“Double Standards” … written & performed by Big Virge

So folks, I will start this weeks web post with my condolences to those mourning the loss of Kobe Bryant !

A truly tragic and sad loss, no matter what you think of him, his past, on and off the court, you cannot deny the Basketball Genius that was Kobe Bryant !

Taken from this world, far too quickly, in my personal opinion, simply from the standpoint of what he could of passed on to the next generations of Basketball players.

Simply …..

R.I.P. Kobe !

So, swiftly moving on, because the double standards seem to be running rife, right about now, from the reports of congressmen and senators, sleeping or actually playing games during this debacle of an impeachment, which doesn’t look at this point, as though The Don will be impeached.

The shocking news to most Democrats, that Bernie Sanders may hold some views, regarding female leadership of America, that won’t get him many female votes !

WHAT am I saying ?!?

If the current President is an ass grabbing, boasting individual, actually voted into office, having confessed to this publicly, well, we now know that anything can happen !

However, Bernie’s alleged suggestion, which he of course, denies, is one that suggests a woman could not become the President !

SHOCK HORROR, an old white dude doesn’t really think that highly of women, well you know where this is going folks, double standards, clearly from his female supporters, as well as himself.

Further evidence of this, has been the slamming, yet again, at an award show, for the lack of respect for black music !!!

Well maybe, instead of pandering to these, allegedly, corruptly run institutions, we should really start investing in supporting our own, with OUR OWN shows and awards, however, PROPERLY Funded and run, instead of cursing those, who have evidently, made these black entertainers, as rich and famous as many have now become, to even be airing such views !

These protests, just don’t wash with me anymore, which leads me to the TCF bank in Detroit, that refused Mr. Sauntore Thomas, an ex US Air Force Veteran, the right to deposit a cheque he received for,

WAIT for it …….

Race Discrimination from his previous employer …..

…. only to find that a female, African American Employee, by all accounts, decided that maybe a few calls should be made, whilst Mr. Thomas was made to wait, only to find out that, not only was he gonna be denied the right to deposit his cheque, but that he was to be, subsequently questioned about fraud by the police, who had been secretly called, but suddenly, upon finding out the truth, dropped their investigation !

Black Lives what …. ???

Yeah OKAY Folks…..

Well as his lawyer has confirmed, it’s just another case of the recurring issue of …. ” Banking While BLACK “, which seems to still be an offence in certain institutions, due to their training and treatment of black customers, just INCREDIBLE !!!!!

We also have the issue of Ugandan Climate Activist, Vanessa Nakate’s fresh claim of media racism, due to being cropped out of a photo, that she was actually in, with Greta Thunberg no less, that Associated Press felt, due to a BUILDING being BEHIND her, that her presence would be DISTRACTING.

Hmmm, nice work guys, no double standards there then either right ?

Finally, not so much a case of double standards, but to me one of incredibly bad standards, which is the news that students at Sheffield University, are to be paid, basically ten pounds an hour to help stop micro aggressions, i.e RACIST Language, that is the type of subtle swipe at people of a different race, that many find offensive.

Hmmm ….

These students are to be called … ” Race Equality Champions ” …

Well, if as I keep getting told, the youngsters of Britain are not remotely racist anymore, why the sudden need to deal with, in terms of racist speech, what is now being said to be an apparently, COMMON OCCURRENCE, for many foreign students, who also claim to be treated as cash cows for universities across the country.

The classic British Double Standard that the Brits love to maintain, of it’s worse elsewhere, because they refuse to acknowledge the stench of their colonialist ideals and legacy, that just cannot be removed from a nation, that is so proud of having such roots, even in todays world.

So, this piece deals mainly with England, as it’s where I was grown, but it speaks on the global double standards that are a growing problem for foreigners, of varying shades and degrees, in most places, funnily enough EXCEPT for, white people ….

So, it’s time to talk about their …..

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So, what’s been happening …. ? … written by Big Virge 21/3/2016

Yes Yes People ……. !!!

