …..

Divorcees with the money they’ve done taken from these white men, are now spending that hard earned cash, (Once again …. NOT !!!!), to purchase ….

NOT on ….

Some DECENT …. Dark Flesh …. ??!??

…. but the … BEACH BUMS and such, to, “Love Them Up !!!”, because ofcourse, now that they’re old and shrivelled up, it’s okay to give a black man some, because, even the desperate old white bwoys won’t touch all yuh, with the, ” Proverbial Barge Pole !!!!! “, anymore.

Ahhhh, but, impoverished black males, who would rather sell some dick, than, educate themselves, so that they can, at least play, on an even playing field, are now targets for what …. ” Holiday Romances ” ….. Yeah alright girls …. !!!!!!

….. STRAIGHT UP … PROSTITUTION, is what it is … !!!!!

….. but, having established that, many of these women, have been, “Prostituting themselves”, for the security of the, ” White Sheet Klan Man “, for the duration of, long relationships and marriages with children … !!!!!

….. it is indeed, a very steady descent into debauchery and sadly, in the case of the judge and the teacher involved, in the aforementioned rape case, a lack of any kind of RESPECT, for the innocence of youth, in young women, and, RESPECT, on any level, for women, who have clearly lied & denied themselves the very thing, that, they claimed not to be interested in, whilst, young, fit and healthy looking ?!?

As i’ve said before, old foolish wrinkled pussy, can keep their stinking cuntholes from being around me, unless you’ve been dealing with my tings’ … Fa Time !!!!!

…. otherwise, form an orderly line, and face the kind of inspection and rejection, that you’ve been stupidly, dishing out to men of substance, for years !!!!!

It is an awful situation that I think the relationship realm now finds itself in, where young women are being abused before they get a chance to GROW, and learn about themselves, but, on the flip side ….

…. What & Who, have many women, “Chosen”, to lie down with, that, when all becomes transparent, proves them to be worthy of little more, than the treatment and attitudes of the new breed of black studs, that now play, such a huge part in the tourism business of African and Caribbean Countries !?!?!?

I feel so saddened by it, that, once again ….

“It’s so serious, i’m f’ing laughing …. !!!!!”

However, I cannot end this without STRESSING, that I, DO NOT, condone any such behaviour, as exhibited, in the two stories posted !!!!!

Violence or molestation of any kind, towards women, is a NO NO !!!!!

Fellas, grow some balls, and learn to use the, ” Big Ball “, inside your heads, but, as said…..

Ladies, stop with all this bullshit you be pushing, about men, you do … or … don’t like,

Especially, when you’re young, because …

“All that glitters, is not gold, especially when, deep down you know ….
You want a sumthin’ DARKER … filling up your hole !!!!!”

Yeah, it sounds cold ….

But it’s a … “Cold World” …. which shows …. sadly ….

What we are now … ” Descending Into ” … !!!!!

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In amongst all the Pish that’s going on … written by Big Virge 26/8/2013

Yes Yes … Motha funksta’s … !!!!!

Well, as the, “Summer Rains”, of Barbados, do their thing, and my body keeps tellin’ me ….

“Eh bwoy, mind yaself, try and exercise, before me show you some pain ya can’t recover from … !!!”

I find myself in the midst of political shifts that are seemingly, increasing the angst levels in many people here, Bajans’ are indeed, Quite The … ” Different “, breed, in many ways … !!!!!

…. however, much like the masses of countries who live under what is essentially, still, British/Irish rule, they are complaining amongst themselves, rather than in the corridors of power, of those, they chose …. to vote in !!?!!

Thus, job pressures, strange economic decisions, and business pressures are now beginning, to seemingly, hit home. Everyone from students to some of the islands elders, are now seeing that, from the likes of LIAT, to, Barbadian Governance, there are problems in the region, that, perhaps needed to have been addressed before the likes of Richard Branson and others start to point them out to the rest of the world !!!

Anyhow, in amongst all this, I have to shout out my man Moss … !!!

… who has shown me something that, very few, in fact, hardly any Bajans’ have done, since my arrival, which is to, show me a good time amongst, “The Locals”, who, although clearly, not as well off as their white counterparts, find ways to get by, look after their young, and live in impoverished zones, just up the road from the likes of white folks who have everything and more ……… well, it would seem, but a REAL sense of community …. ???!???

Hmmmm …. I would seriously question their version of communal living against that of the block I was on last week, having had a really cool, afternoon & early evening there.

