“The Trump Effect” …. written by big Virge 13/12/2015

Okay folks, so, in doing my catch up on things i’d written a while back, that I wanted to post at the time, but couldn’t …..

Here’s one that was inspired by what I saw in different parts of the world, at a time where terror acts were all over the news, and clearly, in most peoples’ minds ……

So, having spoken in my last post, about the madness that is the Presidential Candidacy Race, I have to follow that post with this, which was one written on my flight back from LA to Miami, having completed my trip to New Zealand, via Australia, Fiji, Honolulu, LA & Miami, pretty much, days after the Paris Bombings, and then travelling through the US, soon after San Bernardino, etcetera …..

So, this post is a reflection on, the attitudes, reaction and general vibe of people in the aftermath of Paris, and then of course, the effect that a certain Donald Trumps’ speeches seemed to be having on people ………..

So, here I am on my second, American Airlines flight in two days, well, three, if you include the time difference ….

FUCK …. do I hate travelling on American Airlines ….. !!!!!!

The stewards are mostly, old and decrepit looking, and really do seem to have their head so far up Donald Trumps’ ass, that, to me, unless you’re white and wearing a Klan Hood, their attitude is a F’ing disgrace …. !!!

Again, it obviously isn’t all of them, however, certain attitudes are far too prevalent, when it comes to reaction, and service.

Now, i’m NO Oprah lover like that, but, have to say that i’m down with the Oprah’ statement that suggests that, basically …..

“There still exists, a generation of old white people, who need to hurry up and die already !!!!!”

(If I have Mis-quoted her, then it’s not to be attributed to her of course, but you get the gist !)

…. and that’s ….

On … THE REAL … !!!!

Now, of all industries in the working world, judgement should surely be limited in a field such as that of international travel, but wow, is it prevalent !!!!!

As I tell people all the time, even, stupid black people !!!!!

The moment you do not fit the, Ben Carson, Conservative, black citizen, type model, a crown of a hairstyle like mine, quickly provides reactions from people, who seem to think that every one of us who rocks such styles, are either, stupid, or, deserving of some kind of second class treatment, or worse still, treatment that indicates a complete unwillingness to acknowledge our existence !

Now, when we black folks act up, all of a sudden, we’re being ignorant !!?!!

Well, as much as I like Trumps’ frankness, there is a level of ignorance, bigotry, as well as, double standards, that i’ve seen in him, that airline stewards ….

(Particularly, those who work for American Airlines)

…. seem to have already adopted … !!!!!

The fact that they’re cheap as fuck, and that their aircraft designs, work like cans for sardines, may well affect the attitude of people flying on them, however, having undertaken the job, the staff should be professional … !!!!!

In fact, they shouldn’t get to be stewards if there is even a smidgeon of ignorance in them ….. !!!

…. but there it is …..

The Trump Effect !!!!!

I sense that those who’ve been forced into playing the, Diplomatic Card, when it comes to dealing with …. Non-Whites, over the last few years, are feeling as though, Good Ol’ Donald, has made it acceptable for them to rear their, deep rooted ignorance, in how they deal with, as said, blacks in particular, like myself, who do not, and ….

WILL NOT, play the ….

” WHATEVER MASSA’ !!! “, vibe, just to get by !!!!

It ISN’T a pre-requisite of my existence, as a black male, to, do things, in a manner that DOESN’T suit me, to appease other races insecurities, especially when, the rules of the book are constantly, flouted, and broken, by white people !!!

…. from leaving shit, unattended on planes, so they can stow their carry on baggage, to, standing in aisles, when the seatbelt sign is on.

I dunno, having spoken to an elderly woman from Israel on the flight into Miami, who has lived in Miami, for over 30 years, who, upon hearing me say that I like Trumps, unbridled expression, dived in on some, essentially, Anti-Arab rhetoric, and, Pro UK & France talk, which was the trap set, by my calm, English Tones, after an initial misunderstanding with her over seating ….

It has become clear to me, from the looks I received in the US, from, pretty much …. ALL RACES, including my own … !?!

…. that ….

“The Trump Effect” ….

…. is already, re-igniting, the divisive nature of human beings, which, the lady from Israel, finally expressed in her rhetoric.

Essentially, that, education has been forsaken, for technological devices, and attitudes, that are divisive !

From TV shows, like Homeland, to, Fox News in the US, it’s clear that as much of a circus show, as Trumps’ Campaign is proving itself to be, there is indeed, a very dangerous effect, that has yet to reach its peak … !!!

A peak that, if the world’s people are not careful, could escalate into a World War Three type, scenario, if Mr. Trump, or, people of his ilk, be they, Democrat, Liberal or Republican, reach the Whitehouse Hot Seat, this time around ….