Goodness me, these posts are getting less and less frequent, but thankfully, for a change, in this instance, it’s because i’ve been as busy as those, now choosing to create, levels of fear, destruction and terror, across the globe … !!!!!

Belgium today, and of recent, Paris, Nigeria, The U.S., South Africa and heaven knows where else on this seemingly, god-forsaken planet of ours !

So, i’ve been busy getting down to some, musical creativity, which I shall be sharing shortly, but, travelling has drained me somewhat, and I have other dramatic changes, about to take shape, within my life, that will, in all honesty, avail me further separation from people, than I already have, but that’s a whole other post !!!

So, before I get to the interesting stuff, I cannot possibly ignore this Election Race, Sanders & Clinton vs The Trump road show, of well, Hoopla & Encouragement of well, free expression …..

Well, for him at least ….. !!!

I am hearing and seeing all sorts of strange talk, and even, support for Clinton, as if she’s some kind of saint ?

Disdain for Donald, as if he was literally, the duck who bears his name, being dismissed by everything & everyone as a blowhard, who is destroying the …

” Good Ol’ Values ”

of the ever so … ONCE GREAT U.S. of A-holes …..

Well, he seems to be doing a great job of making it easy to believe that America is filled with them !!!

At least, at the levels of society, where he and his pals are at !

Did I say pals ?

Hmmmm, well, they are clearly NOT SO PALLY now, or, are they … ???

I even heard a man tell me that he feels that Trump is doing, whatever it is his campaigning does, to help Clinton win ?!!!?

Well, anything’s possible when dealing with the multitude of …
Blood-sucking insects, that define the word, Poli – Tics’ ….. !!!!!!

It’s amazing to me though, that when elections are not at the forefront of everyones’ minds, that people seem to, pretty much, all concur that politicians are liars and cheats, and are not to be trusted, but, when Election time does come around, especially in as influential a country, as America is ….

People suddenly find ways to validate their supporting, as many now claim, the better of the evils being offered up …. ?!?

Well, now that I am watching the new Lucifer TV series, one has to wonder if people, as a matter of course, will accept wickedness on some …. ” Just because … “, basis, rather than deny wickedness, as soon as they sniff any sense of it, which you’d think a logical person would do, but in 2016, logical behaviour now seems to be as rare, as a Trump Rally that preaches love and unity, well almost … !!!

There are one or two stand up people left, but, I do literally mean, ” The Odd “, one or two !!!!!

Peoples’ memory spans, and / or, ability to dismiss things that they know deep down in their hearts, that they are uncomfortable with, is truly astonishing … !!!!!

…. but hey, we’re al about to get penned in, if Trump, or, Boko Haram, or ISIS, get their way right.

Did you get what I did ?

The best play on words I saw recently, is that the west put the IS … in CRISIS … !!!!!

One to think on …….

The wheels have definitely, been set in motion, via Mr. Trumps’ rather, INFLATED EGO, and rhetoric !!!!!

However, instead of censoring, or brandishing him as being essentially ….

” Brutally Frank “, with his opinions, be they, for the camera or not, people are letting his talk, limit their rational thinking, in my opinion !

It is unwise to suggest that he can’t win this presidential race, simply because of the level of monetary influence and power, that he has, it is also unwise to trust in people who are using, YOUR MONEY, to finance their bid for office !

Unless you are gonna be able to influence their policy movements, if they get the BIG JOB !!!!!

” Go Fund Me “, type campaigns, for presidential hopefuls, is so crazy to me, that I really don’t even think I can express what I feel about individuals, parting with their, hard earned cash, to put it into, what are, essentially, hot air balloons, which would be a suitable description for the likes of all those running their chops about doing what exactly ???

Making America … GREAT again,
Making America … Unified & Peaceful
Making America … Proud again

Blah di Blah Blah …
F’ing blah ….. !!!!!

I think people need to take a second, and maybe, check through the histories of the combatants, and really assess how trustworthy these people are, from Clintons admission of being essentially, down with the types of individuals who stood for the ideals of Eugenics and basically, white supremacy …..

