So now the prodigal’s here …. racism is dead or well on the way …. so some say …. !?! …. written by Big Virge 19/01/2009

Apparently …!!!… according to certain well informed and high profile figures, amongst other things, the arrival of B.O. in the whitehouse looks as though it’s been the catalyst for the world to become a harmony-filled place where prejudice and racial hatred is to become a thing of the past making the world a free-thinking, loving ….. wait for it …….

……. Utopia !!!!!????!!!!! …..

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttttttttttttt ….. !!?!?!!

Institutional racism within the met police is no longer a stigma that can be attached to London’s boys in blue apparently ????

So, they are now cleared of the idea that any current actions regarding the treatment of black folks is racist by none other than, UK equalities chief, Trevor Phillips …. presumably, soon to be Sir Trev due to his rather positive comments about such a clearly explosive issue or maybe he’s in line to be the first black PM of England !?!?!?! as i’m sure that those in Downing Street wouldn’t want to be too far away from their long-term American friends …. (yeah right !!! maybe not on this particular US move !!!)

I mean, what is this …. !?!?!?! ….

Fortunately to this point I’ve rarely been harassed by “po po” …!!!!!… but, let’s get things straight, the disproportionate levels of stops and searches faced by black youth against both their asian and white counterparts should be enough to suggest that racism plays a massive part in London policing, let alone the attitudes of those policing outside London who it would be fair to say may well be less in touch with cultural differences that now exist due to the volume of immigrants now living in Britain.

I mean, we’ve got top level asian officers saying that things have hindered their progress and that blacks and asians should be a little more than thoughtful before joining the met …!!!… ( One of them being a man who quickly took a pay-off … “NOT” … to pursue his case against the met ….. Hmmmmm, which makes one wonder how much of his complaint was really about fighting for the Black Police Association’s cause surrounding this issue ???) ….. a matter which between asian and blacks should not be forgotten as clearly the issue of unity between them is far from a “Utopian dream” ….. yeah I said it …!!!… the caste system does not lead me to believe that blacks are the people most asians would choose to have within their families before our caucasian friends.

The issue of institutional racism was raised merely 10 years ago by Lord Macpherson so what exactly does Mr. Phillips know about it as he didn’t seem to know it existed before Lord Mac ????

Prospective peerage aside …. why would he make such a statement … ??? … because of Barack Obama’s Whitehouse occupancy, I do hope not …. bearing in mind it’s Martin Luther King day in the states and BO’s inauguration is tomorrow, the timing of his comments are either very appropriate or very strange.

Now in addition to Mr. Phillips comments, head of Focus Consultancy and a leading academic light (apparently) on the issue of diversity and race relations, Professor Chris Mullard speaks of the difference between institutionalised and institutional racism whatever that is … !!!???!!! … and that what we’re seeing is that an institution such as the met can be “deracialised” …. whatever that is !!!!???!!!

Racism deeply embedded within a culture or psyche as per Darwinism or eugenics is not something that can be eradicated or “deracialised” over a ten year period if at all ..!?!.. sorry Messrs Phillips and Mullard, only a naive individual would think this to be the case, which leads me back to BO because the good prof also refers to Mr. Obama’s presidency as a lead towards a culture of oneness and ” One World ” ….. ????

I do hope he’s right …. !!!! …. but ………………..

Reality then kicks in …. like a racist police beat down !!!! swept under the proverbial institutionalised mire of legitimacy that is the legal system.

My feelings about the US’s incoming president are currently guarded because of their nature which is less euphoric than the masses, simply because of the two equations that pre-occupy my mind …. that of compliance to a system that’s been running for hundreds of years where the idea of a black being lynched was not a problem for so long, that institutionalised racism is what runs the US government ……. or …….. the idea that maybe this man is the saviour he’s being touted to be and is an honest forthright individual who will work for the benefit of the masses rather than the corporate guard as per recent past presidents …. ??? …..

A question that clearly is not one being looked at by most blacks who are just happy to see some colour in the whitehouse …. the question still remains had this man been a white or native american indian would black people have been so happy ….. ???? ….. or would that individual have been seen as just another part of the political machine ….. ????

Funny that, as I don’t hear so many shouting say …. Condoleeza Rice or Colin Powells name in the same vein ??? were they not the first black people to be appointed to high profile positions within the US Government ???

Has their legacy been one of ” oneness ” and ” one world ” …. ????

I ‘d suggest not !!!

However, on the eve of this momentous day in history it would seem that certain figures believe things are changing for the better …. !!! ….

Well, looking at things from an economic standpoint I am most intrigued to see who’ll be saying the same things in say a years time let alone four !!!

Finally on the commentary of Professor “Race Relations” Mullard, he also points to the period in the 60’s / 70’s where he states that white people were mostly seen as racists with the notable exception being the Irish, well looking at the progression of Irish actors & TV Presenters that would seem to have been somewhat of a red herring maybe like BO … ? … because from Graham Norton to Christine Bleakley the jobs that seem to be the good ones are not in the hands of black people in the entertainment / news fields, lots of Irish accents though.

This seems to be the way of the Beeb, another institution deemed to be far from racially diverse in positions of influence and power …. ??? …. but I guess Lenny Henry can keep re-inventing himself eh …????…

Does it not seem even a little bit strange in a country heading towards a mentality where as Mr. Mulllard suggests, “Ethnicities are mixed and we intermingle emotionally and must see each other as equal” that, British Black Actors of any quality are being snapped up for shows and movies in the US ???

So maybe America’s progression with regards to race relations is indeed far advanced in comparison to the UK, it’s now hours before Mr. Obama’s inauguration …. I just hope that he and the world are ready for what the future holds.

Peace y’all …. but I’m gon’ bring the methods of the Met police in recent times to the fore in my next poetic post.

So as Shaw Taylor used to say for the older headz …..

“Keep em’ peeled folks” ……

BIg Virge out.

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