Well it looks as though more and more are joining the club …… by Big Virge 8/01/09

Well people,

Back to business …. spreading the good word …. well ….. the good word according to me, The Connoisseur of spoken words a.k.a. moi ….. Big Virge.

In conversations I’ve been having with peeps since the New Year’s beginning, it seems that denial is still running rife as are pregnancies ??? which to me is just about as crazy as going to work when you’re half dead just because of the fear of losing your job …. ??? …. huh ..?.. what makes people think that showing their allegiance to a ship that’s sinking means they’ll survive when it eventually sinks ???

Well, suffice to say the vibe I felt when walking around London yesterday left me somewhat well, intrigued …. Sale signs everywhere yet very few people actually at counters parting with cash but plenty of lookers ???

Train travel was less hectic perhaps than I thought it would be in the now slowing rush hour and the vision of everyone with white earphone plugs in their ears just proved to me that we are becoming more and more insular and less communal.

I also saw a very interesting interview with a music bigwig who was explaining to one of the now more and more familiar Asian media puppets how record companies are still needed if you want international success as a recording artist.

He suggested that there were at least 2.5 milion rap artists on Myspace before going into Rock and other genres but the point that he made that was clearly of value, was that every bod who thinks they’ve got the Hot Sh** can be on myspace with their minimal following b’cos if there are 2.499999 million others pushing their music too how have they got time to be supporting you.

Myspace may avail your stuff to be heard but who’s listening beyond that individuals computer speakers and more importantly in times such as these who’s buying it eh ????

It seems that now the industry has found the perfect way to get rid of their dead weight and can now pick and choose who they sign with greater ease than ever before and can be even more selective.

A very interesting interview where the media lady seemed adamant that record labels are dying, well, I beg to differ, they’re just tightening their grip on how the market works and who will be marketed b’cos as I’ve said before and as certain artists have stated, those downloading music etc are crippling artists chances of getting paid unless their live show’s tight and they’ve got the right support in terms of musicians and “INVESTMENT” as this particular music big wig stated. Especially now, as this is the area now diminishing as the crunch hits harder and harder every day seemingly.

The smart investors will no longer take risks on long shots, but on people / artists who can guarantee a return due to their status in terms of who is supporting and promoting them.

Oh and the final part of this equation is that you’d better be talking the things the labels want promoted otherwise face the same old rules of the game, deals being signed that end up going nowhere fast ….. be careful what you believe, buy into and sign because the chains you sign for may be the ones that choke your options.

It would seem that more and more folk are about to be seriously P****d off with movements for at least the next 12 months which leads me to the subject of my next piece of work that will be posted shortly …. A little something for all the little yes men and women who’ve got nobody to say yes to except the dole office now having been swiftly removed from their office kennels prior to the holiday period ….. aaaaaahhhhhhh ….. ha ha …..

Peace y’all and cheer up …. !!! …. stiff upper lip and all that .. !!! .. yeah right …..

Big V

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