Such as, Margaret Sanger, look her up, the video is somewhere to be found on the, “Inter-web”, and then maybe, all these women chatting the …

“Oh well, it’s about time a woman got into power in the US.” … CROTCH … !!!

…. might wanna, just check her credentials, from a historical standpoint, and then maybe re-think, just a little bit … ?!?

The sterilisation of black people, appears to have been one of Sangers’ beliefs, as being beneficial to the human races’ progression !?!

Can a woman who claimed to support such a person, be suitable for a country that can’t even get past colour, when it comes to the Oscars ?!?

As said, these days, I choose not to express my point of view so much, which is a personal choice, as it’s become clear that, it’s really becoming somewhat of a literal

FREE FOR ALL …. out there !!!

… from sexuality, and the progressive growth in the pushing of certain imagery, into the psyches’ of the generations to follow, to the continual, confusing situation regarding Muslims ?!?

Having just returned from the UK, for all the apparent, Anti-Muslim Sentiment, I really saw, no level of panic amongst those walking next to, and or, working with Muslims.

In fact, England seems, as it always does, to be a bed of roses, COLD & POOR Roses, for the most part !!!!!

However, nothing too thorny was on display ?!?

So, when the politicians, or aspiring ones, like Mr. Trump, run their gums about the same people, who they seem, moments later, to be happy to be shaking hands, and doing business deals with, people should just, STOP and THINK, for a second, before jumping on the first train to, ” Hatesville’ “, behind some talk that essentially, garners attention, and stirs up a melting pot, that, the normal, ” Average Joe “, has to dip his hand in and confront, on a daily basis, which is one, that in all reality, isn’t necessarily one, that scaremongers, like Nigel Farage & their ilk, keep spouting vitriol about, that states a need to retain, some sense I guess, of Sovereignty, in this, ever changing world of ours.

I always find it interesting, when a man on the street, like say, my good self, tells it as it is, and is, Immediately labelled as being ….

Aggressive, Vicious, or even, BRUTAL, in my use of language and expression ?

Well, now y’all DEFINITELY KNOW, what brutal talk is … and it ain’t coming from the likes of me !!!!!

It’s coming from a man whose in, designer, tailored, bespoke suits, and who is a business mogul who has buildings named after himself !!!

The type of man who has a TV Show, that many, who are trying to slam him now, have probably indulged in watching, and, dare I say, found entertaining !

I actually, quite like Donald Trump, simply because …..

If he’s lying about his feelings, to get to the BIG SEAT, he’s pretty good at it !!!

However, if he is exposing the REAL Attitudes, of those in the corridors of power, particularly, Republicans, and garnering support from Americans, for speaking the things that most, have been and are currently thinking, but won’t say, then I applaud him, because he’s about the ONLY one doing it, including Mr. Obama !!!!!

Mr. Trump has done so, in a way that isn’t covered in sweet talk, to get people to take a nice, small slice of the cake, while he eats big !

You know why …. ?

Because …..

He already eats BIG, and is basically telling the world, if I get to be THE MAN, there’s about to be some,


… and, the poor may not even get any of the loose change, that he ever has in his pockets, i’d suggest, if he ever has any loose change in his pockets, at all now !!!

The warning is a STARK ONE !!!

Things may just become, REALLY BRUTAL, if people don’t start to recognise that, nice suits, ties and fancy speeches, do not, good leaders make ….. !!!

What does ?

Well, if you can pick one, throughout American, Political History, then feel free to let me know ……

For the meantime, I suggest you look beyond the fancy talk, rhetoric and Political Hoopla, that is going on, and see through the show, cos they are all very impressive actors, who know how to give you a … DAMNED GOOD SHOW … !!!

but be careful of, what it all bodes …… !!!!!

Signing off for now, as I ease back & chill, whilst listening to some cool sounds, from the hands of Nitin Sawhney, and funnily enough, one of the tracks that came on whilst I was constructing this post was called,

” Serpents ” ……

I’ll say no more ……

For Now ….

Stay Blessed folks.


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