” Unbelievable ” … Written and Performed by Big Virge

Okay so, we are most DEFINITELY in ….

UNBELIEVABLE Times, with large gatherings of people, now being essentially banned, in Europe and The US !

Everything from festivals to sporting events, thus, the Corona Virus is definitely breeding an unbelievable silence !

Talking of which, how does a mayor and former police authority chairmen, Neil Taggart, now imprisoned for making and distributing child images, have a hard drive retained and stored, but not have it’s whereabouts exposed until what amounts to some 14 years later !

UN Freaking Believable !?!

The guy who replaced him in the Police Force, Mark Burns-Williamson, barely a month afterwards, is claiming he was UNAWARE, of said hard drive, until another employee reminded him in 2017 !!!

He then apologised for this apparently, “ Embarrassing Mistake ! “

Like WTF really is the British Police’s stance on Paedophilia ???

…. because there seems to be an unbelievable amount of these types of scenarios, coming to light in recent times !

Meanwhile, when a black officer makes a similar “ Mistake “ …

OUT THE DOOR she goes, so, Robyn Williams, now, Ex Superintendent … has been found to have committed, “ GROSS MISCONDUCT ! “ …

Are you seeing the unbelievable double standard here, white male officer …..

He made a mistake, but even though Ms. Williams claimed to have not seen the video sent to her, of child abuse, tut tut, OUT YOU GO !!!

Oh and just one other thing, onto the sex offenders register, she must go !!!

Even though her lawyer states that she’s no threat to children or anyone else !!!

We are in unbelievable times folks, of this, there is no doubt now !
I spoke of double standards recently, but things are seemingly, getting even worse than usual !!!

On the Corona side of things, we have Kenyan Ministers, who’ve benefited from Chinese Money, to improve infrastructure recently, now apparently telling locals to stone and run Chinese people now there, who the government can’t quarantine !!!

Like really, well expect that money to dry up pretty quickly !!!

Hypocrisy surrounds this money thing folks, and it’s NO JOKE !!!

Now as if toilet roll shortages and stock piling aren’t enough, there are unbelievable amounts of locusts, causing extensive crop losses across East Africa, and due to climate change increasing good breeding conditions for them, they are now reaching, as far away, as Pakistan and India !!!

So folks, if the virus doesn’t get ya, food shortages and hyper inflation, for basic goods probably will …..

Indeed, we are currently seeing unbelievable things, so this weeks piece reflects on the many unbelievable things that people of this world do, and have clearly been doing for many many years, that when you think about them …..

Are TRULY ……

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“Be Careful What You Do !” … Written & Performed by Big Virge

Well folks, I obviously can’t drop a post this week, without at least briefly mentioning the virus of all viruses !!!

So, no coronas all round any more !?!

Well, at least for a change, black folks are not the main victims of things that clearly work against the interests of the people ….

So far at least … !!!

Anyway, enough about that, as there’ll be plenty said about it over the net few weeks and months, it seems ……

So, moving on to the stuff that the powers that be, would clearly prefer us not to focus on, as once again, news of past abuses finally comes to light for the public to see !!!

Paedophile cover ups for ministers in Westminster, by the police, that date back to the years of Margaret Thatcher, David Steele and the likes of Cyril Smith. Names from the past, who it seems, had knowledge of allegations of abuses by their colleagues, that they chose to ignore !!!

So, it seems that these abusers, didn’t have to be careful, when it came to their actions and subsequent manoeuvres, that were kept suitably hidden, until now !!!

Incredible, but not even shocking anymore, when it comes to the incredible double standards that apply to political heads, royalty and the rich and famous, who like Weinstein, only seem to face prison, when they’re basically, ready for the grave anyway ?!?

So, it’s becoming very clear that they do not seem to have to be, quite as careful as the rest of us, when it comes to their shady movements !

However, the lockdown appears to be happening in various places now, and NO, I don’t mean the Corona Virus Type of lockdown !

I mean the type that now has university staff at UCL in London, being told that relationships with students is not to happen anymore.

Especially it seems, as a Cambridge Professor, who has conveniently stepped down from his position, has been found to have, again, seemingly covered up for a colleague, accused of inappropriate sexual advances to students !

So, this all sounds great, but shouldn’t this have been in place in SCHOOLS FIRST, because most university students are of an age, where sexual activity isn’t as big of a problem, as it has proven to be within the teaching profession, with minors in SCHOOLS !!!

Further news has now affirmed that facial recognition technology is in full effect in London, even if Londoners only received 2 hours notice of it coming into effect !!!

A NYC city fashion show has found themselves in hot water for making models wear, what some have suggested to be racially offensive accessories, I mean really, in 2020 … WTF … ?!?

Talking of WTF type actions, hows about the Tanzanian Government official, who has threatened that people will face arrest for posting videos that show the poor state of the country !?!

I mean, how much of this type of nonsense will modern governments be allowed to now get away with ….

It seems that it’s only those of us who are below certain levels of society, who will have to be careful what we do, while the elite hierarchies and or, illuminati, for want of a better word, do not ?

Yet another set of these double standards that are becoming more and more prevalent in modern society !!!

However, this weeks piece looks at the continual dangers that black people face in a time where the right is on the rise, and, as per the police paedophile cover up story, one has to wonder about how policing of black people in particular, is likely to go, with the Trump & Johnson show, about to go on the road, as it were !!!

However, it would seem that quite a few young artists from Stormzy to Dave, are not afraid to suggest that Boris, like his party, is blatantly racist !!!

Well, it’s clear that as I recently suggested, that those of us below the upper echelons of society, not only now, need to …

” Be Careful What We Say ….

But that, as we move into the age of the Corona Virus Problem, Johnson Politics in the UK, and a possible second term in office for The Trumpster, that most of us, but especially, young black males, and sadly, as was the case at a Florida school last year, six year old black girls, now need to also ….

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