Yup, it’s been a bit … but here’s why … written by Big Virge

Well peoples’, how’s y’all doing ?!?

Hanging in there …. as a man said to me yesterday ???

Well, keep on keeping on folks …..

The avenues and roads may seem closed, but, you never know, so, giving in, or, up, well, as the, “Biggest Hypocrite You Know”, i’m gone say, DON’T !!!!!

However, I know better than most what life throws at ya, that can make you feel like … REALLY ???

WTFook … !!!!!

As I sit here in Bim, with Supastition running in my eardrums, in the background, here is a young artist who seems to have been through it all, ups, downs, highs lows, incredible flows, lots of shows & yet, an early hiatus, which, essentially turned into a 3 year retirement, but, due to his love for what he does, he has returned, lyrically gunning down, everything from, fellow artists, to wannabee, hangers on, aka, human leeches, right down to the core of it all, The Industry Fukry !!!

Glad to hear him doing what he does best again, even if, as he rightly states, it’s availed in ways that don’t necessarily see him get rewarded for his talent and work ethic, monetarily.

On that note, lets’ get to why i’ve been absent for a while, well, on this site, it’s due to altercations and differences of opinion, that have this site in limbo, in terms of the variety of things from video to audio that were being availed prior to recent events.

This is due to inadequate service delivery, a not so, uncommon problem these days, from what i’m seeing and hearing, so, no surprises there, but, when money becomes involved, what is it with people now, claiming cash for chit they ain’t doing, and thinking that, F’ing weak apologies make up for a lack of basic communication, that would essentially, enable a level of patience to be shown, rather than the inevitable arguments and fukry that ensues ???

Fear huh ?!?

Fear of acceptance and acknowledgement of failings, or just the, “Dark Lord of The Sith”, getting in Mo’ Fuckers heads !!!!!

Jokes aside, it really isn’t funny when people keep on letting you down, clowning ya, and then hiding behind emails and texts, rather than use todays’ modern day devices, like Skype, so that eye to eye contact can at least be availed, when cussing is going on !!!!!

In-fucking credible, but, you know what, it would seem to be the current, “Stench in the Air”, that has more than a few, exposing their frailties, in so many ways, especially when they are confronted with … Actual Facts.

Cha ….

Well, let’s just say that, continuing down the path of gaining acknowledgment for creative endeavours, has it’ allure, but, it also has it’s level of disappointment, and frustration for SURE !!!!!

Well, that’s what freeing yourself up is about, taking breaks from all the tomfoolery of so-called, friends, girlfriends and relationships, be they business, or, personal …. to re-focus, balance yourself & find some semblance of equilibrium within yourself ….

Yeah I said it mo-fuckers .. ” Equilibrium ” …

It ain’t just a movie title !!!!!

So, on that note, I once again say, keep your heads up people, let the haters try, but, cuss down these Mo’ Fo’s, when you have to !!!!!

Then ….. “Walk Away”,

….. smile and laugh after these, poor excuses for people, but, these days, be warned, Mo’ Fo’s be getting very indignant about their, “Ignoramus Status”, so, the challenge of rising above, and keeping your ish moving, is getting tougher …..

Don’t doubt it !!!!!


….. now that is out of the way, I shall give you some Virge movements, that aid the ideal of what getting away can do, when dealing with some fresh faces, a fresh environment, and some stuff that says,

“Hey, stop your fukry, you ain’t ready for retiring !!!!!

Watch out for that post, coming shortly !!!!!

Bless up y’all and keep it moving …….


Big V

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