So a new beginning or just a new face ….. ??? …..written by Big Virge 21/01/2009

So …. no assassination attempt and the man is in …!!!!…

It is quite amazing really, the euphoria surrounding BO’s arrival in the oval office, the things being written about a new hope spreading across the globe is like something from a movie …. Star Wars ring any bells people ? Luke Skywalker or the benevolent chancellor ???? …….. Hmmmmmm ……….. ?????

Well I’ve been reading a few differing opinions on the arrival of the first African-American …. Black …. Bi-Racial well whatever …!?!… President.

It’s amazing to me the amount of people who turned out to see him speak at his inauguration and clearly for those who fought in the original civil rights movement it was a momentous day …. but it begs the question in my mind as to how many of these individuals who are seemingly being found here, there and everywhere to be interviewed, how many of them were actually in the fight for civil rights from the it’s very beginnings and how many of these individuals were band wagon jumpers when they realized that being the white mans lacky was not the only choice available to them ???

I was also impressed at the fact that the BBC could all of a sudden find a black reporter to be the one covering the inauguration up close and personal …. errrrr not …!!!!… as much as I’m hopeful that BO is gonna fulfill the promises made in advance of his presidency something still doesn’t quite seem to fulfill the good ol’ Huxtable dream as per the first really positive black family to be seen on TV in the Cosby Show.

The idea that Michelle and Barack and their two daughters can also now be seen as proof that such a thing as a complete and positive black family exists is also beyond belief in my eyes, as with every race of people, they do exist … !!! … but maybe the fact that we now have a presidential family that is Bi-racial …. sorry Black is proof that such commentaries are ridiculous but also that cracker beliefs are still very real !!!!

Funnily enough I had a conversation with a white lady about this over the holidays who was quick to comment on the volume of absentee black fathers which led us into quite a heated discussion surrounding these ideals and visions, so it’s quite incredible in a time where America is now seen as a brave and clearly accepting society that comments about the positivity of black families are even being made on the basis of the Obama family ???

However, having said all this …. maybe more white families should watch movies like the Diary of …. series as in diary of a Tired Black Man / Woman because, believe it or not …. beneath the lofty levels of government it’s not quite as easy to keep things on an even keel when one is not a public figure deemed to be the hope for a new world, I mean, come on now, which woman is walking away from that man then eh ..?.. I’d suggest not too many of the smart ones !

It just seems that a little too much euphoria and fast talk is surrounding BO and his family for my liking.

People can sit there and say oh that I must have a problem, well actually not with BO at all … !!! … as for Mr. Obama, well, not yet anyway … !!! …

My issue is more with the blind hope that seems to reside in people who seem to swallow anything fed to them.

It would be advisable for those black people who in my opinion like Chris Rock says, see reading something in the same manner superman see’s Kryptonite to start reading more than what the mainstream media says and should look into those Mr. Obama has selected to be within his office and the views that they hold and how many of them were servants of ol’ G.W.

It’s impossible clearly to oust all of the previous oval office administration but the significant areas like defence and his economic advisory team would seem to be old guard neo – cons and as one very wise e-mailer sent to the six ‘o’ clock news yesterday, was this not the euphoric kind of response to Tony Blair’s arrival at number ten ????

How many of those who were great supporters of good ol’ TB are now firstly employed … !?! … and more importantly are still fans of the man who now sees fit to be dealing with Middle East issues rather than those within within his beloved country … !?! …

I would also suggest that those who financed the Obama campaign were not as some people seem to think predominantly members of the public, I mean who believes that stuff …?… he’s just become president of one of the super powers … ? … since when are these individuals appointed by the masses, I would suggest that big businessmen funded and supported this man as has been the case with all presidents before him and to turn his back on them would be foolhardy at best.

I’m merely suggesting some reserved faith in this administration should be the way forward, as many seem to believe this could be a time where change is coming, let me just well, throw this into the hat.

Well, unless he’s the same as G.W. and is wearing a mask, change is automatic surely, but, the facts remain. A system built over hundreds, in fact, thousands of years is hardly going to change just because a fresh face has arrived …… particularly in times such as these where economies are failing and people are literally struggling to survive.

“People” …. in other words, “The Masses” folks NOT the elite or hierarchy …. those being driven around in state of the art limos called “The Beast” I believe, I wonder how much that costs and guzzles eh ..?.. I’m gonna leave you with a Frederick Douglass quote folks and if you don’t know who he was then I suggest you firstly watch John Singleton’s, “Higher Learning” and secondly get googling …. his quote was simply this, ” Power concedes nothing without a demand ”

To see real change in this instance I agree with Mos Def, whatever was there before has to be torn down and then whatever is rebuilt can and should then install change in it’s entirety.

Faith is great …. blind faith may lead to an ugly place ….. change has yet to be effected in terms of how the oval office runs it’s affairs, time will surely tell, so let’s just wait and see people …..

Peace y’all the Veester out of here …….

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