” Agendas ” … Written & Performed by Big Virge

So folks, this weeks offering is reflective of the state of play, with regard to certain ideals and of course, political strategies.

The business of pushing people into positions where they are basically being forced to fall in line with ideologies and people, who they may not be quite as accepting of, if they weren’t being forced.

So, of course the, ” Pride and LGBT Movements “, seem to be the top the list currently !

Interesting though, that when it came to Caster Semenya’s gender, the levels of disrespect and derogatory rhetoric, seems to have been okay, compared to anyone who dares speak against what seems to want to be, the new straight, yep, being gay, or whatever other distinction, that now seems to define an individuals sexuality.

Well, the exclusion of children for speaking on issues such as gender, as was the case in Scotland, recently, is disturbing at best !

I’ll leave it there, because the homophobic tag is one that clearly now, damages careers and fan bases, like bombs now !

However, it needs to be said AGAIN, that an expression of a differing view, does NOT DEFINE, Homophobia, and it’s people’s freedom of expression, that is being marginalised, slowly but surely !

So, here’s another view on this subject, as well as the video showing the discussion outside the classroom, that said pupil and teacher had !

Just CRAZY, as it is to see the current set of individuals, now running for public office & leadership positions.

It’s amazing that, in such, apparently liberal times, we now see such polarising individuals, being the ones to be forwarded as the best candidates …..

Yeah RIGHT … !!!

Meantime Ann Widecombe is comparing Brexit to Slavery ?!?

It’s such an incredible double standard for these political & media figures, to get away with saying what they say, especially when it comes to race issues, which, apparently amout to the same problems as those now faced by LGBT individuals.

So, why do openly racist individuals, not see the inside of a cage, for the rest of their days eh ?!?

Wouldn’t that eradicate racism then ?

I guess not in the western model for, maintaining peace and higher standards of human behaviour ?!?

Where will all this end ???

Well, from education scandals,, to election manoeuvres, and the push towards a whole shake up of sexuality in the modern age ….

Agendas are now …

All The RAGE ….

So, here are a few Big Virge thoughts on the agendas that have been a massive part of my life for sure !!!

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Can’t keep a good man down, Mr Bond is Back & BLACK, pon’ a groovy track … !!!

In times like these, never mind Shaft, Times 3 ….

We could do with this dude, infiltrating these F’d Up Police !!!!!

Enjoy the ride one last time, before he hits a new lik’ …

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“The Politics of Things” … Written & Performed by Big Virge

The Politics of Things

So folks, another week passes, and plenty is happening !

Boris “ BJ “ Johnson, finds himself in a two horse race to become Brit PM, against Jeremy Hunt, already under some suspicion of vote rigging, (Sound Familiar !?!) whilst apparently having a bit of a domestic at home, where a neighbour claims to have heard a female in some distress !!!

Well, If we are to believe the …

“ Get Off… “, screams, that may have been from his current partner, Carrie Symonds.

One could understand, it is Boris Johnson, after all !!!!!

Bad choice of man Carrie !

So, no sympathy here, especially as he’s going through a divorce, and apparently, has quite the wandering eye, when it comes to the ladies !!!

Further suggestions of Cocaine use, as well as comments coming out from his past, where we black folks are apparently, inferior, and just wards of white chiefs, suggest that his politics will fall perfectly in line with Donald, who figured he’d threaten Iran with military strikes, over a drone !

Tut Tut Donald, a hardened businessman should know, not to pull cards, that, you aren’t willing to play !!!

Dangerous times, when guys like these two, may prove to be the partnership from Hell, for Migrants, people of colour, and amazingly, women !!!

This of course, just goes to show that a fat, bank balance, quells some women’s need for a strong, good looking man, to lie down with. They literally, in the case of Boris, like a fat guy, who is as bigoted, as he is rude, as long as his bank balance is full !

Spoilt … ???

Well, it does seem so, a Bullingdon Club Boy Too !!!!!

A group with some shady tales, surrounding their movements, as well as being a group that David Cameron was also part of too !!!

Nothing good can come from a Johnson / Trump relationship, in my view, which leads me to the news that, Democrat front runner, Joe Biden, also has a history of affiliating himself with, blatant racists, who he claims, he chose to work with, because it makes sense to try to work with those, who you disagree with, and that his buddy, James Eastland, was not,

“That Bad A Guy.”

This same guy, who made these comments at a segregationist rally, not so long ago !

“In every stage of the bus boycott we have been oppressed and degraded because of black, slimy, juicy, unbearably stinking n*****s.” According to Robert Caro’s Master Of The Senate, Eastland went on to urge the crowd to “abolish the Negro race” with “guns, bows and arrows, slingshots, and knives.”

Oh and let’s not forget that Mr. Biden was Mr. Obama’s Vice President !

We are in very strange times, when neither he, nor Donald Trump, feel any need to apologise for embracing bigots, or, in the case of Trump, embracing, death penalty calls, for young black men, who were eventually proven to be innocent of crimes, that seem to have had confessions, coerced by police, in the case of the, Central Park Five, because he says, “ The boys pleaded guilty !”, even though, as said, their confessions were obtained under extreme circumstances and pressure, from the aforementioned, police officers !

It’s a crazy old time, politically, from The West to Africa, and even as far afield as Hong Kong !

Protest after protest, against what the title of this weeks piece affirms, as being the way that this world is run …..

A system that is as fractured, as it is biased, because of essentially ….

The Politics If Things ….

Take a listen …..

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