Even the bank i’m with here, who’ll get no free advertising on this page, had representatives who treated me as though, I am a human being, not some, “Scary, Crazy, Angry, Drug Induced, Maniac !!!”.

Wow, it’s taken, pretty much a year and a half, but, better late than never I guess !!!

My insurance company has also, in the last few, been showing me that they are actually, pretty efficient in ensuring that the accident I have recently been in …

(Thanks for asking everyone, yeah i’m fine !)

…. gets handled suitably, as it was quickly established that the, “white bod”, who was probably on his f’ing phone, was totally at fault !!!

Toyota here in Bim, is up to standard, at least, thus far, fairly friendly, professional and helpful, which does make you wonder what the rest of Barbados is playing at, in terms of their service ethics ???

Anyway, no such issues on the block last week, children in full flow, running around and causing as much disturbance to adults as they were, receiving love ….

A beautiful thing, and very inspiring for a writer like me …. !!!!!

The local, young puppy dog, on the lookout for a feed, which he/she got in the form of some Bajan takeout !!!!!

“Food” ….. to heighten the minds and spirits of the men and women, who, slowly but surely gathered for a dominoes session, which went from, late afternoon to night, like the sun and moon up in the sky !!!

No fancy apartments, just, I guess … ???

…. what many would many would define as, “Tenement style living”. An example being, the, Corrugated Iron Roof, over the wooden bench, where viewing of the domino table, could be availed.

All, practically built and designed, to enable the locals to chill, and, cool out, while tunes ran from yards, phones, or wherever sounds could emanate from !!!!!

I do not come from, abstract poverty, but, know what it is to use outside toilets and to bath in tubs from a pipe, and it does amaze me to this day, that, some people never escape such living !

Ghetto living, I hear you ask … ???

NO, just homes in poorer zones, while the wealthy look down at the residents, from a distance, in their heavily secured & gated homes, or ….

“Ghettos” … of a different type maybe … ?!?

So ….

“Escape” ….. is not what I see it as being, it would be to just have what the rest of us, “Well to do”, folks, have ……

Does our water make us any cleaner or better … ???

I somehow doubt it, but, as my Landlord was quick to advise me of today, my new neighbours are from the British High Commission !!!

“Like” …. Big F’ing Deal !!!!!

As if, my flying half way across the world to chill for a while, was to be next to the same ilk of Brit, who I couldn’t get close to, when living in London … !!!!!

Life eh …. You just can’t legislate for how it can play out sometimes …… ?!?

Anyway, as I explained to my landlord, “Titles'”, mean nothing to me anymore, especially when being on a block up the road, has shown me that, half of my neighbours rent for a year, could probably provide for, that, “Whole Community”, a level of development, that would avail, a less impoverished style of living !!!

I dare not say … BETTER … cos’ who’s TRULY living better huh ???

I saw peaceful, happy, fun-filled times, in just 5 hours, that, I will remember til’ the day I move on to what is hopefully, a more balanced, realm, where all this inequality, doesn’t exist.

We even had that, “Classic Moment”, where, due to one of the children’s attentive eyes, a Rather … BIG CENTIPEDE … !!!

… was spotted as dusk brought darkness to the block ….

Thank the father for, “Young Eyes”, huh !!!!

There was the usual commotion in establishing who was gonna kill it, interestingly, while my man, in his Timberlands, backed off … LOL … !!!!!

It was a reminder of why I wanted to come back here after, my visits, as a youngster, which I am thankful to my parents for doing for me, now, more than ever !!!

Maybe the other ignorant stuff that i’ve experienced, have indeed, been valuable lessons, backbiting, threats, and basically, a reluctance to face, “TRUTH”, or, show some sense of remorse for, said, ignorance, may well be about to face, Karmas’ Powers ….

Well, as time rolls on, I can only hope so …..

As for being on the block for a night, it was, indeed, a highly pleasurable experience and had none of the … “Wrong & Strong”, behaviour, that I have sadly, become accustomed to, from Bajans, claiming to have … RESPECT for man … ???!???

Well … there was … NOTHING … “Wrong & Strong”, to speak of, in this day, and, fa sure, not one iota came my way, and the funny thing is …..

This experience on … my brothers’ … BLOCK …

was …..

In amongst the Pish … that’s currently, going on …. !!!!!

Bless up y’all and have yourselves …. A GREAT WEEK !!!


Big Virge.