So people ….


STOP … with the ignorance, arrogance & judgements ….. !!!!!!

…. and deal in something

…. ” BIGGER ” …


Show some sense of balance in your views, and remember that, the majority of those using their status to preach, are not doing it for your benefit, but, in most cases, are doing it for their name to go down in history, and for GREED ..,,

Beware INDEED …..

of ……

” The Trump Effect ” …… !!!!!

Peace & Love people ….

and YES, I really did write this at the end of 2015 !!!



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So Fiji People … written by Big Virge 12/12/2015

So …. Fiji people !!!

Well, my journey was not even complete, and I was due to hit, Christmas Island, before hitting Fiji … !!!!!

However, due to some very extreme conditions !!!

I was stuck in Honolulu Airport, having been told my flight had not left the island, and would be delayed for at least 2 and a half hours !!!!

Well, as air turbulence is never fun, I didn’t fancy a flight through weather that had grounded flights, so, was glad to be lounging around, waiting for news, and then met an English guy, who, much like myself, was on his way via numerous flights, to one of his destinations, Hong Kong, so, I gave him my tailors details in Hong Kong, as he wanted a 24 hour, tailor made suit, Hong Kong style !

So, upon giving him the details, then found out that yeah, the delay would be for 3 hrs of so, but, that this was due to the weather, so, we would be flying straight into Fiji !

Good news for me, as the flight time would be reduced by the time of the delay, so, all should work well !!!

Okay, so finally i’m on my Fiji airways flight, upon a very sweet little Airbus, and due to the flight diversion, found aisles of seats empty, so, could stretch my long self out thankfully !!!

The attendants were very professional, and the flight went very smoothly, and I ended up getting two dinners, which, for a change, were more than edible and were actually quite tasty for aircraft food !!!!

Presumably, prepped Fijian style ….

So, was looking forward to landing, and upon doing so, found customs to be quite stern, to the point where, in the end, I had my luggage opened up for a check, for the FIRST TIME EVER … !!!

However, having read about Fijis policies on bringing goods into the island, was cool about it, as the guard did his job without going overboard …

So, late as it was, my transfer company were awaiting my arrival, and thus, my Fijian experience was beginning … And let me tell you, these are some cool ass people !!!!

Smiles and a HUGE … Bula – (Hello) – Welcome !!!!!

So, after the jokes started, due to my head, virtually, hitting the ceiling in their office, my Hindu driver started the hours drive to my resort, The Outrigger !!!!

Well all I can say is …

WOW … !!!

Again, a massively warm greeting from the bell hops, complimentary ice tea, and off to my accommodation, a Bure Hut, traditional Fiji styled accommodation, and yes, it is a HUT !!!!

A Straw roof, and basically, a luxury wooden outhouse on the grounds of what I was later to find out, is a 43 acre, deluxe complex, for the 5 star traveller !!!

Now I don’t say that to f’ing brag, as it was merely part of my stop and go plan to get to New Zealand, without, extensive flight times !!!!

Well, BIG respect to My agent, Elaine, back in England at Eton Travel, who was not playing with her hotel selections for my trip !!!

It was by then, like, 10.30 pm, sort of time, and after a long day waiting around, the hammock outside the Bure, was too good to resist .. !!!!

However, smart man I am, I locked myself out of the Bure’ immediately !!!!

Now, having been driven to this, remotely located hut, on what was essentially a golf cart, I had to make the trek, in the dark, back up to the front reception, a good 10 minute hike up a rather steep hill !!!!!

Anyway, once I ordered room service for some food, I chilled and hit the hay finally !!!

Upon waking up, it occurred to me that my booking was for an Ocean View, which I didn’t have, so, went to distress some management … !!!

Well, the vibe of the staff was so warm and merry, that I was quite calm when I spoke to this, soft spoken, but, very apologetic, Fijian man, who was like,

“We’ll sort everything today !”

…. and then explained that the Bure was actually an upgrade, due to my late arrival !!!

More fool me eh, but hey, a chance to see two styles of room in a 3 night stay !!!

Why not …. ?!?

So, off for a massage, Balinese style …. and what a spa, again, needed a golf cart ride to get to this spa, located at the peak of the resort !!!!

A wedding had just taken place, so I sneaked a picture of the bride and groom, in full cultural dress, which had the bride saying … ” and who is this dude !!! ” as I snapped before asking !!!!

Anyway, off I went to this spa, that was like, a floor out of Bruce Lees’, Game of Death movie !!!!!

Phenomenal views and a suitably, comparable massage !!!!

Now fully relaxed, down to my room to chill and get my plan for the next day in order !!!!

