So will those harassed be compensated !?! Not bloody likely !!! Written by Big Virge 8/7/10

So how’s this?

It would seem that according to European Law, the stop & search powers being used under terrorism laws in England are and have been unlawful !!!!!

Nice one for the heads up … !!! … lawmakers of Europe, when did you realise !???!

The section 44 law which Blair and his cabinet stressed as being vital to the nations’ security was just some dictatorial form of well, basically infringing on peoples’ civil liberties …. Hmmm interesting that, as one would have to suspect that Muslims and young black males were being, well, basically harassed under the premise of some bogus law !!!

NICE !!!

So many people were adamant that such powers like this and “Shoot to kill”, were totally necessary, especially if you had nothing to hide.

So, now that it has come to light that under European Law these searches were unlawful, how many who supported such legislation will look in the mirror and acknowledge their ignorance and blind stupidity.

These are probably the same bods who are now suffering because the economic downturn has caught them with their nostrils wrapped around fifty pound notes instead of in literature that might awaken their dumb asses to the possibility that those who told them to fear terrorists were in fact the people to fear.

Individuals who were lining their pockets while ensuring that bigots eyes were turned towards easy targets, immigrants & Muslims in particular.

I remember travelling into London soon after 7/7 and thinking about the mayhem, seeing officers at train stations acting like they were gods to be feared, all off the back of political rhetoric surrounding the 7/7.

All these searches turned up what … ? … very little in terms of actual proven terrorist threats, however, coincedental searches seem to have uncovered militant fascists who not only wanted immigrants murdered but those running the country too !

The propaganda surrounding 9/11, Iraq & 7/7 should not and cannot be forgotten in relation to the state of affairs globally now.

Yes, much integration has seemingly occurred since the divisive scaremongering started to be dissected, but, for every individual who has opened up to the idea that their beloved leaders aren’t so trustworthy, how many of the closet racists and security forces have recognised their bigotry, blinkered or otherwise ???

When people of colour were trying to express the issue of race as a factor in these, “Terrorist searches”, many politicians defended these actions to the hilt, as did many members of the public sadly.

The fact that a journalist & a peace protestor, presumably both white, have been the people who have caused enough of a stir for this law to be reviewed should ring loud alarm bells.

Muslims and most Black young males who have been stopped under this pretense and imprisoned in some instances have probably been fobbed off upon the realisation that what they were subjected to was merely an exercise in harassment.

Policing gets many young males uptight as it is and many just don’t know where to start when it comes to the legal aspects of their civil liberties.

So … !?! … how far have the police gone with this bogus law over the last ten years and how many times has any part of this strategy been effected without prejudice or bias hmmm ???

I keep getting told that racism is not a factor for much of what goes on now, well, I beg to differ, a few sprinklings of colour in certain hi-profile jobs does not compensate for laws like this that are used to vilify, victimize and stereotype whole races of people !

I guess we should be grateful though right, we get a bit more say, well, i’d like to know which non-white members of parliament supported this law, especially those who are part of the new UK coalition government, as Cameron must have agreed to section 44 powers previously …..

Anyhow, if there were a time to be filing for compensatory payments for police harassment, now would appear to be the time !!!

Lessons need to be learnt from this people, trust little that is deemed as lawful by those who clearly have no rules and bend the laws to suit themselves.

Peace, guidance and blessings y’all

Big V

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  1. bosk Says:
    July 11th, 2010 at 1:28 pm

    Heh, i have been stopped about 7/8 times since 7/7 over Section 44(a & b), not sure i’d get any response out of the Met for them. A few of the policemen i was approached by agreed that it could actually add more fuel to the fire.

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