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A Most Eventful Week … written by Big Virge 28/7/2013

Indeed, it has been a very interesting week for me, last Saturday was cool and chilled, but, it takes days to recognise that a simple thing like, falling from a hammock, that wasn’t that high of the ground, for a man my size, can still be quite the damaging thing !!!

I may have been fighting a flu type strain that seems to be in the island at the moment, but, it was the days ensuing, that showed me, that, I may have shaken my spine, neck, and head into places that they shouldn’t of been, so, yup, bit of a rough week, physically, which, culminated in my being in an accident on Thursday afternoon on the Worthing Coast Road, where a man who, apparently, doesn’t live here, decided to drive into the side of my ride, without really giving a damn !!!

Try paying attention my man !!!!!!!!

The fact that he was driving his sisters’ car, says it all really, meantime, I have man trying to get into some kind of war of words with me, due to my explaining that his new love is not in my list of cool peeps, as are many of the collective who surround her.

So, rather than accept that, okay, he can’t do anything about it, he felt the need to embark upon, what I deem to be some kind of threat, which was indicating that, oh, I shouldn’t talk about his woman like that, as in his opinion, she is the best thing since slice bread to walk the f’ing earth !!!

I mean, good for you man, but, recognise, my opinion, i’m entitled to … !!!

…. and, more importantly, I am not gonna do like most people do, and come round them playing that all is cool, when it isn’t, but, this would seem to be the Bajan way, lie to keep up f’ing appearances !!!!!

Why exactly … ???

Bajans, like their English Masters, have become great exponents of the facade/veneer of love and tolerance, but tolerance, as i’ve written about, means, allow to exist !!!

My views, opinions, require no-ones’, “allowance”, of them, they are what they are regardless.

I’ve spoken about, “Manbitch”, behaviour, for some time now, and just because a girl/woman is sucking my balls, doesn’t mean she’s above being criticised, and, fellas, here’s a hint for you, they tend to respect you more, when you are like that, rather than filling up their heads with this idea that they are the sun, moon, stars and everything else ???!!!???

Why, well, because that’s just NOT TRUE !!!

Anyway, I got to the end of the week in fair shape, having been in Police Stations, being told stuff like, ” Calm down, you’re being aggressive ! “, upon explaining that i’d merely come in, due to being asked ….

It would seem that the US and UK style of policing, is reaching the Bajan fold, however, cool and calm prevails, with men who clearly feel that their uniform makes them into some form of god ???

How they can be so blinkered in their vision of themselves, is really beyond me, but, if police across the world are looking at the US and England, no wonder they think that they can, not only talk to people how they want, but, can get away with what they want !!!


However, what was cool was a very different kind of chat I had with a Bajan Man, when I was in a place getting some bits done.

Now, this man advised me early on, that his grandfather was white, now, incredibly, a couple of generations down, he’s black, maybe not dark like me, but he’s no Obama shade, he is what I define as being a black man, just goes to show you how we are all interbred, at some level, and are perhaps, closer to each other, than all these separatist ideals would have us believe.

Now, on that note, the conversation started on, White Barbados, well, he was quick to state how, white barbadians are indeed, some of the most, arrogant, obnoxious, ignorant people upon this, now, seemingly, god-forsaken planet, full of lies, deceit, and actually, everything but the superiority they like to try to present as being their position.

He further explained to me that in his experiences here, he’s heard white tourists speak on the disgust they have felt, in being associated purely by their colour, to these white Bajans, who seem to feel that even today, they are not to be challenged, questioned, or, worse still, served after black people, at any time !

We then got very deep into the psyche of black bajans, he was quick to level his disgust at the poor levels of service that he sees bajans giving to tourists and ofcourse to black tourists, who, you’d of thought, they’d at least be civil to.

He then explained that he knows what eating three crackers for the day is like, he knows poverty, but, would not allow that to stop him being civil, polite and helpful to anyone needing help from him, especially now that he works, and deals with all sorts of people within his work.

He and I got into the very ideal of the world being in, as his stated, an upside down state of, ” Demonic Madness !!! “.

A very strong term, but, in all honesty, with people dying in more and more vindictive, vicious and brutal ways, it’s hard to dispute, with peoples’ general treatment of each other, seemingly descending, into some, Neanderthal like, grunting, demanding type of communication.

He has children, but was quick to state that he felt me to be a better man than he, for not bringing children into this time, he also stated that keeping out of peoples’ business is an even smarter move, especially here, because as with the aforementioned man, in this post, Bajans don’t seem to be able to accept that you’re here, but, feel happier living without being around them too much, as if they are perfect, and ultimately, honest people to deal with.

