” Punch ” … A Poem written & performed by Big Virge

Well folks, another month has passed, and as usual currently, just enough crazy things have happened to leave me feeling, a little punch drunk, with all that I am hearing & seeing to be standard actions in this world of ours.

Politicians backstabbing and deceiving one another !!!

Elections coming here in Barbados, and many seem to be saying the same as was said by quite a few people in the US, before Donald Trump became President.

If Freundel’s crew retain power here, heads are talking about Canada as a safe haven.

Well, what I will say is that on the surface, it looks like one of the better countries to be in at the moment.

However, is anywhere really safe and prosperous these days ?

America & England do not exactly offer safe havens to go, unless you are willing to ignore the social issues that currently surround living in either country currently.

Money Money Money though, still has people acting funny !

Desperation is almost like a new breathing apparatus for the majority, as prices continue to rise, whilst wages are not rising at quite the same pace.

Trouble’s a brewing, and as said, the political ring has the Punch Drunk feeling being thrown around, however, Meghan & William did their thing over the weekend, with a whole heap of pomp and ceremony.

It’s always interesting to me, to see how celebrities who claim to represent art that should influence peoples’ perceptions of say, everything from Capitalism, to, Historical Wrongs that have been suitably covered up, yet, they are quick to accept an invitation from one of the biggest, if not THE BIGGEST, family of colonialists, who, in no small way have contributed to not only, the inequalities of this world, through their legacies of brutality, greed and receipt, but have profited in ways that make their money seem much more dirty, than any that’s being laundered currently.

It’s incredible that, so soon after the acknowledgement that Windrush Migrants were deemed to basically, not exist, presumably because of their lack of economic benefit to the country now, that, no-one was at the Royal Wedding, protesting the idea of William, grabbing himself, a bit of colour to create an image of acceptance, for people of colour, even within the royal family !?!

It’s pretty amazing really, when you add in, the current, ” Brexit ” vibe, and the, ” Hostile Environment “, that was supposed to be the policy towards todays’ immigrants, trying to get to stay in the UK.

As said, it’s all getting a bit too much for my brain to cope with, so, let me get back to the piece i’m sharing this month.

Well, having watched a pretty decent fight between Adonis Stevenson & Badou Jack any Light Heavyweight last night, which for a change, ended with a controversial verdict, that actually, wasn’t that controversial.

No Knockout Punches were thrown, that landed, but there were some brutal shots that were taken, that warrant a rematch after the draw decision which allows Stevenson to keep his belt for now.

So, for boxing fans, this month’s piece speaks on more than boxing, but pays homage to some of the great fighters, who have inspired me over the years, in more ways that one.

They may be premier athletes, but, I think i’ve done enough now, to prove that i’m a premier wordsmith, and this piece will definitively explain why …..

Simply, because as the poem states, when it comes to my wordplay ….

It Definitely has a Heavyweight ….

” Punch ” ….

Check it out …..

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Must be me !!!! … written by Big Virge on the 26/11/07

“MUST BE ME !!!!” . . . . but, I have to say, it seems interesting to me, that, having watched both the BBC, and, ITV news today, the story that seems to be, repeatedly being, pushed on people these days is the ever increasing youth crime rate, and the fear amongst youths, not only in terms of attacks, but, also in terms of speaking out, or, confronting their assailants because of repercussions which in some cases can prove to be fatal !!!

Joe Frazier is in town and has met with a police / boxing club, in London, advocating the putting down of weapons by young people, presumably in favour of venting their frustrations in the ring !!!

A good idea in principle, clearly, but I do take issue with a comment made within the report, about the fact that, only, “Cowards”, take to pulling weapons to resolve disputes !?!

Yes I believe this to be true cos I’m from the old school, but, the reason I take issue with this is . . . . now stay with me on this !!!!

…. if that’s the case, why are soldiers and police armed to the hilt, when it comes to dealing with public / foreign disputes then, eh !!!?!!!

Ofcourse ministers and congressmen are not ofcourse, Joe Frazier, but, have clearly got no problem with him coming to England to spread words, that seemingly, they should be taking note of and acting upon accordingly !

Far be it for me to suggest that the, “Honourable Men”, in combats, or, the Even More ….

“Honourable”, Boys in Blue, are “COWARDS”, who hide behind guns but something doesn’t quite add up !?!

” MUST BE ME !!!! ”

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