A cultural jet boat ride, that stops for tourists to meet villagers who live by the banks of the longest river in Fiji, the Sigatoka’ river, was just the ticket !!!

So, off to bed and, an early start, but only for food, as the tour started at 12.30 in the afternoon.

Well, need I say that the food in the resort was, TOP DOLLAR !!!

The tour popped into the town of Sigatoka briefly, before heading out to the river where off roading was also available, on a beautiful day !!!!

Life jackets on, and off we went in what appeared to be a rickety boat, only to find it had a Lexus engine, and a very cool driver, who ran jokes, as well as giving us, informative, local historical knowledge, as we flew past locals swimming in the river, cattle grazing, and horses being washed, or chilling on the river banks !!!


These villagers are some of the oldest in Fiji with families going back generations, subsistence farming, and it was incredibly humbling to be allowed into their antithesis of the materialistic western world !!!!

Especially as, historically, these people were once cannibals, who didn’t take kindly to visitors, especially, Europeans, with fast hands, who chose to disrespect them, and their culture !!!!!

Chief Ori’, our chief for the day, was quiet and unassuming, as he guided us round the Koroua’ Village, where 18 families lived, in his bare feet !

A Fijian, steeped in his people’s heritage, who explained everything, from how his grandfather moved there many years before, from further up the river, to how all the families were descendants of his offspring !!!!!

From Wooden to brick houses, and of course, a church, were what constituted their village ….

Incredible to think that in 2015, that people still live in such simplistic, but to me, naturally rich ways !!!!

We were then advised as to the ritual we were about to become part of … The local, welcome ritual, to meet the elders, in what to most would be, essentially, a community hall to Western folk !!!

This was to have Kava, a local drink, which is a very traditional drink, made from a root, that, to say the least, had quite an effect, as I was to find out later on that night !!!!

Somewhat like a hallucinogen !!!

The ceremony felt, very spiritual, and the energy and vibe of the village men was serious, until we were formally welcomed, after we each had to introduce ourselves by name, and say what we each did.

… and, for those women complaining about equality, the lady who was with us, had to enter last, interestingly, which seemed to be a very serious requirement !!!

Certain things should to me not be seen as demeaning, they just are, and maybe some women should recognise that these things are not chauvinistic, but for certain peoples, have historical relevance, from a cultural perspective, not just here in Fiji !!!!

Worth thinking about …..

Anyway, we were then treated to food, all from the village, grown and produced by the villagers !!!!!

It was all, incredibly humbling, as it was clear that this food was somewhat of a feast, laid on especially for us, as visitors !!!!

Of course, a financial offering was later asked for, from us, as these tours have now reached a point where, we as tourists, help the villagers, from that perspective, so that they can use the money to buy certain materials that benefit the town, and it’s people when dealing with those living in the more modernised world as it were, that may help, without hopefully, changing their way of living too much.

We were then invited to join in a celebratory dance, as much as a fond farewell, as it was, a celebration of our being there, which was ably enhanced by the men, playing guitar and singing, while some of the elder women came out and got their groove on with us !!!

A great way to end the experience, Chief Ori’ then escorted us outside, where the children with rugby ball in hand, had our chief for the day, due to his age, Craig, from Australia, running, line out practice with them, as fine a final memory, as the day had been !!!!

Then, back to the boat for some, 360 spins, ably done by our driver, who drenched my ass at the back of the boat, but, that was great fun … !!!!!

He was clearly, well trained, and it was all very safe, but was a great way to end the day !!!!

The youngster who was in our party, quickly coming to the back of the boat, to indulge in the drenching, as we headed back to base !!!

The youngster later, was running nuff’ talk on me, in the bus back, as I found out this little Australian, was quite cheeky, and clearly, was very intrigued with everything from, where I was from, to where I was staying, to my hair, and my teeth, which were in his opinion, apparently yellow !!!!

I think he suitably embarrassed his mum and dad, who were, apparently, staying in the room, next to me, at the hotel !!!!!

So, having not even reached New Zealand yet, i’m now completing this post, as i’m heading back to Fiji, sadly, for a fleeting stop, on my way home ….

However, Fiji, due to its people, and the spiritual energy of the country, that I managed to experience, will always have a very special place in my heart ….. !!!

And the word … ” BULA ” … Will always bring a smile to my face ….

And, one day …. with The creators blessing, I will come back to this place, and make it a holiday to remember …. just like the wonderful three days I had, first time around ….

However, onwards and upwards once again, as I head New Zealands’ way, as I now land in Nadi safely, via Fiji airways, once again !!!!

and there you have it …..

That was …

Fiji People … !!!!!

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