He also spoke about the, “timid”, nature of Bajans, relating it to the impoverished living that many have experienced, through multiple generations.

Well, when you study the fact that, other than people like Bernie Grant (RIP) in the UK, very few black people, be they artists or otherwise, are famed for being that individual to have spoken out against the huge levels of institutional racism that is in full effect, to this day, in England, I confirmed to him that, the colonial effect of slavery & the beautiful crafting of mind control that the “Windrush Immigrants”, in England, were then indoctrinated into, has now ensured the legacy, that, as black people, around white folks, we are to be seen occasionally, but definitely, not to be heard.

This, in my view, has much relation to the timid nature of not just black people here, but, all over the world, in many cases.

We spoke about the street mentality black men, who don’t want to do anything, yet, expect everything but the shirt off, “YOUR BACK”, especially from those of us who have worked and earned a little something for themselves, which he stated as being, one of the most painful things to accept about many young bajan men, the disrespect of our own people.

As elder men have explained to me over the years, it is sad, but TRUE, and as the saying goes, when shit hits the fan, they are quick to turn …

NO, not on their oppressors, but, on those who they feel, for some reason, are lesser than them for taking shit from these people, to ensure that you can provide and educate your family and offspring to live in a vein that avails, some sense of parity, if not, financially, intellectually & spiritually.

Funny how so few black folks seem to feel that way about Mr. Obama ???

Anyway, this level of existence makes you into a target, as you shouldn’t have it, because you must have sold out to have something in … “Their world” …. ???

… which doesn’t compute, because some of us have stood firm in offices and on building sites, when faced with ignorance, racism, and denial of pay that white counterparts receive, purely because of the fact that they are white !!!

I dare them street/beach man to try it for a month and see how easy it is, PUNKS !!!!!

IT is a tough world for a black individual whatever level of society you choose to embrace, but, they can’t see that, because their so caught up in their own bullchit, and then feel that they have the right to take from you, when you have worked and struggled and battled your wish to just go into work sometimes, and start letting off on anybody of fairer skin than you !!!!!

The fact is that when you walk out of their den, unscathed, they’d better fucking believe, that’s quite an achievement, because many have failed, because they couldn’t control their tempers or mouths !!!!!

This brings me back to white bajans, who do seem to have that vibe about them, that we black folk, should not have the cheek to talk back to them about anything ….???

Sorry, are we in the fing 1800’s or something, Is Trayvon Martin and the likes of Stephen Lawrence subject matter, stuff that can’t now be thrown up in their face like,

“Just remember, don’t make the mistake of thinking you can treat me like them ?!?”

It would seem not …. but suffice to say, I deal with one, who is my landlord, who is I think, playing at being, one of the new age, slick white boys, but, only when money is being paid to him, it is interesting to study how they are around stronger black men, and then even more interesting to see the types of black people who work for them, and then, the pull they have in various levels of society, where their family members work, and who, in the event of something needing to be resorted, they can call upon.

All this from a 15 minute conversation with a man who did not see me as anything other than being another black male, who ended up in conversation with him, while he provided a service for me.

It is thankfully, individuals like him that keep the faith in men like me alive … !!!!!

Nuff Respect Papa !!!!!

Indeed, i’ll end this post with this line ….

As crazy as this week has been …..

It has proven to be ….

” A blessing in disguise ! ”

Enjoy your week people !!!

I hope to … Finally … get inside the Kensington Oval to enjoy some 20/20 this week ….

Many Thanks for the hook up T


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So, What, or … WHO, would you … “Purge”, from your life … if you could uh ??? … written by Big Virge 24/6/2013

So, how’s things peoples’ …. ???

Good I hope … !!!

It’s hot as Fuk here in Bim, mosquitoes biting like the lil’ Mother Uckers … they are, I truly wish, if there were one thing in my locale I could … “Purge” … It would be those lil’ Fukkas … !!!!!

So, talking of things i’d like to expel, or, simply remove …. having recently been in the U.S., when, Ethan Hawke was doing his P.R. bit, for one of his new movies, “The Purge”, I was immediately intrigued by the idea …. (Spoilers, so, if you haven’t seen it yet, don’t read any further !)

…. of, a possible future ?

