“Voice” … Produced by Strat Carter

So, as we seem to have a lot of voices from all corners of this world, claiming that they deserve to be heard, I figure it’s as good a time as any, to show that I have a pretty good one to listen to ….

Mellifluous and Smooth, as is this weeks Start Carter Groove …..

It’s a cool one folks, unlike a lot of those voices making unnecessary noises these days !!!

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Be a Lifesaver … Classic Guru, Jazzmatazz Vibes … !!!

A Different kind of Hardcore to what’s below …

However ….

There is Hardcore wisdom in these words of Guru lyricism !

RIP to the … One and Only, GangStarr Foundation Legend …

A True … Artistic, Creative, Lyrical Genius, and a huge inspiration to me ….

Run Dat !!!!!

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