Wimbledon’s coming but for real …. They Cannot Be Serious !!! written by Big Virge 8/6/2010

Below is the article : (Unbelievable as it is !?!)


Somebody please tell me this is a joke !!!!

What exactly is Ms. Abbott going to lead exactly … ??? … Her ego into oblivion !!!

What makes her think she can lead ?

The fact that she does a poor impression of a snobby upper class toff … ??? … or maybe it’s her influential buddies, the likes of Andrew Neil & Mikey Portillo.

I mean, what is it all of a sudden with this wave of colour trying to run countries pretty much founded on Imperialism and Colonialism … !?!

Next we’ll be seeing a black leader in China !!!! Nooooottttt

Come on now, let’s just look at the list of Black & Mixed Race bods who’ve had their hands in the political super ring so far, Condo …. ahhh forget it ….. Colin Powell, well err hmmm ….. Paul Boateng, whatever happened to him … ??? …now we’ve got Shaun Bailey …. yeah right & The Abbott now running for Labour leader whilst having BO run the show in the states !!!

Well, so much for a great record with this so far !!!!!!!

Now we all know Labour’s in a mess right about now but Abbott for leader almost indicates the end of Labour as we know it whatever that is/was ???

Apocalyptic events are happening all over the place, but this is one we can and need to control !!!

Yeah I do mean, really keep under control !!!

We are still struggling to find a strong black leader in Africa and the West Indies but the UK & the US, everyone wants to have a go. !?!
The phrase, “Puppets & Strings”, comes to mind …..

As does the image of Punch & Judy !!!

Don’t get me wrong, it would be great to see it work, but, as per the P & J show, someone has to be used as the Joker when the pack leave and want a good laugh.

This is one of those moments !!!!

Later y’all


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