… where, for 12 Hours, once a year, people can legally, remove, destroy, damage or kill, whatever/whoever they want, having been sanctioned by government, to do so, in what essentially, many would suggest as being, “Stress Relief”, like say, going and punching a bag, rather than terrorize some fuck talking pish about what they would do to you, behind your back, not something I am unfamiliar with, sadly.

Ofcourse, Government & Those in Their Circle, are exempt from being targets, and presumably, have, the relevant protection from armed forces. (No Surprises There !!!).

So, as the movie progresses, which I see, has been heavily slated for plot flaws, etc, by quite a few people …..

….. it takes you through a variety of seemingly, innocuous occurrences, encompassing Hawke’s family and where they live, in a gated development for those, wealthy enough, to have top end security systems, that, he has sold to pretty much, the whole neighbourhood.

Thus, “The Purge”, begins at 7pm, now, without giving away every last detail, all i’m gonna say is, I was pleasantly surprised by the angles that, writer & director, James Demonaco, (The Negotiator), takes the film into, some dark corners of the Human Psyche, as well as into some very interesting societal disorders, of varying degrees.

Our lack of trust in each other, our constant battle with societal acceptance, from a class perspective, and by that, I mean, monetarily, the issues of how to allow our youth to grow, without stifling them, but, the fine line that, I definitely think, a lot of the younger parents of today, struggle with, as is evident in much youth behaviour, and finally, this need to be ready to shoot guns at just about anyone, who you see as a threat, or having them, as a means of protection from others.

Guns … Hmmmm … Really People … GUNS !!!!!

This film will, undoubtedly, scare the hell out of a lot of people, who’ll be playing like they ain’t scared, but, for anyone who can see beyond the conspiratorial theorists, this has, “Genuinely”, Scary Scenarios, being hypothetically seen, for a future which isn’t, so much of a future, as it is, a reflection on much that, Already Exists ….

The reason I say this is because such gated communities, ALREADY EXIST, the idea of ruthless, free for all killing, goes on already, in certain parts of many impoverished countries, and even in some, not so impoverished places, like say, Philadelphia … ???

… which, as i’ve said, has areas in the North of Philly, that seem to be, Notorious, for violent acts, sometimes, in broad daylight, that, even scare, Ex-residents from returning too frequently …. !!!!!!!

I’m sure that, many people will dismiss this movie as a ridiculous vision, of something that will NEVER happen …..

Well, I hope these people are right, because i’ve already felt that energy of being the stranger in town, who upon, merely trying to connect with certain people, has felt that whole, jealousy, and, angst-filled behaviour, from people who barely know me, and, have no idea what I have been through, to be where i’m now at ….


Mother Fuckers be playing ” They Down “, wid your vibe and, respect, that you have earned your position, but then, somehow, that turns into ….

“Oh, you should give me pretty much everything you have, bar the shirt off your back, or, worse still, cha, me ah tek what I want from you, because it’s what you deserve ?!!!?

Hmmm … well, if that doesn’t sound familiar to you, cool, but for those who know these types of F’ing CUNTHOLES, I think, “The Purge”, is for you !

Much like, Bobcat Goldthwait’s, ” God Bless America “, it is a sad indictment of much that the U.S. of A …. represents, and has spread, via it’s media, music and of course, films like this, across the world.

… and I have to say, much like the battle rap thrown at Eminem by one of Papa Doc’s bwoys, at the end of the 8 Mile film, one of the most pleasing things about, ” The Purge “, for me, is,


Props to all concerned with the concept and pretty much, the execution.

Don’t get tie up, it’s no, “Godfather, or, In The Heat of The Night”, type of film, but, in amongst all the violence and craziness, there are some incredibly, poignant and important messages and questions, that the film suggests we should be considering, or, should at least, have some concerns about …..

Dismiss if you wish, but, I suggest that, whether you are squeamish or not, this film will have something for you, so, take a chance on a movie that may just, “Better You”, and I do mean that !!!

…. but, if it doesn’t do that, it is likely to make you question your feelings about people and things within your life, that, deep down, you’re telling yourself, that you, NEED TO … “Purge’ ….

and on that note, as per the post title, if you could … “PURGE” …

Some things and/or people from your life … ???

Who and what would you … “Purge” …

and then, once you establish those things/people ….

Ask yourself … WHY … ???

…. and then ask yourself, whether you have the right, or, better still, what would actually be the best way to do it ???

Hopefully, it won’t involve killing, or, destruction of property, or worse, your very soul & spiritual integrity ….

Think about it people, because we all have things we need to … essentially …


Bless up ….

One Love.


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