We do have names …. !!! …. written by Big Virge 3/2/2009

Well well well ……

So, after proof of just how cold England can be over the last couple of snow-filled days !!!!! need we have any more evidence of the coldness of some of this countrys’ people with Carol Thatchers’ rather cold description of a black tennis player at the Aussie Open as a Golliwog to Adrian Chiles off air at BBC1’s …. One Show ….. (Ron Atkinson pt II) …… a prime time show that she is a regular contributor to.

Ofcourse, the usual rhetoric has quickly been spread, being that, the player who remains nameless currently, reminded her of the image on the, I believe, “Robinson’s” jam jar when she was a kid and that it was only a joke …!!!… yawn yawn ….. and that she has now apologised for any offence caused.

The BBC are clearly disgusted with this …!?!… about as much as at the fact that private conversations are being leaked …!!!!…

Hmmmm …..???…… to confirm this level of indiscriminate ignorance let’s not forget recent events from the royal side of things regarding PAKI comments and even more recently, what about the case of Joe Kinnear …?… Newcastle FC’s current manager referring to player Charles N’Zogbia as Charles “Insomnia” …!!!… at a press conference which again has managed to be turned around as Mr. N’Zogbia’s desperate attempts to leave the club ….. well to Joe and the reporters who chose to refer to his reaction as being well, “Over The Top”, is it any surprise when a man who you work for takes your name for some kind of joke in a public forum ???

No wonder Mr. Kinnear can’t get the Magpies to win a string of games if he can’t remember his players names, maybe that’s the reason for their poor form … !!! …

I guess it’s alright for Whitey but not for us Golli’s to be so free with our speech when referring to white people …. they seem to take rather deep offence to being called Devils by certain members of the Nation of Islam …. what if they said they were joking ..?.. would that make it okay ????

All this on the back of Barack Obama’s presidency and the current anti-immigrant issue surrounding current wildcat strikes in this country over Italian workers getting the Gordon Brown promised jobs for British workers ….???…. An issue that has again led to far right groups in this country like the BNP being linked to such anti-immigrant feeling.

Don’t get me wrong …… sticks and stones and all that …. but it’s the fact that these are views / attitudes held by people in positions of influence or authority, lest we forget who Carol’s mother is / was …. !!! …. and as for the football scenario, well Atkinson / Kinnear and the omnipresent issue of racism within English Football from it’s terraces to it’s boardrooms begs the question what kind of playing field are black players on … !?! …

As for the BBC, well a corporation not willing to broadcast appeals for the people in a war torn area of the world being Palestine, well speaks for itself really.

This is an organisation accused by certain members of the entertainment industry as being far from mutli-coloured in terms of those responsible for programming decisions !!!!

Kind of throws egg in the faces of those black people seemingly unwilling to acknowledge the issue of racism within this country’s institutions at many levels, from the armed forces to the heads of industry.

I have worked for an Englishman who refused to accurately pronounce my name for the 1st couple of years I worked for him and found it highly insulting, however, being the type of guy that I am, I took every opportunity to demean him in any way possible and funnily enough …?… he soon learnt how to say my name with the aid of those who could see how it was affecting me.

It’s a very intersting question ..?.. what harm does it do …?… Well, as said, if it’s that as opposed to physical attacks then yes, insignificant really. However, when it comes to how people are treated and certainly in terms of opportunities for progression, individuals like these to me are extremely dangerous as they clearly retain a sense of superiority and dare I say it …. yes I dare …!!!… RACIST attitudes.

It is more than just a joke, especially in times where employment is difficult to gain, are those within positions of influence who hold such attitudes likely to employ the right candidate regardless of colour or are they likely to look more at colour and race than candidate attributes that should determine who gets employed.

This aspect of issues like these are the ones rarely spoken about but economic racism has always existed and regardless of Mr. Obama’s presidency should still be an issue that is not swept under the carpet.

Let me finally add that this is apparent even in attitudes of some women towards sexual encounters, a recent interaction I had with an Asian woman proved that to me when she referred to her friends inter-racial relationship as her Asian friend having a, ” Jungle” … boyfriend.

Unsurprisingly our relationship did not last … !!! … but it just goes to show how black people are referred to, even today …. !!! …. maybe this is down to some of our black entertainment stars usage of language and behaviour but realistically if other races stil choose to call us names instead of using our names the issue of racism will never be erased ……

Peace y’all ……

Big V …. out of here …. !!!!

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  1. blkbetty Says:
    February 20th, 2009 at 2:13 am

    The Clit is the centre of your words lately BV. At least it’s getting action. 😉

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